Sathuranka Vettai – Full Tamil Film | Natarajan Subramaniam (Natty) | Sean Roldan | H Vinoth

– Selvam, I’ll be there in 10 minutes
– Ok Guru, we’ll wait Sathuranga Vettai
[Money game] ‘There is nothing as easy as
making money in this world’ ‘All you need to do is…’ ‘Find somebody as greedy as you who has
the intentions of making money…that’s it!’ (Chetiyar and the Double tucker)
‘Now I’m off to meet somebody like that’ Brother Suresh told
me over the phone… I’ve also read in the paper But I don’t know
if I can believe it I’ll anyways think about it! Please take your time Chettiar Sir I’ve told you everything
I know about this business I know the trades, but I
don’t have the money God has made it that way! Opportunities like these seldom arise Very rare piece
Please think! What we’re going to
invest is just 500 thousand But in return,
will get 150 million What is he telling? I saw the greed in his eyes
He’ll come to us for sure Kumar! The information we got is valid?
He’s got the money, right? Guru! The rent he gets from complex
alone amounts to 300 thousand 500 thousand are nothing for him We can mint money with him Leader, I have a thought! Just say it! Even if the prey is so close… …the animals in the jungle are
not hungry, they don’t hunt them But these humans, though with so much of
money, they still want to add up their wealth On the whole…the most cunning
animal ever, are humans There is a vacancy in Vandaloor zoo
Want to join? – What type of a job boss?
– You might have to wash the tiger’s… – Chettiar!
– I told you know… Greetings Chettiar sir I’ve nicely thought about it, I’m
getting into this trusting you Nothing will go wrong, right? I’m already
struggling, poor, please help me Chettiar sir! All your old
stories are just for a week… …after that, you’ll be a Billionaire If the money is ready, tomorrow is
a very auspicious day to go get it We might lose it otherwise,
there is a great demand It is ready!
We will go! Please come! – Please come
– Greetings, sir – Sir is the party?
– Yes! Let’s go see it Nearby only Brother! After 3 years of intense search
in the jungle, just now we got it Almost 4 kgs
Super piece – 4 kgs?
– 4 kgs means, it is a superb piece From now on no noise,
nobody should talk Why? I’ll tell you Chettiar
Now let’s go see it first Congratulations Chettiar sir
We have bought the snake In just two days,
you’ll own 150 million Please don’t forget
our 20% commission How can I?
It’s all because of you Brother! Why did he
ask us not to talk? The thing is Chettiar
Snakes know 200 languages – It can easily understand us
– Oh ya! It can also know we are
taking if from this place And the sadness will
reduce its weight – Weight matter a lot!
– Yes… Anything below 3.5 kgs
become a total waste All the money invested
goes for a toss! That’s why we are even taking
the sand to which it belonged Brother! From now
on, I’m deaf and dumb 4 kgs, rare piece, you’ll never
get something like this You’ll keep it safe, right? Just two days, right?
I have even sent my family I’ll keep it safe Then…you please take the package
I’ll come right behind Sir, give pieces of goat lungs
to it in a coconut shell It just loves to eat
the white yolk of eggs If you could find frogs, give that also
Rich in vitamin, it likes the meat Don’t give anything else,
will lead to food poisoning No no I’ll give only polishing
powder to the angel of the jungle What is in the sack sir? Something like a snake Probably a fool Look at him… Tell me dear! Hey man! Come out
Come out of the car first What do you think? How do you expect
me to drive the car with all this? – Where are you taking? Leave me
– Please don’t get angry I have this rare disease,
if I talk, my weight goes down Keep yourself mum and drop me
Will give you 500rs extra – Seems to be a very rare disease
– Yes yes Are you wondering
why I’m getting a call? I can talk!
But you can’t! – Hello…!
– Hello, grocery shop Chettiar? – Yes, tell me
– Dear brother, I am calling from Karur Double tucker has come
to you it seems – Double tucker?
– Those people didn’t tell you? Yeah yeah! They told me! Okay! Leave it
I have a party for 200 million You haven’t given it
to anybody, right? – How much is the weight?
– 4 Kgs – Okay! We’ll come with the money
– That’s fine but who are you… 200 million
Oh my 200 million 200 million! 200 million!
Still not here! Ah here… Come…come to the corner Stop the car
Switch off the engine – What happened, Chettiar?
– Come here first! Come…come I had a party calling
from Karur How did they know
about the package? I told you right Chettiar Among stiff competition you’ve got it
Luck has favored you this time Karur party promises 200 million But your party is only giving 150 million
What if we sell it to them? Chettiar sir, we’ve given our words
There should be some honesty Abiding, Honesty,
Let it go to waste 50 million extra! Money is
very important in life, brother If it’s my party, he’s going to
give the commission readily But we have no clue
about this party Won’t I give you the commission? Fine! Okay!
You’re the boss! Brother! What will they do with this
double tucker putting in so much of money? They take impotency curing
medicines from it! Then we can give how much
ever money it wants Whatever it is, it’s frightening
to have a snake inside the house Please don’t call it
a snake Chettiar sir If somebody over hears, will
lead to big trouble Even when you’re talking over
the phone, don’t use it! If Police comes to know,
you’ll be thrown into jail! – So what do we do?
– Can we name it? What name? We’ll name it Ilaya Thalapathy
Vijay (Tamil hero) What Chettiar, you never buy
anything for money…for whom? Vijay… I have an important guest in
the house, can you chop of those …I asked for and be done
with this useless talk Weight is very important
Vijay ate, right? He ate brother! Gave the lunch
and just came to the shop Vijay is safe, right?
He might escape Vijay is in my control
Don’t worry for anything! I have him tightened in the sack Is he into some sort of smuggling? Loud speaker playing music Don’t know where the snake ear is Hey trustee, is it has to be too
noisy, if it’s a festival? Shut yours and cut the call!
I can’t! Why are you doing like this? This is why India is yet to be
developed as a super power nation Chettiar, can’t you hear me? Hei Palpandi, what’s up with
your Chettiar? He is here, then all of a sudden
goes somewhere… Nothing like that Micheal brother!
For quite some time… …he’s been saying stuffs
like Vijay, 200 million… Go tell this to his people Make sure he doesn’t
run away somewhere Brother, I have some good news
Karur party is coming tomorrow! Super Chettiar! Please don’t
forget our commission What’s with the commission?
I’ll give you! They are the party! Oh my god! It was 4 kgs… Sir? What sir?
You said 4 kgs I came all the way for this
What’s happening? What Chettiar? You said it was 4 kgs over
the phone call, now only 1.80 kgs When I bought it, was 4 kgs – Chettiar, you’ve spoken something
– Then the weight would reduce I never spoke a word May be because of the festival
sound, weight got reduced Can’t you be careful? If it’s 4 kgs, call me
I am leaving! Come
We’ll go! Call me if it gets to 4kgs – Okay! What do we do now?
– Don’t worry! If we spend 200 thousand,
there is a solution to this problem We can very much spend 200 thousand
since we’re getting 200 million But what we do to make Vijay
put on some weight? There are special doctors
for this in Madras – Is it?
– Yes Then ask them
to come immediately They’re asking what is
the name of the patient Vijay! What happened? Not a big problem
Just home sickness I’ll give medicines, give it with food
Everything will be alright in a week The weight that got reduced
will go up, right? – Hello, Parimala
– Tell me! Random strangers are coming to your house
Just now, a girl has come Your husband is so
happily talking to her! – Tell me Arun!
– Dad we’ve come home There is a snake inside our house Mummy is finding a stick to hit it
Come fast! Please don’t hit Vijay!
Please don’t! – Somehow stop your mother!
– What happened? Why is he running like this? Shouldn’t be this greedy
That’s why god has punished him Stop! Please stop He’s been weird for a while Please don’t let her hit it! Your mother might kill it not
knowing it’s market value Move Move! Such a daring lady
She’s killed the snake all by herself When I came into the house,
there was this snake I only killed it! Oh my! You have killed it! We shouldn’t talk!
