Satta (HD) – Raveena Tandon – Atul Kulkarni – Hindi Full Movie- (With Eng Subtitles)

I think we will have to
convince Baig and Chauhan. Should I humiliate them in public,
it will be fun. Don’t worry, we are with you. We are in power.
There is no need to do all this. I have spoken to
Annasaheb Joshi about this. It makes no difference. Mr. CM, in the last few months,
the chief ministers’ office… and many of your
ministers have together… been accused of many scams.
What do you have to say about it? The scams the opposition
is talking about… the inquiry commission’s
report on all of them is expected. The truth will be before
the public very soon. The opposition says your government
will fall in the coming elections. All that is nonsense. All of you, and even the public is
aware of all the work my party… and my government has done in
the last four years. Everyday, the opposition, by
shouting slogans in the Assembly… and resorting to stone-throwing outside,
are putting hurdles in our work. And the people will
have to pay for it. What I’d like to tell
Mr. Annasaheb Joshi… the Opposition chief,
that before accusing us… he should learn to keep
Baig and Mahendra in check. Enough for today.
– Hail CM Kulkarni! Hail CM Kulkarni! Hail CM Kulkarni! Hello, sir. That Kothari builder
once again… refused to give money. I know. This hasn’t
happened the first time. This has happened the fourth
time in one and a half years. All the money is going to
Baig’s men, and you… Thakur, how many times have I
told you not to give Baba tension? Will I have to
tell you what to do? Idiot! Are your men
roaming around like eunuchs? Call up the rascals. Salim, collect all our men. Kothari builder
has to be eliminated. No, it’s not possible. Hello, Anna.
– Hello. Sit down, Baig. Why Baig, you call for a meeting,
and then come late for it? I at least called for a meeting. Or some people have started
taking decisions on the streets. lf you are talking about
Kothari builder’s murder… then whoever has done this,
has given a befitting reply… to the one who was responsible
for Seth’s accident last year. I don’t have time. And Chauhan, whether you call
this a meeting or anything else… Baig…Baig…. Annasaheb, now that we have
met today, let us decide… who will be the
party president of North Mumbai. And who’ll be given the election
ticket for the coming election… for Behrambaug,
Nehru Nagar, and Azad Nagar. Now that we have collected here,
we will discuss and decide… Decide what? How does
Azad Nagar figure in this? My son Vivek, is standing for
election from there. This has already been decided
– Is it? Then what about Balram and Mohsin… who have worked hard for
the past four years… and collected
minority and Dalit votes? I wasn’t aware Annasaheb, that our
party is facing such bad times… that ruffians will be given tickets.
– Chauhan, stay in your limits! Don’t forget, that if I
organize one Iftar (Eid) party… it will shake up
the whole Party. What else can a kebab vendor do? Baig…Baig, please sit down. Chauhan, you also
show some endurance. We all are from the same party. I request you to forget
your personal differences. The elections are nearing. I spoke to the High Command
in Delhi last night. Our parliamentarian Yashwant Varde
will himself come here… in 34 days and
take all these decisions. Mr. Baig, the party
High Command’s decision… to send Yashwant Varde here
is like a slap in our face. What decision will he take?
He is Chauhan’s stooge after all. Don’t worry, Balram. Very soon,
I will make such a move… that power will be in our hands. Hello!
– Hello! – Who’s this? Your mom!
Stupid! You are still home?
Have you seen the time? What is the time?
– It’s 9 am. 9 am!
Oh shit, I am late again. Yes. And your Trans-corp
report is still not ready. You know you have to
submit it by 12 clock. All right, don’t chew my brains.
I’m disconnecting. Bye. What are you searching?
– Batra’s asked for some papers. I cannot find them.
– Relax! Why are you getting so tensed? Tensed? He is going to fire you too.
He was asking about you. Who cares? Shh! He’s here. Send all those
reports in my cabin. And fix my appointment
with Vishes Chemicals. Yes, sir. So girls, what’s happening? Good morning sir.
– Good morning sir. Nothing, sir… Wow! You are wearing
a great suit today. It’s mind blowing.
– Really? Really! Sir, you had gone to play golf
during the weekend, right? Yes.
– How was the trip? Oh, great.
Golf and Royal Palm… Sir, is it okay if I give you the
Trans-corp project report by tomorrow? This suit is great, isn’t it? Fantastic sir. I want all
the reports by evening. Yes sir! There should not be a
single mistake in them. – No. No. Take your own time.
– So sweet. Prem listen..
– Thank you sir. The idiot! That’s true. But what
will you do about the file? Forget it.
We’ll think about it after lunch. Atleast we got some free time.
– Yeah! Yeah it’s been very long.
– No, no. How about a beautiful mind? That’s a good one.
– Let’s go. Please. Amit, do you
think CM Kulkarni… will be able to win
the elections this time? I don’t think so. Chauhan and Baig have levied so
many corruption charges on it… their chances
of victory are slim. Moreover Vivek Chauhan has
made Kulkarni’s life miserable. What do you think? Is Vivek Chauhan worthy of
being an MLA? Come on, you guys.
Stop talking about politics. Their world is different from ours.
What have we got to do with that muck? Come on, Anuradha.
How can you be so indifferent? Is it?
What is your age? What’s age got to do with this?
– Tell me. These girls won’t run away
hearing your real age. It’s only us. Tell me.
– 26 years. 26 years! And when are we
eligible to vote? At 18.
– 18, right? There are 8 years
between 18 and 26. In the last eight years, how many
times did elections take place? Why talk about elections? They are
held every year, like festivals. Anyway, my point is,
that in the last 4-5 elections… how many
times have you voted? Never.
– No? Not even once? See! Not even once. We all want to stay away
from the muck that politics is. But mark my words!
Vivek Chauhan is a winner. He will surely win. This government is not
going to last long. I am proud… that each and every
worker of our Party… has exposed
this useless government. We have proved that in the guise
of serving the public… Kulkarni and his ministers
have filled their coffers. I, Vivek Chauhan says, that if he
has any shame, he should resign. Because he has lost the
right to run the government. He is right. So say along with me… CM Kulkarni, resign! Resign! Prashant Kulkarni be damned! Damned! Yashwant has arrived from Delhi. Looks like the decision
regarding you will be taken today. So Yashwant, what news have
you brought for us from Delhi? That I will tell you.
But first I want to say… that the news about your differences
that appears on TV and… in the newspapers here has annoyed
the Party High Command. Look, the elections
are nearing. Such things are not
right for the Party’s image. Annasaheb, the onus of unity
within the Party is on you. Anyway, the Party High Command
has decided… that Nehru Nagar
and Behrambaug’s tickets… will be given to
Milind Patil and Fatima Sheikh. The district chief of
North Mumbai will be Balram Yadav. And Vivek Chauhan will stand
for elections from Azad Nagar. We can do anything
for the Party’s unity. Even adhering to the
High Command’s decision. But let this be clear. Don’t impose decisions
on us every time. Liyakat Ali Baig will
not compromise every time. It is the request of the
Party High Command… that you announce this
to the Press together… that there are no
differences between you two. So that no one gets an
opportunity to gossip. Where our differences
are concerned… they are just rumours.
