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(exciting music) – Hi guys! Welcome back to – [Together] That YouTube
family! (Star Wars theme) – And today we’re playing
sardines in a movie theater. – Woo! Yeah! – [Audrey] In the movie theater? – [Together] In the movie theater – So it’s Jake and I – Me and Mom – And Ty-ty and I. – [David] Alright. And we’re going first. – So, we all have to wait out here, and they’re going to hide
in the movie theater. So, we are waiting for
Jacob and Dad to hide. And I think Star Wars just
finished playing in the theater. – Yep. Because today is Star Wars Day, if you couldn’t tell by my mini-buns. Cause the big ones fell out. – [Katie] Where do you think
Dad and Jake are going to hide? – Probably in a row, like on the ground. – Yeah, I bet they’re going to hide… Actually, no. I think I know
where they’re going to hide, but I don’t want to say,
because then you guys… – [Katie] I think they do daring stuff, so, either they’ll be behind
a desk or up behind curtains. – That’s what I was going to say, but I didn’t want to
say it in front of them, But, I think they’ll be behind curtains. Cause Dad is a daredevil.
– [Katie] They like to do stuff where they get in trouble. Dad’s like, just do it,
just do it, just do it. – Jacob says no, but Dad
would be like, let’s go! – [Katie] Dad wants to get in trouble. – Let’s go hide down here by this door. Okay, so we’re hiding out by
the doors of the movie theater. They’re upstairs in the balcony, and we’re hiding down here in the theater. – So, comment down below, how many Star Wars movies you have seen. – I’ve seen ten thousand. – I’ve only seen the two recent ones. So I don’t really know
much about Star Wars. – I don’t know how many I’ve seen. I’ve seen the most recent ones, but I feel like I’ve
seen the earlier ones. Because, I saw them way back
when I was really little. So, I kind of remember
a little bit, but… – I remember stuff from
when we played the Lego Game Cube Star Wars video game. So, like, I kind of
know, like, some scenes. Like, Jabba. Is it Jabba
the Hutt? Or something? Jabba Hutt! – Jabba! – The big blob dude. – [Katie] Okay, well, it’s
been two minutes. Let’s go. (exciting music) – Why don’t you look over there? – Because there’s a door.
The door is right there. – There’s a worker in there cleaning, so. – [Katie] We’ll see how this goes. Okay Ty, let’s go find Dad. What if they were in here? Nope. – [Ty] I think they were
all the way back there. – [Audrey] You run. – [Katie] Jordan and
Ty are racing. Careful – Ow! – [Katie] Help him. – Are you okay? – [Katie] Injuries. (crying) – [Katie] Let me see it. Let me see it. – They’re looking for us. – Do you want to pause and
we’ll go get bandage first? Or do you want to, like, play? – What’s going on? It’s Audrey. It’s Audrey! – So, Ty just got hurt and we’re going to have to
get a Band-aid for him. But, you know… (giggling) I found them. – Did Ty get hurt? – [Audrey] Yeah. – How? There’s a worker. – Wow. That’s… Now you can
be matching with this thing. (nervous laughter) Is it cut right there, too? – [Katie] They’re back here. They’re right here, Jordan. Come here, let’s go get a Band-aid. That’s why Audrey walked back here. She saw a camera. Really? – [Jordan] Ty got hurt. We
were trying to help him. – [David] He did? – [Jordan] Yeah. – [David] How did you get hurt? – [Jordan] He fell and
banged his leg on the metal. – [Katie] Jordan found some Band-aids and is doctoring up Ty. – Yep. He’s tough, though. But, we got some Band-aids to help. – [Jake] It takes two Band-aids. – [Jorand] Right there. Two Band-aids. – [Katie] All better. – Get’s the job done. – All done. You all right? Do you want, like… – [Katie] Nothing. – A soda? – Yeah, true, nothing. (giggling) – [Katie] We got nothing. – Do you want some
nothing? Cup of nothing? – [Katie] Audrey and Ty. – Let’s go, let’s go hide. – [Katie] Your turn, guys. – Give us 15 minutes. – [Katie] Okay. – [Audrey] Give us 15. – [Katie] 15 minutes. – 15. – [David] You get five. – What? – [David] You get two. – Okay, so it’s Ty and my turn to hide. Ty and I’s turn to hide. Oh man, where are we going to hide? Where are we going to hide? We could go behind the curtains? But then we get in trouble for it. – [Audrey] Should I hide there, too? Yeah, let’s hide right here. You think they would see me? You’re like squished in between seats. There’s workers all around. I don’t want to get found. – [Katie] Where do you
think they’re going to hide? – I think they’re going to hide down on that corner by the stage. – [Jordan] I think
they’re going to hide… – [Katie] Is that your second place that you’re going to hide? – I think they’re just
