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Oh! Spring like smile Flowers that don’t wilt Jasmine Mogra Oh! Spring like smile Flowers that don’t wilt Jasmine Mogra Oh! My friend. Oh! My loving friend Oh! ls sky the border?!! Oh! Is love the border?!! Oh! ls sky the border?!! Oh! Is love the border?!! Hey! Wait where are you going? Sir,I have to go to
the station Hey! Go to the left side should I’ve to
tell you separately? I want the place cleared in 10 minutes. Clear the Traffic Jam Hey! Go back,Go back Sir, come!! Please go back! Come! Today-evening at 5.30 Hey! Karthik,are you waiting
for Shanthi? You could have married
me instead of her I’ll inform Shanthi and
then we’ll marry You shameless! Won’t you
ever change?!! Doctor went away already
after her Duty Did she say anything about
where she was going? She didn’t tell anything,
she left immediately left after her duty When did she leave? At 5.00,I think she would have
been late because of traffic jam Is she really not there? No sir,would you like to
speak to her friend Kamini madam? No,it’s alright,she will come
I’ll wait… Two years back… Who?! who is he?! who
is the Husband of the shrew?! Who?! who is he?! who
is the king of your head weight? Who?! who is he?! who
is your future Husband?! Who?! who is he?! who
is the king of your deadweight? Like Moon she is bright! lndiran is batting,he is the one who
scores a sixer with that ball?! Tell men! The beauty of yellow…Pwer the
beauty of young girls foot steps- Is he wearing pure white dress
tell me?!! Hey! Come! Uncle has come Prakash got caught nicely What is lacking in our girl? I am talking about Ashok What is lacking in our girl? Nothing is lacking, Is she
your friend? Then in whom is lacking?
you said that he got caught That was about this marriage Prakash Oh! that means,marriage is
like a Jail, isn’t it? No,instead of enjoying life- Sorry,I think you are also a
Village girl,don’t mistake me Hey! she is a city girl Okay,you have only this much luck
it’s alright What’s it? why?! I thought you are a bit handsome… It’s alright, there are many
handsome guys Karthik,don’t Eulogise !! Look,The young girl’s neck
is sweating Look,why the young girl’s neck
is sweating? Who is this girl?
she is very talkative Does she live here? She is my daughter lam sparing you because you
are from groom’s side I don’t mean that… Don’t act smart I will kill you… Teach me…teach
teach How? how? This young girl will act nicely
Is education needed for the bed! Who?! who is he?! who
is your future Husband? Hey! He is the king
of your headweight! Rangammam where are you? All get ready, it’s getting late to
go to the for the Gown’ puja Bring the flower garland
and the saree, quickly! What did you say to my father?
he is very angry I thought Village girl’s will be
soft and calm Village girl Come, she is
very calm & soft Come & dance with me!! Marriage, marriage, the young
girl’s marriage! Why there is an Auspicious thread
for the bride? Why they are tying 3 knots? The first knot is for the rights! The second knot is for relationship! The third knot is for the world!! Oh! The knot,knot…knot… What’s the need for the Auspicious
thread to the bride? Why they are tying 3 knots? Mother, ls breakfast ready? Where is it? Daily,why are you preparing
the same breakfast ? Shut up! don’t talk
too much Close the book while you
are eating What ever you study,it will not get
into your mind And your food will also not be
digested No need!! Sit down,mad girl! If you keep on scolding me,I’ll
not return home in the evening Go! But,don’t fall in
front of the train. It will be problem to all Will you both stop fighting
for sometime? If she behaves like you, why
should I fight with her? See her hair,all dishevelled Is this my mistake that
hair is dishevelled? You should have plaited it. Isn’t it? Your sister is making plaits,isn’t it? You always support sister, she is special
for all, others are 2nd class citizens for you Then,why you gave birth to me?
you would have stopped after sister See her temper She is going to become a Doctor
and patients will be coming to her… If I was in death bed also,don’t
take me to her Okay, mother What okay?! Leave it,let’s go Mother,Bye Hey! Wait Show your hand Do your exams well, Go You told me to fall in front
of the train Fighter cock! I said don’t fall
in front of the train Brother-in-law, what’s it? Shanthi is going for
the exam,that’s why… Oh! that’s the reason Sister,I am coming… Move,move… This side… It’s alright Grandpa,shave your face…
it’s disturbing me It will, it will disturb you Uncle… I educated you & what son
of work you have done? What? Do you know,what work your
son has done? He is also your son Do you have doubt? I was standing near the
Spencer signal And he & his friends
were on 4 bikes I don’t know,whether they were
girls or boys They wear wearing earings, long hair… Full of smoke,do you understand? What do you know,you & your
father will not understand anything Why are you talking indirectly? Mother,father saw me while
I was smoking Bring me Coffee Not his cigarette,he was smoking
somebody’s cigarette On his back seat,a girl wearing pant
was there on his bike They both are sharing
a cigarette What a wonderful scene?! This kind of boy, born
in our family!! Who was that girl? Why are
you giving us shocks? Mother,he is a guy like
a brother Hey! That is very dangerous Grandma,he is Era,
Uncle classmate You used to tease him
calling ‘Needle’,isn’t it? Hey! Keep quiet Hey! You smoke & you roam anywhere
I am not bothered Then what?! Don’t smoke with my money,
you earn & then smoke Keep one cigarette in one hand
& another in other hand You can even keep it on
your ear also Oh! God! ls smoking a sin? No,No-it’s a virtuous
deed What do you all think
about me? Am I machine for making money? When I was at his age,I didn’t
even have slippers He is repeating this
for 308th time My father used to give me
only 25 paise I’ll go to the Hotel & take
a Dosa & Coffee Then,I’ll go to College
by walking If we give 25 paise in Madras – Even the beggar will return
25 paise to me – Father,what’s the problem? You have come up with so many
difficulties,isn’t it? Okay,we’ll accept it
we’ll respect you But,for that,shouldn’t we wear
slippers & walk? Karthik,don’t talk back Yes,I am useless For that,why is he always
finding fault with me? Come,Come,Raja come!! Give me your purse You can talk nicely,but for this
you should come to me Okay,No need! Hey! Wait… Look at his haughtiness,In this
age he is like this… At this age with hair so grey, don’t you
show your anger? I said a word about your sister,and
you didn’t talk to me for 5 years – He is like you… Karthik,where are you going? I am going to spend my father’s
money by smoking Grandpa,all your property is going
to go in smoke This is very silly? What is silly? What? You don’t know who she is
and you don’t know her name – You don’t know anything How will you find her out in the
Population of 7 Million In the 7 million Population,how many
women will be there? Tell me,Tell me 50% means,how many? 3 1/2 Million In this 3 1/2 Million Population – How many women come under
the age group of 18-22? 10% means,how many? 3 1/2 lakhs,you don’t know even this? In this 3 1/2 lakhs,how many
are from Medical College? Oh! Is she a Doctor? Tell me,Tell me,how many? Keep it as 1% 1% means how many? 3500 In this 3500,how many girls
will go by train from Tambaram? No,there will be at least 2% 2% means,how many?
-70 In these 70 girls,I should
search only one girl That’s the subject matter.
Can we not find her? We can!! It might be “Love” If we see each other,will love occur?