Isn’t it? Of course! It is a conspiracy of the ruling party.
And baseless propaganda by the media. Right, Mr. Chauhan?
– Absolutely. And let me tell you clearly… that Mr. Baig and me are going to work
together for the coming elections. Thank you. Good bye!
– Good bye! Come. Like you saw, on one hand, there are
accusations on the ruling party… and on the other,
the rumours of differences. Politics in hot debate. I, Avinash Prakash,
from News India. Have the sweet dish. Liked the food?
– It was great. I am eating home food
after many days. I heard Vivek gave a very good
speech at the rally today. This is just the beginning.
I am confident… our Party will
come into power this time. All that is fine, but do
be careful about one thing. Apart from your area, you have to
concentrate on other areas too. Baig cannot be trusted. He can
ditch you at the last minute. He is right, Vivek.
Here… I am busy. I’ll call you back later. You’ll sit, I’ll leave. I have to
start for Poona early tomorrow… for the hotel property deal.
Don’t bother. Vivek, enough of politics.
You have even been nominated now. Think about marriage now.
– Why are you after my marriage, mom? I have to concentrate
on my career for 2-3 years. I don’t have the time
to think about all this. I am aware of all the
things you are doing outside. God! Brother, I think
mom has put spies after me. Vivek, do anything you
like outside this house. But remember… the girl who comes to our
house, will be of my choice. Why do you worry? Vivek will bring a
daughter-in-law of your choice. I’ll take your leave.
– Take care, Yashwant. Yes.
– Come brother. Vivek, be careful
about one thing. You are going to be an MLA now. Do anything,
but be careful about your image. Yes, brother. Look Vivek,… ..we politicians have a certain
reputation which we have to protect. I understand brother.
– Good! Bye!
– Thank you! Bye! Drive home. So mom, how’s Delhi?
– Delhi? Delhi is the same. The same parties of Sheela
and kitty parties of Shobha. They’ll never change. It is two years
since you left Delhi. But I still miss you very much.
– Me too. How is work going? It’s going good mom. I may get a
promotion in 6-7 months. Oh, that’s marvellous!
– So how’s your work going? Going okay. It’s a high profile job. I have
come to Bombay only for a day. I may go to London next week. Wow! That’s cool! Did you meet daddy? After divorce, where does
that man have the time? When you were in Delhi,
he did come to meet us sometimes. But now… Anu, I am very
happy about one thing. The girl who saw so
much in her childhood… now understands everything. Anyway, have you given
a thought to marriage? lf you have given me
the responsibility… then just have the patience. As soon as I find someone,
you’ll be the first one I’ll tell. “When I am having fun,
why won’t I be happy” “Sing along in joy” “When my heart is filled with
joy, why won’t I dance” “I dance in abandon,
you also sing along” “It is pouring mischief” “When I am having fun,
why won’t I be happy” “Sing along in joy” “When my heart is filled with joy,
why won’t I dance” “I dance in abandon,
you also sing along” “Let what has to happen, happen” “Let us be in a trance” “But you don’t lose such moments” “All joys have come awake” “Let your sorrow sleep” “There is mischief in our eyes” “When I am having fun,
why won’t I be happy” “When I am having fun,
why won’t I be happy” “Sing along in joy” “When my heart is filled with joy,
why won’t I dance” I’ll be back. I haven’t seen you here before. You haven’t seen me before. It seems boys nowadays
have no lines left… to make friends with girls. I have come with my friends. “If we become impassioned” “We make an impression” “No one understands,
no one knows” You are crazy,
so am I “We achieved those goals” “The paths of which
are filled with mischief” “When I am having fun,
why won’t I be happy” “Sing along in joy” “Sing along in joy” “Sing along in joy” “Sing along in joy” “Sing along in joy” Who Vivek Chauhan? People even refuse
to recognise me now! The ruling party says
I am quite notorious. I keep threatening people. Where did you get my number from? Now you will also
ask me why I called you. Why did you call? To know that if I have
to invite you to lunch… what line should I use? Tomorrow afternoon at 1:00,
Legacy of China. You are very different
from what I’d heard of you. What is a man like
you doing in politics? Why?
– Just asking. Like a businessman’s son
becomes a businessman. And an actor’s
son becomes an actor. So a big politician like
Mahendra Chauhan’s son… also had to be a politician. Well, apart from going to pubs
with friends on weekends,… what else do you do? I am a client supervisor
in a public relations firm. Have you ever considered the
PR of a big political party? Politicians don’t need publicity. Their acts…and what is that
called…agitations… because of their so-called agitations,
they’re always in news. They keep getting free publicity. I am an only son,
so mom has pampered me a lot. You can say, she spoilt me. Father has always been strict. But I know he loves me very much. My parents are divorced. My life revolves around
my friends and my work. We are from two
different worlds, Vivek. You are wrong, Anu. People around us often make us believe
that we are different from others. A man’s past is the devil. What does your
husband do, Ms. Devika? Father, I had said everything… I was 10 years old when
mom and dad got divorced. Then…then…. Who will give away the bride? My mom will. Lateshbhai, Vivek’s
wedding arrangements are great. Great, isn’t it? It’s my job
to keep politicians happy. lf they are happy, they keep us happy.
The elections are nearing. I can get 2-3 tenders cleared. I’ve heard you are
financing a film too? I have heard 2-3 story lines.
I am attached to glamour. I’ll talk to you later.
– Farokhbhai, Vivek is married. Do you know, we lost 17 men
with this government in power. Don’t worry, Munna Thakur.
Let us come into power… we’ll get double their
number of men killed. I’ll be very pleased that day. Annasaheb, you will
have to manage that. Due to my son’s wedding,
I haven’t been able to go… to the party office since
the past 10 days. I will handle only
election work from tomorrow. I have heard even Mr. Baig is coming.
– Why not? These are the only few occasions
when we politicians meet. Or else…you are aware. There he comes.
– There comes Vivek. Absolutely right. Bless you both. Father… there comes Mr. Baig. Welcome, Mr. Baig.
– Congratulations! Thank you. Congratulations!
– Hello! Mr. Baig,
my daughter-in-law, Anuradha. Beautiful…the pair. This is for you.
Congratulations. The disciple has
outdone the Guru, Yashwant. Sorry?
– You also get married. I’ll have to get married now. When are you going on your honeymoon?
– By the first flight tomorrow morning He’ll have a
good holiday for a week. Then our Party has
to prepare for the elections. Yes Vishu, tell me. Are Yadav’s
men giving too much trouble? Did you speak to Sawant? Wait. Did you speak to Sawant? Fix a meeting with him
when I reach Mumbai. Tell the pimp we want at least
Rs.500000 this time. He wants the
Yogi Nagar land in Borivali. The dog will have to
ultimately come to us. Yes..yes..tell him… Yashwant, the Party High Command
will never be favourable to us. All decisions go
in Chauhan’s favour. Anyway, let bygones be bygones. It’s not like that, Baig. We have to take along everyone
for the progress of the party. You can understand.
