SAVING THE NEIGHBOR WITH OPEN HEART SURGERY?! | Hello Neighbor Mobile Game Rip Off (Heart Surgery)

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We are a cardiac surgeon today. Let’s get into it. And let’s try not to
kill the neighbor. Although, maybe we have some some
kind of ulterior motive and maybe we’ll accidentally
slip up in the surgery and the neighbor will end up dead. But that’s kind of mean. Hello everybody. I am kindly Keyin
and and welcome back to Hello Neighbor ripoff games. We’re playing another mobile
ripoff game of Hello Neighbor, but this one just totally
caught my attention it looked too funny
to pass up on. Neighbor Heart Surgery. You can imagine that’s
like a whole new narrative to the game, right? Like, imagine if we were actually trying
to break into the neighbor’s house because we think that
he’s having a heart attack and we have to save him. But now, the premise
of this game is to actually fix the neighbors heart. I guess we are
some kind of surgeon. I haven’t actually
played it yet. But oh my gosh, it just looked hilarious based
on the description. So we’re jumping in
here, you can see. I guess our little character man here
is trying to save the neighbor who is suffering from some kind
of serious cardiac issue. Let’s jump in here and
see what this game is all about. Okay, yes. Okay. Here is the opening
cut scene if you will. It appears that the neighbor,
he’s just watching some toons in his house. He’s drinking some tea. He’s just doing his thing. This is what the neighbor does. Oh, he’s having
a nice cappuccino. That’s my bad. That’s not tea. Okay, he’s got some
sophisticated coffee tastes. He looks… Uh-oh, oh, he’s getting
a little shaky. Oh no. Oh no. Oh goodness. He’s dropped everything. His chest is starting to hurt. I think you lose sensation
in your left arm when a heart attack is coming about. Oh my gosh, that is. That’s a little big graphic. Oh my goodness. He’s fallen to the floor! No, we must save the neighbor! This is– the tables
have turned here. They’ve completely turned. And so now… “Oh my heart.” Yeah. Yeah, I would. I would say the same thing. So now, as the the fellow
neighborhood watch here, we have discovered that our neighbor
has had a catastrophic heart attack and we’re calling I guess 911, and then I guess
the the ambulance shows up and and saves the neighbor. Again, I have not actually
played this game. Okay, ambulance treatment. I guess now we have
to treat the patient inside of the ambulance. So let’s let’s try it out here. Okay. We’re zooming along the road. Neighbor, you hang
in there, buddy. What’s his name? We still don’t actually
know what his name is. Oh my gosh, we must have hit
some kind of insane bump. Okay, he needs medicine this,
right here, right? Yes? Yes, okay. So is this the premise
of the game? We just need to find
the things, is that it? We give him the oxygen mask.
Breathe neighbor breathe! It’s okay. What is that? Is that a cotton ball
of some sort? I don’t actually
see where it is. Oh man, you guys are going
to be so frustrated with me if I don’t find things quickly. Oh wait, is this what
we’re looking for? This thing right here? I don’t actually
know what this is. Oh, it’s it is, it’s like a it’s a gauze or something to kind
of clean up that bump on your head because remember he fell over
after having his heart attack. Alright, we’re going
to administer some kind of needle based medicine. Let’s–
Here you go, Doc. Take that. Stab that right into his chest, Yeah that’s the way to do it. We got some thread here. Why? What are we going to use? Oh! Is he dead? No, what is this? I don’t understand. Okay. I have a tool of some sort- Oh, I’m lasering… What?! I just lasered
around his forehead. What… what do I do now? Okay, I take these tweezers. I just peeled off a piece
of the neighbor’s flesh! What the heck kind
of doctor am I? I feel like cutting off
a wound is a little extreme. It’ll heal itself. Okay, let’s take our magic
medicine or something that will– oh we got a, We got some skin here. So let’s just put that right back. This is hilarious. I love this. Okay, let’s sew him
back together. Do we just… Do we have to drag it? Okay.