It’s all foolishness Then,whom you saw in the
morning at 8.55- Why are you talking about him
at 10.30 in the night? A mad guy is eyeing me
on the train What can I do for that? Oh! Friend, My friend… This is not love,its only lust Hey! You shut up It’s not a true love which
admires only physical beauty In your body, your hormones
work overtime Hey! Don’t degrade my love Then, is it true love? Oh! The love which started
from Electric train,isn’t it? Or love at the first sight? Hey! You stupid,shut up! I think, you like him? Poorni, will I love someone? who has
no other job,they will love If you talk like this,definitely
you are in love It is seen on your face What’s it? Suddenly,40 watts brightness
has come Hey shut up! You shut up! Shanthi,see whether “your” guy has has come? Look! See carefully,he will be
somewhere around Didn’t I tell you,he has
not come,I know He must have come Really! He will be here only Hey! Look there! Oh! Friend,my friend! Oh! Friend,my friend! Shall I ask him? Go inside Whom do you want? Shanthi?!! Shanthi! Isn’t it? You are insulting me! Your Devadas is coming… I am not loving you I don’t like you I never thought that
you are beautiful But,I am afraid if all
this may come true Think & tell me… I am not loving you I never thought that
you are beautiful But,I am afraid if all
this may become true He has come here also We’ll wait here, Go
and talk to him Where are you going?
-to accompany her What’s your name? Karthik Okay,are you rich? Are you the failing student of the class?
did you fail frequently? Because,such foolish rich guys only- Roam behind a girl
who have no work Oh! Friend,my friend!! Oh! Friend,my friend! In love
we have many colours!! Oh! My love! You also have colours!! Oh! Green colour! The Green colour
which provokes my desire…!! The smile of the grass is
also of green colour!! It will say ”yes’to me!! Oh! Green colour! The youth of
the leaf is green!! Your youth is also green and
you will say’yes” to me!! You will say ‘yes’ to me! The nose of the parrot is the tongue
of the young girl!! The new Rose Flower- Is the baby’s foot which has
not yet touched the earth!! All red colour shows your Anger?! The evening sky which is
‘Yellow’ The’Yellow’which has blossomed
in the kindling of fire!! The yellow which is shining
on the Gold! The yellow flower which smiles
on the Hair?! Yellow…Yellow… The yellow of evening Moon!! All will stay in your
Heart! The colour of the sky
without darkness! The colour of the sky
without clouds The Peacock’s neck’s colour The colour of the water-lily!! The violet colour of the flower!! All colours will be seen
in your eyes!! Oh! The colour of the night! ls the colour of full
darkness! The colour which is seen
in the crow’s wings!! Is the colour of the
girl’s collyrium! The colour of the Cuckoo which
sings in the morning! The colour of your hair is
the mixture of all these! Oh! White colour! White colour… The colour of the plant leucas
which is drenched in the rain!! Oh! White colour, white colour! You are
filling half of the eye! The colour of the plant leucas
which is drenched in the rain!! Your “Heart” is of pure
white colour! From RL 5/11/2, call Shanthi From RL 5/11/2, Please call Shanthi May I know who’s speaking? Tell,her classmates sister
is speaking I am his classmates
sister Not he,her! Oh! Not he,her My child,don’t I know this
What do you want? Oh! Shanthi means woman
not man Oh! Shanthi means woman
not man! What’s it? Hey,call Shanthi tell her
that she has a phone call What did they ask? Rs .2! – Take it,go Grandpa,I have earned Rs.2/- How my child? I called a girl on phone & got it Sir,who’s it on the phone? Your classmates sister is
on the line Hello,who’s speaking? Hey! How did you get
my number? I wanted to talk to
you something,that’s why… I was cooking in the kitchen
tomorrow I have Practicals Now only,mother has come home! It’s alright,I’ll listen to you
patiently Tell me,What’s the matter? Tomorrow,there’s a function
in my house What? Tomorrow,there’s a function
in my house For that? You should come for
that function Me?…Why?!! Hey! I am not calling you to Cinema
Beach,Picnic spot- lam calling you only
to my house Why should I come? Tomorrow,if you don’t come here
I’ll come there Look.. Like a Circus girl,don’t
wear Salwar & come Wear a beautiful saree & come Look… Listen to me for
a while… Oh! Baby is like a moon and that
child is the vision of life! Oh! You are like young parrots! Oh! Baby moon,you are
my eyes! Kanna! Mind is restless! My
mind is restless… By listening to your
melodious music… Kanna! Mind is restless
Oh! My mind is restless… By listening to your
melodious music! Kanna! Mind is restless
Oh! My mind is restless You are staying like a Statue
without moving anywhere Hey! Who are these girls? She is the one whom I
am going to Many! Which one? This side,who is wearing
violet colour saree Are you are going to
many her seriously?! Definitely This is the girl, whom Karthik
is going to marry!! The bright moon is burning
like a Sun… Aunty,this is the girl whom
Karthik is going to marry! Who is that girl? Dinesh,ls Karthik going to marry
that girl? What? The girl who is singing, that girl Congratulations sir!! It seems your son & that
girl are going to marry! You didn’t even inform us… Balu,What’s it? Karthik is going to marry
that girl’ only.. That girl!!
– Yes How can you say like this? I didn’t say that you are
eager to marry me I said,I am eager to marry you This is true,isn’t it? Madam,is it wrong? No Sister,keep quiet You could have asked me
directly,isn’t it? Okay,I’ll ask now Don’t want When I didn’t ask,you are angry And if I come to ask you
you are saying,I don’t want Why are you suddenly
talking about marriage? Come Hey! Shall I tell you? What? It means? What do you mean? I love you means
I love you!! Without knowing its meaning… It means,I can do
anything for you! Will you jump down
from the train? No Then? Now,what are you saying? Do we have to love,now? I don’t know,but “I love you” Play Father,if a groom of a rich family
comes to see me What will you say? What do you mean? Why are you blabbering? No,mother,if they come to
our house for fixing alliance What are you gesturing
to each other? Poorni,you tell me… Shanthi,come here lam going to study Yes,father,they are going to
come & fix the marriage Marriage? Whose? Tomorrow,they are coming to
our house But,not for me,for Shanthi Varadharajan,a Popular Lawyer His son,Karthik… Shanthi,Is it true what Poorni says? Tell me Have I educated you for this? For this purpose only,have we borrowed
money & put you in the Medical College? Mother,I didn’t call anyone,they
are coming on their own – What can I do? You have only encouraged someone,that’s why
they are coming here I didn’t encourage anyone
you always find fault with me! Mother,Karthik is a good guy
you,shut up To educate you,she didn’t marry
and is going to the office – Do you know that? Stupid girl Mother,don’t scold me This year’s college fee’s is paid
from her loan She herself didn’t marry,Why
are you in a hurry? You have selected a boy already… Is this the place?
