*Evil Laughing* (Kicked Chase) *More Evil Laughing* (Chase Screaming) (More Chase Screaming) It Was Just A Bad Dream Bad Dream Huh What Was It Bout? Another Bad dream What? Do I have a booger? *Laughing* intro lol *Chase Scream* We’re done with the skit you can stop screaming, so FGTEEVers what is up we are about to *Scream Interruption* *screams of great pain* You need to know when to stop screaming My name is FGTEEV Duddy, this is FGTEEV Chase. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Today we are playing hello neighbor HAHAH In the last video we left off about to go to the basement while waiting to record this video they still decided To play the basement a little bit and watch youtube videos on how to beat the basement So he’s gonna spoil it a little bit for me. We’re running past the neighbor haha. He can’t catch us because he is a doof, and we back into the basement, PEACE OUT MART Pees Out MART! Whoa, okay, so we’re in the basement Umbrella? Where? It is right there, See you know everything already No how do you get up there? No, you don’t you just got a run like a BOSS! and grab it. I want to run and we wait what? What what? Goodbye cruel world Okay, you try to jump across. I’m perfectly boss at this Oh, you got it gotta get us a cross over there look. There’s someone there. How do you do that? YOU NEED A DOUBLE JUMP! If you want to we can try to do ghost mode you just have to go up there You don’t need the kid not again. Oh, this is fast. Dude your smart kid. Thank you Wooooo Double jump we had to get the double jump and now we’ve got it right. Yeah, J nice jump jump over there What a joke come on come on come on. Yeah, yo it’s the shadow man Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Good job, that’s where you’re supposed to scream. Oh my goodness. We’re this had a cheat to come see him Should we touch him no why will they kill it yeah? What’s he looking at how he came to see us cuz where it goes Whoa whoa whoa what’s he doing? What’s your? Word you scared. Where’s this kidding? You can’t actually go over there. We cheated through the gate. We promise We’ll tell you when we cheat in this game if we don’t tell you that we’re cheating It’s cuz we’re playing for real You got it going jump and get to the fan double jump, and then we the fan blows you down here. Yeah Boom Baby What is all this stuff garbage cans share a chair in the garbage Or into the abyss same thing when I’m in the kitchen I throw all my food in the abyss instead of the garbage was this was this What is he supposed to be there hold on yeah? It’s Oh, Samana? Yo you’re Jake’s dad. You’re just gonna throw it at more Fun We can try to jump onto the camera wait oh, I opened that generator You Fartrilly No.4 hmm wait what oh he doesn’t move he doesn’t move let me see ha Mart follow Mule don’t call me that only my mother can call me that so this is a new corridor What is the point of this whoa it’s blocked – don’t tell me we can’t get past it Oh, you really do need humble jump hild humble boobies you what is in there do it the Trostle yes? Yes, it says we do okay now. What do we do? We gotta go we gotta touch that thing Oh? See he knows this how do you knows this? What is that? Oh? Let’s see if you got skills no no it’s girls, let’s see if you got skills with a basketball no Basketball wait you’re cheating Promise wait wanted It’s okay cheating is fun when it makes things quicker wait. What does that even do? I don’t think it worth because you cheated now. We’re not cheating anymore, but now what do we do? Whoa oh? There’s that turbine problem. Okay. Now look up look up you guys see where we’re going oh We got propelled into the exact Hall. We were supposed to go good job chase that was nice aiming. Oh Remember, that’s where Mart fell yeah Why don’t I say Mart fell that was in our last alpha for basement? Oh, no way this is crucial agrees wait That’s the shadow guy We could’ve let just cheat it through the walls saved all that time wait you’re going over. Oh Guys I’m sorry guys he’s supposed to be taken to trial right okay, so right here we run Y-you try it go up – Zatanna, oh there you go this way Baby where you going we have to go here. Oh, we’re supposed to go down here the basement is not here What now we’re in the sky all the way over here. No you’re just gonna cheat You do it right if you’re gonna cheat sheet You know how to cheat you gotta actually walk through the doors. Go