Santosham (2002) – HD Full Length Telugu Film – Nagarjuna – Shriya Saran – Gracy Singh

Happiness is a small word
of few letters. But, can’t be achieved even
if we spend Billions. Once upon a time, Happiness
overflowed in this house. Mr.Ramachandraiah is not just head this
family but for the village also. He has 2 brothers!
Venkat Rao & Chandram. Venkat Rao after marriage settled as
ln house son-in-law in city with ln-laws. A simpleton. Chandram stays with Ramachandraiah. …And takes all orders from him
as legendary Lakshman. Ramachandraiah has 2 sons. For elder son Prasad,
father’s word is a rule. Second son is Suri,
Mother’s favourite. Helping everyone in this family he informs
all problems to father & brother. He used to live happily with
brothers, sons, daughters-in-law. He had a daughter.
Name Padmavathi. She left home for her lover. As ill fate, she died within 2 years
of marriage in an accident. From that day, happiness vanished
away from this house. All of them stay together
but…other’s no happiness. Every one has a sorrow
in their heart. But, his brother Chandram wants to
bring back the lost happiness. For that he’s planning to use
his daughter’s marriage. Will you remember us after marriage? Hey! lt’s time for groom’s
people to come. l think it’ll be good if someone
receives them at the entrance. Right uncle, l’ll go!
-You wait here brother. Father, brother is at the entrance. Who? Seenu? Didn’t you get
anyone else? Coming…-No. Coming. – No, buddy. You brought it morning
Won’t l tell if it comes? Uncle, looks like you’re going
to work early morning. What else can l do? Our father didn’t earn millions to sit &
while away time useless like you. Because of you guys only, nobody
respects me in this village. Buddies! Durga is coming.
Behave decently. Durga, have you come
for the engagement? No, l’ve come for your obsequies.
…Move away. Rat faced fool!
-Buddy, what an insult! She loves me, buddy. She scolds me, lest all of them
will come to know. Even then, will she use
such harsh words? lf she’s Durga,
then, you’re Kranthi(Revolution) Yes, this is also true. For my range, l must’ve got Bhumika. Do you think l’ve unnecessarily
settled for this Durga? Nothing can be done now. What happened to these
groom’s people? What’s this atrocious music
early morning? Can’t pass lntermediate exams but
there’s nothing short in crazy behaviour. You & your dress!
..You & your dirty face. lf you had been like Amitabh Bachchan.
-l would’ve like Abhishek Bachchan. How can l be handsome,
when you’re not? l was much better than you
when l was of your age. Grandfather was handsome. Oh! God! Again scolding him? Why’re you troubling him?
As if he had failed in M.B.B.S. Even if he passes lnter
what job can we secure? How can be get the intelligence
which you don’t have? Wonderful! This is a point!
-Shut up! Groom’s people have come. Welcome…welcome!
-Are we late? Just a few minutes! Greetings, sister-in-law!
-He’s my brother-in-law. Vijayawada Benz Circle! After cell phones, he has stopped
talking to people. He’ll be with us, but he’ll
not be with us. Where’s he? Hey, Remember the house.
-Otherwise, he’ll go upto Vijayawada. Hey, Kranthi, What’re you doing? Everyone asks the same question.
Why’re they so interested? Marriage has been decided by elders
on 9th May at 10.35 AM. Sir, please exchange the
proposals symbolically. Uncle, you don’t know about
my network. Bush’s Yoga Teacher is from
our Vijayawada only. Somehow, l’ll charm him on phone & get
that White House Software contract. Uncle, please leave it on me!
Somehow, l’ll get it done. Why?
-Oh! God! Why is he asking, why? Engagement is over.
You can have sweets. Then, everyone will be waiting
for me!…l’m coming. Durga, will you come to a
movie with me? No, l don’t like going to
movies with ladies. Why did say like that? What’s she saying? She’s asking to get her also
married in this marriage. lt has been long since l’ve seen
a smile on your face. The day Padma left home and married,
he had stopped laughing. lf the smile has to remain
permanently on his face. We must do one thing.
-What is it? We must invite Padma’s husband & son
who’re in foreign to marriage. We must all get together. l’m not eligible to advice you. Now a days, children falling in love…
Elder refusing their marriage. Children walking out of the
house to get married. All this is common, isn’t it? Atleast now. Yes, your daughter is dead, why’re you
still angry on your son-in-law? Uncle, you’re free to invite
anyone to marriage. But, for God’s sake, leave our
choice of invitees to us. Lakshmi, don’t talk meaninglessly. Do you want me to feel sorry by
remembering my dead daughter? Otherwise, do you want me to honour, one
who took away our daughter from us. What do you want me to do? Mother, whether they join us or not
doesn’t alter anything. When she’s dead already. She may be dead!
But her son’s alive, isn’t it? Don’t you feel like seeing him? No brother, we need to know who’s
our grandson, isn’t it? lf not for yourself, atleast
agree it for our sake. Yes, father. lt’s getting late! Serve food. What’s that? Padhu’s uncle has written a letter. lt seems it’s his daughter’s marriage. He has asked us to forget past, forgive
them & come to the marriage. When is the marriage?
-Do you want to go? Yes…don’t you want? Why should we go? Till Padhu was alive, she used
to cry for her people. Did they ever reply to our umpteen
letters & phone calls. Lastly, when she died. When we called them even
in that sorrow. You’re right in saying this! But do you remember one thing. Padhu used to say, atleast
once everyday. We must all go to her place together. That, we must join their family. …And Lucky should be loved
by her family members. We’ve got that opportunity now! Atleast, if we take Lucky to them… l believe Padhu will be happy
wherever she may be. lf we don’t like them in lndia
we’ll come back by the next flight. What do you say, brother-in-law? We’re going to the marriage. Come, let’s sit in lounge.
We’ll go to the gift shop & come back. You sit…come, son. You appear to be an lndian,
why do you need such a good gift? For my lndian wife’s cousin. Telugu?…Brother. Sorry brother, without knowing you’re
Telugu man, l blabbered. My lover would love this gift.
Won’t you give it to me? He looks exactly
like Shah Rukh Khan. You only judge, wife’s sister is great
or Lover’s great? Are you mad?-Yes! No…no..sir. What’s all this for such
a small gift? lt’s a small, isn’t it, then… l didn’t like your behaviour.
l’ll not give you. lt seems flight is delayed by
a hour!-Sit down. Oh! God! Keep it with you. Please brother!
Don’t look like that at me. Please, try to understand my feelings. My lover is my childhood classmate. Losing my parents at very
young age. l was brought up by my uncle
in New Zealand. 10 years ago, l lost
my uncle also. l returned to lndia again and
staying in that girl’s house. l studied Medicine with that girl. People in her house like me
very much. They’ve agreed for our marriage also.
