Same Old | A Short Romance Drama Film

It’s got like… It’s got person…. look how it’s just like Just “flaggin” around! *Laughs* But it’s got a reason right? What do you mean? And like people raise them in honour of who they are and their country right? Yeah but you’re not a country. Ugh I miss Australia. Yeah… I can’t wait to get out of this place Yeah me too. Our trip is gonna be so fun. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to see the sunrise in Huangshan! Yeah I’ve seen pictures of it Yeah it’s meant to be beautiful! It looks so cool. I can’t wait. Awh shit geo started one minute ago. I gotta go I’ll see you later! Alex you left your… Just give it to me later. I mean I can deal with it myself I don’t… I don’t need to like tell you how I’m… this is… we’re this is a team effort we’re together you can’t just keep it to one side. Bu.. but I can deal with it myself I can think about my problems… I can.. It’s not about that! We’re… we’re one! You have to talk to me, otherwise I’m just sitting here by myself, not know what the hell is going on. There’s.. there’s a certain amount of things that they have to show so the other person is valued, and trusted, and… …loved in this situation, It’s a two person thing! But.. …it does not mean that the other person has to share whatever ya know.. Okay fine! Every now and then, just drop a little hint that some… somehow the other person is valued, because otherwise, the person that’s carrying the relationship has no idea how they feel they might as well just leave! Okay yeah, that makes sense. I mean if people have their ways of dealing with things then Ya cuz… You don’t always have to talk about stuff. That’s true. But doesn’t it, wouldn’t it, ruin someone over time if they just kept everything inside? Shit. Hello. What would you like? Umm.. Could I have a popcorn chicken? Sure. And a burger.. A chicken burger! Sure. And a milk tea. You want a small one? Yeah, small. Alright. That’ll be $25. $25….. Oh uh… Can I get rid of this? Yes, of course. $14. Thank you. Hm.. looks like we don’t have much change. Here, your $6. Thanks. Thanks! No problem, take your time. Awhh shit. Is this short enough for you? Whatever. What happened? You don’t seem too happy. Oh, nothing. Is it love or something? And you were hurt? Don’t be like this. To be honest, I have someone, and I just can’t let her go. When I was little, I too was like this. When you leave someone that you once loved it’s gonna be hard. You’ll either walk out with bruises or you’ll walk out with joy. But deep down you’ll know, if your choice was right or wrong. and that you’ll be able to walk down the road that your heart guides you. I’m.. I’m lost. I don’t know what to do. No problem, this’ll all past eventually. Because deep down you know what you want, right? Jessica!


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