We shouldn’t! Is he mad? What happened to chettiar?
He’s been mad since last week Mother! What happened to dad? It’s a snake! You fool! Tell me, Chettiar Not knowing anything,
my wife attacked Vijay! Ilaya Thalapathy was attacked Vijay is dying
You please come immediately It’s okay, Chettiar!
Don’t worry about anything We have a doctor on our side Cover the affected
area with a cloth And be ready with 200 thousand
I’ll be there in half an hour I will ready the cash
You come immediately What happened to you?
You got possessed by some black magic? You killed 200 million worth Vijay! – Why are you calling a snake Vijay, Vijay?
– Don’t call it a snake, he’s Vijay! If we sell Vijay, we’ll get 200 million I had hit Vijay without
knowing his value Cry! Nicely cry
for what you’ve done Are you both crazy? Snakes cannot hear
How will it know 200 languages? – Somebody has cheated you big time
– Yeah! You’re a great scientist, go away! Wait for a minute! Look here! This is called red sand boa
Just an ordinary earth worm Somebody has told you a different
name and cheated you Lot’s of people are cheating like this
You don’t even know this Chettiar sir, tell me! My son says, Vijay can’t even hear
He doesn’t know 200 languages it seems Chettiar sir, what will small kids know I’m on my way! You just get the money ready!
We’ll discuss the rest when I’m there Okay, you come! Selvam! Turn the vehicle
Chettiar has doubted it – Sir! 5000 extra sir…
– 10000 is too much for this snake Dear brother! We’re calling from Karur
Double tucker has come to you it seems? – Reddy! Super acting!
– Call me if you have any work “You’ll live! You’ll walk!
You’ll drink! You’ll act!” “When the game comes to an end,
You’ll give your advice” “You’ll drink and
You’ll fry your prey” “Are we the desserts for your hunt?” “Money has become life” “Everything else is waste” Who is he? His name is Pattirar He’s blabbering It’s Puthirar – Both are blabbering
– You correct them Both are not correct
It’s Baana pathirar He is a spiritual singer “You’ll live! You’ll walk!
You’ll drink! You’ll act!” “When the game comes to an end,
you’ll give your advice” “You’ll drink and
You’ll fry your prey” “Are we the desserts for your hunt?” “Money has become life” “Other things are just waste” “Money has become life” “Other things are just waste” MLM – Multi Level Marketing MLM – This is a Business which involves
cheating and forgery This was my thought as well My MD questioned me,
why you can’t change this perception He trusted me and
I believed his words That belief got me here and
my BMW car is parked outside For those who want to earn money,
this is a brilliant job I needn’t tell you how
important money is in our life It has been said by our ancestors
for more than 1000 years A politician understands
the vision of the people and makes use of
it to become a wealthy person An owner, without putting
his effort, just makes use of other efforts to
become a wealthy man A bigger trader, never incurs loss using both
these people’s effort and is always rich All we have to do now is follow
them and learn from them So that you can have lot
of members in your scheme According to MLM you’ve got
loads of money at your feet It’s up to you to decide
on how to pick it In India you’ve got queues everywhere, if
you’ve to beat the queue, then you need Money Now tell if you’re going to stand in
a queue or make a queue stand behind you We’ll bring the queue – What you need to be happy in life?
– Money! What you need for
this world to respect you? Money! – Can you all do succeed or not?
– Yes, we can Now we’ll have platinum Kumar and
Diamond Bosco bai explaining the scheme Midas Touch MLM!
What is a Midas touch? A Persian King named Midas turned
anything into gold if he touched it Likewise in our company, any
business we do will turn into gold Our esteemed new product Magic Pearls It may look like ordinary, but it’s a fully
made of a water with medicinal values This has been exported
from a lake in America to India That lake has been auctioned
for 100 billion This information is
published in the internet This bottle has got
1000 drops of water Every drop is 1 Rupee,
hence the bottle price is 1000 Rupees During my past I can never
stretch my hands straight It keeps shivering Then I used to mix a drop of this
in water and drank everyday Now my hands are
like fist of iron One more news, it’s been
proven that this water can cure cancer Come…have it Please give them some fish Eat well sir Don’t just eat the rice There are salads and
ice creams that side Yes, dude If they could feed us like this, then it’s
definitely a big company – Will we join?
– Yes, let’s join Tell me Kumar bhai Guru bhai, a girl wants
to meet you it seems Send her after 2 minutes
How does she look? Okay! Looks like a bubbly hen Sir! I’ll come tomorrow Have to distribute
I need some money Please hurry it Please hurry it, okay? Tell me
Any doubt in the scheme? No, sir
My name is Banu I’m coming from Vadamangalam sir A brother told me, if I attend
the meeting, I can get the job I don’t even have money
to join this scheme Any possibilities to get
a job in this office? Sorry! This is MLM office
You won’t find any job here! Please sir My family
is really struggling! It’s just my old dad and me Due to the economic condition, I
discontinued BCom in second year I’ll work sincerely sir Okay! Please come after two days
Will give Rs 5000 advance Dress nicely when you come Bhai! Banu is
going to join our office Give her 5000 advance Thank you so much sir Even without joining work
You’re giving 5000 advance You’re such a nice person sir – All the best!
– Thank you sir! See you, sir Guru bhai! Have given
advance to that girl? Have I done anything without
a reason Bosco bhai? I don’t think so Face gets excited
when talking about the girl – How good are the collections?
– Not that great! You asked why advance, right?
Only to improve collection What will that girl do to improve
our collection Guru bhai? My name is Banu,
from Vadamangalam Initially I used to
be very reserved But after listening to MD’s speech,
I’ve got some belief in myself I did hard work I have
made 51 people join it I’m Silver now but I want to
become gold, platinum and crown Thank you How ma’am?
How 51 people in just 3 days? You should do hard work
Do what MD says Next, our company is
introducing paste, oil and soap This paste costs Rs 200 It’s not like other pastes
Very minimal use will do Along with it, we’re
introducing a tablet Cost of the tablet
is just Rs 2000 It has got the ability
to control sugar Uncle, this one thing is enough!
Money will come to your feet – What, money?
– Not now! In the future All depends whether you are just
going to pluck it or grab it as a whole Magic pearl
I’m earning 25000 a month Since your my relative, I am
thinking of joining you This can cure cancer it seems They are also studying
if it can cure AIDS Just try attending the meeting
You’ll completely change Without joining the 51 people, is it not
wrong on our side to lie like this? It is never wrong
You’re a motivator They’ll work committed
after listening to your speech Their confidence
level will go high If a girl from a village
can do so much, why I can’t? They’d feel this and
start working harder You are so talented sir Even you Banu
Your speech was amazing This dress suits you a lot
Nice selection Sir, you’re lying! I am serious Banu You, yourself start
organizing meetings How many of you
are new to this? Who brought you all? Girl friend…neighbors… Wrong! God has
brought you here This is God’s opportunity! Sometime back, my earnings
in life were just Rs 1500 Rented house
Too much of struggles That’s when I met MD I told him
about my worries That’s when he said this word There is Ambani, Tata Birla and
Bill Gates in everyone of you If you have to realize that,
unlock the volcanic energy inside you Unlock the energy Strive hard as if there is
nobody to win over you Sir, did I correctly
talk on the stage? – From now on don’t talk on the stage
– Why sir? – You might even finish me off
– Nothing like that, sir My name is Royal
I’m coming from Canada I’m 110 years old After taking this magic pearl, everybody
says I look like a 65 year old You won’t believe Even now, young
girls are asking me to marry them! Come, Shanumugam
Foreign company – Totally 400 branches
– We’ve 200 countries all over the world See how big the office is
Foreign type bathrooms If you buy and eat this magic pearl, all
your nervous weakness will go away All your lost hair will start growing – Buy 4, get one free
– You’ll be the in charge for your place Looks like a villager with
a rough and tough moustache He is the Junior Ambani
after shear hard work Since the last two years,
I was a government staff I attended the MLM meeting After two months, I gave a cover
to my manager, my resignation letter After opening the cover,
he asked if I went mad! Yes, sir
Mad after MLM! Just like that the MLM
madness has to reach you too 2 people at both left and right Money! Money! Money! His name is Jeyamohan He runs an orphanage in the town Even I was a volunteer there – Tell me! What should I do?
