Schindler’s List (2/9) Movie CLIP – Commandant Amon Goeth (1993) HD

There they are, sir. One of you is, uh,
a very lucky girl. There is an opening for a job… …away from all this,
backbreaking work… …at my new villa. Uh… …which of you has
domestic experience? Yeah, on second thought,
I don’t really want someone else’s maid. All those annoying habits
I have to undo. I don’t want
to give you my cold. Uh, what’s your name? – Helen Hirsch.
– What? Helen Hirsch. – What? I can’t hear.
– Helen Hirsch. – Yes!
– Take it all down!-Back to your work!
-To work!
Take it down! It is not safe!She says the foundation was
poured wrong. She’s got to take it down. I told her it’s the barracks,
not the fucking Hotel Europa. Fucking Jew bitch engineer.
You fucking bitch! Herr Kommandant.
The entire foundation… …has to be torn down
and repoured. If not, there will be
at least a subsidence… …at the southern end
of the barracks. Subsidence, and then collapse. – And you are an engineer?
– Yes! My name is Diana Reiter.
I’m a graduate… …of Civil Engineering
from the University of Milan. Ah, an educated Jew,
like Karl Marx himself. – Sergeant!
– Yes, sir! – Shoot her.
– What? Commander!
I’m only trying to do my job. Yeah, I’m doing mine. Sir, she’s foreman
of construction. We are not going to have arguments
with these people. Okay! No!
Shoot her here, on my authority! -It will take more than that.
-I’m sure, you are right!


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