go straight rise Now we’re lost in the way of this You got a stick Get close to door press one wait go forward And go look okay. He’s now come back up nice. Whoa. Where are we now hold on this time? Joe Joe did you see that oh? Oh oh he sees us we gotta hide hide right here Oh, uh, okay? We can’t hide why he’s watching Why did I sound like you scream? Was that supposed to he’s got a house on the back should we go over there? Look, I’ll break their says umbrellas on we need to get on brother. Go go that way you listen I switch right there to this which goes to that line that goes to the toaster look a toaster You’re trying to throw some at that sweet biscuit ball go Whoa? Do you through it with asti? escape way What might that for you, buddy? I don’t like skateboards my stomach hurts. I ate one later Smart, but okay congratulations For getting a stomachache for eating something bad in the future. Oh, that’s right there That’s don’t know it’s gonna fall on my head three two How do we get up to this toaster now whoa whoo oh hello, Oh platform land on the platform Have you got Whoa whoa? Oh whoa we’re in here. What is this for oh jeez oh, man? We’re so dead. We don’t have an umbrella. Goodbye Oh look at that. There’s a ball shooting machine. Oh here. We go toaster gets it up. Oh my – tippy top. Oh, yeah Here we have a suite you press the switch, what does this switch – oh? So we got a jump to this one into that we don’t have an umbrella though. We’re gonna be able to make it yeah Go go go. Yeah five so where does this bring us? This is pretty slow, I’m getting kind of bored whoa look at that No no no I was kidding, I should have played around they send a blade around Review we’re back here now. We got to the top break a window Oh a nun’s a switch wait. What did you get – what’s the point of that nothing happened? No. Don’t do it. Oh? Whoa two umbrellas this switch makes two umbrellas appear We wait no oh Here you go wait. Did you go? Yeah wait wait Let’s go see oh oh right there baseball’s lady right now ah You probably load Pushing oh, you just roll it look look. You roll it and goes in there you guys shoot it what? shot him Well nothing happened. Can I try one try Shaye’s go on shoot him? I don’t know it’s just irritating. It’s not doing anything Show them take this what stomp on it. Where will we shoot ourselves Adam? I think we just broke it Oh well, let’s go see what this train is about or can we ride the train? No. Oh you tried it. Yeah, okay? Now we can do this jump jump Hey Okay, oh this turns out in the Train. Do you turn on oh no, we missed it though, so where’s that train going? Oh? That’s cool, what do we do because we just still don’t know what to do Let’s look inside of that thing that broke what thing. Oh, it. Did ah well. That’s our house How do we get up there wait the toaster? Well the toaster get us up there? No it goes way higher I love now. There’s tons of umbrellas down here to do Oh, we actually got in the toaster this time so many umbrellas in the toaster. That is not safe Oh Oh, no. Oh, oh no. Oh look at those toes are those Mentos Oh you did did you whoa that’s a lot? What does the package say? It says nib hurt? Oh, it’s mint backward. Oh, it’s not mint backwards They tried to do mint backwards, but it’s minute huh you’ll get a bunch of Mentos. Oh we could get the Mentos Soda is that the book I’m gonna bottle You shirt soda All right, we’re gonna try and see we put the Mentos in it. Oh we’re not gonna make it. Oh, we’re not having it Oh my gosh. We made it. I won say you got to go slow. This looks like a science experiment You gotta shoot it in Oh Woah, where’d it go whoa? He’s wiggling did you see that dude it the soda shot? What if we can’t create a passive mentos like jump on this one We can put one right there. Oh didn’t we’re here Yes, and now let’s try let go oh. I don’t think we’ll make it. It’s too far away What if we fall down from where with the umbrellas were Oh something stinks in here? I think it’s YouTube bad players. Oh oh That’s rude moment. Oh, no popsicle. Go get one going back in this room. Whoa? Oh, there’s no floor No wait what oh? No? Where’s that place that we wanted to go to where is it? Oh there. It is there it is there it is That’s the house so the train bus is straight up into our house there it is There’s a train still with the lights on whoa a gigantic cake Yeah, I didn’t say any my Becky hey Becky hot you’ll do it Becky I Know Becky, but listen. I can’t go because I’m playing it or never right now jeez I can’t stand talking to big She’s so annoying whoa who’s a Kinect Jozek Domino’s Can we do candle dominoes Boing Boing come on aah? Since it failed where else do we go for real if I don’t find this out soon I will be cheating kustra Paulo’s look. Oh, we can’t go No. Oh, that’s a big pun He’s your partner. