School Age Drama ” Life 101: Angel’s Secret ” – Maverick Movies

(slow music) – Hi Chris, I finished the
paper that you’re doing. All is not bad but
you need a little work towards the middle and
at the end, I noted well. All right, I’ll catch
up with you later. – Yes, sir. Angel, wait up. – Hey Chris. – Hey, I was wondering if you’d
like to grab some time off. You know, Jesse is having
a party tonight, you there? – My mum said I’m
too young to date. I don’t think she’ll
let me out of the house. – You don’t have
to call it a date. We just say we kick
into some friends. – I don’t know, I
mean, I want to but– – Oh, look, what mums
don’t know won’t hurt us. So come on, say yes. – Well, okay, if I can get out. – Cool, Sarah. – Hey, hey. – Hey girl. – Oh Chris is too fun. If you know Jesse, it’s why
he’s gonna be out of the chain. I know I’m going. – Look, like I told Chris,
my mum may not let me out of the house. – Angel, don’t worry about it. This is the hottest
party, you have to go. Besides, Chris asked you out. – Yeah, he did, didn’t he? – Yeah. – Girl, I can’t turn him down. I’ve been waiting all
year for him to notice me. – Then this is your chance. – Friday night? – Yeah. – All right. – Well then I’ll find you
there when I went, bye. – Bye. Yes. – Mum’s working late, and
what are you doing in my room? – Oh just borrowing
some earrings. – Where do you think you’re
going with that shirt on? – Out. – Out where and does mum know? – Mind your business. – Oh yeah, why don’t
I just call mum to see if she’s minding
her own business. – Tina, no please. Come on now, I’m just gonna
hang out with some friends. – On a school night? – Tina, it’s Friday. – You went to school
today, didn’t you? – Yeah. – Then it’s a school night. What friends are you hanging
with and does mum know? – Just Deshawn and I didn’t
tell mum ’cause she’s not here. – Okay, so why didn’t you just– – I didn’t call because
it’s just Deshawn and some other people. – Does any of these other
people happen to be any boys? – Look Tina, I’m not
gonna do anything stupid. I just wanna go
hang out so chill. – Okay, tell me who he is
and I’ll leave you alone. – Chris Hutchinson. – Urghh. – Tina. – Okay, I’m disappointed
but you better be careful ’cause I went to
school with his brother and if he’s anything
like him, you better be. – All right, I will. – And put something
over that shirt. – Angel, what’s wrong, why
aren’t you in the party? It’s the bomb, come on. Angel, what’s wrong, you
didn’t get caught, did you? – No, but Tina came home early, and made me tell her
where I was going. But she said she
wouldn’t tell mum though. – So don’t worry
about it, come on. – Okay, have you seen Chris yet? – No but trust
me, he’ll be here. (dance music) Angel, don’t keep sitting
here waiting on Chris, get up and have some fun. – Okay. – Ooh, I’ll be back girl. Hey you, come on. – I don’t see Chris, I’m
just gonna go, all right. – Are you serious? I mean, come on Angel. If you want to, suit yourself. Look, there’s Chris
right there, just chill. – All right, I’m gonna
go talk to Chris. – Okay. – Chris wait, are
you sure about this? – Sure about what,
this felt good. – You know I’m not
supposed to be here anyway. – What do you mean, what is
there to be nervous about? You know what I mean,
just me and you. I’m not gonna hurt you. – Wait, we’re a
bit way too young. I mean we don’t even know
each other that well. – Look, I’ve had my eyes on you. You didn’t think I
was watching, I was. I just want to be with you. (smooches) – Wait, does being a girl
mean we have to move so fast? In here? – I mean look, you
don’t feel comfortable, maybe we can do it
some other time. Nobody like, would
you like it if we get to know each other better first? – Yeah, I would. – Let’s go back to the party
before we have to leave. – Okay. – So where have you
been hiding out lately? – Hanging out with Chris. Ever since the party
we’ve been spending a lot of time together. Well, whenever I can get out and he said, “I’m his girl now.” – So why haven’t you called me? – I don’t know but
I really like him. I mean, we’re
