Sally Hawkins signing autographs Toronto Intl. Film Festival 11 Sep 2017

Sally, can you sign… Sally! Oh, my God. I said I love you at the press conference today! You were so kind!
/ Yah! You were so kind!
/ Thank you! And I want you to come to every press conference!
[jeers and laughter] I love you so much.
/ And say exactly that. You’re amazing. You’re amazing! And I, I regretted not coming after you after and saying, “Please be every person.” Oh, that’s OK. Wow! Can you?… Thank you, thank you, Sally. Lovely thing to say. Sally. Sure. Thank you. Thanks so much for stopping. Thank you for waiting. No, oh, no problem. Looking forward to this movie. Thank you. Thank you for stopping. Thank you so much.
/ And waiting!…


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