Santa Fe Springs City Hall – First Amendment Audit

Hey what’s up everyone It’s WestCoastDigital I’m out here in the city of Santa Fe Springs I’m gonna be conducting a First Amendment audit At the Santa Fe Springs City Hall See if they respect my right To take pictures and record in public As well as in Buildings that are accessible to the public Cool fountain over here And this is thee Veterans fountain This is Veterans Memorial Santa Fe Springs City Hall This is the city cashier,Business License and Water Billing Building Planning Public Works Good Morning Got some pamphlets here Which are obviously available to the public City Manager and Council Chambers City Council City Manager I believe this one might be closed… Oh no it’s open There doesn’t appear to be anyone in here Looks like we got someone’s attention too All the Halloween decorations And I’m being watched Bud… What are you up to? Hmmm? What are you up to? Just recording? Mmhmmm Ok….? Ummm….? Did you ask anybody for permission? Why would I need permission? I don’t consent to you recording me… Do you mind putting that away while we talk? Why would you… Why would you approach a camera if you don’t wanna be on it? Well you turned the camera towards me Because your speaking to me I’m engaged in a First Amendment protected activity I’m in a public accessible building And uhh… My permit is the First Amendment Sure but i would like to talk to you off the camera if you don’t mind Well I don’t talk off the camera Do you always carry that camera with you? Yup! For accountability and transparency Well let’s walk outside… I mean… or I’m not gonna talk to you I’m not done filming this building sir Hmph City Council City Clerk City Council City Clerk This one’s open Mkay See how they have a sign at the door If they don’t want someone in here or in a certain room That’s what they should have up So far it’s the only room that has it Hi! Do you have a permit to be recording? Hi! Do you have a permit to be recording? Hello s…. Why would I need a permit? To be recording the city hall I’m a member of the public it’s a public accessible building. Is it not? Yes I was wondering if you were part of the… Part of the photo contest Oh no… I’m an Independent Journalist ma’am. Oh ok… Thank you sir Have a great day Thank you… You have a blessed day So there you have it people And there’s not too much to this building I can’t get a good look in there other than ehh. Drink up a Rockstar machine in there Peek a boo I’m pretty sure we all know who she’s on the phone with… I in no way bothered anyone I’m in nobody’s way I’m not blocking any corridors Hmmm Mmm


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