Save Anthony Wayne Movie Theatre

Philadelphia and it’s surrounding suburbs were once known for their beautiful movie palaces For years these buildings were all the glitz and glamour, thrills and chills, of Hollywood to the city of Brotherly Love But over the years, fewer and fewer of these old fashioned movie houses remain replaced by cookie-cutter, corporate chain multiplexes torn down, or simply left to rot But one that still stands in operation today is the Anthony Wayne Theatre in Wayne, PA The Anthony Wayne Theatre has been proudly presenting a blend of big-budget blockbusters, family films, selected art, and independent films, as well as our monthly cult film series! All of the prices are lower than those big chains Anthony Wayne Theatre also sits among some of the best bars, restaurants, and shops in the area All of these elements together are what make Wayne, PA so special But sadly, after so many years of operation, the wear and tear leaves the theatre at a disadvantage when competing against other theaters with more modern amenities With your generous donation, it would make it possible for Reel Cinemas PA to give this old favorite a much needed facelift while keeping its classic theatre charm Your donation will help with popular upgrades like new chairs in all of the auditoriums updating our digital projection and sound equipment re-drape all of our screens and paint the building to restore it to its former glory As well as diversifying our concessions, adding healthier options Since way back in 1928, the Anthony Wayne has been bringing Hollywood thrills and chills to the people of the Main Line This building has a rich, important history to the people of Wayne So please help Reel Cinemas PA keep the Anthony Wayne Theatre alive Thank you and we’ll see you at the movies! For many years to come

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