But, they’ve left it for me to ask her. lf l give this gift &
tell her, l Love you. l believe that she’ll agree. Brother-in-law, hold my hand. Excuse me sir, do we get
any life Jackets here? Are we travelling an sea to
ask for life jackets? You don’t get tensed up!
l’m here, isn’t it? Look! lt’s you who’s tensed up! not me!
Please leave my hand. What’ll happen if water enters
in through a hole? Nothing! Just make another hole. Water entering from one hole will
go out from the other hole. Why isn’t this water white? Why means….? Why brother-in-law? Please don’t ask me anything!
l’m already very tensed. Look son, water changes its colour
according to the land it flows. This is marshy land, isn’t it?
lt won’t be white. l too thought the same. Say thanks to grandfather.
-Thank you, grandpa. Be careful! l’ve the habit.
-Carry on. Be careful…be careful…
-He has also the habit. …Of falling down. Lucky! stop! Where’s Venkatapalem? l’m also going to that place only. Look, my car has also come.
Come, l’ll drop you there. You seem to be new to this area,
whom are you visiting here? To Mr.Ramachandraiah’s house. You’re….? l’m his son-in-law! l’m coming
from New Zealand. Father, what did the Collector say? l’ll tell all that in detail at home,
first get into the car. Go….go man! Hello…Elder man! He said, he’ll give us lift,
but went away. Who’s that man? lt’s with Mr.Ramachandraiah you were
talking to all this time. Padhu was very close to father &
elder brother in her childhood. Leaving them, their affection and
this house for you… They’re not able to digest that
fact till now. So the anger on you hasn’t subsided
till now, brother-in-law. He has agreed to invite you
under our pressure only. Brother-in-law, don’t mistake for hiding
this & invited you to insult you. Leave it! You’re allowed us into
the house! That’s enough. lsn’t it, brother-in-law?
-Yes…yes. Come, mother. My mother! Mother, Padhu’s husband! Greetings! He’s brother-in-law!
She’s his sister. Greetings, mother!-Greetings. Dear, even Padhu used to wipe like
this only when kissed, isn’t it? There’s lot to tell about the story,
when Vajpayee was an Ambassador…. Oh!God! lndeed there’s lot! l’ll hear it!
when l’ve leisure time. Oh! God! This, ticklish fellow
has arrived so early. ….Come here! Of late grandpa’s vision has
become very poor. lt’s your responsibility to look after
all his needs in this marriage. Mine?
Yes, it’s mine only. He’ll take care! Hey! Come here!
-Grandpa, my name is not Seethaiah. My name’s G. Kranthi Kumar
l’ve changed it. Who’re you to change?That’s my father’s name. Come & read the newspaper. What’s he going to do by
knowing the news? State of Orissa hit by lust! Not by lust…but by famine. Why’s he beating me like hell? With his eyes has he lost
his brains also? Today, Auguration by
Central Minister. What’s this nastily?
lt’s lnauguration! Read properly! Silly! For whom?
-For Son-in-law & his people. Who? That’s son-in-law & his…
-Go inside. lf you serve people l don’t like… What happened dear?
-Nothing. Sister, brother-in-law is angry
on me, not on you! What did you bring for me? Hey! l find butter goodies missing. Padhu said, you prepare it wonderfully. They’re also there. This is what you call it as taste. lnfact they’re much better than
what Padhu had told. Come…come. …Brother-in-law Sriram.
He’s a Doctor there. Wait! l’ll introduce you
all myself. She’s sister Rani!
Elder brother-in-law’s wife. lf he scolds her, she’ll come to
kitchen & swears to beat all men. By dawn she’ll go to him
seeking his blessings. She’s Mallika. She’s a good singer. Younger brother-in-law boasts that
all power rest in his hands. lt’s all a trash. lf she looks at him and
calls him as `Dear’. He’ll surrender to her. She’s Shyamala. From village gossips to cinema reviews!
She’ll tell everything. How do you know about all of us? Oh!Padhu used to tell about you
only all through the day. From the matter of your going to a
cinema lying to your husband. To the matter of your love
with sister’s Ram’s servant. l know everything. She was physically with us! But mentally
she was always with you only. At least! once every day
used to say. My people will be doing this
-My people will be doing that. l was surprised why she missed
you all so much? After meeting you,
l could understand it. She couldn’t forget you all! When are they going to make
you a bride? Tomorrow! Greetings brother-in-law. l know it! What are you doing now? l’ll do anything only if l
know anything, isn’t it? Brother-in-law, l’m doing
Yamaha 1 .25! Brother-in-law! That’s the latest
after Java 2.50! This is most valued computer course
in lndia now! You don’t know that. That’s the most valued course in lndia. There’s a great demand for this
course in New Zealand also. lf he’s interested to come there.. Keep quiet sir!
You’re too much than me. Then, why do you need all this? Brother-in-law! You needn’t worry because
you’re a handsome man. lt’s defects galore in me
including my name. lf l had atleast a percent
of your handsomeness. By this time l would’ve trapped
Aishwarya Rai, Bipasha Basu, Anand Milind. Anand Milind are men!
-Sorry, brother-in-law, l’ll go. My kinsman!
-Our son-in-law. That foreign…
-His brother-in-law. You carry on talking,
l’ll come in lt seems you’re a great
romantic man. Not anywhere near like you!
what am l? What am l compared to you? Great man! What’s our romance compared
to you? l’m a family man. l know that you’ve a second wife
in Vijayawada. You’re a wonderful man! lf that elder man
comes to know, l’m finished. Why’ll l tell him?
-l like you. Son-in-law, you must also come. What’s this, brother? Father-in-law!
-Who are you? Not that…
-Why did you come here? The injustice you’ve done to this family
they may’ve forgotten it. But, l can’t forget it. You can never become a
son-in-law to this house. Why is grandpa so angry on you? l had married your mother against
their wish, that’s why. Why did you marry against
their wish? l love your mother very much.
That’s why. When did you first met mother? Before you were born, l was working as
an Architect in lndia, isn’t it? Then, an lT seminar was organized in Ooty. l went there as a Project Leader. Your mother came there as
an lT student. We met like that! What did l do? To get our Jehad Leader Salman Khan
released, l’ve kidnapped you. What connection do l’ve with
your Jehadi movement? Ridiculing me? l said like that thinking that
you’ll understand. Your father is the
Home Minister, isn’t it? You can tell me the truth on
reaching our den. My father Home Minister?
He’s an agriculturist. Don’t tell lies.
-Truth! l swear! Which is your native place? Venkatapalem in West Godavari District. Are you in love with anyone?
-Yuck! No! Are you engaged to anyone? Oh! No!…why? To save myself from any
future shocks. Without getting any ideas, When l
played old NTR time’s trick. That girl seems to be more
dumb than me. l’ll come back in a minute. Stop. Hey…You stop. You were yesterday’s kidnapper
in the lift, isn’t it? l know that you can speak. l know you can speak!
Tell me who are you? Yes! My name is Chandrashekar. l’m a Telugu man settled in Kerala. l was the kidnapper in the lift!