– Oh yes, I can understand. Shall I tell you
something, Yashwant? Your journey from an ordinary
mill worker to the parliament… is praise worthy. Absolutely praise worthy. You have
contacts with everyone today. Whether they are from
Mumbai or Delhi… .. whether they are builders
or industrialists. Amazing! Look Yashwant,
I have all kinds of vote bank. You are an MP.
There are 550 MP’s in this country. The public doesn’t remember
the names of most of them. Heed my advice.
Join hands with me. Let us unite and do something
different in this state. Something big. Baig, the sherbet was very good. Thank you. I’ll take your leave. Do give a thought to what
I have said, Yashwant. When the time comes,
I surely will. He is pretty tough. He is not going
to get influenced so easily. Yadav, you truly are a fool. Didn’t you hear what he said? He will give it a thought
when the time comes. Hello, Baba.
– How are you, Vishu? I’m fine. How are you? I’m fine. Tell me. Rashid has sent Rs.200000.
He wants 4 shops in Pathanwadi. It will be done.
What about Sawant? He said he will
pay in a few days. How was the honeymoon?
– It was okay. Surekha was missing you. Tell her I’ll meet her later.
Now go. Meet me later.
– Okay. Good night, Baba. Rashid’s job got done?
– Yes, Baba. Oh yes.
That Pillai had called. Our Nasik hotel business
has fallen since last month. Occupancy rates are very low.
I don’t know what we should do. Baba, when I
worked in my company… a big hotel of Goa
was our client. After our marketing research, they
changed their marketing strategy. They started
making profits again. My friend has that project report.
If you want I can get it tomorrow. Have your dinner. Yes. I was looking for you in the bedroom
and you are here? Come. What happened? Vivek, can’t I even be a part
of your family business? You are offended
about what Baba said. It’s not like that.
– Then what is it? You said mom and Baba don’t like
my working. So I quit. Father doesn’t like interference
from women in business and politics. I mean, just try to understand. They are old fashioned,
but they’ll change. You should have given me
a rule book before marriage. Telling me what I should and
should not do after marriage. What do I do sitting at home? Take interest in house chores. Banwari Kaka,
what are you cooking today? I’m making
spinach and cottage cheese. I’ll make a dish today. It’s okay.
– Allow me. Give me some
coriander and tomatoes. Yes? I think we have enough
servants in the house. The Chauhan family’s daughter-in-law’s
place is not in the kitchen. Mother, when I was shifting
things in the drawing room… you told me this house has
been like this since 40 years… and it won’t change. And now… I think the Chauhan family’s
women have no place… in the drawing room
or the kitchen… but only in
their husband’s beds. Grind it fine like she has. Pick that up, and even that. Where are you going?
– You know my friends had called. I am going to meet them.
I may get late. Does Vivek know?
– I had called in his office. He is never there. lf he calls,
tell him I am at Neelu’s place. The things that shine from a
distance are dull at close range. First you trust your fate
and marry a man. Then live a new life
as per the rules in his house. And if that is not enough… ignore all your husband’s vices. And then one day you realise,
you have lost your identity. Anu, as much as I know you… you have faced
every problem in life bravely. And I am confident you
will continue to do so. Have patience. Have you seen the time?
– Yes, it’s 11:30 pm. Is this the time for any decent
daughter-in-law to return home? Is Vivek home?
– He’s a boy. You are right. He has not mended his boyish
ways even after marriage. Vishu, drop them home safely. Meet Sawant in the pub
and call me up. Okay!
Come on! Come on sit. What happened?
You haven’t gone to bed yet? How can we sleep when our
daughter-in-law… returns home at 11:30 pm. Despite your explanations,
she has not mended her ways. See the clothes
she wears these days. Better be strict with her,
or else… Anu, switch off the TV.
– Why? I want to talk to you. Tell me. How many times will I have to
explain the same things to you? What things?
– What things? There are some
rules of this house. We have told you so many times,
but you seem unaffected. What do you want after all?
– Nothing. Then why don’t
you change yourself? Because I hate you and your
parents double standards. After marriage, it makes no difference
to them about the life you live. And if I do anything, the Chauhan
family prestige gets tainted? lf you wanted to add
to your family prestige… you should have married a woman
whose husband got drunk… slept with other women
and came home… and the woman, instead of
asking him where he was… gives him a warm welcome,
like your mother. Bitch! You slapped me, Vivek? You raised your hand on me? lf you don’t
change your ways… I will beat you more.
Understand? Bitch! I am not among the women who get
slapped by their husbands… and go and cry in the kitchen. Remember! Yes Vishu, tell me. Make Sawant wait,
I’m coming to the pub. What happened? Nothing.
Don’t worry, I’ll handle her. Where are you going?
– I have to meet Sawant. For the party fund.
– Meet Sawant? At this hour?
– Listen… I want money for my party fund.
I give you a week’s time. Or you know what I’ll do. And anyway, you keep
needing us. Isn’t it? But Vivek….
– Let’s go, Vishu. lf Sawant doesn’t give money,
cancel all his tenders. Let’s drink.
– Sorry sir, the bar is closed. Don’t you know who he is? He’s a politician’s son.
His name is Vivek Chauhan. Says the bar has closed!
Move! But sir… Hey heroine!
Two whiskey. Excuse me, sir.
The bar is closed. Do you know who I am? Whoever you may be.
We have taken the last order. You two pittance of a woman!
What do you think of yourself? You will put your
foot down everywhere? You are crossings your limits. I am saying the last time.
I want my drink now! I am sorry sir,
you won’t get your drink. What have you done! I vented someone
else’s anger on her. Let’s get out of here. Run! Look there. If there are girls
in the bar, arrest them all! Kelkar, check 14.
If they… Come on, Vishu! Run!
– Run! Who are you?
– Shut-up! Inspector Udhav Pawar! Arrest him! Leave me! Are you in your senses, Rane? Do you know whose
son you have arrested? What could I do, Mr. Chauhan?
Pawar has arrested him. There are signatures of
25 witnesses in the FIR. A girl has been murdered.
And moreover, this Pawar. He is not corrupt. Nothing can be done for now.
Only the court can decide. Pundit, call up the lawyer. Ask
him to make arrangements for bail. Right away. I’ll tell you how… Tell me who has signed
as witness. Is Pawar the only officer?
What are you doing? You just don’t worry. Where is Vivek?
– Come. Please sir, don’t beat him.
Leave him. My brother is innocent sir.
Please don’t beat him. Why did you have to do this?
Why? Don’t you know elections are nearing?
And you… I’ve made the mistake now. Speak to Shukla
and get me bailed out. Bribe the witnesses
and the inspector. I will manage everything
after I am released. You will tell me what to do? Come out and set everything
right indeed. How many times have I
told you not to carry a gun. Don’t you have brains?