– Nothing much, sir A small help Can you adopt 2 or three children
and sponsor for their studies? For sure Banu! I told you right,
He’s such a nice man – Thank you so much, sir
– We’ll take leave Your showing too
much mercy for her Showing mercy is not a problem Think how we can make
money out of merciless If you don’t know, see it
on the stage tomorrow Love is like a wall Mud pots that are thrown
will break into pieces Stones will hurt and bring us down The dirt thrown upon will create
identities and fall off when dried But! The wall of love
will always stand high In this world, everybody fight
and hate each other… …for the country, language, religion,
caste with unknown reasons But let us all be
loving and caring! In a world where there is
greediness to just earn money Let us all show, we have
concern over the society That is why, through Midas
MLM, we’re giving this cheque – All the best…
– Thank you so much sir! One second, sir
Just one Photo! Banu, come here! What child? Okay, come
I’ll carry you! “Love is all about emotions
How do I express the same?” “Million questions arises in the breeze
But none to find it and feel it” “There’s no way to hide
the emotions from your heart” “The emotions of your heart will
find its way out, oh dear beauty!” After 2 months… Office rent 200 thousand
Meeting conduction charges 600 thousand – Rent for blazers, 50,000
– You bloody sinners Asked you guys to stitch 10 blazers
Did you listen? – Okay! How much is the collection?
– 9 million People from this city are total waste! The commission list we have
to give is itself 1.5 million Tell them we’ll give
cheques after 15 days Which bank? I’ll tell you! You’ve got the cheque, Balu
Work with full energy! Have given the cheque right, will
work hard to bring more customers – We’ll work hard
– Congratulations! Congratulations! Why is that hottie not noticing me? She is so gorgeous! New pamphlet I think she bathes
with the magic pearls Will become silver, then gold, then
become the MD and will marry you! Hello, where is your MD? – Don’t know
– When will he come? Don’t know! – You know where he’s gone?
– Don’t know! Then for what bloody reason you are
sitting here whiling away? Sir…Sir… What’s the problem? – Have to see your MD
– What is the matter sir? – Who are you?
– I work here! – MD will come in an hour!
– We’ll wait – Please come sir!
– Leave me! Please be seated
Sir, please! However long it takes, today we
should meet him for sure! Kumar, come out soon! We are waiting
at his office only… He is trying to cheat us Ask our guys to come
soon with their cheques! I have enquired everywhere
There is no such bank called ITITI! He’s given cheque in that name! We’ll enquire about it! If it’s troublesome, will call
my uncle, who is a police They are saying it’s a fake cheque
Call Guru immediately! – Tell me
– Guru bhai, Problem! What happened Selvam? They’re telling the cheque
we gave is a fake Stupid! That’s what I said
and asked you to give it after 15 days I dated it 15 days later and
gave it yesterday itself! Okay! Pack all the money
and give it to Banu! – Hello
– Hello Banu, it’s me! Nothing much! Selvam will give a bag
Just bring it to my hotel room Have to immediately go
and pay it in Reserve bank I sensed it earlier itself I will finish him today! They are creating a ruckus here! Why are you all crowded here?
Please go and sit inside – Who are you?
– MD’s secretary! We’ve come to see that fraud only
Running after other’s money! Who are you accusing of a fraud? She’ll not leave this place
without getting us into trouble What do you know about him? Wait! First let the cash
moves out safe You have any clue on
how many people he has helped? Don’t talk rubbish He just called me
He’ll come in an hour Money is not a big deal for him They just don’t know what they’re talking
Sir, please make way for her Our MD will come
Please wait inside Please wait inside sir Listen to madam
Our MD will come soon If he doesn’t come today
we know what to do What’s this? Give it to me, Banu Why do you thank me sir? Lot of people have come
to meet you at our office They were talking bad about you, I scolded
them, they said you are an imposter There are people in this world who calls you an imposter They are right, Banu
We are going to fool them – Don’t joke sir
– It’s no joke, I am a fraudster – Why sir?
– Money! Isn’t money important? Isn’t cheating wrong? Things you do in life without
any guilt is never wrong I thought you were
a very good person You don’t understand,
Come I’ll tell you a short story I’ve never explained
things to anyone before I think I like you a lot
Sit down And this story is not
to justify myself The incidents that happened
in my life made me realise what life is About 25 years ago
We lived in a slum in Chennai We were myself, my mom,
my dad and my baby sister Charu We were a happy family My parents only desire
is to educate me My mom kept saying study
well and make us proud When we go to the doctor, she would
encourage me to become a doctor I taught my parents how to
write and sign their names The day he signed and got his salary
My father was very happy Boozed a lot, he kept saying
the Mason was shocked at his signature As always, one day our
slum houses caught fire Some one came and gave us food and
said we can’t stay there officially They told they’ll give us
a place to stay outside the city The slum where we lived earlier was bad,
But this place was even worse Since it was far from my school and
dad’s work place, we lived in a platform Everyday while returning from school I see a huge building
under constructions in the slum When I asked mom about that,
she said just go and study One day while I was studying
in the platform, there was a sudden noise Along with that sound,
I could hear my mom screaming When I turned and saw
There was a car parked right in front of me I couldn’t hear the voices
of my dad and sister I ran crying, the people
around moved the car Dad and my sister
were crushed down They admitted mom in the hospital I missed school and was
with my mom in the hospital Next day a lady
from the NGO came She got a sign from mom
to get justice for us There was a news
about the accident She filed a case and said
we would get lots of money But my mom just wanted
to make me study well She consoled my mom and said
she would take care of everything A very good sister
She took me to the court In few minutes few people came
They were dressed in black and white They, that sister and her
husband went into a room I was watching them from
outside through the glass They were talking something After a while all came out smiling That sister patted my head,
I’ve talked to them They’ll take care she said
and left with a suitcase I stood there alone in the court Stood there for a long time not knowing
what to do I came to the hospital I stayed with my mom in the hospital,
Mom’s condition got worse For ten days we have to inject
mom in her spinal cord We don’t have it here, go and get it
from outside the doctor said I didn’t know whom to
go and ask for money My mom would be
suffering in pain The nurse would shout at us saying
‘Why are you a pain to me’ Doctor would come and
see us with students Doctor would conduct classes there One sister asked ‘She is in such a bad
condition, why haven’t we treated her yet’ The doctor said ‘we don’t
have medicines here’ That sister questioned in english I didn’t understand
anything then He said, ‘Learn from the poor,
and earn from the rich’ Not able to pay for the injection,
one day my mom died I had no money to bury her
At last they got a sign from me Stating that my mom
was an orphan dead body My studies helped me
only to sign that form In the cemetery I sat crying Then the undertaker
asked why I was crying I told him my story
how I was cheated Don’t think the one who cheated as your
enemy In some way he’s your master Because he has given you
a craft to make your living I cried for few days
and became silent Hunger!
I was always hungry I thought why me, everyone
had their own reasons The car driver questioned
if the platform is for sleeping Doctor said no medicines They were putting
the blame on others We can’t change any of these But we can escape from this By making a lot of money How to earn money?