Yeah, we do. We have to drag it to each
of the little spots here, let’s get that guy right there. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Okay. Don’t worry neighbor,
you’re all sewn back together after I peeled off a portion of your head. Now your face is more
or less back intact. That was a very strange procedure,
let’s see how this progresses. We did a great job,
we got lots of stars for that. Let’s go to General Treatment. It’s okay neighbor,
hang in there buddy, we’re gonna take care of you. We might peel off some more sections
of your body and sew them back on for whatever reason. Okay, take the oxygen mask. Let’s put that back
on your face. Breathe buddy, breathe. Yep. Yep. Get that. Oh, that’s good
oxygen right there. Alright, you’re
gonna be just fine. Okay, that’s… that’s good. He can breathe. Okay, let’s take
our little stethoscope. That’s what that is, right? And I don’t think that’s the way
stethoscopes normally work. I don’t actually– Oh, no this this is a heart monitor,
not a stethoscope. Okay. His heart sounds okay
as a trained doctor myself, I’m not a trained doctor. I know what a healthy heart beat sounds
like and that’s a healthy heart beat. Okay, let’s take
his blood pressure, now. Also, one of the things oh,
do I need to press the little baggy? No, no, no. Slow down, slow down. You’re going to make
him pass out or something. I don’t know. I don’t actually understand
blood pressure readings. You know, they’re always
like ugh your blood pressure is 240 over 75. And you’re like, great. I think? I don’t actually
know what’s good. Okay? Are you good? You’re good, buddy. Alright, let’s take his temperature
with one of these cool temperature guns. Those things are real cool actually
like they’re legitimately awesome. Let’s see what his temperature is. Okay, it’s going up. 98.7 is what we’re looking for. 96. That’s a little low! That’s a little low. Alright, we’re going
to take some kind of needle and stab that right into his arm. Oh goodness. Do I push this down? Do I push the syringe? Is that what I do? Oh! Ooh. Okay. Yeah. Alright. You’re better. You’re done, buddy. Let’s just wipe you off. Just– Oh no, that wasn’t a cloth. That was his gown,
his hospital gown. So far, if anything,
this game has taught me that being a doctor’s super easy. It’s so easy. I really missed out
on my opportunity to jump into the medical field because boy, all you have to do is
take things and just drag them over to your patients
and they– it just fixes them and they get better. That’s it. Alright, heart attack fixed. Let’s move on
to the next level. Let’s get into
open heart surgery. Yes. We are a cardiac surgeon today. Let’s get into it and
let’s try not to kill the neighbor. Although, maybe we have
some kind of ulterior motive and maybe we’ll accidentally
slip up in the surgery and the neighbor will end up dead. But that’s kind of mean. Alright, neighbor. You’re going to be fine, buddy. I’m just going to stab you
with this this green juice. Green Gatorade. I’m going to inject this straight
into the middle of your chest and it’s going to give you
the electrolytes that you need. Gatorade, magical stuff. Absolutely amazing. What is this? Oh, it’s time to
mark the incision. This is what people do right? Yeah. That’s a perfectly
dotted line right there. That’s looking pretty good. Come on, get all the way down. Oh, that’s going to be a nice long
and deep cut right there. Oh, it’s scalpel time. Ladies and Gentlemen,
let’s cut this guy right down the center. Keep it steady. Keep it steady, Doc. Oh, slow down there, Doc. You’re moving too fast. You gotta keep those hands
nice and steady. You are a surgeon after all. Ooh, oh, ooh, ah, ah! Oh, oh, that’s gotta hurt. Whoo, man. Okay. Maybe doctoring isn’t for me. I’m a little I’m a little queasy when
it comes to blood and gore. Mmm, yeah, I don’t
know about this. Alright, let’s take some tissue
and just clean that up there. Yeah, you got a little blood
on your chest there, neighbor. Let’s just just take some
of that cloth and just wipe that away. Yeah, like that. Why isn’t this working? Why is it why is this not– it’s not working the way
that I am expecting it to work. Wait, what? Do I have to follow
this thing perfectly? Follow the– this
is not working. Come on. Come on, buddy. We got clean this up. Just go like this, yeah? Alright. Yeah. Nice clean incision there. Okay, sparkly. Sparkly clean. Spray a little Windex
on that shine it up, your golden. Send him home. Alright, these are the things
that I think break your ribs because they have to actually
break your ribs to get access to your heart. Yeah, it’s disgusting. So let’s go ahead
and take this thing. Oh my gosh,
this is oh, oh my, ooh! I don’t like that! In case you’re wondering,
I do not like that. Okay. Now we have to take these things
and just pry open his chest. That’s the way to do it. Oh, okay. That’s one side. Let’s go ahead and
take care of the other side. Just get that. Yep, just sweep that out of the way and then we got some
nice-looking pliers of some sort. Oh my gosh, we’re just going
to chop through your your ribs. Just like that. Just chopping through bone
one after another. Okay, the surgeon life
may not be for me. Maybe I was a little
bit too ambitious. I have a whole new level
of respect for doctors and their craft. Okay.
