Scene from Heroes of the Fourth Turning: Turnings

So, there’s four turnings each one of them is a couple of decades High, Awakening, Unraveling, Crisis. High, Awakening, Unraveling, Crisis. High is a time of insitutional security and conformity and the economy booms
its like the 50s Awakening is when the insitutions are
questioned and attacked because people want to feel free again they want to feel less stifled so that’s
the 60s, 70s— hippies, civil rights, but also Vatican II John Paul II, spirituality, authenticity, you get it. It allows for something tragic to happen Like Roe V. Wade
(audience laughs) it messes thing up plants the seeds for the crisis. Then, unraveling is weird, it’s like
we break into different camps, institutions aren’t
trusted anymore and there’s a ton of emphasis on personal freedom, but more like…
license, things get a little decadent, people go off into
their different camps— culture wars, 80s, 90s. Then, comes crisis.
That’s the Fourth Turning. It’s destruction, it’s revolution.
It’s war. The nation almost doesn’t survive. Great example is the Civil War And the economic crisis before that or the Great Depression into World War II And it’s right now. The national identity crisis caused
by Obama. Liberals think its Trump. It’s the fight to save civilization.
(audience laughs) People start to collectivize and turn
against each other it seems like everything is ending
we’re all gonna die no one trusts each other, but the people who do trust each other
form crazy bonds somehow, we get through it we…rise from the ashes and breach
back into a high! And those four turnings make a
saeculum— Saeculum? Saeculum Saeculum Saeculum— like 80–90 years Saeculum
take me to your Saeculum Shut up Kevin
(audience laughs) But within each of these turnings,
there’s an archetype that defines it.
Prophet, Nomad, Hero, Artist Prophets are born near the end of
a crisis at the beginning of a high and they
grow up when shit is generally ok during a high. They’re a little self-indulgent,
a little smug but they become the wise elders
during the crisis. They’re baby boomers.
(audience laughs) Nomads are born during an
awakening and they were alienated as children
and they don’t have a strong sense of institution so
they’re wanderers but they’re super pragmatic and
they’re resilient after the crisis. Heroes are born during an unraveling. They’re team-oriented, they’re optimistic, they’re civically engaged, they
fight bravely during the crisis, they’re the
generation that fought in World War II and they’re us
right now. Wow! I love that! What about artists? Oh right, artists are born during
a crisis I don’t really get like why they matter but yea they’re artists (audience laughs) but yea, we’re all heroes!

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