Use it sometimes. Son, are you all right? I’m fine, don’t worry.
It’s just a matter of a few days. Why is she so pale? What happened to her? What has your husband done? That’s how you feel the first time.
You’ll gradually get used to it. My husband goes in and out. Mahendra Chauhan’s son
has been arrested. Let’s see what he does now. Balram, Azad Nagar is ready
for you on a platter. Congratulations. Jadhav, get one tea.
– Okay sir. Pawar, you must
be very happy today. I heard Vivek Chauhan’s bail
application got rejected again. Pawar, what I am saying is.. The offer Chauhan’s
advocate gave you… accept it.
You will be better off. You have already
been transferred four times. Think….just think. It’s with great difficulty
one gets this posting. I’ve worked for many politicians
and men like Baig. Tell me Rane, you were posted
in Grant road before, right? Yes, why? I heard you made
lots of money there. You used to remove money
from the blouses of whores. Listen. Sometimes Shinde,
sometimes Patil… sometimes Baig,
and now, Chauhan. Instead of licking the feet
of these ministers,… you become a pimp in Grant Road.
You’ll make lots of money. This is a uniform,
not your whore’s scarf. Look. What’s written here?
Do you know to read? Read it! It means that until I don’t
get Vivek sentenced,… I won’t close the file. It’s regretful that Vivek’s
bail application… got rejected even today. He has been sent into
judicial custody for 14 days. What are the chances of
bail after 14 days? Very slim. lf bail gets rejected again,… he’ll be behind bars
for at least 4-6 months. The fool ruined a good career. And Baig must
be pleased as a pie! What is your opinion, Yashwant?
– It is a big problem. You have already announced
you won’t stand for elections. Even I don’t know
what to do this time. Can I make a suggestion? Yes. lf you don’t have any problem… why don’t you make Anuradha,
your daughter-in-law… stand for elections? The seat will
remain in the family. Where Vivek is concerned… the gullible public will
forget the incident in 3- 4 months. Not a bad idea, Mr. Chauhan. lf Anuradha agrees,
I’ll convince High Command. I’d only heard until now that man
changes colours like a chameleon. I’m witnessing it today. Look, Anuradha
– I am seeing, Baba. You didn’t like women interfering
in business and politics. So what happened now? Try to understand the
delicate situation. There are just a few days
left for the elections. It is a question of the
family, and Vivek’s prestige. As a devoted wife, it is your
duty to protect our honour. You want me to
be a devoted wife… and ignore all
the vices of your son? And enter politics
and become a scapegoat? Until yesterday, I had to take your
permission to step out of the house. And now, the same
Anuradha Chauhan… will stand in the street
and beg for votes? Won’t that affect your prestige? Great! Look dear,
think with a cool head. This is my…personal
request to you. Yes, dear. The things people do
for their selfish interests. It was so easy
for them to say it. I myself don’t know what to do. Anu, you only used to say that
you had forgotten your identity. You only used to say that you
feel suffocated in this house. Maybe this is your
opportunity to roam free. To find your identity. Look dear, there are ups and
downs in everyone’s lives. But do you know what is the
greatest thing God has given man? Opportunity. An opportunity to live life. To prove yourself. Baba, I am ready. But remember… I have taken this decision not
only for you, but even for myself. And one more thing. I don’t
know anything about politics. You don’t worry about that. I am happy you have taken this
decision in the family interest. And since you have taken this
decision, you will get a guide. Come, I’ll introduce
you to someone. Come. Whatever the planning commission
and expenditure report may say… it is we who have to work. That’s true…I’ll call you later. You already know Yashwant.
He is your Guru from today. lf you want to walk with your
head held high in politics… then your first few
steps will have to be humble. That’s the norm of politics. Yashwant, Anuradha is your
responsibility from today. Do you think my work will be done?
– Yes I had talked to him. Come, Anuradha. From today, this
is your office and this is your chair. See this chair carefully. This is not an ordinary chair. lf you get habituated to
sitting in this chair… your journey into
politics will become easier. Come, I’ll introduce
you to some other people. Come. Please come. Just a minute. Thank you. Come, Anuradha. They are our
party’s senior leaders. Parvez Khan! Indu!
– Hello! Anant Desai! Ramesh Sonawane! And he is Milindrao Patil. Come! Greetings!
– Greetings! She is Suhasini Bhave. And she is Laxmitai Joshi.
She is the party’s sitting MLA. She has won
by the biggest margin. He is Chandu Surve. Come! Hello, Farokhbhai.
– Hello. He is Farokh Nepali,
and Munna Thakur. Hello.
– Hello. He has a vast
real estate business. Come! This is Rizvan! Aslam Chaddha! Just a minute, Yashwant…
– And… You know Mr. Baig already.
– Hello. Greetings!
Welcome to the party. Thank you. Hari Shetty, a big hotelier.
He owns 15 bars in the city. Mr. Kapadia, a big businessman
of your constituency. Yashwant, just a minute. I can understand your introducing
me to the MLA’s and corporators. But businessmen
like Kapadia… and goons like Farokh
Nepali and Munna Thakur… are always in news for
scams and murders. What have they got
to do with our party? Anuradha, to form the government
and run it… three things
are very necessary. Money, which these
businessmen give us. Power, which we get from people
like Farokh and Thakur. And a brain to make use of
these two things properly. Which we have. You will gradually
understand everything. Yashwant.
– Yes. Please come.
– Excuse me. I am just coming. Tell me, Baig. You made an impression
on the first day itself. Anuradha Chauhan, march ahead.
We are with you! Anuradha Chauhan, march ahead.
We are with you! Anuradha Chauhan, march ahead.
We are with you! Hail Anuradha Chauhan! Anuradha Chauhan, march ahead.
We are with you! Anuradha Chauhan, march ahead.
We are with you! Anuradha Chauhan, march ahead.
We are with you! Hail Anuradha Chauhan! Hail Anuradha Chauhan! Hail Anuradha Chauhan! Our party, that is,
Rashtriya Jan Ekta Manch… may have been
in the opposition… but we have always presented
your needs and problems… before the government. She is beautiful.
– But her husband is in jail. In the last four years, the work
Mr. Mahendra Chauhan has done… is for everyone to see. I am his daughter-in-law. But apart from that, I am
also a qualified professional. This woman doesn’t have it in her.
She’s not charismatic like Vivek. I can understand
your problems… and make Azad Nagar
a better place to live. I want your support. I expect it from you. What do you think, Mohanlal?
– She isn’t confident. She is boring.
I’m going to the toilet. Give me way. Thank you. She is a new bride in politics.
She will learn gradually. Thank you. Come, Anu! Sit! Why had Kiran come here? Why? She is my friend.
She can come to meet me. She doesn’t have to ask you. Forget all that. Tell me
how election work is going. It’s going fine.
– Good. There is no need to worry anyway. I and Baba have done so
much work in Azad Nagar… that anyone will win
there on our name. Why are you
looking at me like that? Looks like you haven’t got
over that night’s issue. You are talking about me? How can you kill someone so
ruthlessly and have no remorse? So what do I do?