– Yes sir They said 511,isn’t it?-Yes Park the car in the shade Greetings. I am Varadarajan Come,come Greetings. Sit down Are you fine? Yes,please sit down We thought that we have come
to the wrong house – In quarters,all houses look same
that’s why I am confused This is the standard of
middle class family She is Saroja Greetings They both are my daughters We know them,they have come
to my house They even sang song Really! Sit down,Sit down I don’t know
I won’t watch all that All are secret plans They tortured me a lot to see her
that’s why,I came… Shall we get coffee? You sit down Madam,I want coffee without sugar
She won’t have it Among these two girls,which one our
son is loving? He will not remember faces Even when I return from my brother’s
house after 2 days – He will ask me “Who are you”? Younger girl Shanthi!! Okay Haven’t you fixed the alliance for
the elder daughter? No Is it? Do you prefer arranged marriage or
else like your sister – Without giving financial burden to
your parents,you will love someone What are you talking? There is no harm in asking her view Asking questions is my
Profession They call him as a criminal lawyer May be you will earn money
by telling lots of lies I have brought up my son as
a successful advocates son I have brought up my daughters
as Queens We don’t have that status…But… Coffee may become cold,take it If Queen’s father starts talking
he will keep on talking… Let him talk What I am trying to say is… When the children attain the
age of 20 – There’s no need to ask you & me
to take a decision That is the law,I had brought him up
by teaching the law Sir,I didn’t bring up my
daughters like that You have mistaken me l am explaining to you
the law Not only your daughter but for any
girl going on the road If Karthik says
“I will marry her” We can’t do anything we must
accept the choice of that donkey Lawyer sir,what do you mean – Are you pointing out that you are
rich and we are beggars? Sir,when did you get this
pride?!! When you completed your education?! Or after earning money?!! Father He has come to our house
and he is saying – That our girl and the girl on
the road are same! Mr.Venkat Rao,you have mistaken me I have mistaken you? Sir,you are only talking
in a wrong way I have come here to talk about
your daughter and my son I didn’t come here to talk about
our inferiority & Superiority complexes My son is a Computer Engineer,I thought
he will rise to greater heights I didn’t expect that he will
indulge in love affair Sir,no one has laid a bait
for your son’s love For a while,we’ll not
discuss about this If my son ask me,what should
I reply? Tell me that Tell him that we are honest
people,its enough Hey! What happened? I think it won’t suit us
we’ll leave it We’ll forget everything and
let us remain friends. We’ll say bye to each other Because of this,will the earth
stop functioning? Did my father say anything
incorrectly? Nothing was good,they talked
incorrectly They talked beyond their
limits It was like a talk between
India & Pakistan Shanthi,are they both going
to marry? Only I & you are going
to marry We asked their permission just
for a formality,that’s all Karthik,what do you want me
to do? If they didn’t give respect to our love
we’ll leave them But,I can’t What! You can’t? I can’t leave my Parents,my house That means… This love is not a big thing to you
isn’t it? From when do you know me? For 20 weeks… But my Parents are like my soul
for 20 years I can’t leave “Them” for “You” But,I can leave “Anything”
for”you”!! Today,for a girl ,you are ready to
leave your parents & come – Tomorrow,for another girl you
will not leave me What’s the guarantee for it? Hello,your logic is horrible Now,what? Sacrifice?
Am I its offering? Why our love is so deep? We met each other & talked You were after me for sometime
and you made me happy But now,you are making me to cry!!
That’s it! Earlier,if I said “No” to you what
would you have done? I would have thought you are
not lucky Now,you think like that Shanthi,what you are saying
is right I accept that love is foolish…
but don’t leave me.. Give me some more time For one week,till 10th… After that also,if you feel like this
tell me We’ll leave it What will happen in one week?
Why unnecessarily… Anything may happen within
one week.. Hey! Be careful! I may convince you,you may change or I may fall in love
with someone Hey! What are you doing? Shanthi only one week,okay? Simply we’ll meet & talk
that’s all,okay?! No Today-Nungambakkam Station
Night 7.55 Shanthi, open the door I am Karthik speaking
Dr.Shanthi’s husband Hey! Keep quiet,I am talking
isn’t it? Do you know,where is Shanthi? No,she has gone from the
hospital around 5.30 Has she not yet come
to the house? No,I am calling from outside,she
might have gone home by this time ls Raji there? Hai Karthik,I am Raji speaking
How are you? How is Shanthi? How about you? You are very busy,isn’t it? You are not coming to
meet us They said,you have given
birth to a child Yes,baby girl We’ll come & meet you
in the weekend Come with Shanthi
-sure Karthik,don’t want this
1 week matter & all… Leave it means leave it Are you sure? Definitely? Okay I pray to God that you get
an ugly & foolish wife! Be like this, don’t change Always crying? No,always smiling!! For how many days you will
continue like this? What do you mean by
how many days? Hiding yourself like this instead of
train,you are going by bus,auto.. If we leave anything we
should really leave it Instead we should not encourage love
its foolishness to test it I don’t want to do that
foolishness What’s it? We’ll succeed like Bill Gates Or we’ll go to jail like Financial
firms who won’t return the deposits Beginning itself,he is talking
negatively From today onwards,Cinema,House
Girls…all are stopped In the 1st year,we’ll grow up
in Madras And in the 2nd year – All India No.1
In the 3rd year-International Future stars,shall we start
our work today itself? Hey! Take that camphor packet Karthik uncle,call for you Who’s it? Hey! It has become your habit,isn’t it? Shanthi,why are you not
talking? Has the line got cut
– No Then talk… I won’t listen to all
these things… Where is your father? Hey! Where are you? Did you not say that after
finishing her Medicine – We’ll perform the marriage of Shanthi
with my son? Mother,while coming from home
what did I say? You keep quiet Only she must have refused it She doesn’t like our
family at all What all I did for him? He had grown up by eating
my food… Hey! You have promised me! Don’t
cheat your own sister Sister,who is cheating whom? How can I fix the marriage of Shanthi
before Poorni? Hey! Who got the job for you
in Railway? Why are you talking about
that now? After my husband’s death,I recommended
you for that job Do I have to die returning
back that job? Father You will talk like this Your daughter has done Medicine
isn’t it? I came here to remind you
that,don’t forget us One day or other,this Aunty will
parcel you & take you in the bag Shanthi,have you got my point? Shanthi,they are starting the old stories
trying to marry you to Sinu Be careful! What are you doing here? Nothing..Where is Shanthi? I thought you both had
separated Yes,but.. Then what? Nothing,since 4-5 days she has not
to be seen…where is she? She has gone to U.S Why? She has not gone to U.S She has gone for Medical
Camp,is it enough? Where? For 3 weeks 3 weeks?!! Only for 3 weeks!! She will come back
here only How much money do you want? Rs .2000!- Why that much money? Mother,I am going to town Don’t ask me why? If father comes to know about this,he
will break the house into two Before that,you somehow arrange
the money & keep it Is it for that girl? Bye ! Be careful,come back quickly Someone is playing the music!! I am staying in the darkness
and listening to it!! I am doing meditation & thinking
about it!! I am loving that in installment! Sir,where is the medical camp? In the Bamboo forest,I am
not able to understand his music… By listening to it,I got
mesmerised But,he didn’t know that
I am listening to it!! They have gone to
some other place Oh! Flute,flower flute! “You & Me”
belong to same religion! Oh! Flute! The craving in you
is equal to mine!! With this sweet Melody,I’ll
forget my sorrows!! If this melodious music was not here
I would have died long back! Why you took so many days
to search me?!! I can’t be separated from you!!