getting really close, and I think it’s time
to take our relationship to the next level. – You mean sex? – Yeah, I think I’m ready. I mean, and you know he’s ready. – This just makes it
so cool to be in love. – I guess I am. – Okay baby, you have
a good day at school. – Okay, bye mum. – Bye sweetie. Oh Angel, let me talk
to you about something. I forgot, uhm. – What is it mum? – The other night, a
boy named Chris called. I think you were asleep. Now you know I feel
about boys calling, and you’re only 13 years old. How old is he anyway? He sounded so much older. – He’s my age. I mean he just has
a really deep voice. He’s in one of my
classes, math I think. – Okay, well you tell
him not to call the house that late anymore. You want me to tell him for you? – No, no I’ll tell him. – Angel, you are so
young to be worried about dealing with boys
right now, you know, and I won’t have it. Do I make myself clear? Right and you have a
good day at school. – All right. – All right, and Tina’s
gonna pick you up, okay? – Okay. – All right. – Bye mum. – Bye. – So you and Chris
are talking now? – Why you say that? – Because you are
always on the phone, and you’re always
talking about him. – Yeah, he’s cool but I’m
not all over him though. So, what’s his brother like? – Why you asking
about his brother if you’re not all over him? – Tina, just tell me. I didn’t say I didn’t like him. Why it gotta be so
complicated all the time? – Because I’m the oldest. Besides his brother ain’t
worth talking about anyway. He was no good then, and
he ain’t no good now. – Well, what do you mean? – You know, telling girls
anything just so that they can get in your stuff. – Well how do you know all that? – ‘Cause he tried to trick me. But before daddy
he went to jail, when we were little, he
taught me all about the gang. – Daddy never told me
anything about boys. – You were too young. – Well, what about now? – What do you need to know? – Nothing, you
know, just saying. – You are asking a
lot of questions. You sure you not
holding out on me? – No, I just wanna know a little bit about them, that’s all. – Well you seemed a little
too curious if you ask me. – Whatever. – Angel, I still can’t
believe you did it. – Yeah, me neither. – I mean how did it feel? Did it hurt? – Yeah, really bad. I don’t know, I
was bleeding too. I guess it’s because he’s older. – Chris isn’t that
old, he’s only 16. – Yeah, that’s like three
years older than us. – I mean that is so cool. I don’t think you notice,
but you’re walking funny too. – No, I’m not. – Yeah, you are. But how did it feel? – It hurt really bad,
it was like the worst and the best pain, if
that makes any sense. – What did you tell your mum? – Well, I told her I was going
to cheerleading practice, and instead I went to his place. His parents were gone so we
had the house to ourselves, and then afterward, I
just caught the bus home as if I went to practice. – So cool, I mean
did he use one of those rubber comdomy thingies? – No, they were too hard to use. So he just threw them
away after we tried to use like three of ’em. – Angel, I still can’t
believe you did it but I gotta get home to
do some homework, okay. So I’ll call you later. – All right. – Hey, and Angel,
try to walk like that in front of your mum. – Yeah, if she finds
out, she’ll kill me. (funky music) (phone rings) – Hello. – Chris. – Hey, what on? – What you doing? – Nothing, who is this? – Angel, you don’t
know my voice? – What’s up, I was just
thinking about you. – Chris, do you care about me? – What? – Do you care about me? I need to know, for real, Chris. – Yeah, why would you ask that? – I don’t know, I just
heard some things, and I need to know. – Things like what? – It’s nothing important,
I just need to know that you care about me and
that you wouldn’t play me. – You know I don’t
like, I don’t even know why you feel you had
to ask that like. You already know. – Well, I kinda have a problem. After you took my
virginity, I’ve been feeling kind of funny lately. – Uh, that’s normal. That you get by you’re used to. – No, I’m not
talking about that. I’ve been having this green