Kill myself? So I made a mistake.
– You call this a mistake? This is your character, Vivek. You talk about my mistake,
think about yourself. What is your worth without
the label of my family name? I loathe you. Get lost!
Giving me sermons, the bitch! Giving sermons to Vivek Chauhan. You talk about my mistake,
think about yourself. What is your worth without
the label of my family name? What is your worth? Can I ask why you
have taken the decision… not to stand for election? Why do I fight this election?
For who? For Vivek? Who says that without the
Chauhan family label… I am not worth anything? He is right. I have myself
forgotten my identity. Look here, Anuradha.
Here. This is the
world’s biggest democracy. Biggest democracy. Wonder how many times,
our 100 crore population… gave votes and handed
power to a few leaders. Gave them the power to take
decisions of their lives. And what did these leaders do? They broke the public’s faith
in them again and again. Broke it to such an extent,… that half the population
doesn’t vote any more. And educated people like you, who
have everything since childhood… don’t want to do anything. Sometimes they even say they were
better off under British rule. You talk of your identity? Do you know what your problem is? You are lost in your past. You won’t find your identity in
your past, but in your future. Fate has given you a very good
opportunity to prove yourself. To find your identity.
Don’t let it pass so easily. Anu, promise me that I will meet
a different Anuradha tomorrow. Anuradha Chauhan. I feel like
laughing when I hear this name. I feel Rashtriya Jan Ekta Manch
is going through very bad times. That they have to give a ticket
to people like Anuradha Chauhan. I ask, on what basis
has she been given a ticket? Just because she is the Chauhan
family’s daughter-in-law? Victory for Anuradha Chauhan! Is this the tradition
of the Chauhan family… Victory for Anuradha Chauhan! Victory for Anuradha Chauhan! Or because she is
Vivek Chauhan’s wife? Victory for Anuradha Chauhan! That Vivek Chauhan,
who has killed an innocent girl? Yashwant give me the mic. Anuradha, right now… Yashwant give me the mic. Politics is not kids play. Prem, mic please. What does this kid know
about politics? Brothers and sisters… the court will decide
whether Vivek Chauhan… has committed
this crime or not. Rather than standing here and shouting
I’d like to remind Mr. Mhatre… that there are such cases filed
even against him with the police. In the last 50 years… this is the first time a woman
is going to represent Azad Nagar. I may not be an
old hand at politics. But I do have the desire
to serve my people. To serve the people,… one needs to understand
their everyday problems. And no one can understand
this better than a woman. Remember, even today,
despite suppression from men… every home in this
country is run by a woman. Victory for Anuradha Chauhan!
– Applaud! Victory for Anuradha Chauhan! She has charisma!
She will win. What is she saying? Victory for Anuradha Chauhan! Victory for Anuradha Chauhan! Mohanlal, don’t you
want to go to the toilet? Mhatre will need to
go to the toilet now. The lady will win! Victory for Anuradha Chauhan! Amazing! Your daughter-in-law
has won the elections! Anyone who has Yashwant-bhai’s blessings
is bound to win the elections. Although my daughter-in-law has
won the elections… it was entirely Vivek’s idea. Let’s go. They must be waiting for
us to leave on the pilgrimage. Hurry. All right, let’s go. Let’s go, Yashwant! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Yashwant! Long Live Yashwant! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Yashwant! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! Long Live Anuradha Chauhan! So you’re happy your wife has won
the elections. Aren’t you, Vivek? And she had to win.
– All I regret.. is that we haven’t come into power.
Prashant Kulkarni has brought… some parties together and
formed an alliance. And let me see how many days
Kulkarni runs his government. Let me at least get out of here.
What say? What happened about my bail?
Buy out the witnesses… and what’s the Inspector’s name…?
– Pawar. Pawar! Do something about him.
– Don’t worry. It’ll be taken care of. Don’t worry, indeed! Want a drink?
– No thanks. Sir! Here’s a joke, Pawar. Now that you’re born,
do something… that’ll make children in every lane
address you as father What’s up? That Khar murder-case is
being investigated, sir. And Vivek Chauhan’s file…
– You’re not handling that case. Wagle has been given charge.
– Why, sir? Why has Wagle been given the case?
– Because those are my orders. And you have been transferred
to Kandivali zone. But, sir…
– Listen.. To obey your seniors is
part of your duties, okay? Yes, sir. Listen… this is an invite for my wedding
anniversary. For politicians and VIPs. Have it distributed. Very well, sir. All right. Pawar! You are the Inspector who’s handling
my husband Vivek’s case, aren’t you? I was handling the case, Madam.
Another Inspector’s handling it now. Why?
– You ought to know why, Madam. The power of money and
the fear of politicians… makes anything possible in
this system, Madam. Anything. Your husband will be let off
in a few days, Madam. And maybe I’ll even have
to salute him. You are politicians, after all. The system, Madam. The system. That I’m standing at barricades
after my fifth transfer… or going around distributing invites
to my senior’s wedding anniversary… what difference does it make
to anyone, Madam? I must leave now, Madam. Glory to India. Do please attend the party, Madam. Welcome. Heartiest congratulations.
– Thank you. Congratulations sister-in-law.
– Hello. This is Anuradha Chauhan!
– Hello. He is DCP Prasad and..
– My wife. – Congratulations. You’re rarely seen around nowadays.
– Not at all. And this is Padmalakshmi. She has done a lot
for animal welfare. Animals are like humans.
We ought to love them. Mr. Vaswani!
– Yashwant-bhai! Hello.
– Hello. Sir, let me introduce you
to the super-star. Please come. Guddu-ji, this is the member of
the Assembly, Mr. Yashwant Varde. Know what? Guddu-ji’s getting
10 million for a film nowadays. He has signed three very big films
with top banners He has already rejected five movies.
– I haven’t seen any of his movies yet Yashwant-ji, let me introduce you
to some more people Okay. Good bye.
– All the very best. – Thank you. Come on, Guddu-ji.
Let’s make another proposal This is Pradip Kishen.
A leading ad-film maker Have you done any modeling?
– She’s a member of the Assembly So what’s new? Ronald Reagan
used to be an actor too. And actors do turn
politicians nowadays. Shall we, Yashwant?
– Yes.. She has a bright future. No one can stop her! What strange people! I’m glad you brought me to your place
or I’d have been in splits. And Pradip Kishen!
Funny character. He’s crazy!
He couldn’t understand a thing! What happened? This is the first time I’ve seen you
laughing so much… and so happy. You’re right.