I was told it was by working hard I worked around the clock
Around 16-18 hours You should have seen me then,
running around, nothing happened After a while I understood Working hard would
never make us rich But taking others earning
will make us rich Then I saw a game In 3 biscuits one would
have Rajini’s photo If you find it correctly
you’ll get your money doubled I started playing
I lost all my money A few kept winning I started noticing them I followed them when
the game got over They shared the money among them The winner and the player
were all the same The people playing with
them are the fools I got furious
I was about to go and question them Then I remembered
the words of the mortician That second I decided
what I was going to do Then no one could stop me If we could do anything if we had money
Then why shouldn’t I do anything to earn it Money is my language, money is my caste
Money is my religion But for someone’s mistake,
Isn’t fooling others wrong, right? Isn’t life about sharing
and caring among us You are a good person
Please don’t do like this No Banu, what this society did
to us is what we give back to it If we live rightly
We can go to heaven after death Being bad, we can live a life
in heaven before death So don’t confuse yourself and you
are my partner in this business And don’t feel
that I cheated you I am a master to you in a way I’ve thought you
a craft to make a living Money – Printed Weapon Master, I have a thought This white attire, gives us
the spirit to cheat other people, right? Tell the details about the party Big shot, a government officer But he is a fool – Then tell
– 4 Kgs…a very rare piece The luck is with you – Is it, such a big demand for a snake?
– Don’t call it a snake Please don’t use that word
while we talk over the phone – Then how
– Shall we name it? Let’s name it as Ajith(Tamil Hero) Muniraj, catch him! Escape from here! Don’t let them escape Go! Go forward Stop! Go back
Back! Hey, Guru! We’ll take care of him later,
Move the car let’s get away first Stop! Take as much share you need
Please don’t file a case sir Move man Take a photo Good morning
Quickly start the car Today in the newspaper there
is a news about Gandhi Babu They have arrested him in
the Kundhambakkam police station Get the number and call
that inspector quickly – Sathish, what happened?
– Checked the file, confirmed sir I’ve got the SI number I’m assistant commissioner
Jeyaprakasham from Chennai You’ve arrested Gandhi Babu
in the snake case Yeah sir, but his name is Raja He has many names
Now where is he? He’s in the veranda sir Isolate him and put him in the lock up Disconnect his phone, don’t
let him talk to anyone And switch on the fax Check if he is there first – Has any fax come?
– It’s coming sir Here is all that has come Is this all? No sir, the paper is finished,
I’ll go and get some What do you mean? Sir Please get up The big con man Gandhi Babu was arrested
yesterday by Kundhambakkam police Today he is being produced
in court for investigation Press don’t come close You destroyed my family – Leave him to me, sir
– Move away Press please be silent, we’ve arrested
him, let the investigation get over Once the investigation is over
I’ll meet you personally I’ll talk to the PP AC had told me, that’s why Move – Gandhi Babu
– Get up Who named you Gandhi Babu? To live a life of honesty
my parents named me so That’s right The memo from the police for
7 days enquiry is being accepted Once in 2 days the accused
lawyer can meet him for an hour You must give him appearance, he should
be handed back in the same appearance You should not beat or hurt him What is your history and geography?
Why did you do all this? I have a story to tell,
why I did all this If I say, you will say those who commit
crimes will all have a reason Why waste our time I need money
So I did it, that’s it Ok, where have you kept the money? Sir, only those who fear about
the future will save the money I never had that fear Come by this side A bit close Why do you want all this money
by cheating all these people? Don’t we need money to go and visit
the temple in VIP queue? Nowadays, even if we make films
on brother-sister and… …mother-son relationship,
they call it cliched The only thing that never
becomes a cliche…it’s money This is the very first time in my service,
I’m seeing a horrible con man – Sir, I’m a nice man
– You…? Sir, there is a huge
difference between Becoming rich from being poor and
becoming poor from being rich Even I have photographed images of giving away
sewing machine and spectacles in Lions club I want to be a good rich man
Is this bad? Have you thought about
the people you have cheated How many people would’ve got cheated
Such a big sin If you feel bad for a Chicken,
you can never eat fried chicken And I never went in search
of anybody to cheat I gave a chance to people
who were ready to be cheated If you ask me, you should never
file a case for such things Yes, sir! In elections, they promise to change
Tamil Nadu like Singapore and they win Even after 5 years, Tamil Nadu
remains Tamil Nadu They’ve cheated us, right? Yes Can you file a case against them
saying they’ve cheated us? Cheating and getting
cheated is all nature Got wet too much?
Should get dried? Will dry then! – What, is he telling anything?
– No sir, not even opening his mouth Where have you kept the money? If you don’t tell us, you’ll be
sentenced to imprisonment for life Sir, you can hit me
Kill me But can never punish me The reason is… I am neither poor nor a fool Why are you so mad
after money? Sir, have you ever felt starvation? Everything will be there in this world
But have you… …lived a life which has got nothing
expect yourself? Pain, anger, grief and
loneliness the hunger gives The thought, why is it
happening only to me? There is nobody in the world
This is a horrible world Have you ever lived a life, where you
can do whatever you want to survive? Have you signed a form stating that
your mother is an orphan dead body… …just because of not having
money to cremate her? Please drink the tea Sir, are you thinking about him? Why is he like an animal sir? Just like the imbalance
the nature creates? Man also loses it Brother, please move
a little and lie down Brother, your enquiries
won’t make him talk There is a separate enquiry for that
I’ll make him talk Have a look at my experience See that! Get up, dear! Why do you do have to die,
getting hurt like this? You resemble my son Why do you have to go
through all this torture? Want to eat? The food cooked by your mother Brother, please tell where is
the money and your gangs are I will get you released – Please tell me
– Go away bitch! What?! Go away bitch! He sort of talked
I’ll somehow make him talk We heard your experience! – Greetings brother!
– Come, Selvam I have spoken No problem, food will be
delivered on time to him! – Thanks bro!
– That’s alright See you later Greetings, lawyer! – Please get him bail
– Don’t worry brother With all the money, we can buy the law Don’t worry
I’ll take care That’s okay
How long you expect me to? Please be a little patient
Minister PA is in the line – I can’t talk to all those you ask me to
– No sir, one moment Whatever it is, let’s speak in the court Government is like an ocean Who will get to know if we drink
a jug of water from the ocean? You do it! I’ll take care Selva, come
Sit down Who’s family should be shattered? Nothing much brother
Gandhi Babu has to be released That police man is torturing a lot
If you can… The Con-Man Ghandhi Babu
Case hearing starts today – Greetings big boss!
– Please finish this off quickly! We’ll finish it off next week – Brother Mani!
– Greetings, sir Today it’s my hearing Please ask the public prosecutor
to underplay it Will give you a big amount? Do you know him? Promised a loan of 50 million
He got 500 thousand and cheated me – Your honor…!
– How did you believe him? He said Reserve bank
governor was his uncle Then why you didn’t get the loan? Only after getting cheated,
came to know that the Reserve bank governor is
a sikh and he’s in Punjab Your honor! Tell me, what he told to cheat you Lilliput! – Lilliput? That means?
– Man, just the size of a thumb Man in size of a thumb? In the same way I also got
surprised and cheated Have you heard of Elves? Even Today, the caves where they
lived are at the Poonoor hills Have got half of their heir
Wonder of the world Somebody has gone to
the backyard in the morning Something was seen jumping
from plants to plants A deep look into what
it was, Lilliput!!! Spreaded his dhoti and caught it! He’s kept it in his fridge, because
sunlight is harmful to it He doesn’t know the value of the Lilliput
Quoted it for just 10 million But the original value is 40 billion If we somehow buy the Lilliput,
we can buy half of Pondicherry 40 billion? I am seeing him only now
after swindling my 5 million He said it’s an elephant pearl You can find it in one out
of every 1000 elephants It attracts women with its power Do you need this
attraction at this age? What advocate? Judge doesn’t
seem to give a damn about you Will you properly
conduct the case? Leader! According to this case, what happens
inside the court doesn’t matter at all What happens outside the court?