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to punch you on that side your headphone punch in this okay, well this is kind of creepy awkward position for me to stand just gonna fire oh If I wasn’t there fireworks in the first one then they have like a box of fireworks. No second one was the second one oh Is it oh? There’s nothing? For something I thought you to say usually came out on the bed But I was confusing what you were saying and what I was saying use the candle for the fiber. You sings as over We will find out the devil’s work. I don’t see that hopefully we can find out if that would work all right Can’t know if I work doesn’t work. Oh, it was pretty hey Hey actually worth oh my head who just did that oh my gosh Jeez I Think he’s got a headache Here’s a can’t eat that that’ll help your tummy ate – no all I can hear is Justin Bieber in my head That’s kind of weird Mart. Why would a firework myth you hear Justin Bieber? She says he knows another trick. We’re actually supposed to get the ball in there and the ball is supposed to hate him okay Let’s look let’s let go and please oh No another one Don’t push it. Nope they won’t go down John John. That’s so wack no we’re trapped in here ah Big our guy restart it restarted the whole thing Was are in fact luck. I’m sorry We’re definitely cheating now. We’ll do seven-speed we wait so much fun. Whoa. Oh my god. He’s so crazy. He’s crazy All right, we’re doing the firework thing again, maybe this time I get a better look at it placement. Oh is that gonna work Dad mouth push see this does anything run boom. Oh come on It worked now is because we did the baseball before the fireworks. That’s not fair Oh because the firework is all the way down there So you have to do that first let’s try it again you hurt my knee We don’t we don’t care my we really don’t care, so we’re doing another baseball Watson I bet you’ll get stuck That’s crazy that is messed up. If you don’t get it right in the first dog oh no We can light his hand you seriously want me to like to do poured it on fire Yes, try it creepy kid they life their neighbor Empire just Oh, oh, can we get stomped on oh? I’ve been like 1 hour. I know it’s been a long time We seriously have to find Something else to dull hair find out what to do ya know about now no find out now Yeah, I’m gonna jump over there fine. What’s over there. I don’t know oh, we’re gonna find out Yeah, there’s a bow and arrow. Oh, this is a bow and arrow. We’ll chop that what is that? Oh, you can burn it with that with a candle. I think that’s gonna work. Oh, Oh Get a word he’s down you hit to make him fall all the way down to the ground. I think so We’re like torturing him do you feel a little bad, no he’s mean anyway neighbor I actually do feel bad Oh you’re ador Congratulations for for having eyeballs anyways I am sorry even for chase if he doesn’t want to admit it you’re so mean to the neighbor What did I ever do to you chase you always catch us. Yeah, actually that is kind of true. You deserved it more How do we make a fall out all the way kick him in the butt daddy for real? Maybe we have to go to the door. Can we get on top of that thing? What what the toast is? you gotta get up high get up high somehow and double door Dude we’re doing it we’re gonna make it alright alright here you go right in front of the house We’re on this little podium thing right here. Let’s try to break this door at the candle three two one go Alright sweet now the house is open. Why why we’re going straight in three three go. Oh, oh oh oh Three we did it Whoa? Whoa that was it? that was in Well guys, thanks for watching we appreciate that you have been hanging out with us today, and we will see you guys the next time Here on zee TV playing the head on the bell. Maybe is a better fall or the final game in December But for right now that is it so make sure you watch all of our other videos and we’ll see you guys next time peace up dude Oh Freeze Whoa I got you now


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