What happiness means… I seemed to have forgotten After ages, I’m happy again Thanks to you. “Life sings again…” “now that you’re here” “Life smiles. It has blossomed…” “now that you are here” “Love blossoms in my heart…” “Love blossoms in my heart…” “it exudes a fragrance…” “now that you are here” “Life sings again…” “now that you’re here” “Life smiles. It has blossomed…” “now that you are here” “I pined like the waves…
till I found the shores” “I pined like the waves…
till I found the shores” “My eyes longed…
till I got to see you” “The heart now sees a picture…” “The heart now sees a picture…” “that drives me to laughter,
that teases me…” “now that you are here” “Life sings again…” “now that you’re here” “Ever since my heart has found you..” “life has found every happiness” “Ever since my heart has found you..” “life has found every happiness” “If you are my companion,
my paths are lit up” “My heart sees light
at the end of the tunnel…” “My heart sees light
at the end of the tunnel…” “sparkling, bright…” “ever since you have arrived
in my life” “Life sings again…” “now that you’re here” “Life smiles. It has blossomed…” “now that you are here” Greetings. Mr. Chauhan has sent this file, Madam.
He wants you sign it. What file is it? It has to do with the
construction of a road… and contains a recommendation
to add another floor to a hotel. All right. Leave it here.
I’ll sign it after I’ve gone through it. Leave it here and come back later. I’m sure that you will always work
for the betterment of society. However… I also believe that if you wish to do
one good deed in politics… you have to do four bad ones. It’s likely that in the process
of clearing out the filth… some of the much might taint us too. And that’s a price we’ll have to pay.
Go ahead and sign it. Will you do something for me? Have Inspector Udhav Pawar’s
transfer rescinded What for? We have taken away Vivek’s case
from him already. So why harass his wife and kids
with a transfer? Anu, this isn’t just a transfer… Right now, I’ve done four bad things. To make up,
I thought I’d do a good deed. Chief Minister, although we have
formed a government in alliance… we ought to be very careful. Why do you think like that?
– Mr. Kulkarni… as you know, the opposition
is not to be trusted But you needn’t be worried.
The members of my party… will always support you. What say?
– But of course. Undoubtedly That’s just what I expected from you. Good bye. There’s something I don’t
understand, Yashwant Why did you have Inspector Pawar’s
transfer stalled for Anuradha? As you know, Mr. Baig, how popular
Anuradha has come to be in a few days She has the support of at least
30 to 40 legislators Anyway, it’s time we got together. I’ve already spoken to Kamal Pasha
and Govind Mhatre. They’re willing to join us
with all their legislators. I’ve got some independents
to agree too With their support, we can easily
form an alliance government How about the Chief Minister’s post? Let’s first break these guys away,
we can mutually decide that later. How about Mahendra Chauhan? He’s nothing without Vivek,
in any case. And his daughter-in-law, Anu…
is in your care. Right? There’s fun in living it up. Forget about me and tell me about
what happened in Pune. What will I say? I was angling
for Shraddha for two weeks But she wouldn’t let me
even touch her Remember how she ran into
my room in Nashik last year? When we were campaigning
in Nagpur last year… I had a similar thing
going with Aarti Tyagi, no wonder we’re always waiting
to leave on an election campaign! Remain seated. Sit down What did you say, Tyagi? You love
going on election campaigns? I’ve already heard how lousy
you are in bed And Mishra, you wait to leave on
an election campaign. Don’t you? When you’re away, do you know
who your wife sleeps with? Henceforth, if anyone of you
says anything against… a female member of this party,
I’ll teach you a lesson… which will make you forget
what it means to be male. Let’s go, Shraddha Greetings, Madam I had to talk to you.
– Go on Madam, please don’t offense
at what I say I’ve only seen politicians
having police officers transferred I’ve never seen or heard of a
politician stopping a transfer This is the first time
I’ve seen something like this Thank you, Madam.
I came to thank you lf ever you have a need for me,
for anything… please send for me Glory to India. Anuradha…
– Yes, Mother? You’re coming from the party office?
– Yes There must’ve been a lot to do
at the office? There were some files…
– Were you at work or were… you having a ball with Yashwant? She has squandered away
the family’s honour No wonder her father walked out
on her mother Infidelity’s a trait in her blood!
– Mother… Shut up! You sleep with another man
and talk back at us…? You have shown your true character! You’ve given us and Vivek
such a great betrayal… he’s languishing in prison.
We can’t face anyone anymore! You’ve bowed to that bloody Yashwant…
– Yes, I have bowed to someone When I bowed to him for your sake,
it all very well Now that I bow to him for my own
happiness, you feel compromised? You now discuss character
and betrayal in this family I was the one who was betrayed when
Vivek did not leave his mistresses… even after our marriage… whether
he was at home, or in prison Because of my character,
you can’t face anyone anymore…? Mother, I have spent some time
in politics already Ever since I got to know that
your husband, my father-in-law… has a mistress in Pune, who has
already gone through three abortions… I haven’t been able
to face anyone anymore It’s more likely that infidelity
runs in your bloodstream. Not mine Whore! Get out…
– Don’t! Don’t make the mistake
of raising your hand on me I’m leaving for
my official apartment Shirke.
– Yes madam. Stay here, till I get my luggage.
These folks are not to be trusted For all you know, they might drag me
into the kitchen and set me on fire And you’ll get to read tomorrow
that it was an accident Mother… you are indeed a very devoted wife Man gets no punishment
for all his sins And should a woman take one step
towards her happiness… she’s called a whore
and a disgrace It was as if my life was confined
to the four walls, Yashwant After ages, I breathe freely today I think you’ve done right, Anu I’ve always believed that you
must stand on your own two feet… and not depend on anyone Baig and I are trying to form
a coalition government. Will you support me? “My beloved…” “has become the lawman…” Amazing! “has become the lawman…” Greetings! How are you Tabrez! “My beloved has become the lawman…” “what have I to fear now?” “My beloved has become
the lawman…” “what have I to fear now?” “He’ll take good care of me.
What have I to fear now?” “I’m now the Queen…” “I can do as I wish…” “who is it…” “who is it that will question me?
What have I to fear now?” “My beloved…” “My beloved…” “My beloved has become the lawman…” “what have I to fear now?” “My eyes will whip them” Greeting Yashwant! “I will pick up things for free
in the market” “My eyes will whip them” “I will pick up things
for free in the market” “Whatever I need, I’ll have it
sent for at the police station” “Who dares delay it?” “All day and night…” “I’ll have a ball.
What have I to fear anymore?” “My beloved…” “My beloved…” “My beloved has become the lawman…” “what have I to fear now?” Greetings!
– Greetings! Come on! “Whoever comes bearing gifts…” “I will glare at, and he will tremble” “Whoever comes bearing gifts…” “I will glare at,
and he will tremble” “My beloved will pamper me silly…” Greetings! “I’ll go around in
the official motorcar” “I’ll blow up…” “government money.
What have I to fear anymore?” “My beloved is the lawman.
What have I to fear now?” “He’ll take good care of me.
What have I to fear now?” “I’m now the Queen…” “I can do as I wish…” “who is it…” “who is it that will question me?
What have I to fear now?” “My beloved…” “My beloved is the lawman.
What have I to fear now?” Wow! “My beloved…” “has become the lawman…” “has become the lawman…” The bitch… Vivek! It’s almost settled. In a few days, we’ll take the proposal
to the governor to form the government. So, Anu…
which post do you want? Yashwant, to form the government… was it necessary to do all that
at the farmhouse last night? We have to do it.