That matters 120 page charge sheet file in court
against the con man Gandhi Babu Tipu Sultan’s sword
Worth 5200 million Emaan Noor diamond is second best
to Kohinoor diamond There is an idol in Palani mandir
of Tamil Nadu worth 499.9 million For all the crime that’s been reported
of you, what is your answer? Police had got my version
by hitting and torturing me I don’t know
who these people are The way in which the case moves,
we’ll definitely not get the money back I’ll immediately
go and see Varadhan! Sekhar, let’s go What happened to that
Moola Badhran issue? Leader solved it
Soon we’ll get the payment Who is Varadhan here? – Want some tea?
– No, thanks – Thilaga, Thilaga
– It’s okay if not there Tell me sir
How can I help you? He came and met me
4 years before Even the eggs are
worth thousands! – Just the fat in it is worth a million
– The bird wings worth a fortune Its wings also get exported Keep watching TV like this
Our family will grow wisely People are into Ostrich business… Move aside How long can we wait outside?
Will you get the money or not? We will for sure
get the money Wait for sometime Why are you pushing like this? Please come in line up
Please come in line up In the district of Perundurai… Kushi Ostrich farm industrialist Muthu
on the run after cheating millions of money 2 special police
forces on wide search As a woman I have been brainless
A man you are You’ve also been stupid I already knew these
fellows were a fraud Will anybody believe
if the bird was worth millions? I told by then itself,
these people were fraud The Ostrich industrialists being arrested
near Erode, Tirupur district A special report on
the stranded Ostriches – Why have you not filed a case?
– Not possible All the documents are in my name Shall I finish him in the prison? Do anything to him
I want my money back… Because of him, I have lost
all my money and dignity Now trying to escape from police
and have not even seen my family Don’t worry Will somehow get the money
Don’t worry when I’m there – Useless fellow, where did you go?
– To the house! Why didn’t you
pick up the phone? Sorry brother! You called when I was…
That’s why couldn’t answer Sorry!! Talking to me in English?
You fool! Gandhi Babu case gets Interesting! Cheated! Cheated! Cheated! The Gandhi Babu
case judgment today Greetings sir! See the money I believed in
has saved me! You’ve decided only money
is important in life When one day you realize
money is not everything What will you do
for all your wrong doings? Stop kidding sir
Nothing like that will happen Come to the party tonight
See you there Selvam, verdict has favored us – Partner
– One minute, Babu itself has come! – Thanks partner
– I’ll go to the advocate He’s on the line
Talk to him – Selvam
– I’m waiting outside Thilaga, take his phone away Who are you all? – Get down!
– Using rowdies to take me down? Take him down and start the show! Hit him and break him Don’t worry, my boys will
take care of him The way we hit, he should give
away all the money here itself Hey, you come! You come, dude A small issue!
Will finish it and call you How much ever we hit him,
he’s not opening his mouth Bring him inside! He thought I’m a police man? Will just
file a case, hit him and then let him go Make him lie there! Place the head between the machine If you don’t tell us the truth,
Your heads will be crushed! I have the money!
Will give it! Brother, his phone is ringing! Put it in loudspeaker and
keep it near his ears There is a phone call
from Selvam, talk! Phone got cut immediately
When asked the advocate, he said he left Went inside the court searching for you
Been waiting for 45mins, where are you? Perundurai party has kidnapped me Settle him the money Selvam You are important, we can give the money
But only if you tell, we can get the money I’ll tell everybody through phone You start collecting the money Money will be ready before 5 p.m
You can drop me and take the money Both of you go get the money and call me
Then we’ll relieve him – Okay boss
– Come, let’s go! Talk! Careful with the money If he had not opened his mouth
in 2 mins, he would’ve died Nothing to worry, I’ll bring
100 people to the gathering Brother, Vallimuthu is calling! Brother, it’s getting delayed
Money hasn’t come, what do we do? Be patient…wait for
another half an hour Okay, brother – Brother, his man has called
– Put it in loudspeaker Talk! Sorry Guru! Got delayed We’ve got all the money
Lots of hard earned money I asked Kumar if we
could just run away… Cheating the Master would
be wrong, he said Commiting a mistake without
feeling guilty is fine, I said He said okay If somebody cheated you,
don’t think him as your enemy In some way he’s your Master Because, you used to say, he’s
given us a way to live this life For how many days will you
be the Master for others? This time we’ll be your Masters… Are you trying to cheat me like other… Hey! Wait! Listen to me for a minute
and then do whatever you want – Let’s listen to him bro
– What’s it? They have run away with the money,
boss has asked us to come back You still have kept him alive
Kill him! Bash him to death The value of my next
project is 1000 million I’ll give you 500 million Will you kill him? Boss, could have informed me,
it’s a new shirt! Go and wash it with acid I did as you said Like you cheat others
if you try to cheat me… I’ll find and kill you Even if you dream of cheating, get
up and better ask sorry right away His men easily
ran away with the money He’s gone all feeble
by the hitting Thilaga! We must admit
him to the hospital If we take him, we might get in
to trouble, ask if he has anyone Is there any trustworthy
person you know? Till day all he had was money, now he
doesn’t even have that, useless fellow ‘A person like you who
does anything for money’ ‘If you are in his hands,
just think about it’ New Journey Whatever it might be
he is talented, bro! – He has cheated so many
– All that is just child’s play You have to be daring enough
to get into the play Look at the person at the bus stop
Cheat him and get 100 rupees Dude, stop the car This is nothing, I’ll get
100 rupees in 2 minutes Sir, I’ve been pickpocket, give me a 100
rupees, I’ll send it when I reach home Please sir How many of you
have come like this? Go, I won’t help! Looks like a piglet and
comes asking for money You asked him for money
saying you were pick pocketed – Did he give you money?
– No – What’s that in your hand?
– Watch – How much does it cost?
– 150 Go do as I say Seems like he won’t leave Sir, look at this watch
Singapore watch! The cost is 5000
There is a golden needle inside Keep this and give me 500, when I
return your money you can give it back I can’t give 500
I’ll only give 400 That’s ok sir – Here
– Thank you, sir Super dude To cheat someone,
we shouldn’t expect mercy We should tingle his greed! Good strategy Bye! Hello Bhai!
What are you doing? I work for
a very big company 5 start hotel it is I am doing really good Boss, did you notice
only ‘hello’ is Tamil? The rest is Hindi Friends, do what you can
for the Kovai conference – People’s money for the people
– Thanks They just don’t keep quiet Always doing something revolutionary What is communism and capitalism? A worker can exist only if there is
an owner, that is capitalism A owner can exist only if there is
a worker, that is communism – So, communist are the good people
– That depends on where you are Are we communist or a capitalist? We are communists trying
to become capitalists Let that be, how are we going to
do the 1000 million act and when? To do that we at least need
1 million investment, do you have it? You drooped for just 1 million If I had that money, I would
have owned a petty shop… …near the wine shop and
happily had a drink every hour Bro, I’ve an idea! We have got him right, why not we do
a small act to make the 1 million? Good strategy!
Good strategy! We need 200 thousands to do that If I had that, in Koyambedu market… – How much do you have?
– 5000 and that too for the fuel – Where are we now?
– Dindivanam Bypass Ok, let’s go to the town – Where are we going?
– Go straight, I’ll tell you Stop the car to the left Like a customer go and get
a business card from that jewellers Are we going to rob the jewellers? Robbing and killing for
money is foolishness There are 1000 ways to earn money
Let me teach you one in it Take the vehicle
to a printing press Gaja print this soon Started already
This looks totally new Take this and put it around
the villages in Dindivanam Why? If asked to count the leaves, why will you
take up the job counting the heads? Commemorating Akshaya Tritiya, at half
the price of gold in KR jewelery Why are you doing all this? I’ll tell you later, first book two omni’s
in the name of the jewellers You go and give the notice If we do this properly, the police won’t
catch us, the owner will be in trouble Before the police nears us
we can get on to the next act If the plan works out correctly,
tomorrow by dawn we’ll have a few millions I’ve called the owner Among you, who will speak bad words? Hello (swearing words) He hang up
I’ll call again Who are you? – Switch off?