going to sit in seats. – [Katie] Jake, where are they hiding? – I don’t know. I’m just watching them. – [Katie] Watching them play out there? – [Jordan] Everyone is
waiting to get popcorn. – [Katie] Can we both play on that? – [Jake] Mom, there is a
different type of life boat. – [Katie] Yep. It’s a life boat. So, what was your strategy
on the last round? – Our strategy was to come around and then hide over here by the doors. We figured you guys would
be running up and down the aisles looking for us. – [Katie] We did. And we fell. – And the whole time we were
sitting there by the entrance. Cause there’s four ways
to get into this theater. – [Katie] So, this time don’t run, because you have flip flops on. – Yep. – [Katie] And you will trip and fall. Alright, let’s go. – We’re going to go. – Okay. Looks like they’re
cleaning the theater. – [Katie] Look behind all
these little chest things. All the way up top. Go all the way up top. – [Audrey] Gosh, Ty-ty,
people are looking. – Aud and Ty’s there? – [Katie] They are, because Dad’s already got them over there. – He went past nothing. – [Jordan] They’re right there. (giggling) – [Jordan] Ty is back here. – [Katie] Ty is back here, squished. Hi, Ty. – I’m stuck. – Okay, we didn’t find
them on the first pass. Try another one. – [Audrey] There they are, over there.. – [Katie] Watch it. Audrey. – [Audrey] I think Jake sees us. – [Jordan] So comfortable. So comfortable. – You walked… – Dad’s the last one. I’m second to last. – [Jordan] You walked right past them. – Yeah. – I thought you were going to look.. – Good job you guys. – It’s our turn to hide. – Yep. Jordan did awesome finding them. So, now we’re going to
go find a spot to hide. You cannot come in here and peek. – Alright. Let’s go. – [Katie] Where are we going? – Hide in the trash can,
because they just emptied it. It’s clean. – [Katie] I don’t know.
That’s kind of eww. – Go slow and we’ll see. – [Katie] We have to hurry, though. You can hide in it and
I’ll hide next to it. – Because, yeah, there
is no liner or anything. But it’s locked. – [Katie] Eww. And then someone will dump something on you. – True. – [Katie] We could take Ty’s idea and go behind that back row. – How do we get in the DJ thing? – [Katie] I don’t think you can. We could just lay on the
floor in the very front. But, do you think they’ll just come? I don’t think you can, Jordan. – What in the world? – [Katie] Jordan, come here. We could just lay down right here. – True. – [Katie] We have to hurry, because Dad will not give us much time. He normally does not. Should we go up and do Jake’s spot? – Sure, but on the other side. Come on. – [Katie] Okay. We are hiding down behind the wall here. We are hiding. – Your head is on the floor. – [Katie] Nobody walks back here. It’s probably clean. Dusty, but… – Yeah and the trash can is clean, too. – [Katie] The trash can is dirty. – [Audrey] So, tonight they
are going to be playing Star Wars: The Force
Awakens and Rogue One, A Star Wars Story. So, those are the options you
can watch at this theater. The two newest ones. Here’s ready. – Ty, where do you think they are? – [Ty] Between seats. – You think they’re between seats? Because there’s people going in there now. So it’s not as easy to hide. (laughing) – [Audrey] I know, it’s like,
they stared at the workers. – They’re staring at you. I’m going to guess that
they’re down by the stage. – [Audrey] Okay. So, Ty and
I are going to find them. Wonder where they’d be at. Oh man, there are lot’s of
people here, now. Great. Where are they, Ty? – I bet they went all the way over here… – [Audrey] You bet? – See if we can find Mom and Jordan. – Hello. (giggling) – [Katie] Jordan. – [Jake] Hello. (giggling) – [Katie] Jake. (laughing). – [Jordan] We were talking too loud. – [Katie] We were talking
and Jake found us. – I was trying to find here. – [Audrey] They could be anywhere. What are you doing? Okay, I don’t see. – Audrey! Over here! I found them. They’re moving seats. – [Audrey] Hey. You guys are… What the heck? – [Jake] We just found
them straight off the bat. – Not funny. – [Jake] We just walked in and I looked. – How? – [Jake] Hey, that chair is weird. Oh, everyone’s there. – [Jordan] We’re going to be hiding in the Walt Disney Theater now. – Okay, so, since they found us so fast in the other theater,
we cam to this theater. – Which is a bigger theater. And a show is going to start soon. So, we have to hurry. – And we’re going to see if we can hide. Okay, let’s go, because.. – Ait has up and down, so, we could either go
like on the balcony, – [Katie] How do we get down? – [Jordan] Or behind that stage.