We’ve got to keep people happy. They were girls barely
in their teens. In a way, we are encouraging
prostitution. Now look… We tried to stop him,
but he wouldn’t listen… Never mind. You may go. Have you been in bed already?
Or will you go to bed after I leave? Vivek.. You scheming double-crosser!
I’ll fix you later. As for you, you whore… Vivek, leave her alone! Don’t make the mistake
of hitting me. You once asked me what
I’m worth, didn’t you? I’ll tell you today
what I’m worth. One telephone call from me and
your bail can be cancelled For your own sake… go away. I’ll fix the two of you. I want the divorce
as early as possible. Call from the party
office, Mr. Chauhan Yes, Desai? An emergency meeting of the party
in an hour…? What’s up? All right, I’ll be there. What happened, Papa? I don’t know. There’s an emergency
meeting of the party in an hour. I’m going with you. May I know why this meeting has
been called at such short notice? Our party has decided to form
the government in alliance… with other parties and…
– Stop beating around the bush. I’ll tell them. Pasha, Gaikwad and Phalke’s parties
have merged with ours. Apart from them, is it 20 …?
– 21 21 …?
– Deshmukh About 21 independent legislators
are willing to support us. We have received their
letters of support. Anuradha and her group
is also with us. We’re now forming a government
with a huge mandate. Now tell us.
Are you with us or aren’t you? That’s all right. May I know who’s
going to become the Chief Minister? The High Command wishes that
the Chief Minister’s post… goes either to Mr. Baig
or Mr. Yashwant Chauhan. Anna-saheb, rather than
lick their boots… I’ll form my own party or sit in
the opposition with my supporters. Very well. We’ll still form
the government very easily. What do you say, Yashwant?
– Sure. So this is how you pay me back
for my favours, Yashwant? I’m sorry, Mr. Chauhan.
But you haven’t done me any favour. I happened to fulfill your need. Go and sit in the car. So you’ve shown
your true colours? Your son has already
sought a divorce from me. I’m no longer your daughter-in-law. I know what I am.
You’d better see where you stand. You’re finished. What are you thinking about? How are we going
to break their back? A woman’s character
even God does not know. Long ago, someone told me
something very important. Break a man’s spine,
and he can never stand. What are you getting?
– Anuradha’s back is Yashwant. lf he’s broken, Anuradha will be
finished on her own. I have a great idea. Have you explained
the job to them? Not to worry.
They’re old hands at the game. Vivek-bhai, we’re with you. Don’t worry. Tomorrow’s headlines
will convey what you want to. Yashwant, when a man is going
through bad times… he mustn’t take crucial decisions. For the time being, you must
stop of becoming the C.M. What does that mean?
– Your affair with Anuradha… is being discussed in every lane
of the country. Do you realise how much of harm
it has done to the party’s image? At a time when we are trying
to form the government? Had I been in your shoes, I’d have
done something about Vivek by now. But when your mistress stops you,
what can you do? Yelling at me isn’t going to help. When man is obsessed with woman,
he loses his power of reasoning. So go home and think it over
with a calm mind… and look at what I’ve said.
You’ll find a way out. Cur! You’re sitting with the whore? The two of you have had
enough fun. Have you read today’s papers?
Wasn’t it fun? What will you tell the public now? This is only the beginning.
Wait and watch, you dog. Who is it? What is it? Annasaheb is here. Have courage! We have wireless vans
at every square. – Yes sir. The funeral procession will leave
from the N.M. Joshi Marg route. I want tight security Take care of them.
– Anuradha Saigal’s here! Anuradha Saigal… Down! down! You, Madam…?
– Why? What’s wrong? You don’t know, Madam. Chauhan has
strong connections with the underworld. Someone was settling scores and
Vivek was caught in the crossfire. Satam, drive them behind Madam, please leave. Chauhan’s party workers are
very angry. Anything could happen. Please go away. Drive them behind, I say. Anuradha Saigal… Down! down! You have been summoned
to Delhi because… the High Command is very angry
with your internal disputes. Yashwant, I agree you have done
a lot for the party over the years. But because of your bad image today,
the party has taken a severe beating. In this situation, how can
the C.M’s post be given to you? Every child in the city is talking
about his affair with Anuradha. Mr. Baig, if your misdeeds of 20 years
are brought to light… you will have nowhere to go!
– Yashwant! Gentlemen… calm down. You are here to discuss something,
not to indulge in mud-slinging. The party High Command needs some
time to think about the C.M’s post. You may leave for now Thank you. What are you thinking
about, Dixit-saheb? Apart from Yashwant and Baig… we don’t have a third option
in that state. Who could we look to
in the future? There is someone. Anuradha?
– Yes I know, she hasn’t
much of experience. But her popularity has soared
over the year or two. As for allegations… politicians like us are
always subjected to such charges. Maybe you’re right. We ought to think
of Anuradha seriously. How are you, Anuradha?
– Very well, thank you. You look worried, my dear. Although I have spent some time
in politics, Anna-saheb… I want to know the meaning
of power from you. You ought to have gone
to Baig or Yashwant then. There were so many men like them
who came to me and learnt so much. But it was perhaps difficult for them
to tread the path I showed them. In league with criminals
and vested interests… how they establish a reign in which
the law is a mere puppet… is something only they can tell you.
That’s what power means to them. What will I tell you?
– Still… I ask you: what is Power,
in your opinion? Power is an opportunity, my child.
To bring about a change in society. To work for the welfare of
the public and the downtrodden. But you need to have great
determination and courage to do that. And our leaders never
find the time… from stuffing their pockets and
cutting their opponents to size. Anna-saheb, how have you been
tolerating all this for so many years? In hope, my child. That there will be
someone who will have the courage… to bring about a change
in the system. That’s the hope, my child I must leave now, Anna-saheb Greetings Yashwant…? So late in the night?
What is the matter? Nothing. I had to discuss
something important with you What? Baig has shown his true colours After what I’ve done, it’ll be tough
for him to even breathe freely lf you support me
with your legislators… no one can stop me from
becoming the C.M. Tell me something, Yashwant Couldn’t there be someone else
to become the C.M., apart from you? Who else? Anna-saheb Anna-saheb?
Are you out of your mind? He has been honest all his life,
but he could achieve nothing. Mere honesty isn’t enough
to become the C.M. How could you even think of it? Yashwant, I always thought you
were different from the others. That you have some principles
and ideals. But alas! You are one of the politicians,
who, in their lust for power… will sell not just their
daughters-in-law… but their mothers too. You don’t know how many years
I’ve waited for this opportunity lf you wish to do something
for the masses… you need to have power
firmly in your grasp! And this is my chance, Anuradha But who will reason with women?