I can’t live without you!! Really! Can you do anything for me?!! What? Will you ask me to jump down
from the train? Marry me!! You stay in your house
I’ll stay in my house Let it be a secret! Say “Yes” We’ll tell them at the
right time Are you asking me for a secret marriage?!! If they propose me to someone… Are you telling this
seriously? After marriage,no one can
separate us!! What are you saying? If Doctor said,then okay!! Really? Hey! Bride!! I am scared What’s this? We have arranged
everything… l am scared… How will I manage,I
don’t know? I’ll give a slap,then you
will know it That day,when I asked you
you said “Nothing” Then today when all are waiting
you are saying I am scared” Poorni,I don’t know how
will I manage? Am I rushing? You have already decided.You
will manage it,come What’s this? You are wearing
a saree surprisingly? Where? Where will we go? I am going
to Bank & she is going to Hospital Come,my daughter-in-law I am the Patient, give me
the injection My father has not left
any property for me He didn’t leave any money
for me He has given diabetes
to me If you come to my house
as daughter-in-law I don’t want to come here frequently
my bus fare can be saved If she comes as daughter-in-law,she
may give you some other injection Be careful,have coffee & go What’s it?
– Nothing Where are you both going like a Queens? Thank God! I thought I had to go
without seeing you… Time is up… Father,bye What happened to that
Lal’s case? He is not to be found,we’ll
have an agreement Last time itself,the Judge
was upset… Sir,where are you going? To my friends house Which side? I’ll go myself,you go Which side? Come,I’ll drop you No,you go to the court
start the car… I’ll drop you,get in,you will
waste money on an auto? Bus has come,we are going
to miss it No one will see,isn’t it? You are mad… Shall we go back home? Okay,come Is this Secret marriage? Yes,uncle Both the parents don’t know
about this? Then,the friends alone will be there
with them,isn’t it? Yes This is also a new experience Daily,I am bored sitting in
the registrar’s office This will be excitement,isn’t it? My son,what are you
going to do? Nothing That I know,you refused to do Law You roamed everywhere by
saying Engineering,& Computer… Now,what are you going to do? Father,if you give guarantee to the
Bank,for the loan- Then,No one can challenge me It’s a Parental duty,I’ll
do it Is this the bride? Where is the groom? Did he
got scared! What a surprise! & miracle!!You
have come to the temple!! Yes,I have come You used to fight that there’s no God
and now, How are you here? In Temple,I have planned to marry
secretly,what’s your opinion? Oh! Shit! You will always be joking!! Go,God will save you He will,he will Forever, forever smiling!!
Endless smiling!! Today,I was reborn again by
your split second vision! Oh! My Love!! My Love!! Marriage certificate is in
my hand But you are there… Only for some days… How many days? Till my sister’s marriage Ask your sister to marry
soon Till I complete my House Surgeoncy… Till you earn money from
your computer Oh! God!!! Do you know,today is our
Nuptial night l am standing in
the provision store Forever smiling,Endless smiling!! Today,I was reborn again by
your split second vision! Hey! Wife!! Remove your hand! All are looking at us Hey! You are my wife
I’ll touch you Who are you to tell me? I said,remove your hand No,I am… Don’t tell all these stories.
Get up- Come, sit down If the young girls come alone
the guys will come immediately Look,how he is seeing
you? He touched your hand,isn’t it? We should not leave these
kind of guys Sister,Are you married!
yes I pity your Husband What did you say? What’s the use of understanding it
give me an answer Now,I am on duty This is also a duty Who’s it? Tell me Say ‘I love you’!! Now!! If it’s true,tell me Now,I can’t tell you Why you can’t? Doctor,you get away!!! Karthik,I am going to putdown
the phone Why? People are around you? Okay,then,say it in whisper
Yes or No? Yes!! Tell me,’Yes’ I said ‘Yes’ to you She will not say it!! What? Haven’t she said? Hey! Do your work Only 2 minutes more,I have asked
Poorni to wait at the Bus stop Are you waiting for me
for a long time? For these “2 minutes”I can
wait for”2 Hours”!! Shall I go? No,don’t go Oh! My friend! My secret friend!! Oh! Friend! Listen to my
small, small wishes… This same way of embracing me!! This same way of hugging me!! I want this, till the end
of our life!! Do small,small love things
beyond your limits! Blossom my cells by
your actions! Among the flower,you blossom! Like the priest,
who is plucking flowers! slowly… When I am sleeping, you
nip my nails!! You sleep without any
sound!! You should apply Olive oil
to me When you cry,If I also cry,I need
your fingers to wipe off my tears! Yesterday, In your Moon
you were on my lap… Can the air come in between us
Oh! I was enjoined with my sou!!! Today,In your Moon,with
the drenched thoughts… I am restless, Oh! My heart
is raving! In your remembrance and in
your beautiful’ tradition …’! My Pride vanquished,my
Pride vanquished! What all you said,I’ll do it
in the morning! Even what you didn’t say,I’ll do it
in the night!! I’ll love you & make you
to love!! I’ll roam by wearing
your shim! When you take bath,I’ll also
get wet a little! I’ll carry you on my back!! I’ll gather you fully- I’ll cover you on my hand and I’ll
hide you inside the kerchief! When you come outside,I’ll
release you! And I’ll fulfill my wish!! Uncle it’s she… Wait Don’t think that
my elder sister is quiet girl! If she starts talking,she’ll
discuss about the Whole world! There’s only one problem,
she is very intelligent – For that you’ll have to co-operate
its possible,isn’t it? I’ll try Shanthi being the last kid, her dad with his
indulgence brought her up differently! But Poorni is
not like that – She is patient
and a humble girl- She goes to the Bank for her job and
she’s also very responsible in her house She doesn’t get
angry at all What about our Raghu Brother
he is a complete Saint Because of him,I have
a bad name From our side its okay
What Raghu is it fine? We’ll have to ask Poornima whether she
likes,and is it okay to her? Poorni will agree for it – Don’t worry
about that Please… Tell,Uncle! If its okay from your side,on an
Auspicious day,we’ll fix the marriage You like,isn’t it?
come on tell! Isn’t he handsome?
Isn’t he intelligent? I have given the groom coffee
should I give him the kerchief also? No after seeing our Poornima
he’s becoming eulogical! Aye,look at Uncle While talking this,I’ll tell
what I felt in my heart… I didn’t even talk to
Shyam about this – You also have one more daughter
I too have one more son – He is also studying medicine
even she is studying Medicine – Let’s ask both about
their opinions – if they like.we can perform both
the marriages at a time! What do you say? Madam Don’t mistake me I said
what I felt in my head! Come Shanthi come,don’t
think Aunty,come Good occasions come
like this only… Mother!
– Wait! Do they know that you have a groom
ready in your relatives itself – Mother,its not possible It’s possible,you go Listen to me… Go,he is more educated than me
stays in America I can buy only the map of
America for Shanthi If something good has to happen,certain
useless have to be discarded Mother,listen to what I say
at least once? First remove Mother,please listen to
what I say? You don’t say anything
you have an evil tongue Mother what’s this uncivilized?
