Save Her Majesty’s Ballarat

It’s important to me and should be
important to everybody in this city and right around because it’s just a
thrilling place and it’s so important to preserve everything about this place.
It’s just too nice to let go. This is absolutely a stunning place. The time is now for our community to come together, for local, state and federal government
to show their support to ensure that there’s a beautiful future for Her
Majesty’s and its patrons. I know many people from around Ballarat and in fact
around the world have great memories of Her Majesty’s Theatre we want to make
sure that the people following us have those same memories, are able to relive
that joy and make sure that we can do so with the modern day requirements The economic impacts we estimate at
around eight and a half million dollars of South Street to Ballarat every year and
that’s largely because of the allure of this theate. South Steet is largely a volunteer led organization and those volunteers who
are mostly retired just get so much community connection, community
engagement by coming in and volunteering at the comps of course Her Maj is their very favorite venue. That’s why it’s it’s so
important to have that continued investment in this beautiful
theater one of Australia’s best if not the best. With some 15,000 performers
gracing our stage annually to some 75,000 patrons attending Her Majesty’s
provides diverse cultural experiences to our deserving community. The attraction
of Her Maj helps South Street keep growing even after 126 years since our
first competition. Our competitor numbers are up around 11,000 and that’s
around 40,000 on stage performances mostly here at Her Maj so it’s
critical for what we do and our paid audience is around 34,000 so the
numbers that South Street drives together with Her Majesty’s is wonderful
for Ballarat. Over the past hundred and forty-three
years Her Majesty’s has seen multiple changes in ownership. Through that period significant capital works has occurred. Currently the City of Ballarat are the
owners of the building and we’re looking at a new stage of capital works. In 2006
the City of Ballarat commissioned a feasibility study and conservation
management plan. These studies were in anticipation of future works required to
improve, update and conserve Her Majesty’s Theatre. These studies would
not only be required in order to direct Council’s future works it provides us the
opportunity to actually seek funding from third-party sources such as state
and federal government. Following contact with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning through the Heritage Victoria office, Her Majesty’s Theatre was
successful in obtaining a two million dollar grant for conservation based
purposes. This grant would prove critical as following a specialist engineer’s
inspection above the stage a significant structural issue was identified which
required immediate attention. We’re here today to encourage as many people to get
on board with us. Aside local council contributing 5.3 million dollars to
ensure that there is a future for Her Majesty’s Theatre but we need an extra
five million dollars from state government and ten million dollars from
federal government to ensure that our theater delivers to the needs of today.
The board of the Her Majesty’s Theatre and I are thrilled to see the launch of this
exciting campaign that secures the future of our uniquely significant
Victorian theatre. The time to save Her Maj is now. you

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