Are you satisfied now? Aren’t you ashamed of doing it? Why should l feel ashamed
as if l’ve done some mistake? lsn’t it a mistake to tell
lies like that? When so many girls are
around here? Why l’m chasing only you &
asking only your address? Why did you ask?
-Why did l ask? Why did you ask? Why…am…l…asking you? Why’re you… Yes! for that only. Look! Wait…you don’t get tensed up. You don’t know about Love!
You’ll love me without your knowledge. Leave that to me. Don’t get excited & tensed up.
You don’t need to do anything. You know him, isn’t it? He has come here to demonstrate
L & T’s 200 crore project. Sir, his name is Chandrashekar. He’s
cheating you by saying he’s Karthikeya. No, you’re mistaking him.
He’s Karthikeya. His interview was published in the
latest lndia Today. Didn’t you read it? Oh! God! Sir! don’t compare this fool
with that genius Karthikeya. …l’ll clear it for you. Tell me, who are you? Sir, is this girl mad? She appears fair & beautiful!
Why is she behaving like this? What a great act! Oh! Genius Karthikeya
will you show me your l.D. card, please. Hey! Leave me. We’ll forget what had happened between us.
Please come for a coffee with me. Look… lf you refuse to come for
a coffee with me. What will you do? l’ll not harm you!
l’ll spoil my life, myself. l’ve to present a demonstration
in today’s meeting. l’ll not attend it!
My company will lose crores. They’ll dismiss me from my job. No one will offer me a job
after that. The reason for all this.. Your refusal to join me
for a coffee. Think once again. Till you accept my invitation & come
for coffee, l’ll stay here only. Girls shouldn’t be so adamant. Girls who made men to sweat it out
have never lived happily. After that it’s your wish! Mother was always warning me, why do you
need this computer courses? Why don’t you stay at home
and learn cooking? l didn’t heed her advice & came here.
Now, he’s taking my life. l didn’t dream even in my dreams
that you’ll come here. Oh! Have you come? They’re calling you there. Will you come for coffee?
-l’ll not come. Then, leave it. Your company will lose
crores of rupees. Let it lose money! When you’re refusing to
come for coffee. Let anyone lose anything!
l’m not bothered about it. Do you know, you’ll lose
your job? Better than getting tensed up
you can join me for a coffee, isn’t it? l’ll not come. l’ll also not come. Don’t go! Who are you threatening? l’m here only to tell you
that they’re calling you. After that its your will & wish. You’ve told me, isn’t it!
Go ahead. Okay! l’ll come! You go. Oh! You’re not saying it
with a smile. l’ll come…you go! l’ll wait outside hostel at
6.30 evening. Oh! Venkatapalem, how much you’re making
me to sweat for just a coffee. l don’t know who’s going to
marry her! He’s finished. What’s it, sister? l’ll not come for the coffee!
You may go now. Don’t think only you’re clever. Don’t waste your time unnecessarily here
…go away. Like other girls, after going away from
here, in 30 minutes open the window. …Check whether you’re
still here or not. Melt in an another hour… l’ll not do such things of
coming to you. l’m forgetting about you, right now
here at this moment itself. Do you know that Karthik
is a great Romeo? Who? That L & T guy! The one who gave
a demonstration today morning.. Just now, he was arguing with
security guards. Why? lt seems he has been beating around
the hostel since evening. lt seems he was standing there only
even in rain. When Madam called him & asked him. My friend is inside. lt seems he had told her that she had
promised to come for a coffee. When asked to name her, it seems
he had refused to reveal her name. Madam became suspicious &
called security people. He didn’t go after a
great hue & cry. Are you mad? When l told you not to wait for me,
why did you wait there? Do you know, l was sleepless
all night? l don’t like others to face
difficulty because of me. l don’t know, why you’ve liked me. But, l’m not your kind of girl. Unnecessarily hoping on me. Disturbing me and getting
yourself disturbed. l don’t like all this. Please, leave me. lt was my mistake.
l’ll never disturb you again. l’ll never again face you! Even if l face,
l’ll go away bowing my head. No use! l can’t bear it anymore. Killing my original nature and
going around dull like this. And you, seeing me depthly
like an art cinema heroine. l can’t bear it anymore. That’s why,
l’m revealing my heart to you. After that it’s left to you. l like you very much. l propose to marry you also
if you agree! You needn’t tell me your
idea immediately. Think over it nicely and
consulting all your people. Will you tell me in one hour? Oh! Grandma! You’re witness for this!
Padhu promised to say in 1 hour. …Are you here? When they said, my M.D.’s sister,
l thought she’ll be middle aged aunty. lf l know it earlier! l would’ve come
better dressed with a better bouquet. Madam’s here only. l’m just taking away the bouquet only,
not my compliments. lt would’ve been really good, if you
had been my M.D.’s sister. Sorry dear, l came late. You’ve a good news.-What’s it? Who’s he? – l don’t know!
Just now, l met him. Okay, come! You said, you’ll come for festival,
uncle & aunty came. Why didn’t you come. …MBBS, my dear. l’m now feeling, why l had joined it? Always labs & dissections. Don’t even have time to make a
pass at men. How can l come for the festival?
Come on tell me. What about your seminar?
Did you meet any smart boys? Come out my sister…Come out.
-We’ll discuss it later, first come to hostel. Then, what? From your descriptions even if his
face is average, l’ll agree. What’s your problem? Problem? You know well about
my father, isn’t it? He’ll kill me, if l say
about love. Okay, leave about uncle to me!
l’ll manage them. Even if they don’t agree
…you elope with him. ln one year, you’ll give birth to a son.
They’ll come & join fondling him. But, he has entered my life
like a cyclone. l’m not able to judge how sincere
he’s in his love. What’s there in it? We’ll test him. Look there! Look there! He is the one. – Who? The guy coming in brown jacket
& black pant. All the while you were
talking about… Him only! What did you say his name was? Why?
– l’ll put him to test right now. lt’s me? Oh! l forgot. l’ve a bouquet due to you, isn’t it. l want to talk to you personally. Go ahead! Not here… but sitting there. Look, you’re getting tensed up
unnecessarily. l’ll take it cool, anything!
Come on, tell me. All right, l was sleepless. l’ve come here to meet my cousin. Seeing you here at once… Sorry, l love some other girl.
-Who? There’s a girl like an
art film heroine. She won’t talk other than look
at me blankly. Then me… l’ve told you that l’ve already
committed myself. No chance?
-No chance. Are you sure?
-Sure! Atleast as a second wife… Nothing, l was just saying
l’ve 2 crores worth property. 2 crores! Then, do one thing.. ln your next life, take birth again
with same beauty & property. l’ll definitely commit myself to you. Then, in this life… l’ve told you already, isn’t it!
l’ve committed myself. Not possible in anyway!
-No chance. Are you sure?