– He has switched it off Here take this Hey, who are you?
Get out! Is this a Bar? I’ll just have a peg If you don’t listen to me, I’ll kill you
Do you know who I’m? I am from Madurai Bro! I am also from Madurai
Come have a drink – You too from Madurai?
– Yeah, bro – Today it is a bit cold, right?
– If you have a drink, it would be alright Only a Madurai guy will have
the heart to share his drink Making others happy is
what Madurai people do Want another glass? When has a Madurai guy
stopped with one glass? That’s enough! – Is that enough?
– Don’t pour water, I’ll just drink it Has ever somebody from Madurai
has mixed water? Madurai guy will never
mix water and drink! – Come
– Go! I’m strict in my duty If a Madurai guy gives us a drink,
feels like I’m riding a horse… Midnight 12 ‘o’ clock The jewellers had
asked for car at 12 Welcome! The owner
is waiting only for you Go this way – I’ve tied them up, take care
– Get in the car Early morning 4 ‘o’ clock With great difficult
I came here by milk van This is the shop giving gold
for half the price, right? Go inside Is this the shop
that gave notice? Stand by the side,
give way for others Come this side KR Jeweller’s!
This is the shop sister Stand properly – Gold at half price at this shop, right?
– Yeah, this shop only Please come – Did you see the crowd?
– Stand in line Go back! Go that side Come inside soon! Boss come!
I can’t control them The token car is here
Get your tokens soon Keep a change of 500, only if you
have the token you can buy the jewels Come in a line, please have the change No change!
Have 2 tokens! No change, get it while buying
the jewels from the owner Come quick Keep the token carefully
Or they won’t let you in Everyone will get a token Where can I stand? Are we fools standing here
since early morning? Go back! Stand in the line Next Come in a line Boss, the police are here Thilaga, don’t run away fearing police
Do as I say! – Come here
– Sir – Who are you?
– The KR jewellery security sir KR jewelers? Why so much
of public crowd here? There is an offer of
gold for half the price Our KR jeweller’s owner?
He never informed me Don’t you know you have to
get police permission… …if you have such a big crowd
creating public nuisance? Whatever you do it you
have to do it by the rules We’ll abide it, sir
Here take this, sir – Got it?
– Okay, sir Send 10 tokens to the police station I’ll take care of the rest Line up There are few good people still They are laundering the black money Sir, KR jeweler’s in the north
bazaar road have put an offer There is an uncontrollable
amount of public crowd Our patrol is there to control them What are you going to buy, Kanaga? I’m planning to buy a pair of bangles
with the chit fund savings It is very crowded
Can I get a token or not? I think owner is selling out
and going back to Rajasthan Boss, can you get me a token – It costs 2000
– Not a problem, I’ll give it! Then okay… Coffee! Coffee!
5 Rupee! Go! Go!
Keep the line! Don’t be greedy
Everyone will get it Such a big rush in our shop? Give some way
I work in this shop Why is there so much crowd here? Won’t there be crowd if you get
an offer for buying gold half the price? Over the night, owner has
done such a big thing? He has switched off the cellphone
Let me try the landline… No, in the morning itself? – Hello, I’m Hari
– You, what’s it? There is a big crowd at our shop
Come quickly Why have you given an offer
like this all of a sudden? He cut the call Owner has started Then you immediately go
wait in the by-pass Thilaga, close
the counter and leave There are only few left
We’ll finish and leave In the place of money, we should
eat jail rice, is it okay? Sir! Tokens got over… If you make way,
we can get a new set The token is over, so give
way they’ll be back soon Cooperating with
the shop staff is our duty The owner is here With all this crowd, looks like all
the jewels will be sold off today itself Owner is here
Give way… Owner! The minute you said
about the half price gold offer Uncontrollable crowd has turned out – Gold at half the price?
– Yeah, it is said in your poster! I never made a notice! Never made an offer! If owner has done something wrong, he can
never escape the clutches of the law We have done it Every one here?
Can we leave? How dare you wake up a Madurai guy? Get up! The shop is being robbed
and you’re sleeping here Is there a place you
don’t know in Tamil Nadu? How do you find such places? Why have you bought us to this
worn out place for a lodge? Police will search for people like us
only in a lodge, so shut up and come You’ll leave tomorrow, right? If anyone sees
and tells my owner, I’ll be fired They’ve given 100 rupee notes
It’s irritating to count Thilaga, hold it! You rock boss In just a blink of any eye,
what all magic you do! You tell boss
We’ll do anything Hey, he is no different from us He is my brother!
My Brother! ‘All the happiness you get from money
you cheated and earned’ ‘The same money will
chase you down one day’ Guru, this is Babu talking Where did you go?
Selvam who took the money is missing? Not able to catch you also Selvam and Kumar have taken
it all and made us fools Now, I’m totally zero I’m still in
the control of that gang Where are you now?
Shall I send some men? No Guru, I’ve fooled many
This gang in no big deal! I’ve planned it!
I’ll escape in 2 days… Can you do me a favor? Can you arrange a place
where I can be alone for a few days? That’s no problem I have a land
in the foothills of Rasimalai! – Go there
– Thanks, Guru Boss, you look fresh, seems like
you’ve planned for the 1 million act I’ve done it, but I can’t be
coming with you this time If the party sees me, everything will
be spoilt I know that party already We’ll finish it, you just give the idea
don’t make a big deal of it In Ramanathapuram, there is
a Grocery shop Chettiar Chettiar, a rare material
of 4 Kgs is there Our investment is just 1 million The returns are 200 million You’ve made it 1 million What are you thinking about? Nothing…
We’ll do it I’ll talk to my partner
And then we can buy the snake – Don’t call it a snake
– Then? Shall we give it a name? How about MGR? That’s old…
Rajini? – Shall we keep it as Rajini?
– Sure thing Tomorrow come at 10, we’ll
finish the Rajini deal – Happiness Chettiar
– Happy! Happy! You’re on time These 2 are my partners Crime inspector of Ramanathapuram
He’s the SI Tell them about your Rajini Catch them! Naming a snake
You fools! Rajini! Rajini!
Bash them sir Leave it, Chettiar, we’ve arrested them
We’ll get back your money You’ve just arrested Rajini
Vijay is still freely roaming around Where is he? I’m coming home from Tirupur I’ll call when I reach He looks familiar You’re that MLM guy, right?
– No I know you well I know you’re
the guy who fooled us I was searching for you Why are you hitting him?
He did nothing to you Why are you doing too much? Hey! Stop! Wherever you go
I won’t leave you Thirupur
28 KM Your son is earning
Why don’t you take rest? We should eat from what we earn!
There lies our dignity! Bro, you look familiar Have you come on TV?
You look familiar Do stop the vehicle – Give me a glass and water packet
– 10 rupees The MLM guy who fooled us
is drinking in the wine shop Come quickly! Dude, where is he? Bash him!
Kill him! I got humiliated by my relatives
because of you, idiot Leave it! He has fainted
He might die! Look there He has fooled us
by acting has got fainted Didn’t I tell he is a big fraud? We shouldn’t leave him like this
Should break his legs! Only then he won’t be go to another
city and cheat people also there If I see you around Tirupur,
I’ll bash you to death That would become
a public problem It’s public problem only if we hit
him here, let’s see where he goes We should not leave him dude
Get on Who are you?
Get out I keep telling you
Where are you going man? Banu!
Baa… Lie down, it’s nothing!