You get sentimental about everything It’s truly said. Women think with
their hearts, not their brains And I say that men’s intellect is
ground between your heels and your legs Don’t forget… wherever you are,
you are because of me. The power, the position and the cars…
they’re all because of me. I want your answer
by tomorrow morning. Or else, if I wish, I can create
a dozen more Anuradha’s in this state. By tomorrow morning. Sorry, I’m here to inconvenience
you early in the day. Sit down What is the matter?
– How will I tell you, Madam? Looking for decency in politics is
like looking for water in a desert What are you getting at, Pawar? There are politicians who
will make many promises… to the masses before the elections,
but once they come to power… they can’t think of anything except
stuffing their vaults with money. To eliminate the thorns in their path
is child’s play for them. Your political Guru Yashwant Varde
possesses all these evil traits. It’s true Tell me clearly whatever
you have to say, Pawar. I have it from sources
in my department… it was Yashwant Varde who had your
husband Vivek Chauhan assassinated. That’s all I came to tell you, Madam.
I must leave now. You know what is the biggest
mistake you made, Madam? You trusted Yashwant Varde. Glory to India. Go on, Mr. Rege Mr. Swami’s already here.
We’re having discussions I’ll reach Nagpur tomorrow Have a word with the
rest of the MLA’s by then. You’re right, Yashwant I get sentimental
for no reason. I keep asking silly questions. I had forgotten that I have a long
political career ahead of me. After all, this status,
this bungalow and the cars… you’re the one who
got me all this. I’m willing to support you,
if you wish. We do get angry some times After all, we’re friends. Aren’t we? And compromise is another name
for politics, isn’t it? Come, let me introduce you
to Mr. Swami Welcome, Anuradha-ji You do know everyone around This is Swami-ji She has a leading role to play
in this whole deal So it’s all decided As Swami-ji says, Latesh Shah
and Mr. Shetty… will pay Kamal Pasha and
Govind Mhatre 250 million each… to buy out their legislators.
Right? Alright.
– No problem. In a few days, you will propose
my name as the next Chief Minister And who gets which portfolio,
we have already decided. That’s right. Baig never deserved
to be in the C.M’s chair in any case Which is why I’ve come to you
with all his legislators As we have already discussed, I will
get the deputy Chief Minister’s post It’s a confirmed report, I hope? I’ll hang up now. Well? You didn’t trust
my word, did you? But why have you told me all this? Baig-saheb, I’m a newcomer in politics. I stood by Yashwant
in the hope… that an experienced man like you
would become the C.M. someday. How was I to know
the truth about Yashwant? The man who can break a 20-year old
relationship with Chauhan… can stab you in the back too. He’s the one who had
Vivek murdered. He has got into the habit
of betraying people. After all this.. least I can’t bear to see him seated
on the C.M’s chair and smiling away. But I don’t know how you feel. I must leave now.
If need be, do send for me. Sultan, Yashwant is returning
from Nagpur tonight. He shouldn’t reach Mumbai. On the way..
you got it? There shouldn’t be any mistake. It was a nice meeting.
They were all there… from Jalgaon, Nashik, Baramati,
Sholapur. Everyone. I’ll be there in a little while. Hey, watch out! Do you think Baig and his supporters
will agree so easily? Please leave that to me. How about the Chief Minister’s post?
– I need 24 hours. Anna-saheb, we can do to them
exactly what they have done to us. Please don’t worry.
Leave it to me. Latesh-bhai…
– Yes, madam? Have you explained it to them?
– Oh yes, no tensions. It’s routine work for them.
I’ve explained it all to them. What are you doing? Where are you taking me…?
Let me go! Let me go! What does this mean? Yadav, this isn’t anything
unusual for you, is it? You and Baig have scared
so many legislators. And now that it’s your turn,
it gets your goat? I don’t have time to waste. I have evidence of your misdeeds. By tomorrow morning, if I do not
have the support of your legislators… forget becoming the Deputy C.M…. you won’t be able to contest elections
for even the Village Council. Let’s go, driver. The lady’s giving you such plum
posts in the Cabinet… why must you worry
about anything else? Everything will be arranged.
Trust my word. I’m with you. We don’t have time to waste. I must have your support
by tomorrow morning. Welcome, Mr. Baig.
– Welcome, Mr. Baig. Anuradha-ji’s waiting for you.
– But obviously. Welcome, Mr. Baig.
– Anuradha-ji! Please be seated.
– Our party workers are very happy. Take a look at this. Letters of support
from all legislators. We can now go to the governor and
stake a claim to form the government. You have played a great role
in my success, Anuradha-ji. What portfolio would you
like to have for your help? Tell me… we have the power now. That’s all right, Mr. Baig. But could you take a look
at this first. Go on. What is it…?
– Oh, I forgot. You perhaps don’t even know to read. Well…? Read out the contents
of this dossier to Mr. Baig. It says that Sultan and his men
have been arrested. They have confessed that Mr. Baig
asked them to murder Yashwant. Yes, the killing which he
depicted as an accident. And yes, Mr. Baig. The party
High Command has got wind of this. And if you don’t want to
go to prison… go outside and make
the announcement… that you are resigning
from the party. That the Chief Minister of our
government will be Anna-saheb Joshi. Bitch, whore. Betrayer. At your instigation,
I had Yashwant killed. And you’re now stabbing me
in the back? You’re ganging up with this two-penny
Inspector to play games with me? Whore! A whore, I am not.
Pimps you are! Pimps that misused power and
sold the law to crime and criminals. Go out and make the announcement. Or else, even after you’ve served
a sentence in prison… you’ll have to sell kebabs
on the streets, like old times. Bitch! How dare you raise
a hand at me…? Leave her alone! Make a sound and you’ll leave
in a funeral procession. As for your legislators… Balram! You guys…? Can’t help it, Baig-saheb.
This is politics. You’re the one who
taught us all this. Let’s go out and make
the announcement. Come on. Go on. There’s a change in the situation. I’m suddenly… not keeping well. I feel breathlessness
and my Blood Pressure has risen. I’ve had a word with the doctor
and he has advised me rest. Which is why I have decided… that Anna-saheb will be the
Chief Minister of our government. He’s an honest and hardworking man,
who has done a lot for the party. Glory to India. Pawar, the rules of politics… I learnt from them. To defang a Cobra, you have to
get it by its hood. Before Baig gets home… arrest him. Arrest him. People in my department often
used to tell me, Madam… that the victory of truth over
falsehood is found only in books. They were wrong. Hail India. Long live Anna-saheb! Long live Anuradha Saigal! Despite your party
having come to power… why haven’t you taken
any ministerial berth? You could even have become
the Chief Minister. Politics isn’t only about
holding ministerial berths. It’s easy to sit at home and say
that things will never change. Unless the common citizen contributes
what he can to politics… power of this nation will pass into
the hands of criminals and thugs. One moment, Madam.
One last question. Whom do you attribute your
unprecedented success to? To no one. Politics for me is
a journey through life. A journey I have undertaken on
my own and will continue to do so. Thank you madam! Long live Anuradha-ji! Long live Anuradha-ji! Long live Anuradha-ji! Long live Anuradha-ji!


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