-Can’t you understand, when l say! He’s a good man. Stop..stop.. What’s this Padhu? lf you’ve any doubt on me! You could’ve
asked me straight, isn’t it? Why all this tests on me? Oh! Nandita Das! lf you keep on my love
in question without settling it. l’ll get old. Even if, l try someone else then,
l’ll not get any girl. l’m telling it seriously. Listen carefully. What happened? lt seems he has
left long back. What did you tell him? Oh! l’ve told him about
telegram only. What happened, that you’re
getting so tensed up now? Actually what had happened here
is for our good only. You’ll go home! You’ll see the proposal
brought by your father. You’ll say you don’t like it.
-They’ll ask, why? Then, you’ll tell them about
our love. Then, about me! l earn
Rs.2 lakhs per month. A little bit handsome. lmportantly, you’ll tell your parents
that you like me. There’s no chance of refusing me. What do you say? Look, Padhu, when l saw you first
& fell in love with you. l didn’t even know your name. Even now, l don’t know much
about you. What are your tastes & hobbies? What’s your relationship with
your family? l don’t know all that. lf you ask me, what’s all this
without knowing all that? Reply for that is….l don’t know. But, l do know one thing. l can’t live without you. lf you ask me why?
l’ll say, l don’t know. Love is not something, that’s planned. Someone said it doesn’t have
any logic. May be, it had happened to me also. We’re going to marry! Whether it’s with their acceptance
or not is their hands only. No need to worry if you refuse
to marry me. l’ll adjust with Bhanu!
-l’m ready. Hey…not now! After going home, open it when
you remember me. What? Gift? Didn’t you bring one for me?
-That means… l bought gifts for you both. lt’s Ghat roads in Ooty, isn’t it? ln one hair pin bend, 2 thieves come
& stole your gift only. You reel out great tales. l knew it early itself that
you’re a use & throw type. lt isn’t like that, Bhanu. Hey….Train’s moving…come…come… Come on! Not that…that boy…
-Shut up. Don’t spoil her life, by thinking
you’re supporting her. Not that brother, Padhu’s opinion
also must….. Uncle, we didn’t bring her up so lovingly
to marry her off to some stranger. Father, no use of discussing
with them. Tomorrow, it’s engagement!
Next Thursday, it’s marriage, that’s all. Father, you!
-You’ve heard, isn’t it. My decision is also same. Karthik is very good man.
lt’s your luck that he loves you. Any girl who dreams of the
qualities in a husband. He has all those qualities in him. l don’t know, why you’re still undecided
even after knowing all this? lf you marry against parent’s wish,
they may feel for 2-3 years only. lf you marry a man whom
you don’t like… You may’ve to suffer all your life. Remember that, you don’t have time for
Karthik to come & convince them. Do it fast! lt’s engagement tomorrow!
Doing work at snail’s pace. From today, we don’t have any
relationship with Padhu. You must forget her. No one must have any
connection with her. lf anyone defies me… What have you planned for our
wedding anniversary? What? Did you call home? lt’s 2 years since we’re married. Till now, my father hasn’t
melted down his rigidity. We’ll go to my house once for me. My father should know
l’m happy here. Somehow, we must make Lucky
to move close with my people. We’ll definitely go! Lucky! Shall we go to meet grandpa? l’ll come to office, we both
will go to the Temple. lt seems there’s heavy
internal bleeding. They say surviving chances are thin. Karthik, do you know what l like
the most in you? Your smile! Even when l’m not there!
The smile must be intact like that only. lt shouldn’t vanish from
your face. Promise me, Karthik. You’ll always be smiling &
be happy! Promise me. Brother, what’s this you’re coming late
to my house function also? Greetings uncle! What did you bring for me
from city? l’ve brought your aunty!
lf you want seek her blessings. Are you fine?
-l’m fine, sister-in-law! You go & bring tea.
-Yes, father. What’re you watching?
You should go & bring tea. Go! l’ll go. Our son-in-law! That’s…Padhu’s… You know Bhanu, isn’t it?
Her mother & father. Greetings..-Greeting. Didn’t Bhanu come with you? Since we didn’t agree Padhu’s
marriage with you. She left here getting
angry on us. She’ll talk to us when we meet
that’s all… Since that day, she hasn’t entered
this house again. What’s Bhanu doing now? She has finished MBBS! She’s working as
Child Specialist in Apollo Hospital. Didn’t she do MS? No! lt seems there’s some
FLAB examination in England. She’s preparing for it. Marriage? Children?! Not yet married! We’ve an
idea on a boy. He’s Bhanu’s classmate. We know him since childhood
and is close to us. What’s Bhanu’s phone number? Who’s that? l met you day before yesterday… l was sleepless all night. Without knowing how to tell you this… Don’t be in hurry. Then, isn’t there any chance?
-No way! Are you sure?
-Yes sure! Bhanu, how are you? lt’s been a week since l’m
at Padhu’s house. l’ve not met only you!
Why don’t you drop in once? l’m coming immediately. Hey! No girls are here.
Come out quickly. l’ve seen your cock when you were born.
Come out… Come out quickly. You? Catch her. Hey…what’s this, Chandram? Till now, we never lived a
day without her. Now, when l see her going
away from here… You must only look after her
like her own father. You too have joined him to advice,as if
you’re sending to a stranger’s house. Keep her with you as many days
as you like & send her. lf you still feel you can’t
send her. l’ll send my son as an in-house
son-in-law, okay? Uncle, be quiet. Shall we go? Tomorrow, you all are coming for
the function, isn’t it? No…we’re leaving day
after tomorrow. Will you go away without
visiting us? What’s this man? Son-in-law is
saying he’s going away. What man? Uncle, already we’ve delayed much. Brother-in-law has work in Hospital. Okay! When are you coming
back again? We are Telugu people. Bright & shining Telugu people. Don’t take chances with me. What’re you doing here? What happened? Savithri! Dogs! Ten dogs chased me. A beautiful suit gone to dogs. Smell it! How many times, l’ve told you
not to wear suit? lt’ll appear you’re wearing
someone else’s. Okay! Have bath & come. Who’s he, sister?
-Her son-in-law! Bless me! Hey! What’s this? You’re seeking
blessings as if l’m a old lady? Shake hands! Hey! First, have bath & come. Not this side…that side. What’s this Karthik?
-Who’s this Karthik? When did you come? Who’s Karthik? Who?….it’s me! Brother! Are you friends? No, we know each other!
Now, we’ve to become friends. Dear Bhanu! God’s offerings. lf you want my friendship!
Then,you must make a promise. What’s that? You must never lie to me.
-Okay, alright. What are you thinking about me
at this moment? l was think, who’s this madman? That’s alright! but,
you come with me. What’s this? Bhanu is still
saying you’re her friend. l feel embarrassed to say, l love you
with a childhood friend. lf you feel like that, don’t say it.
You’ll be in for more embarrassment. That’s okay, l’ve asked Savithri
to ask her about it. Who’s Savithri?
