Samsung Graphene Battery Smartphone Is NEAR

Fast charging on smartphones has rapidly gained
momentum. And you don’t need to think hard why this
is the case. If you can’t make batteries last longer, you
might as well make them charge faster. But Samsung has something in its arsenal that
can change that, as well as can revolutionize both the smartphone industry and the electric
vehicle industry. I’m talking about Graphene batteries. Samsung almost two years ago said that they
have developed a new battery material named Graphene ball that enables a 45% increase
in capacity, and five times faster-charging speeds than standard lithium-ion batteries. Everyone was so excited about this new tech
and everyone was asking when are going to see this. Well, now we know courtesy of ever-reliable
Evan Blass. He says we’re going to see a Samsung smartphone
with graphene battery as soon as next year. Samsung is hoping to release at least one
device next year or in 2021 which will be equipped with this revolutionary battery technology. I said revolutionary because it’s going to
be the most meaningful innovation of recent times. I mean for one, it can hold 45% more battery
than the lithium-ion. So a phone like the Galaxy Note 10+ that currently
packs a 4300mAh battery could potentially pack a battery that is about 6235mAh, without
occupying any extra space. 2) this new Graphene battery one-ups on the
traditional Li-on batteries in another huge way: charging speeds! It charges 5 times faster. Yesterday we saw the Note 10+ took 1 hour
and 5 minutes to fully charge from 0 to 100. If the Note 10+ had graphene battery it could
have done it in just 13 minutes, which is mind-blowing. I know what’s going on in some of your minds…It’s
not going to happen. Because graphene batteries don’t explode no
matter what and that’s the biggest benefit of this tech over lithium-ion which can easily
explode if certain conditions aren’t met. So it will revolutionize the smartphone industry
that has struggled to increase battery capacity in any drastic way. This tech can also do wonders to the electric
vehicle industry. Companies like Tesla are going to greatly
benefit from this as it will offer better charge densities, battery life, reliability
and also will make the car lighter. So it can travel faster. Anyway, really looking forward to this, I
hope we see this next year itself. Samsung has made the 108MP camera sensor official,
a resolution equivalent to that of a high-end DSLR camera. It’s based on Samsung’s tetra cell technology
that means it’s going to take full 108MP pictures in daylight and will take 4 27MP and combine
it to form a full 108MP images in low light conditions for better low light photos. It comes with the Smart-ISO – a mechanism
that will adjust the ISO to improve the pixel saturation as well as to reduce noise dramatically. Not only that it can support video recording
of up to 6K at 30fps. But the thing is, Xiaomi will use this camera
sensor first on their smartphones. Xiaomi nad Samsung worked closely together
to make this camera sensor possible and Mi Mix 4 could be the first one to use this camera. Samsung will also bring this tech probably
on their Galaxy A series of devices, I don’t think they would use this on their flagships
because Samsung tends to prefer low megapixel counts in their flagship S and Note phones. Anyway, if you want to keep updated with all
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