Sala Unirii – 1 Decembrie 1918 – The Union Hall (Alba Iulia, Romania)

The building of the National Museum of Unification
in central zone of Alba Carolina Citadel in Alba Iulia Vis-a-vis is the building with the Union Hall
having the entry amended as a triumphal arch form The change was made in 1922 when Ferdinand I
was coronated as king of the Great Romania The Union Hall is the most important symbol of Romanian
history, marking the day of December 1, 1918 On this day, in this hall, there were met 1288
representatives of Romanians from throughout Transylvania In an enthusiastic atmosphere, Grand National Assembly
unanimously proclaimed the unification of Transylvania with Romania In 1922, in the Cathedral of Reunification of Alba Iulia
it occurs the coronation of kings Ferdinand I and Maria
as sovereigns of the Great Romania Original office on wich in October 12, 1918 was written the
“Declaration of self determination of Romanians in Transylvania” A few days later, the statement was read
in the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest The original camera which then in December 1, 1918,
there have taken the only five shots Outside the citadel walls they waited with excitement
over 100,000 Romanian who came from all over Transylvania Union Declaration, read by Iuliu Hossu Statement of Alba Iulia, read by Aurel Vlad Portrait of Queen Maria Currently, The Union Hall hosts a collection of
objects that have a direct link with Great Union The King Ferdinand I’s next to his Proclamation
for the country in August 1916 He announced the entering of Romania in the
war (WWI) for the country’s reunification Queen Maria Romanian culture men gallery The King Ferdinand I next to Alba Iulia
National Assembly Resolution on December 1, 1918 Queen Maria The gallery of Romanian rulers King Ferdinand I

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