There’s stairs over there. Let’s look over the edge
and see if there’s any… – [Katie] We have to hurry. Where do you want to go? – Down? Let’s go down. – [Katie] How are we going to get down? Because if you go out,
they’re going to see you. – Ahhh! (frustrated) We’ve got to go over to
the other side to go down. – [Katie] How are you going to get over? – [Jordan] Hey, there’s Nana. – [Katie] Nana! You want to go through here, Jordan? Jordan, I’m going through this way. – Okay, I know where they’re going to be. – [Audrey] I know where
they’re going to be, too. – [Ty] I’ve got them. – Alright, but I’m not going to tell you. – [Audrey] I’m not going to tell you. – Hey Dad… – [Audrey] Ty. Where are we
going to be hiding at now? The Walt Disney Theater? Yeah-buddy. Look at this ocean. – [Ty] Yeah, it’s the Walt Disney Ocean. – [Audrey] Beautiful ocean. – [Katie] Okay, so we’re
going down the stairs. – We’ve got to hurry, because
they’re going to come soon. Okay, I say we go in like, one of those extra little side doors. – Should we go sit next
to this guy right here? In the blue. Just sit
down right next to him. – {Audrey] Okay, let’s go find them. I think they’re at the stairs. I think they’re over here, Ty. – [David] Hey, there’s Grandpa. Jacob, this way. Come here. – [Jordan] Okay, let’s do that. – [Katie] Okay, we’re going
to go sit right over here and pretend to be an audience member. – I see, they’re looking. – [Katie] Hurry, sit. – Okay, I think they’re hiding in a row, trying to blend in. We’re just going to check it out here. Hold on. Come here. – Okay, so we are just
being part of the audience. – We’re hiding. – They are trying to find us. And they’re already looking, so we kind of have to hide the camera, so they don’t see where we’re at. Ty and Audrey are clear over there. But, the camera. – [Audrey] I think they’re going to try to stay away from people. Check the rows as you go. There’s a lot of people in here. They could be imitating a person, like, pretending to be just a person that’s watching the movie. Are they in here, Ty? Ty, what’s in here? – Hey, look. Jake, go get them. – [Jake] Hey, Audrey, Jordan. – [David] Go get them. (excited noises) – [Katie] They found us. – [Jordan] They have to run down here. Audrey is over there by
that dark black doorway. – Okay, so Dad and Ty found, or Dad and Jake found us. Ty is running trying, and Audrey is looking
behind every curtain. (laughing) – Oh, there’s Jake, right there. This is a good spot. – Yeah. This is pretty… – I knew they were going
to be hiding in seats. Now, we just got to make sure I get down without killing myself. – [Jordan] And there’s Dad. I think Audrey and Ty
went up to the balcony. – [Audrey] This is hard! Do you see Dad? They could be anywhere in here. Should we go down the other stairway? I think they might be over there, Ty. – Alright, we won this round. – [Jordan] Oh yeah. – It was an okay hiding spot. – Audrey still can’t find you. – [Audrey] Oh, I see them. They’re right there. – She’s searching everywhere. – [Jake] She’s right behind us. – Oh, they’re right there. – [Jordan] Ty is racing. Ty! – [Katie] They got us. Alright. Alright guys. Thank you
so much for watching. Make sure to vote down below and up in the polls
about who hid the best. We’ll see you guys next time. – (together) Bye! (exciting music)

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