-My mother-in-law! Bhanu’s mother! My mother & Savithri are
close friends. My mother used to call her as
Savithri in my childhood. l too got that habit of calling
her as Savithri. l’m telling it for your good only!
Don’t believe modern day girls. Reveal your love to Bhanu immediately. Go to Bhanu! l’ll beat you. Brother, l’ll meet you again
in New Zealand. Why? Why’re you asking me like
that, brother? Anyhow l’ve to come to settle the
property matter of my uncle. lf l come & meet you then… You’ll advice me how to
convince Bhanu. Won’t you reveal your love
till then? lf you don’t go quickly!
Danger waits you..-Go! Come son! Sit here. Will you tell me one thing?
-What’s it? What type a man do you
wish to marry? What’s this question suddenly? Not necessarily be handsome.
Not wealthy is also okay. But, he must be very caring on me. For that he mustn’t show
artificial love on me. Then, how?
-lf l say l’m hungry.. Not only he must run to McDonald’s
and get food… He must feed me lovingly. When l get cough..he must pat
lovingly like this. Without waiting for napkins formally.. He must freely wipe with
my Chunni. Bhanu, shall l tell you a thing? What’s it? You’ve gone…
Little mad. You told that today is
Lord Krishna’s birthday. Don’t you’ve anything special?
You’re looking very average… Hey, move away. Do you like such dances? lf you had told me, l would’ve
danced for you everyday. He’s Michael Jackson.
-So what? To my knowledge, there are only 3 great
dancers in the world. Jyothi Lakshmi, Jayamalini & Silk Smitha. He has a very good knowledge
about dance. Not only having knowledge of it. Oh! God! l can dance. Are you shocked? Do you want to fall at my feet &
want to learn everything? -Master… Do you know to fix a bulb? Then, fix it. Do you know to open a tap?
-Then, open it. Do you know to stamp a cigarette? Then, stamp it. Do all the three at a time. There’s no rhythm in your body.
No one can do anything. l’ll meet you in the evening. l’ll be back soon. l know that you’ll not be interested to
look at my face even. But, before l leave. l came to tell you about a matter. Please forgive me. The fault was mine. l came to know about that
only after coming here. lf l take away a girl from a good
family, against their wish… Now l understand how’ll
they feel for it. l thought that nothing was wrong with me
as l was earning 2 lakhs per month. But, l never thought about what the
family members would think. l’m in a such a position where l can’t
even repent for my mistakes. You’re worried because
Padhu has left you. Even l’m worried for the same. l make them feel that l’m happy. l’ll never disturb you again. Are we late?
-Yes. Where is Bhanu? What to tell you? l don’t know when & how women
will change their moods? They’re similar to our politics… She herself bought the gifts. But after
buying she asked me to give it. But, l can tell you something. Bhanu will be missing Lucky
very much. lt wasn’t your fault.
lt was mine. l brought up my daughter with
loving care for 20 years. lf she was ready to leave her famliy
and go with you. l never thought what kind of a
person you might be. lf l had understood you well. …We wouldn’t have to face
such a situation. l came to know understand this within a
few days of your arrival. l wasn’t able to come out,
since l’m an elderly person. lf l don’t come out even now. l feared that l might lose you forever.
That’s why l came here. What happened?
-Disgusting guy has come. He?! Why did he come? Because, l’m the M.D. of this company. lt has been 2 hours since l’ve come.
Do you have to come so late? The office starts at 10’o clock.
-So What? Won’t you come even after knowing
that your M.D. has come? We must be informed that
you’re coming, isn’t it? You must try to know that. Since you’re an Architect. lt doesn’t mean that, it’s
enough to draw lines. lnstead of madam, why has he came
in the morning? l’m coming. She asked me to see your designs.
Show it to me. lt’s not yet completed. Yes, lt’ll not get completed,
since we’re lndians. Nothing will get completed on time. Even you’re an lndian, isn’t it? What’s this? Are you joking?
What’s this? Then, where’s the water? This is a joke. This is basement.
This is the car parking area. These are the Apartments.
This is the swimming pool. Why do we need a swimming pool
on top? The current will be wasted to pump up
so much amount of water. Keep it in the ground floor. The pillars will be hurdle
in the ground floor. lf the pillars are a hurdle,
then remove it. lf there are no pillars,
the building will collapse. lt’s true. No one has found out a method
to build without pillars. You find it. ls it enough, if you take
huge salaries? Won’t the madam come?
-Why? Do you have a problem, if l come. Are you afraid for not being able to
answer my questions?-Yes, sir. Why’re you afraid of me? Nothing. My son’s marriage is on the
weekend, isn’t it. Since she is busy in making the
arrangements, she asked me to go. You all are coming, isn’t it? Very tough. – What? Won’t you attend M.D.’s son’s marriage?
Are you acting smart? l’ll come. He’s afraid of me again. Get up.. Hey, what’s it? What happened? Your father-in-law has sent a
good alliance. lt seems, they’re his relatives. He asked you to see her once.
-Alliance? lt’s meaningless… Your father-in-law had only asked
you to see. What can we do? What can we do? First, he must like her.
What do you say? l liked mother.
-Do you like her? She has also come & waiting for you.
-You go & see her. Or else your father-in-law
might feel bad. Come on, go. Come on, go. What’s this? lt’s their Gujarati tradition.
-What? ls it to fall at the feet of all
the people she meets? No. They’ll fall only at the
feet of her future husband. l haven’t seen her properly
how can l be her husband? She’s standing infront of you.
Can’t you see her? What’s there for me to see?
-lt’s like that only. They’ll not remove their Veil
till they get married. After marriage, if l get
scared on seeing her? We’ll ask her to continue with
her Veil itself. Look. l don’t know any language
other than Gujarati. Poor girl. She don’t know any
language other than Gujarati. Then, how? What’s this? You mean to say that, l must learn
the language & then marry her. You can also marry her &
then learn the language. Hey, what’re you talking?
