Sanguine || BRONZE winning short film | MT Hall | GC SFM 2019

If you are reading this book, it means, our love, lost against this cruel world. We now exist in a much happier world, where no eye frowns upon seeing, our hands, held, together where a love like ours, is accepted. Beyond right and wrong, there lies a world, Kriti. I’ll meet you there. I thank my god, for gratefully giving me this opportunity to, find my true happiness, in death. Death, is the key which unlocks the
door to our future happiness, Mozart hmm? Atleast today, you should have told me an excerpt from your own book instead, Shruti. Okay then. Listen. My last investigation About two people in love, Shruti and Kriti’s This world didn’t let them live, even in those old times. As I dived deeper and deeper into the case, It felt like, I was there when it all happened. I saw their lives in front of me. They were beautiful. Just like we are, together, happy, in their own world. I, felt every emotion they were living. The love, the happiness, the sadness. What are you cooking for dinner, my love? I’m cooking your favourite dish, today. You love this one, right? Hey, what are you doing? Oh, hey! Alright, I’ll let you study, I’ll come later. One sec, Shruti, listen, sit with me. Landlord sent an immediate evacuation notice, today. I knew it. This was bound to happen. Later, that night. Finally, we ended the disgraces of our society, brother. The truth i uncovered was too harsh to handle. Kriti, the right to live was taken away from them. I saw them, I, met them, But, the times, never change for people like us Times NEVER change for people like us. Do you know what is there in todays newspaper? Supreme Court removed Article 377. Now people of the same-sex can marry! Great news! This reminds me of our neighbours, Shruti and Kriti So, they both committed suicide! Oh, why ?! I don’t know, It has come to light that they were in a relationship! For real ?! Yes! Their families seem to be very nice Who would have guessed that their daughters would bring such shame and dishonor to them! *in contempt* Well, this happened for good then… My love for you isn’t lost, no matter what it did cost. The time is here, finally. Together, we’ll be happy and free. Isn’t it nice to fall in love, closer and closer, the happy place is here, and no more fear. For now, I want to tell you without regrets, that I love you, more and more, the closer it gets. So come with me, and let’s just see, how SANGUINE our love can be…

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