Yeah. Just take that and put that on the plate
save that for later cook it up throw it in a stew or something. You know, it’ll be delicious. Okay. I got these things again. I just need to get
those lungs out of the way. Can you just move
those off to the side? Please? Just just move those lungs off. Come on. Just come on. Why, why is it
not working, please? Look, look, look,
I’m– it’s not. There we go! Okay, we got that thing
out of the way. And now we just need to get
this other stupid lung out of the way. Yeah, just push that
off to the side. That’s the way they do it. Just, I don’t know,
but oh my gosh, the neighbors heart is enormous! I would think that for such an evil man,
he would have a dark and empty heart, but he’s actually
a big-hearted individual. Now, we’re going to take
some scissor looking things, and chop some tubes. You know, because you
don’t need those, just cut those out of there. Get rid of those. Let’s just get rid
of the whole heart. Just toss that thing
out of here. Yeah, let’s take this thing. Yeah. Yeah, just throw that on the plate,
throw that in with the rest of the stew. You know, that’ll be real tasty. What is this thing? What is this some kind
of vacuum of some sort? Or no, we’re like doing
a heart system? We’re attaching him to some kind
of external blood flowing mechanism? I don’t know
the technical terms. Oh, is this a new heart? Are you giving me a new heart? Can I– Oh yeah,
just put that back right there. This is a nice fresh heart. Okay, now what? Oh, take the tubes away. Yeah.
Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. Alright. Just yeah, get out of here. Get out of here,
you dumb tubes. Alright, let’s sew
the heart back on. Easy. Easy breezy. No problem, look at that. Perfect sutures. Just like that. Right? Like that? All that time I spent
patching up jeans that I ripped while skateboarding really paid off. Alright? Alright, take these these pliers
like barbecue grips and just grab that thing. What are we doing? We’re using it to like,
get it going again? I thought you were supposed to like,
zap it to get it going again. I don’t know, again, I’m not a doctor. I’m just doing what
the game tells me to do. Alright, take these things. Are we going to put
the lungs back? Let’s put the lungs
back where they belong. Neighbor, you’re
going to be fine. You’re going to be fine, buddy. I just need to figure out
where your lungs are. I’m looking for them right now. Okay, there they are. Here’s the other one. Let’s get that one over there. Come on.
Come on, let’s go. Why is it not working?! Come on, get the lung
back where it belongs! You stupid neighbor! Maybe you should just
die on the table. Oh, hey your ribs. Let’s put that right back. I thought I told you guys
to throw that in a stew. Alright, we gotta like– oh my gosh, we’re using
metal plates, of course. Put those things back on. We need a screwdriver. Someone get me my power tools. Alright, I’ll put
this thing back together. Grab that guy just like that. Bam! Just like that. Easy breezy,
surgeon master, right here. I’ve watched enough
Grey’s Anatomy. Trust me. I know what I’m doing. I’m a master of my craft. Okay? We good? Now, we just need to… Oh, yeah, just take his
whatever this is. Some kind of membrane
of some sort. Just put that back, please. You think surgeons stand there
with their tools and they’re trying to put everything back
in they’re just swiping their finger across the stupid tool and it’s just not working
because that’s the experience I’m having right now. Okay, all I need
to do is tap it. I don’t swipe, just tap. Watch. Boom. I’m an idiot. It’s fine. We’ll figure it out. Put that back together. Alright, sew him back up. Grab that thing right there,
and just bam! So, right there. And we’ll put one, right there. Looking good. Right there. Come on. Line it up buddy there we go. Oh yeah. That’s looking real nice. We’re going to fix you up nice and pretty
like you’re going to be safe so that you can torture people in the future. It’s going to be fantastic. Take some antiseptic just pour
that all over just yeah, cover it. And we’ll take some gauze here
and just bandage you up. Yep. Just like that. Yep, clean it up. Perfect. Alright. These bandages are
a little crooked. But that’s okay. That’s that’s the part
that I’m not very good at. The rest of it,
solid, solid surgeon. Just get that guy
right back like that. Okay, one more,
and you’re all taped up. That’s actually
just just duct tape. We bought it from Home Depot.>>Good Job!>>Great job! I’ve done it, and now I
am officially a doctor. I will expect my diploma
in the mail at any point, now. Is that it? That’s it? What happens if we hit patient story
does this give us the– yeah, that’s the opening
cut scene right there. Okay! Well, we managed to save the neighbor
from a catastrophic heart condition. Yo, I’ll be real with you guys,
you know that game? It was super easy. There wasn’t much to it,
but I gotta say the time that I spent with it was actually pretty fun. Probably one of the better
Hello Neighbor ripoffs that we’ve played up to this point. Not a super long episode,
but that is going to do it for this episode
of Hello Neighbor ripoffs. I hope that you guys enjoyed it,
keep giving suggestions for weird Hello Neighbor ripoff games that you find. Obviously, I’m still perusing
the store here and there. Every once in a while, to see if
there’s any interesting ones there is plenty of stuff out there to play. So let me know
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