You’ll get well soon… For real you don’t
have any anger on me? Uh…No If I was in your place
I would let him die there itself When you cheated,
it was shocking for me When I thought about it, felt it
wasn’t just your mistake The incidents in your life
had made you think so If someone had saved
your mother that day… you wouldn’t have got the thought
that money is everything In a few days, my dad also died Then saw your news in the paper I never thought
I’ll see you like this Daily…I’ll pray for
you also to God! – All the best
– Thank you very much, sir Will send him off, sir Banu? Where to go? What to do?
I don’t know anything I can’t even understand
if I’ve changed… When I’m with you
I have no thought I feel like, I’m in
the warmth of my mother If you’re interested… …will you marry me? “A fresh new Sky glares at me” “The first drop of rain
that touches my body” “Purifies me and Transforms me” “In the path of love” “That resets life back
to a clean slate” “The love paints
the sky with new colours” “The glittering moon light
that slithers in to the house” “Merging with your beautiful face
Keeps me deeply intoxicated” “The hardships that I go through,
when it fetches money” “Affects you…
my heart skips a beat” “Perplexed if its reality or not” “My time travel
with your thoughts” “A fresh new Sky glares at me” “The first drop of rain
that touches my body” “In a world solely for us” “The seeds of love that we sowed
is growing as a plant of life” “Like the sound of life that
echoes in a mother’s womb” “The sound of love echoes at our heart
With a soulful beating” “Let this beautiful moments
Cherish for eternity” “A fresh new Sky glares at me” “The first drop of rain
that touches my body” “Purifies me and Transforms me” “In the path of love” “That resets life back to a clean slate” “The love paints
the sky with new colours” The baby is healthy
You are the one who is weak Are you feeding her well? Doctor! She never eats like
a small kid she’s very adamant After trying, I’ve become weak Don’t worry! Delivery will
happen before September 5th If there is pain or bleeding in
the meantime, come immediately – Will you come to the main bus stand?
– Yeah sure, sit down Auto!
Auto! Boss, I saw him You think we’ll leave you
if you hide at some foothills… …after trapping us
to the police? Catch him guys
Hold him tight, push him down Dear… Dear… Dear! Why did you come here?
It’s rocky out here! I heard some noise They are my friends
I’ll be back! You go! Come soon, got to cook for all
Have to go to the shop Yes, we’ll go Showing all your tricks to me itself
I told you, I’ll find and kill you, right? Bro, I didn’t have a project for
1000 million that day, I lied I didn’t know a way to escape
from you, I escaped Lies
Full of lies! Having settled down with a girl… If you don’t give the money,
I’ll kill you and your wife here itself Thilaga…Thilaga…Thilaga Please ask him to come back
I’ve that project today Please tell him not to
do anything to my wife Tell him, bro
Please bro! Thilaga, stop! Very nice food sister
Feels like staying here itself Please do, brother You have a big heart
So you said My friend hasn’t said a word… The sky, moon and the stars It’s been so long
since I’ve seen all this, right? Buffalos! Dear, who are they? People I know! Why have they come?
How do they know this place? They have come asking for help,
I would have to go with them for few days – What’s this?
– Are you going to start again? – They have come asking for help
– You’re lying Are you going to leave me
alone at this point? See you Thilaga, you stay back
Sister will need help, take care of her Let’s go You know why I’ve kept him there, right? If you fool around… Just one phone call He’ll slit her! We’ve reached Madurai
What are you going to do? First! Just book a cottage
at some corner of the city Then I’ll tell you the plan – Banu, can you hear me?
– Yes, I can hear you! There is no problem, right?
If not, go to the hospital – When will you come?
– I’ll be back soon Banu Come back soon Hey, give the phone back! From now on, whatever you do,
one of our guys should be with you! Throw it The money you asked for – Give me water
– Careful, brother Here your phone Now tell me, what are
we going to do? Rice pulling Iridium (A) Rice pulling Make them believe in
something that doesn’t exist Plant that belief in them Reap money out of that belief Understood? No, why did you ask? Good! If understood, then I
should think of a new idea! Ok, what next? Eat and sleep early, we have
to go to the temple tomorrow Will we start our business
after offering the prayers? No baby
The job is at the temple only Bro, we shouldn’t believe him
We should be careful Yeah, when the job is over
We have to kill both – Bro!
– This is a 1000 million job Surely it would be a big shot
We can’t believe him! If he gets us caught,
then we’ve to be cremated Only if we kill both the husband
and wife, it’s safe for us Right bro, should ask
Thilagan to be careful Your searching for this, right?
Here, brother! Look, stop the vehicle where
that 3 people are standing Bro, having come to the temple,
why don’t we go pray to the God? If you want, you alone go But make sure you don’t get
caught in the temple camera Because, have a look at that Kalasam
at top of the temple tower! That is what we are going to rob tonight
That is why those 3 have come Give them 100 thousand! Give me the phone to take a photo Here keep this carefully Aaru, here? Brother…! Crush this and go
sell it to some corner of the city Okay, bro Are you a fool?
Why should we rob it? And bought it for 100 thousand
Just to destroy it? 400 years old Kalasam of
a temple tower has been stolen I don’t get what’s happening If we are lying, it should
have some truth in it The product is ready, we should get a party
who is ready to buy this for 1000 million Send them to look around Madurai for who
has the most poster number of posters He is our target! Moovendhar, granite business man,
10 billion rupees of asset He’s God fearing, will go to the Meenakshi
temple daily and then to office And then to Astoria hotel bar
This is his Daily routine He’ll meet no one there He’s into a lot of mess right now
because of the Granite and family issues We have to find
who he believes in Magesh, his shadow Moovendhar does all his illegal
activities through him Lots of Moovendhar’s important
issues get sorted at the fish farm Real estate is his business Palani, a police officer,
a relative of Moovendhar! A name sake police!
Works for Moovendhar only Mad after money
Doesn’t easily trust anyone Astrologer Santhankrishnan,
has no desire for money This is why Moovendhar likes him,
Moovendhar consults him on everything Daily he would speak
to these 3 somehow We should bring
those 3 to our side How? Hi Babu, how are you? Have your seat, this is
Varadhan, this is Senthil Our project is RP, and party is
Moovendhar Granite businessman The easy way to
reach him is Magesh Real estate is one
of his business – Hello, Magesh
– Welcome, sir – You the one who called?
– Yeah Is this land good? Not so small
I need 200 acres of single land Tell me! I saw the RP Have discussed the rates
The rate I fixed only Tell me if you want – Then Magesh, how far?
– It’s nearby only sir… This is the place I told you
250 acres…is it okay for you? This looks like a pond That’s not a problem,
we have guys in the office No, no, I follow the rules Brother, Rate alone won’t change
Just forwarding it’ll give us 1000 of million Don’t miss this business
That is all I can say This is owned by a NRI who I know
150 acres, is this ok? It is very far from the city It would be nice
if it was closer It is there, sir
We’ll see it! The rate will never reduce Getting an RP is a miracle,
make him understand What does RP mean? RP means Rice pulling
A very powerful thing If one owns it
his life will change All his problems will be rectified
and he will get to great heights It’s surprising to hear what you say The land thing is a side business
The main business is RP! If you have a party, you
can have 10% as commission Ministers meeting, right? We’ll have it tomorrow, while meeting him
I need the files regarding the mines Get Rs 500 million as liquid cash ready The astrologer has to
read this book somehow Sir, careful Here is your book Be careful Kalasam of a temple tower costlier
than kohinoor diamond has been stolen… …1500 years old Brother!
Move the files faster! We need money immediately Rs 2500 million
Okay? I heard about a thing called RP Tell me Magesh Brother is asking if could
have a casual meet with you Can you come to his guest
house this Friday? Moovendhar is ok
Friday meeting So what next?
