Saoirse Ronan Reveals Meryl Streep’s Fast Food Favorite

For people who don’t
know about Little Women, I think most people do, tell
everybody what the story is. It’s a good message right now. It is. I mean it’s obviously
a famous book that was written by
Louisa May Alcott, and it’s about this girl
called Jo who’s a writer, and it’s about her and her
three sisters and their mother. And it’s during the Civil War. And it’s very much about I
suppose a person’s autonomy, a person sort of figuring out
their own path, their own way in life. They all sort of
want different things and they all
consider independence to sort of be given to
them by different things. So for Jo it’s really her
work and it’s her writing and she kind of lives
and dies by that. So. And what a cast, I mean it’s
Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Timothée Chalamet, who my– Eliza Scanlen. Laura Dern. Florence Pugh. Laura Dern. I mean it’s amazing. It’s a great cast. Yeah. Was that the first time
working with Meryl? It was my first time
working with Meryl. I’d met her at things. And I was always just sort
of like, oh it’s Meryl, and I could never
be cool around her. But then we have
one scene together, and she had been doing all this
stuff with Flo and Timothy. They have quite a
bit to do together. And I just remember
them saying, they like texted me at the end
of one of their shoot days and they were like, dude,
Meryl ordered a Wendy’s today. Meryl was hungry
and she was like, I’d love some
fries or something. And like 20 seconds
later somebody was like, do you want some fries. I’ve got some fries. And so I sort of, I was like,
oh, it’s going to just be great and that’s going to be lovely
to have this one scene with her. And it was. And we did it and I was
very, I kind of kept my cool because I had to,
because we just needed to make sure
the scene was right. And then when they called
call on the last set up and they were going to check it
and we were going to move on, suddenly I was like, oh my God,
I got to work Meryl Streep. And it just all
sort of hit me then. But she’s so down to
earth and so cool. Yeah. Now stop with the fake
accent and talk American now. What do you want to know. Because the entire
film you’re speaking with an American accent,
so it’s easy for you. It’s– yeah, I mean it’s
something that I’ve just always– No, go back to the
American accent. It’s something that I– I feel like your puppet. It’s just something
that I’ve always done, and I think because like– you know, I had– [INTERPOSING VOICES] I have Irish parents. You know what my
favorite accent to do is the valley girl accent. I do like all the time. Because what I love
about it is you don’t have to push
your voice like at all. No. You can just sort of chill. And talk at the same time. That’s a really good one. Meryl is great. That’s a good one. All right Little Women. It’s a great movie. It’s a great movie, it’s
in theaters Christmas day. Everybody’s going to love this. It’s already getting Oscar buzz. Another one for you,
so congratulations. Thank you. And we’ll be right back.


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