-l said that, you like her. Are you trying to become smart since
you’ve a book? This won’t work out. Oh! God! ln Gujarati, they’ll cry if
they’re very happy. This is immaterial to me. Brother-in-law, she must leave
within 10 minutes. Hey Bhanu, how come you’re here
all of a sudden? When did you come? l told you that we’ll be coming to
write our medical exam. We came & we wrote. There’re 4 more days left. l thought of taking her to
some romantic places. But, she was insisting to go
to Padhu’s house. Anyway, l’ve work over here
so, we came. Do you’ve to go back
tomorrow itself? l had already told you that… l’ve to sell my uncle’s properties &
settle down in lndia. l’ll be back within a week
after finishing that work. Then, when is your marriage? l’m confused. Bhanu told that she likes me but
needs sometime to think. Why? Not knowing what to do,
Savithri told a matter to Bhanu. What was it? Hey Pavan, allow her to
study over there. Don’t irritate her by talking
about Love, marriage, etc.. l won’t talk about it, until
her exams are over. Only to know about his love… l doubt that, he’s making her
to write exams. What’re you saying? When we were doing our M.B.B.S.? We had gone on tour for
so many times. Mother. lf Sudha comes, give these
books to her. Tell me, for how many days can
Pavan wait for you? We’re also worried about whether
you might reject him. Anyway, you’re going together
to write your exams. lf you want to talk something
to Pavan. Talk there itself. When you come back to lndia. You must give us a good news. You both are equal to us. We don’t want anyone of you
to get worried. That’s why, we are asking you to
take a decision very soon. This is it. l’m excited about when Bhanu is going
to say `Yes’ for marriage. l’m also worried that whether she
might not accept for marriage. Though you look very jovial… Only now, l’ve understood that you’re
very serious about this matter. Leave this matter to me. l’ll see, why she’ll not accept? No. Why? She must agree only based on
her love for me. But, not by someone forcing her. But, take my word.. By the time you’ll come back. She’ll wait for you outside… And as soon as you arrive, she’ll say
`l Love You’. You see. Thank you, brother. Brother, l don’t feel like leaving
all of you. Then, you can stay back here itself. God! Everything will come
to stand still. Come fast, lt’s getting late. l guess, there will be a person
like him everywhere. He’ll be busy in his work,
but doesn’t care about us. Then, think about my sister’s plight. l’m leaving you,
how are you able to smile? Atleast enact that you’re worried. When l come back, you must tell me
what you’ve in your heart. lt alright whether you say
`Yes’ or `No’. No. lf it is `No’, tell me that you need
some time to think. Lucky, have milk. You are not having milk everyday. lnstead of suffering like this
you can marry, isn’t it. Wearing a tie is much easier than
getting married. l had arranged it now only
why’re you spoiling it. Padhu likes them to be there. Though, she is not alive… You’re a very good man, Karthik. Why’re you so late to know that? Shall l also come to your office? Only if l go, isn’t it. Why? l must go to our Disgusting guy’s
son’s marriage. Who’s that Disgusting guy? My boss. He has 2 wives. One here & another one in lndia. He had trapped my lady boss
who has a son. He became the M.D. of the company. My madam is very good lady. We tolerate him only
because of our madam. To hell with him & his foolish jokes. Then, what’s the problem. Take me also to the marriage. l’ll get bored by going there. What’ll you do by coming there? l’ll keep you beyond boredom’s reach. Me, Lucky, Anita, brother.. Everyone of us will go. My brother-in-law won’t come. lf he doesn’t come,
he’ll start drinking. So, she’ll also not come. Only 3 of us should go. Then, what about my school? l’ll get you through even if its
by marrying your teacher. Oh! God! No. l threw an Egg from 2 floors. But, it didn’t break. Why? Did anyone caught it? Did you put any sponge bed? Sir, we lost. You please tell the reason, sir. You missed a good joke. Listen, l’ll tell you again. ls he your son? Dear, what’ll you do,
if you grow big like me? l’ll date. Bhanu, he is…
-Disgusting guy. He is Disgusting guy, isn’t it? Disgusting guy? Foolish jokes, 2 wives… The marriage is for her wife’s son
born to someone. Will trains plough in here? How’ll trains plough in here? We can’t say anything. When planes can plough into buildings… How can we trust that trains
won’t plough in here? 1 second is over. Then… You said that we can talk
after a second. What shall we talk about? Come, we’ll have coffee & talk. l don’t drink coffee.
-Then, have tea. l’m allergic to tea.
-Then, have milk. l hate milk. Even in my childhood, l didn’t
drink milk from my mother. Tinned Milk! My life is also similar to yours. My father divorced my mother
when l was born. She left me because,
she didn’t have money. When’ll you leave me? lt’s not a joke. l’m serious. l think you’re tensed up. Thank you. You’ve recognised it. We must start counting numbers
in such situation. Numbers?!
-Yes. When we’re tensed & if we count from
1 to 10 by closing our eyes. We’ll get relieved from
all tensions. Sir, someone is calling you. Me! No one will call me. Who’ll dare to call me? Who are you? Look, by talking to me for 5 minutes. You’re anxious to know who
am l, isn’t it? Sir, l’ll be back very soon.
-l’ll also come. How fast will you be back? When will you come? l’ll come after 500-600 minutes. 500-600 minutes!? Brothers & sisters…. Greetings…
-Greetings. Today’s evening. Yes, come. Everybody is waiting for you. The dinner has started. Without knowing what a
great person you’re… Everything was his fault. He shouldn’t have told me so cheap
about you. Hey Bhanu, where are you? l’m with your M.D. Vikram. What’s my Disgusting guy is saying? Though l got angry for trapping me. l started laughing by looking
at his face. To hell with him & his
foolish jokes. Why do you talk like that
about a great person? Great person! How did he become a great person? ls it because by marrying twice or
by body building? lf my madam didn’t marry him. He is not even fit to be a clerk
in our office. You’re imitating our Disgusting guy
perfectly. lt’s me, the Disgusting guy. Your M.D. Meet me tomorrow morning in the office. Do l’ve my job or not? My job is over. Let’s go. Greetings, sir. 600 minutes are over. So what? You asked me to come & talk, isn’t it? Have you decided? Tell me, what’s your problem? My stomach is as hard as rock
in the mornings. Why’re you telling it to me? You only had asked me to tell
any problem, isn’t it? l didn’t mean that. What do you want to talk to me? There are lot of things to tell you. What are you doing? Listening to Radio, Stamp collection. l asked you, what’ll you do to live? l eat. Whom? Me? What do you want to talk to me &
why do you want to talk to me? Why’re you talking like that? What can l tell you, if you ask
why evening turns into darkness? Are you married? How long it is since
your wife left you? How did you know? lf anyone talks with you for 5 minutes,
they’ll know it. Thanks for being so kind. What’s your next programme? l also want to do shopping. What do you like to buy? A knife. ls it to cut vegetables? No. To severe necks. See you. When? lt’ll take sometime for me. lt’ll better, if you tell me the time. Are you decided? Take your hands. lt’ll talk 6…7…8 million minutes. Hey, why did you do like this? Do you know ho many problems would
l face, if he takes it seriously? Your mother served me some thing. lt was hopeless. But did l tell her? Do you know, everything has a limit? Why? Are you serious? l don’t need. Hey, how about you? l want. We’ll eat. lt has been 2 years since
l’ve ulcer. lf l don’t eat & take this tablet.. l’ll be suffering from stomach pain
all the night. l won’t even get sleep. lf you don’t eat, he’ll not eat. lf he doesn’t eat,
l’ll not eat. You eat & make us also eat
or do you want us to starve? lt’s your wish. lf l tell that l’m hungry. He must feed me like this
with love. What happened? lf l cough, he must tap my head
with love. Have water. You eat & take the tablets. Don’t you have Ulcer? No, l’ve cancer. Come. Hey, did she pass M.B.B.S. by studying
or by copying? Are you trying to fool me? Catch this. Leave me. Hey Bhanu, what’re you doing
in the dew? You might catch cold. What’s bothering you,
lf l get cold? l fear that you might spread it to me… Okay, what’re you thinking
so serious? About my future. Why? l gave this sweater, isn’t it? lt’s for men. l’ll buy another one for you
give it to me. lt’s very hard to take back
what you’ve given. Okay, we must go to marriage
tomorrow morning. Come. l saw Bhanu & that’s all. l was shocked. l felt that she’s my kind of a girl. l forgot your 15 years friendship
this place, you & everything. l felt that l want to marry Bhanu &
want to settle in lndia at any cost. l want to finish my work
within 3-4 days. And l want to meet Bhanu immediately. You’ve performed the marriage
very grandly. Thank you, madam. You must definitely invite me
for your marriage. Yuck! She doesn’t have
any sense of humour. The arrangements are very nice. ln the marriages conducted in lndia.. People come before an hour &
go after an hour. But, you’ve invited people
a day before the marriage. You’re providing lunch, providing us
rooms to stay in the evening. Again providing breakfast. Providing lunch again. You’re great to perform
marriage like this. ls your body or an iron rod? Why? You’re a strong person. lf you’re like this at this
age itself. You must’ve had a wild time
at that age. Actually, l thought that
you’re getting married. You were saying something
before, isn’t it. Tell that to him again. lt’s not that. After that… Marriages in lndia… Not even that. After that… Oh! that one…-Yes. You’re a strong person. lf you’re like this at this age itself.. You must’ve had a wild time
at that age. He is Mr.Gopal, my friend. Tell that to him again. lt is… He’s a very strong man. lf he like this at this age itself. He must’ve had a wild time
at that age. You’re very correct. Tell that to him again. For him also… lf he is like this at this age itself. l told him that he must’ve
had a wild time. Tell that to him again. To him! About the same matter. lf he is like this at this age itself. l told him that he must’ve
had a wild time. What did you tell? He can’t hear properly.