Going for two,silly! Remove it
– Why? You should at least wear a
Silk saree and some jewels Should you be
like this jewel less? What’s this? All this time I was
like this,isn’t it? – Now,why this
silk saree? I’ll remove! Take Wear them on your ear,and
around the neck This is very indecent Is this a discount business
buy one and take one free Mother,its not possible listen
to what I say Don’t spoil the Poorni’s proposal Come Come… She is feeling shy Suddenly After hearing to
the proposal… I am sorry,its a
little embarrassing Had I knew,that they’ll trap
me like this… Father is always like this,he’ll
burst out whatever he feels If I tell you honestly all my
family members have a fear – Whether,I’ll marry some U.S girl
a black girl etc… That’s why with Raghu’s marriage
they are trapping me also! Had they said
it yesterday But today after seeing you I don’t find anything wrong in it! What happened? You talked a lot when you
wore a Churidhar Now,after wearing a Saree
you have become speechless Tell me truthfully whether
I am okay or not? I have… I am already married!! Parent’s don’t know
about it Leave me alone! Sir,what’s this…? Why are you hitting? Father…no! TODAY – NUNGAMBAKKAM RAILWAY
STATION NIGHT 10.20 PM Today – Shanthi’s residence – night 10.50 pm Shanthi,come out! Whom do you want? Where is Shanthi? No such person lives here Please leave Enough of your
drama Ask Shanthi to come It was you, who played the drama – This house broke and
split into pieces – With what face have
you come here? Shanthi, come out I can’t beg more
than this What happened? Shanthi what should I do? Should I kneel and beg? Where is Shanthi? Where is Poorni? Poorni where is Shanthi? Poorni,tell me where is
Shanthi hiding? Where is Shanthi? Didn’t Shanthi
come here? What are you talking? Are you questioning me after
separating my daughter from me? She left the hospital
by 5.30 – Still she hasn’t turned up yet! What did you do? What did you do with
my daughter? She is working in the Egmore
child Trust Hospital – She is 23 years old Straw brown! She’ll be having hospital ID card
just look into it and tell Isn’t there anything? Inform me,if you get
any information Won’t you come back again? Where are you going? Excuse me,he is packing his bags and
telling that he’s really moving out! Why is he taking the pains,you fold
clothes,pack his bag and give it to him! What are you talking? Is he threatening? He’s 4 donkeys aged! And wants to
go out of the house! Why are you crying? – After ruining your sister’s marriage
why are you shedding the tears for? One who was duped! Mother,I don’t want
such a marriage You don’t want it
but look at her – What she needed,when she needed it
she has ran away and married – Shameless Take it from me,in 6 months you’ll
be standing pregnant on the road Karthik stop Aye,whoever wishes to stop him
they may also go along with him What’s this? What
are you saying? That includes you also,if you want to go
with him you may go! There isn’t any more relationship left
between you and this house,Get out!! I’ll go Don’t cry my child,why
are you crying? Where ever you may be
you’ll always be happy! Don’t cry Aye ,I’ll go if they don’t require us,even we don’t
require them,alright Alright You carry on Promise me! There’ll no more any
relationship with our family! I promise From now,you are for me
and I am for you,that’s all Is it okay? We’ll adjust Here,have the keys – The house is half finished
I don’t want the rent Have you both
got married? You can marry twice again
No problem What’s all this? Leave them! Registered Marriage or
Performed in a temple? Poor boy!
Poor girl! Leave them
– You don’t pull me! Don’t worry about the rent He’s always like that
I am sorry boy! What, celebrations? Don’t worry,it seems they have
a terrace also! Don’t stay here anymore
go away It’s a game of love,Beloved…
come touch me…touch me Wave,oh! Small wave that touches
the bank and withdraws! I thought you’ll touch me, occupy me slowly
but you’re foaming and melting wave You say “Yes” when I am far away but
when I near you,you ask me,what? When you spread over me,win over
me like a maiden! My dear! Kill me by becoming
a child in the bed room It’s a game of love…beloved
come touch mem…touch… While I am bathing you
become like my mother! While singing lullaby you
become like my child! When I touch you by myself, you’ll
become like a thorn! When you touch me by yourself
you’re becoming like a flower! Oh! My beloved,you’re my eyes,my tears
you’re everything to me! My beloved,you’re my joys and sorrows
you’re everything to me! My life and death is in the
movement of your eyes! When you spread over me,you
win over me like a maiden! My dear, kill me by becoming a
child in the bed room My life is insufficient to
study and know your heart! To express my love your life
will be insufficient! You’re heart will never be able to
know the value of my love! But still my kiss will not
fail to express it! You’re the only one,I have to
celebrate life or kill me! If you’re with me or leave me
I am the only one you have! My life surrounds around you! Where’s the newspaper?
Not yet come? As soon as you open your eyes,you should only
see me,so after taking bath wearing a saree Putting on a dot,I am sitting
next to you for the last 15 minutes Without even looking at me,are you
asking about the newspaper? I have seen,you are very beautiful
where is the news paper? Last night,you said
so many things Did I say? Now,what’s happening in Yugoslavia is
more important than the wife,isn’t it? No,wife is more important
where’s the news paper? It’s not there,both
are not there – You want the wife
or Yugoslovia? Aye ,should I abandon the World
after marrying you? Take hot and
sensational news Yuck,behaving
like a kid What’s this fire in the house?
This is not right! Come,brother
What to do? You leave today itself,give
me the key,give me Brother,what’s this the other day,you
said it like your own house… Who…Who said? You didn’t pay the rent,
you didn’t deposit the Society fund? Even you haven’t constructed the ceiling,
raised the wall, plastered the cement Only for that,I am asking you
are you threatening me? I am going to call
the Police You have to pay me 5 months
rent as advance That’s not on this month’s 1st
its on the next 1st Oh God! I have dealt with many people
like you,don’t play a game with me! Brother,Brother only now we have
started this Computer Software… Whether you start a Software or
Underwear not my problem I need my rent that’s it!
Arrange for it! Don’t have these love scenes on
the staircase,have it on bed Aye,Bhaskar,in which directory
is that syntom file? Are you following
it or not? We are doing it,only they
haven’t telephoned us yet Mr.Naidu,give us the project
Shave the head at Tirupathi Bhaskar’s.. Ay! Its a wrong number! All because of him
he’ll shave the head Sorry,I had gone for fetching
vegetables,got late I am waiting for the
last 45 minutes Come! If you knew,that you’ll get late
you should have kept the keys up I got a little late,for that
so much of anger? You’ll go somewhere and
come late as you wish – I should be
waiting outside What am I going out
on a pleasure trip? – I had gone for fetching things to
cook food for you,isn’t it? Who said that don’t go,why are you
making me wait like a watchman? Didn’t you wait for 3 hours on
the beach,before the marriage – Now,can’t you wait
for 10 minutes That’s different What do you mean
“Different”? That was before the marriage Then after the marriage
that’s all,isn’t it? Now,who said like this
open the door Now you said
isn’t it? Shanthi, open the door Don’t change your words
– Open the door! Then,why did you say? Why did you say
like that? Did you say or not? Don’t ask standing outside
you come in,I’ll tell you,Go in… Tell me? Get in,I’ll tell Tell me? Why you tell like that? Get in,Get in,Go… Give me Ay,do you know,how long was
I waiting for this Leave me
– I’ll not Leave,Leave,Leave,not now Why? In the afternoon you want… So,what if its
afternoon Ay leave me,after fighting with me
now you are even hugging me I fought with you
only for this Its all for you Leave me,I haven’t even taken my
bath after coming from the hospital! Move I’ll not Move Hug me Move… What’s this? I am marking the day
which we fought For what? To show how big a problem
is marriage Oh! Cruel! What are you searching? You haven’t even given a cup of coffee
to your husband What are you searching? The Auspicious thread!! You sinner! Are you
a Traditional Tamil girl Don’t laugh,last night you had removed
it because it was hurting you Me…? Are you blaming me
after losing it The time is not good,if anything happens
to me,my wife will be responsible for it Don’t scare me Where has it gone? I am sitting like a Statue of God
in front of you – Leaving me,you are searching for the
Auspicious thread I only want the Auspicious thread
I don’t want you,Go Allright, search the auspicious thread
and marry that itself ls there any one? Who is it? Are you too busy? No,No Was it Good? Wasn’t it good? What? Oh God,Last night didn’t I send
you hot fish curry for your dinner? After eating you didn’t even
say a word about it Oh! I am sorry,it was very good
we ate the entire Should I ask for it? Alright
can I have the vessels? This one,isn’t it? Yes,this one Oh God,if I give someone Rs.1 Lakh
and that person cheats me,I can bear – But,I can’t bear if the
lid gets exchanged Should I leave? What have you done?