Everything is in your hands Magesh is ok, what are we
going to do about the Police? What’s the plan? – Vetrichelvan
– Ya what’s it? The kalasam from the temple
tower got stolen, right? – It’s with me
– What? If you do what I say correctly,
I’ll give you 100 million In a single payment Tell me what to do I thought he had been
drinking juice for a long time Now only I get its all mixing Who? He could sell off Yaman( God of death)
These people are nothing! Very happy! Guru, it’s me, when the job is over
they’ll try to do something Do me a favor, there is a guy
called Thilagan with Banu We must finish him first When we get the money, as
planned let’s kill him Then take Banu to a safe place He would have planned something else
I’ll take care of that Before that I need a help Only if we kill his family we won’t
have any problem in the future Okay, brother Babu will come along with a gang This is no ordinary business
It’s an ocean – Why are we here?
– To buy a horse Why should we come to
an iron store to buy a horse? Horse means gun Why gun? The man we’re going
to see is dangerous The job is big, if we get caught its
our end, this is for out safety How do you know this place? When a common man can bomb a place,
wont I know where to get a gun – Where are you going?
– Have to meet Siri You alone go Give that Sit here
I’ll tell to brother Just wait for 2 more days, it’s my duty to
meet the minister and move the mine files How many days will
you keep saying this? – Bro, they’ve come
– I’ll be there Even the tea giving looks weird Keep the horse ready
It will be needed any time If you can think from your heart… …you can stop the evil deeds – Greeting
– These are the details about RP CM’s son has bought it
It’s surprising ATK leader only bought the Meenakshi
Amman temple tower’s Kalasam After buying it only
has he grown so much They thought he was useless When the golden cap of the tower
reached his house… …everybody is
in front of his house It has a big demand
I’ve stopped it for you Is it so powerful? Sir, we’ll talk about
this in detail… They call it rice
pulling, because… That is the process
to check its power! That is, we have to keep
the golden cap in the center and… …throw rice grains around,
the cap will pull it all to it! That is, it should pull it!
That’s why it’s called Rice pulling Questions like, how will
the Kalasam have such a power? It is just a material,
will all arise We place godly idols in
temple and pray them The left over water from
the bathing of it cures diseases Even if we just stand there,
we’ll have no infections There are always
vibrations around us If its positive vibration, it is
good both for our and mind body! If its negative vibration,
it will kill us! We can even create these vibrations
Black magic is all negative vibrations You might have heard
the Mantra ‘OM’ It’s not just OM HUM it is! The sound resonates from our mouth
without using the tongue! When we say HUM and when we swear
we can realize a different reaction Because, the words from our mouth
get dissolved into the air and remain Gauging those sounds through
meditation and adding powerful sounds is
what that makes mantras By rendering those ordinary mantras to
a statue, we change it to a powerful God That brings good deed to people
All the thousands of mantras said daily… …change into a power that
directly goes to the Kalasam For millions of times,
the power keeps spreading While it changes into
a powered stream, thunder… …and lightening strikes
it making it even more …powerful and finally
becomes disastrous power When he get’s that power,
no big shot can dare to touch him! Nobody can stop his growth
He can live like a king! I’ll ask my wife
and let you know Sacredness! Women can never know about it Importantly, nobody should know
about you buying this! The sooner you decide
on your own, it’s better! – Ok, Samy
– But you just have one day This is a rare piece, if you
get it you are fortunate I’ll let you know tomorrow I’m impressed! How can
you bluff so efficiently? What I said is not a lie He talked many things, if I didn’t
know him, I would’ve believed him! Not a lie it seems… I’m telling this again, if you lie,
there should be bit of truth in it Only then it won’t seem fake If such a power reaches him,
no big shot can touch him! Nobody can stop his growth
He’ll live like a king A priceless component called Iridium is
said to have been inside the Kalasam There are no black marks on them A phone from Moovendhar Money is ready Swami!
When can the Kalasam be seen? Day after tomorrow!
Full-moon day! Power at its best
Will leave then! Okay Swamy – Cheta, make it ready
– Sure! Keep it inside the vehicle – Give it
– That’s ok, bro I’ll chop it…
Sit down! You’ll never get angry? Why anger?
Our life is very short Within that how much love and
care we can share, is happiness Life is all about realizing other’s love
and make others realize our love, brother? Please come Come inside Please come! Please come in (reciting prayers) Do a pooja on every full-moon day You are very fortunate!
Luck has favored you Everything will be good Ten sacks
Count it properly I’ll take leave swamy
Please come home – Got lot to discuss!
– Will come for sure! The game starts Empty all the sacks dude!
Let’s bath in the money… I can’t seriously believe this
He’s a great man! It’s cold Why are you playing with the money? It’s 5, we should go to
Madurai and give Magesh… …and Palani their share,
and then let’s go home Won’t give anyone the money Bro, what do you mean? You spying me?
I’ve killed him! I’ll kill you and
bury you next to him Hold him tight Banu, what happened? Moorthy brother’s auto is in the house
Go and get it to here I’ll go immediately Bro, this isn’t right You are talking about it Call Thilagan Listen to me – Viji, at least you tell them
– I’ll break your mouth His phone is not reachable Keep trying, if he attends, tell him
to kill that girl and come to Madurai Please listen to me bro
Don’t do, bro – Is Moorthy here
– He’s gone out – When will he come
– Only after 8 p.m I need a vehicle
Banu has got her labour pain There is an Auto at Suresh’s home What happened, bro? – Need an auto to go to the hospital
– I gave it for service two days ago Go to the main road
You can find some vehicle! Banu, couldn’t get an auto – It’s paining a lot
– Just bear it We’ll get to the main road
From there we’ll go to the hospital Please bear the pain for a while Get up
Sit carefully Bear the pain, just close by!
Close by only! Stop the car!
Let’s buy some drinks Take it, bro Please bear the pain
Hold me tightly – There is a pitfall, careful
– Hold me tightly His phone is ringing! If he picks up, ask him
to bury her and come soon! Senthil please listen to me – He is not attending
– Keep trying Brother, I can’t tolerate this pain
Leave me down! We are close by Leave me down please! We’ll go to the hospital soon I need to talk to him
Give me your phone It has fallen down somewhere
We are near the road Get up! We can reach
the hospital soon Come here! Go Go and dig a pit for you
that could suit your height! Bro, I gave you
the money as I said Give me my part
I’ll leave Give it! Stand up Stretch your hands Start the work Make it quick Bear the pain I’ll get a car! Bro, Bro, Bro! Go fast
Please sir! He’s going to travel
on the horse he bought We’ve reached the hospital Careful! Nurse bring
a stretcher quickly Call the doctor Is this how you bring her?
Sign here, it’s a risky case I have no belief in you
If your there… – Get a foetus scope
– Okay, doctor Hey, check if he has finished digging? – He has dug deep
– Lift him Stand here I’m saying it for one last time Varadhan
Give me my share! Money, right? Varadhan, every lie
will have a truth Every truth will have a lie Before that I need a help You alone go I need 2 guns – One
– Fake, real Thanks, Guru I didn’t dig this for me
It’s for you three Successful delivery Both of them are doing fine!
You can go and see them! Hey Thilaga… Babu got a baby boy, brother He has betrayed us Kill them both It is a sin, brother If you don’t kill them, I’ll come
there and kill all three of you Give it!
Give it! Ok, I’ll do it Your baby is born it seems I told him to kill both You shouldn’t come here
Go outside Tell where this place is The PCO booth near Nimmampatty
government hospital Stop! Where are you going? Sir, my wife Banu was admitted here
I have to see her Is he a fool, he admitted her, she gave
birth to a child and then both disappeared – I’ll just check once
– If you don’t leave I’ll call the police Yesterday itself I had some
doubt during her admission You killed my Banu
You killed my Banu! I’ll not spare you alive I’ll kill you You killed my Banu! – Look!
– I won’t leave you Listen to me Don’t shoot!
Don’t shoot! Banu! You’re fine, right? My friend!
My friend! Thanks!
Thanks! One minute One minute Here, all this for you
Take what you want Take it
All this money is for you If it’s for money,
I would’ve killed her! Banu…
Banu…! Banu…! Banu


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