Repeat it again loudly. Can’t he hear? -Yes. Should l’ve to tell him loudly? lf he is like this at this age itself. l told him that he must’ve
had a wild time…. You’re very affectionate
towards me. lf l ask you to talk for hours together
you’ll talk, isn’t it. Come with me.
Tell that to my wife also. Wait… Do you want me to tell your wife also?
-Yes. Where’s she? – Come. Wait…wait…
You may fall down, Lucky. You’re the right choice for him.
-He doesn’t know anything. Don’t try to protect him. l know what he tells about me
to others. Shall l tell you onething?
-His talent is saving him. l’ll definitely come to your marriage. l’ll make more fun than you. What’s it?
What’s Bhanu doing inside? Shall l go & see?
-Okay, go. Hey, wait…wait…
one minute… lf you go there, you’ll eat chocolates.
Wait, l’ll go. Karthik, please go away. Bhanu, what happened? They told that you can
walk from tomorrow. What happened? l told you that they’ll kill you, if you
come near. Why did you come? lf something happens to you.. lf something happens to you.. Bhanu told that she likes me,
but she wants time to think. Once, you give anything, it’s
very hard to take it back. No need. Didn’t Lucky go to school? Even you’re not going to office.. We’ll all go to harbour. l’ve lot of work in the office.
Hey, go & get your bag. His principal is very strict.
No hard feelings. Come, let’s go. ls it possible in the evening
at least? lt’s me. What’re you doing? l’m in an important meeting with my M.D.
l’ll call you later. Shall we go? – Where? l want to spend time with you. You can go with Anita, isn’t it? Will you come or do you want
me to go alone? lt’s not safe for you to go alone.
l’ll call Anita. l’ve been watching, you were
searching for me in tension. lf you had so much love on me!
you could’ve come earlier, isn’t it. Come! What would you’ve done,
if you really had missed me? Would you’ve cried?
What would you’ve done? Go home! What happened to you?
Why’re you here? What happened to you? What happened?
-That’s what, l’m asking you. You’re not behaving as you
have been earlier. You’re totally changed. You’re not allowing Lucky to
get closer to me. You too are moving away from me. The more l’m trying to get closer to you
…You’re going away so far. What happened to you?
What’s all this? We’ll discuss it tomorrow!
lt’s late night. Please listen to me… Go to sleep! The love for which l’ve been waiting
for years to see in your eyes. l’ve seen it now! Brother! Brother-in-law!…Hey! Brother-in-law! What did l promise you? When you come back, Bhanu will
be waiting for you outside. Didn’t l tell you that she’ll say
l love you, as soon as you come. Yes, brother, everything has happened
as said by you. What are you saying? lt’s Bhanu, who’s lucky to
marry you. She won’t get a better
husband than you. Hey! Brother-in-law! We’ll marry immediately on
reaching lndia. Come! Bhanu aunt is going away
please ask her to stay back. She stays in lndia isn’t it!
How can she stay here? Then, we’ll go to lndia and stay
with Bhanu aunt. Don’t you like Bhanu aunt? l like her, son! l too like Bhanu aunt, but she came
here with Pavan uncle, isn’t it. She’ll go away with Pavan uncle. Ask Bhanu to come quickly. Pavan, don’t drink too much
on flight. My gift for your marriage. Brother, why’re you giving it now? You can give it when you come for
the marriage, isn’t it. …l’m not coming for the marriage. l’m going there for 3 months. Then, l don’t want this.
Keep this with you only. Look, you’re hiding something in heart
& talking to me. Come out clearly! Otherwise, l’ll ask it myself. l’ll not ask anything. What’s this you’ve stopped us here?
We were to go to my brother’s house? You never come out of that village
except for functions like this. Welcome….come in! You never come to our houses! So, l didn’t want to miss
this opportunity. Till Bhanu’s marriage you’re
staying with us only. And you’re going to eat food prepared
by your daughter only. My brother’s house is also nearby only
l’ll visit you everyday. Nearby only, isn’t it
you can go there from here! Stop! will you go into the house? Greetings, brother-in-law!
– Welcome. Oh! God! what’s this? ls he
maintaining both JTM & Tata? lf he comes to know
MobileTel has also come. Don’t know where he’ll keep that? What? You’re walking off
coolly inside. Have you arranged for a
5-Star Hotel for us? They’ve given Taj Mahal! lf anyone gives you something
it must be from me only. What did you give me? l’ve given birth to you, isn’t it? Bloody birth! if you get me married
l’ll also give birth to 10 children. Have you given birth to any
children without marriage? Shut your mouth & bring the luggage. Do you want me to carry the luggage?