– What? This What’s that hanging like a garland? This is an Auspicious thread
isn’t it? This is a real marriage
isn’t it? Oh God! Please
save them Karthik,is it
your work? He’s putting my honor in stake! Ay,where are you,why are
you taking my life? Your friend has come Just watch,in another 1 minute
a fight will flare up Don’t tell it
just like that! You just watch You shouldn’t start the fight! I’ll be quiet What happened about
Hyderabad? Hai wife,what are
you doing? Hai husband i>Tea? Move out,I’ll make! I have made it,you go Are you telling it because
Meera is there 30 seconds He is sweet Shanthi,where is my
project report? Why are you
asking me? I had kept it
here only Coming,Coming,Coming…
Don’t shout Don’t lose my papers Shanthi,tomorrow I have
a presentation – These papers… Shanthi,that report… The care you’re showing,when
you saw me! If you have even a little,when you
do not see me,would be much better! You didn’t even see whether
we are alive or… I do have care for you in plenty
only you’re not recognizing it! Not a day passes without your
thoughts and its distress! Have you ever felt distressed
with my thoughts? You would have only cursed me
isn’t it,sister? How are you? How many time I would have
called Nadar’s stores! Did you come even once
on the line? You too have left me,isn’t it? Mother,how’s father? He has been Hospitalised! Mother! Why? What happened? What do I know? Did I study Medicine? That’s…what did they say? Did they say it as Jaundice?
Have they diagonised it Immediately? Mother,why has he been admitted
into a Hospital? I want to see father immediately! Don’t tell him that,I had met
you and talked with you! He’ll get better,if
he sees you! I have come here to beg you,to
come & see your father! Hey! Didn’t you go to work? It seems father isn’t keeping
good health! We’ll go and… …We don’t have parents!!! You have only”me” and I have only”you”
that’s what you had said! He has been admitted into
the Railway Hospital! Shanthi! Who told you that? Why do you want that?… Who told you? Mother told me! I met her in the Train! Without coming to Home! Without my knowledge
only for you! Karthik,please listen to
what I say? He’s just an ordinary
Railway Employee! He struggled and took loans to
make me study Medicine! Now,he’s not well!… lf I don’t go there now,what’s
use of me studying Medicine? Okay! You go and see him!… …But,I’ll not come!! Karthik,Can’t you do at least
this for me? Shanthi! Do you want me to come there
throwing away my honour, prestige! He has slapped me! …I can never forget it! Even my own father has
never beaten me! It’s better to die than to come
face to face with him! In this world I don’t have even
10 people who I may need!! If I want you,I have to
forsake them! If I want them,then,I have to
forsake you! How is it possible? Shanthi,do whatever you feel
like doing? If You want them,
go their home,Go If you want to come back
or may be not! Do whatever you want to do? But,Please leave
me alone! Just one marriage means
so many troubles! I don’t know how people
marry 2 or 3 times? Our Rohit will marry… …2 or 3… How is your father? How do I know? I had told you to go
and see your father! You had even told about
killing yourself! Okay!….. Tomorrow,we both will go! No Karthik! We’ll not go to the House
who don’t respect you! Leave that aside! Tomorrow morning we’ll go! You go inside and see him!
I’ll stand outside! Please,you also come inside! Let him see that we are
happy together! Are we really happy?! You’re going to get
beating for this! Karthik,if he talks anything
out of anger- You’ll not take it
seriously! isn’t it? Even if he slaps me again
I’ll bear it! Shouldn’t you have come
a day before? I have lost my brother…
He educated you to make you a doctor Hey! You have become the cause
of death of your father! Father! Look,I am Shanthi!
who has come If you had come early you would
have met your father! Father,Shanthi has again
come back to our House Father,please,open your eyes!!
and see for once Mother,why did you give
birth to me? Mother,why did you bring me up
like an obstinate girl? The day when I spoke
ill mannerly! If you had broken my limbs and
threw me in a corner! Would this had happened? Mother,why did you allow me to
go out of the House? Is your mistake!… Dream of making me a Doctor… …He never had any other wish! Mother,when he wasn’t well
where was I? Why do you need marriage
and family?… …Saying this why didn’t you beat me
and brought me back to Home? Why did you
leave me? Was he so angry on me? He left without even seeing me! I have done a mistake…
…I have done a great mistake! Mother,tell me to say that
he has forgiven me! Mother,at least you tell that
you have forgiven me! Mother…at least you… No need for all that! Whatever you may say… Even for 1 minute can you make your
father come alive before me? It is not possible…isn’t it?… …Then don’t talk! Get out!! They won’t inform and go from a
House of death!…Go! Because of our marriage,Poorani’s
marriage was broken! Both homes broke up,and one even
went up to the cremation grand! How am I going to face Shanthi? Till his last,he left with anger He died with a sorrow forgetting
a daughter like me! She pestered…but I didn’t
take her there! I could have taken her there and
spoken with him! I was obstinate! Okay! Leave it! Why do you want to unnecessarily take it
upon yourself and get distressed? My father used to say always… That he’ll go only after
marrying me to a good boy Shanthi! Elders will never
go away from us! They’ll always be with us! He would have come to know that
Karthik is a good boy! That’s why,he has left us
and went away! Take this coffee… …Please have this coffee,my child! How many more days,are you going
to cry within yourself? Then,what do you want me
to do?! Anger can’t be dissolved
with tears! I am not angry on anyone! I am angry on myself
for being selfish I had decided considering
only my choice!! That’s why,God has
done all this! Why are you beating
around the bush? …Why don’t you say it
straight on my face? That I have killed
your father!! Not you…it’s me!!! Look… …The man who’s gone,isn’t
going to come back! Whenever you cry! As if you’re saying
it’s all because of you!! Tell me,if you don’t want
to see me! Even I’ll also get lost! Alright! You also go away! After that without anyone for me
I’ll distress alone and die! What’ll be my fate?
what’s written in fate?… Stop!! Enough!! Don’t talk with me for my
entire life! It’s enough!… …What I mean to say… No need,don’t say
anything! It’s alright! When I can live
without my father! I can live without you also! Don’t worry! Where are you going? Leave me! Don’t utter even a word!
It’s enough! Hello! Is it Hyundai Factory? Can I speak to works manager
Mr.Raghuraman? What should I say? It’s enough,if you say only
what is written on this?! I wouldn’t be in any soup,isn’t it? Talk softly like a girl!
that’s enough! Hello I am… …I am unable to talk! I’ll hit you! Look here and talk! My name is Poorni! Soft soft soft… My name is Poorni,I am calling
from Tambaram Nirmala College! Do you remember me? How are you? I went…l went to
meet you! for a while Me?…why? Don’t worry! I’ll not kidnap you! I am Raghuraman from Hyundai
factory speaking! What do you want? I want to meet you personally
for a small talk! Your family had insulted us
isn’t that enough? Please,only for 5 minutes! When you’re going home,I’ll meet you
at Besant Nagar Bus Stop by 4 PM I’ll meet you by 4 PM only
for 5 minutes,please!! It seems he is that
Hyundai Guy! Only God should save! My family was destroyed
dispersed and perished! Are you happy? The day you came and went away
they had started crying… It hasn’t yet stopped!
