Sarileru Neekevvaru Trailer | Mahesh Babu | Vijayasanthi | Anil Ravipudi | DSP | Rashmika Mandanna

[BEEP] [TRAIN HONKING] O’ dear Lord… Send a cute, sweet and
handsome guy into my life. Do you get it?
[peppy music playing] I love you!
Do you get it? [squeals] I’m impressed! Hey, girl… Hold on. Stop it.
Pull her away, man. Let me tell you something man to man.
-But we don’t listen to men at all. Oh my goodness!!! Such emotions… Never before! Ever after! Listen, sister…
-Oh no!!! Don’t you call a young girl ‘Sister’. She can’t take it! I said it in a flow, auntie.
-Oh no! Not again! [peppy music continues] ‘Meow Meow says the cat!’ ‘Here she is, getting
married to the milky brat!’ Oh my goodness!!! Such melodrama…
Never before! Never after! [peppy music continues] In the 15 years of my
professional career… I’ve never accepted
anything that is wrong. But I only do the wrong stuff, Reddy. And everyone should accept them. Damn! I love his confidence.
-But you’re going to kill it anyway. [thud sounds] 100 people surround him.
But he stands tall and alone. I dare you to touch him. [yells] I dare you guys to touch him! Hey! You think I’m one
of your college students? I’m a State Minister.
Is that how you talk to me? Hey! You think you’re a college student? You’re a State Minister.
Is that how you talk to a woman? [electronic music playing] You are all the lives I protect. We’re sacrificing our lives
for you at the border. But you act so reckless.
Aren’t you supposed to be responsible? I’m giving you a small break. Soon hell is going to break loose.


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