– No, bring suitcases. Now, you said it right – Go! Bless the bride! Pavan, you appear to be very happy. Buddies, this is class function
behave decently. Otherwise, we’ll lose all our honour
– Okay buddy. Didn’t l say you’ve no rhythm? lt’s impossible for you to
become a dancer. Please ask him to help me. You can teach him, isn’t it! How many people can l teach? No, he’s our family’s future
son-in-law! teach him. l’ll give you my passport size
photo today evening. Keep that and practice for
2 hours everyday. Even after that, if you fail
go to hell. Chicks are mind boggling here. Before we go from here we must make
atleast one to fall for us. Did you see how l made
her to fall for me? Silly! asking you address means
falling for you? Did she ask you?- No. Did she ask him?- No. Why did she ask only me? Because, l’m the best looking
around here. She’s coming back! Watch out, how l’ll
dazzle her with my English. Buddy, you’re great!
You dazzled her in English. ldiot! l just recited our
lnter lesson. But still you’re great to remember
the lesson read years ago. Get lost man! l’ve studied it for
5 years, won’t l remember it? Why’re you so dull? l know why you’re so dull of late. From the day you agreed
to marry me. You’ve become much more dull
…l know that also. Not only you… Many girls face such situations. But can’t avoid it. l’m going to marry this
idiot tomorrow. From tomorrow l’ve to wash
his clothes…. Cook for him! Massage his legs! lf he’s in mood, kiss him. You’ve to do much more… Are you thinking, what’s all this? lf you feel all this is
difficult for you. …l’ll do it for you! lt would’ve been much better
if son-in-law too had come. Yes, father-in-law. lt seems he said he’s going to foreign
and is difficult to come. lf we want, we can make him come
by hook or crook – Yes! How? What’s there?! Phone him that
l’m serious & l’ve lost my voice. Oh God, why to tell such lies? You don’t worry, sister-in-law! lf you want, instead of brother
we’ll say, l’m not well. Even, l’ll not come from next village
if they say, you’re unwell. Why will they come? Whom shall l tell him
is serious? -You. Understood! Son, l’m Gopi speaking! Chandra’s kinsman! Hello Mr.Gopi how are you? l’m fine! but your father-in-law
had an heart attack. Doctors say, it’s serious! Old man, isn’t it? He’s wishing
to see you & grandson. Somehow try to…
– Alright, l’m leaving immediately. Son-in-law is very angry. Look like he’s angry because
l had lied to him. Greetings!- greetings. Just now, l came to know that they
had lied & called you here. l’m asking forgiveness on
their behalf. Why’re you asking? Then, shall l order them to ask you? No need for that! Any how you’ve come for
the marriage. We’ll be happy if you stay normal
& mix with us freely. Alright. You’re saying alright…
but your face… This is the design l had selected. l’ll construct our house as it is. This is interior design. Tell me,
whether you’ve liked it or not. Keep seeing! Brother! How are you? Leave it! you’ll not come, if we invite
but will come, if they invite you. …l’m there isn’t it, next to her. Come here brother! what will you
do with old men there? Who were you speaking with now? When did he come? He hasn’t come! He called
from there only. He has come to Gopi uncle’s house. l’ll visit them once. Bhanu, what’s this like
a little girl… No! l know what you all
are going to tell me. l know! l know that you’re already married. l know that l’ve been engaged! l know that Pavan loves me. Even after knowing all this
if you ask me, what’s all this? Reply for that is, l don’t know. Love is not something that
happens planned. You had only once told that. May be it had happened
to me like that only. But, l do know one thing! ln my life, lf l had ever
loved anyone. …lt’s only you! Pavan too loves only you. Don’t you love me? There won’t be anyone
who doesn’t like you. This is not the reply for my question.
Do you love me or not? Tell me! Two people are enough to love. But for a marriage
you need two families. Without knowing this, l had
committed a mistake. lt took me 5 long years
to correct that mistake. l can’t commit a mistake again. l can’t do anything that will
hurt this family. That’s why, he didn’t like to
come to Bhanu’s marriage. Even after knowing everything. We’re not in a position
to help them. l feel very sad seeing
son-in-law. l’ve received a call from office.
l’ve to go immediately. l’ll not come. l’ll not come. Put on your shoes…Go! We’ll go! Brother-in-law! Pavan wants to
speak to you urgently. Tell him, l’ve left already! Brother-in-law has left. Don’t know why, it seems he’ll
never come back again. Brother-in-law, l’ll come to
the station. Do you like me or not? Do you love me or not. What happened to you? Do you love me or not? Come to me. l’ll never scold you again.- Come. l’m not a great speaker. l’ll ask you a question. Tell me the truth. Bhanu loves me or not? You promised me that you’ll
always tell me the truth. Tell me! Okay, will you tell me, why you’re
leaving so suddenly? ln office l’ve… Why do you try to tell a lie? Am l a kid? Any girl must cry only
at departure. Not while she’s being made
a bride. lf she cries then… Bhanu doesn’t like this marriage. l like Bhanu very much, Karthik. lf it has to remain
like that always. l shouldn’t marry her. We both know, what’s in her heart. You marry Bhanu! Pavan what l…. lf l marry her now… l’ve a car, mobile…house… …Like that l’ll have a
wife also. Nothing more than that! l’m not sacrificing anything. l’m not sacrificing anything. You said you’re not a speaker
but gave a great speech. 5 years ago, one night a girl came for me
catching a train from here only. From that day she cried everyday
remembering her people. After a couple of years she
forgot them. After he was born, she completely
forgot them. We’re forgetting the reality that
she isn’t there, now only. Likewise, Bhanu will also
forget me. Because, the biggest boon
God had presented man is… Forgetting! One day when l came home. Everyone looked at me
like a criminal. They hated me. Still, l wasn’t angry on them. Because, they had that right. Today, when l was taking
back my son… His grandma couldn’t leave him. Today, he has grandma, grandpa
uncles, aunts, he has everyone. lf l commit the same
mistake again. …He’ll not have anyone. Any way l was brought up
as an orphan. For God sake, don’t make him
an orphan. Whether to marry her or not is
restricted to yourself only. But for me, it’s matter for
2 people to decide. We two! Then, doesn’t my daughter has got any
connection to this matter? Any father desires to get his daughter
married to a handsome man. Or get her married to a
rich man. Never thinks of getting her
married to one she likes. Like all fathers, l too never
thought about it. Since he has civility, Pavan asked my
daughter whether she likes him or not? Actually, l should’ve asked that
question with my daughter. Sorry Bhanu, l’ve committed the mistake. My daughter may feel shy
to ask you! But as a father of a girl
l’m asking you. You marry Bhanu! Yes son! Hereafter he isn’t just Padhu’s son,
he’s my daughter son too. Never again call him as orphan. They say age will give
experience to man. l don’t understand why it can’t
give wisdom? Without that only, l had put
my daughter into difficulties. You all are youngsters. When l see you sacrificing
anything for others, l feel good. l feel shy, why l didn’t get the idea
which this boy had got? Look son! lf my age, status of head of the
family is of any help. l’ll ask you a thing. lf not for you, at least
for your son… You marry my second daughter.


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