Is it enough? Whatever happened,has happened? If you think that all was wrong because
of our wrong doings… I don’t think this
will come good… Calling personally one who
is depressed to feel happy! What do I do without getting
angry on such people? Excuse me! You only called me! Me!?! You only called me!
Am I mad? No! You only called my factory
to meet personally… Not me! You only called
my bank! Wasn’t it you who had talked? Told me to come at 4 p.m to
disrespect me personally! Who’s that,who had called
me by 4.30 p.m? lam quitting from this game! Is it your handy work? What do you think
of yourself? Are you bringing a
couple together? Otherwise are you working
as a Marriage broker? I feel like using choicest abuses… The marriage which was stopped
because of me! A small wish that it
may happen that’s all! You have done so much
for Shanthi! For that,I wanted to repay by
doing a good thing but… Please forgive me! What? Is it a flop? Is it a bigger flop than
our company? Come! Its more than 10 days since we
talked with each other! Marriage means,it’ll be
like that only! Do you know that,not a single day passes
without me and Rajesh fighting? We were never like that! May be Karthik doesn’t
like me anymore! Leaving you,he isn’t roaming with
other girls! Why bother? Look,everything will be alright! I was considering you both as
perfect in all our group! Why are you bothering yourself?
…Come…! One ice-cream for both of you! What did you say?… What did she say that day… …Am I a marriage broker to
bring a couple together? She wanted to mouth
choicest abuses?” Now,it doesn’t seem to
look like that! Are you both convinced? Why are you staring?
Come on tell!… Hey! When is the marriage?…
When is the marriage? He has told that he’ll come and
talk in another 2 days! I want to tell you one thing… Okay,I’ll tell you later! In my office Rohit’s marriage
has been settled! With both families consent! …Not like us! Tomorrow,all my friends are going
out together! We two are going…
Did you hear? There may be 100 problems
between us! But no one outside should
know about it! They are thinking that we
both are an ideal couple! Come at least for me! How did you manage
to bring her? Everything is like that only! Now it’ll be like that only! But after marriage you’re a gonner
Doomed forever! Hey! Ashok! Keep quiet! You seem to look like a
very good girl! How did you deceived like
this with Rohit? Just as I got deceived by Shanthi
Another sinner got stucked up! Hey! What’s all this guys? Instead of
Greeting,why are you scaring me? Buddy! You’re getting really
married! No,don’t do it! It’ll be very difficult!
Isn’t it? Well said Hey! You’ll get thrashed! You are married and happy! Are you scaring one who’s
going to get married? Hey Boy! You don’t worry! After marriage all men will
be like this only! Their true colours will be out! How,How,How… First they’ll open the car door! After that,they’ll hold
the umbrella! After that,with great love…
they’ll chase like gentlemen! But after marriage… After?… They will get after another woman Look at me! I am even
pressing my wife’s legs! It’s more than enough if you
don’t pull my legs! Only 25 days are remaining
for the marriage! You get married! The difficulties I am undergoing, let
this whole World also undergo! Okay…Okay…Who all want
me to marry? Who..Who… Now who all don’t want
me to marry? Marry. . .but… Tell…Tell…Tell… My sorrow is lost… My happiness is lost… My happiness is lost! September month!…September month
Lost the sorrows of the life! October month… October month!
Lost the happiness of life! When you lost your sorrows… Love was born at that time… When you lost the happiness.. You got married at that time.. Oh girl! Love is like a feast of sweets!
Marriage is the bitterness of the neem! Oh! My boy! Love sees only strengths
Marriage sees only weaknesses! Oh Girl! Love is seen only by half eye!
Marriage is seen by 4 pairs of eyes! On the tip of the noses,love enjoys
even the beauty of crows! After marriage even mole hills become
mountains! Why this clashes? Men without women,man can’t
have the consolation! If women aren’t there in this World
men may never need consolation! September month… September month! October month…October month! I have found out the love means
heavy chains! Marriage means Auspicious chain
what can I do? Postpone the marriage till 90 and
come my love,let’s cross 100 also? My friend! I don’t get the love’s irons
and splinters in marriage’s cot! There’s no happiness in relationship in
which there isn’t a separation! That’s what is love! Come let’s live with sometime with
relationship and sometime with separations! Without men,women don’t
have the consolation! If there aren’t any men in this World
there’s no need for consolation! You have lost interest
in me,isn’t it? Why are you starting it now? Or else has marriage become bitter? What I said was just for fun… If you don’t feel like that in your
heart,will it come out? What do you mean by saying that you
have lost happiness after marriage? You don’t like me… It means you like
some one else! Why are you killing me? Whatever I do,ls
it wrong? Then do you say that you
haven’t done anything wrong? I am like that only…
I had seen in the street corner! Then,why did you marry me? You should have married
the girl you like? It was a mistake!!… I and you shouldn’t
have married! We should have remained
as friends! I am able to understand very well
what you’re saying! Look!…Crying— What cruelty have I done to you
for crying like this? I have done the cruelty! Leaving my parents behind
I came believing you! That was the biggest mistake
I had committed! Why this love marriages?
Is it necessary? If you don’t want then get away! Leave me also! Even I’ll live in peace! I am unable to understand
these women! This love…this marriage! Marriage means…We have to sacrifice
little things for each other! We have to keep her before
our self interest! Throw away this Ego! What was the reason that made
you to love Shanthi? Meeting her in Beach
hugging in Parks! What you see in Cinema
is not at all love! Boy! That is not love! Its just an infatuation
before marriage! Flower…just like a flower! It’ll be intoxicating, fragrant
and beautiful! …But it’ll wither away! What you get after marriage… …Is like Roots! It’ll be inside the soil
rooted firmly! Whatever may happen you must
be patient! Be patient! Want a small?! Oh! God! How much I have
to search for you? Are you trying to hide
from me? I want to tell you
one thing! But I am unable to understand
how to tell you about it? At this age,I am
feeling shy… Hey! Why didn’t you tell me
about this earlier itself? Did I hide anything from you? No! Lest it doesn’t end up like
previous one! I was just waiting to finalize
everything… I’ll thrash you! That’s why I took a promise
from Karthik That he should not reveal it you! He’s the reason behind this
our second innings! He pursued, hit and crashed against
and brought us together! L…Yuck! Shanthi, don’t cry If you cry,I will also feel like crying! My elder sister is very precious! Will you look after her without
tears in her eyes? Don’t fight with him!
Be nice! I want to meet
Karthik immediately! I’ll go! Shanthi,tonight I am invited for
a dinner in his house! Mother-in-laws house dinner! We have got the 2 Million dollar
contract!! Rs.9 crores!! What, are you waiting for Shanthi? It would have been better if you
would have married me! I’ll inform Shanthi after that
let’s us arrange Hey! will you come good in life? Did she tell you about
her going some where? RAM, I.A.S.
Gowri Nivas, Adyar Did you drive it yourself? Why did you take it,you know
that you don’t have a license? Did you get hurt? You didn’t get hurt,isn’t it? Did anyone else get hurt? A Girl! Severely hurt?! She is alive isn’t it? Have they taken her to
any hospital? I don’t know What did you do? I got scared!! Do you know where she is? Where did the accident
take place? Okay! You take a
Compose tablet and sleep! I’ll look after…I’ll look after! Accidents? Has any accident case been
admitted today? Who are you?..Relative? A lady has been admitted Please call Dr.Srinivas immediately Tell them to keep
O.R.P ready! Come to ORP! Is it her? They have kept ORP in standby!
Surgeons are waiting! They are hesitating to open the skull
without near one’s signatures! What’s her name? How is she related to you? She…l am her husband! God has sent you on right time! Stop! Get down!! Who are you?! Where are you going?
what’s your name? Which place? Madras sir! I am a Computer Engineer! We have
opened a Computer Company here! And you? I am from North… South means?…Kurnool? No sir,near Ongole! Now,where are you coming from? Sir,his wife went out for work
today morning! Come on tell!… Keep shut!
I am… Come on tell…come on…,why are you
seeing him,come on,tell me? My wife… HEY! You keep quiet!
You carry on! My wife had gone for Hospital duty
today morning! She hasn’t turned up yet,we’re searching
for her,is it enough? Did you file a FIR? It has been filed! Did you check thoroughly
all the Hospital? Today,there was an
accident here also! Which Hospital? What was that Hospital? I am Ram IAS speaking! Yes,I am Shanmugam speaking,sir
come on tell! Shanmugam! I have committed an
accident with my Car! In that tension,I couldn’t
report to the police! So,I had telephoned you! I’ll look after it! Where was the accident… No,Shangmugam,I didn’t tell you
to close this matter! Whatever has happened… I am ready to face for
whatever has happened? Has any girl been admitted
after an accident? What’s the name? Now,why am I calling you?
is because!… The girl who was hurt in the accident is in
the operation room here in Lawrence Hospital I don’t know anything
about her? No! There’s no one by
that name! I had told you! No! The people who had admitted
may not know her name? Has any other young lady
been admitted here? She’s there in the
Trauma Centre!! The man who’s calling
his wife!! No other young lady has
been admitted? No sir! No one else! You can check police stations!
Isn’t it? There may be reports of complaints
of missing people! Karthik,we’ll go!
it’s somebody else! I will wait at
Lawrence Hospital Relax,my Buddy! Now,go to your flat
she’ll be there! If she is there
I’ll kick her! That’s all lies! as soon as he see’s her,he’ll
hug her and fall at her feet! Come,Buddy! We have to operate to
remove the Clot! Chances of her Survival… What does it mean? No Man!…No man! Listen to
what I am saying! This side of the Bridge is our area
other side of the Bridge is your… Don’t you know that
I am speaking? How much time has passed since
I filed the FIR? Have you taken any
action on it? Have you got any
information? I’ll let you know if
there’s any news He’s having empty talk! Be patient! I’ll talk later…I’ll talk later!… Why are you drawing
your salaries? Hey! What are you saying? Sir,Please sit down! I have told that a lady Doctor
is missing from night! I had lodged a complaint have you
taken an action on it? What do mean by missing? You might have beaten her
and thrown her out! Otherwise she might have
eloped with someone! She is a working woman
isn’t it? That may be your wife! Hey! What did you say? I’ll take you to court!I’ll not leave
till I take off your uniform! Karthik don’t be angry
sit down! Is he a police? Hey! Take him away! Hey! wait! Didn’t I tell,that I’ll look after
why did you come here? Don’t take the crime
yourself for me! But your wife is still
in Coma! I think everything will be
alright! Anyway inform your
close relatives! Is S.I. there? Where? She’s there! Nagamani! How many are there
in the custody? There are 4-5 people! A missing case! We have
to check open it! Theft,brother!missing
all case are inside only! Check up once! No,Shanthi won’t be here
I’ll not come there! Why don’t you check it for once? No,I’ll not come there
Shanthi won’t be there! No,I’ll not come there
Shanthi won’t be there! No…
– Okay! I’ll see! Sir please come! Come on get up! come here! Who had come first here come
to front and stand here! Tell that woman to turn!
Hey you come here Hey! You turn this side! Have a good look sir?! Checked properly,isn’t it? Sir,lts seems it wasn’t she?! Come Karthik! Shanthi,isn’t here
come…come… Ram,you please go home! We will locate the FIR! Our police department will definitely
find out her husband! So,You can go home
and take rest! No…How can I go without
handing over her to responsible people This is an accident,and you
didn’t do it intentionally! We’ll deal it other way! If press people come to know about it
they’ll unnecessarily!… If you really want to
help me… Then,somehow get me her husband
or her parents!…That’s enough! Mother,don’t shake your leg! Son! It’s paining severely! Enough of it,come
let’s go home! Seenu,where are you going
leaving this mother alone? Just here only… Isn’t it to smoke
a cigarette? Mother,I’ll go to
the bathroom Come quickly! Who’s Karthik? Did you file a FIR saying
your wife’s missing? Any information about Shanthi? What dress she was wearing,when
left for office in the morning? Nothing has happened
to Shanthi isn’t it? Any hand bag or watch? Sir,Black hand bag,watch,stethoscope
I have mentioned everything in FIR! Please,you come with me! Where? To your wife! Where is she, okay? There on the right side in the
ICU! Go and see her! Shanthi,my child!don’t make
me cry!please talk! I only threw you out of
the house! Now,I don’t have that
much anger in me! Come,talk my child!…
come on talk…! Talkative!…Why are
you not talking? Shanthi,come on talk… Shanthi…talk… Madam please,you wait outside! What happened to her? Sir,please wait out side! What happened to Shanthi? He only hit her and got her
admitted into the Hospital also He signed as husband and arranged
for the operations! How is she? Doctors have told to
pray to God! You pray to God!.. If anything happens to her,only
God can save you! How much ever a high officer
you may be? Even If you know higher
officials in police?… How did you hit her? Were you driving drunk? Why didn’t you report it
to police? My husband has done
nothing wrong! If anything happens to Shanthi,you’re
husband will not be alive! Nothing will happen
to your wife! I’ll die before that!! I am the murderer… No…Meena… I took out the Car and…
…that young lady… …I hit her!! This sin will not leave
me that simply! What have I done? Nothing will happen to her? Everything happened because of me! She’ll survive! If she survives,it’ll be
for your goodness! She is your life!your wife will
not go leaving you alone! Why are you not walking up?
are you scared of fighting again? Wake up! Outside a Husband… …Tell’s a wife who has come after
mangling a woman me her Car! …Don’t worry,I’ll look
after everything! I have now,understood!!! In future,there’ll never
be a fight between us! I can’t live after
losing you! Wake up!… While loving you,I was always
with you chasing… …That…that is not ‘LOVE’!!! After losing you… The way I roamed streets
searching for you…that is… Shanthi! wake up! Shanthi!…Please wake up! Wake up…wake up…
Shanthi wake up! Shanthi,don’t be angry
on me! I can’t live without you! Please,surive! Open your eyes. Got scared? I lost my life! If you lose your wife… If you lose your wife,are you
planning to live happily? Will you do anything
for me? Will you jump out of the running
train for me? What do you mean by it? I don’t know!! …But I love you! …My pride has been destroyed!…
my pride has been destroyed! My friend…my friend!..
my secret friend! Listen to my small, small wishes! Depthness…this some depthness!!
embrace…this same embrace I want it till the end of life
I want it till the end of life!


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