stuff coming out of me. – Green what? No, that’s not normal like
I’ve been with a lot of girls, but that’s just not normal. You may need to go get that
checked out or something. – I know but shouldn’t you too? I only start feeling like
this ’til after we did it. – I feel fine, I mean but
that’s a good idea though. You know, ’cause I
ain’t trying to have no green stuff coming out of me. So I’m gonna get my
brother to take me to go get checked out tomorrow. You should too. – I can’t, no one can
take me but my mum. Tina went back to
college last weekend. – Oh dang, I mean I don’t know how you’re gonna do that but you’ll figure
something out, I hope. I’ll let you know what
I find out too but don’t worry all right? – All right, I’m sure
it’s not that serious. I’ll talk to you later. – All right, bye. – All right. – Angel, are you feeling okay? – No, I mean ever since I
lost my virginity to Chris, I’ve been feeling
really different. – Of course Angel,
you’re a woman now. I mean you can
even get pregnant. – I know but my body
feels really weird and not in a good way. I mean this stuff
keeps coming out of me. – Stuff, what kind
of stuff, Angel? – I don’t know, like
this green stuff. – What does it smell like? – Like seafood. – Oh my God, Angel you
smell like seafood? – Could you keep it down? You have to talk so loud
and it’s not funny either. – Sorry so what are you
gonna tell your mum. I mean I would tell my mum if
I had stuff coming out of me. – No, I can’t. If I told her, she’d know
I’m not a virgin anymore. She’d kill me. – Yeah, you’re right,
it’s probably normal since you’re not
a virgin anymore. – I mean, I don’t
know, I didn’t think it was gonna feel like this. It’s been a couple
of months now. – I mean, I don’t know I guess you just take
more showers or something. – All right. So what happened? – Man, my brother said I
can’t mess with you no more. – What, why? – Because you burned me. Do you know they stuck
this tube down my thing? – I burned you, what is
that supposed to mean? And why did they stick
some tube down you? What are you talking about? – ‘Cause that’s
how they test me. Now when you go, they’re
gonna this metal clamp in you, and stretch you open. – What? Oh, uh-uh, I’m not going. Forget that, look,
like Deshawn said, I’m just gonna take more
showers or something. – You gotta take pills too, man. I can’t mess with
you no more, Angel. I’m not going
through this no more, and I ain’t trying to
let you burn me again. – Why do you keep
saying I burned you? You took my virginity and
I didn’t start feeling like this until we did it. – Me either but we’re
not doing it anymore. I got love for you and all,
but we just gotta be friends. – So you’re dumping me? I should’ve listened
to my sister. She told me you and your
brother are no good. – Look, I don’t know what
your sister have told you but you need to talk to her
about your little problem ’cause like I said, I’m
not going back there and you start handling
your business man. – Chris, you know I don’t
have anyone to take me. After what you just went
through, I’m not going. – Hey, do what you
gotta do but I’m out. – Angel, come in here,
I need to talk to you. – Hi mum. – Have a seat. I found something of
yours the other day. You remember writing
that letter to Chris? – Yeah. – So you lied to me about this
boy just being friend right? – No mum, it’s not like that. – You went behind my back. You got a boyfriend
after I told you that you was too young to date. You are only 13 years old. – I know mum. – Well, since you know so
much, having unprotected sex. Why did you not use a condom? – We did. – If you did, you will
not be sitting here with green stuff
coming out of you. Why you didn’t come to me when
this first started happening? – The condom broke, mum. I was afraid to tell you that
I wasn’t a virgin anymore. – You know what this means now? It means that you slept
with some dirty boy who gave you an STD. Do you know what that is? – Huh, no. – It is a sexually
transmitted disease. While you were out
here disobeying me, you caused yourself to
end up with an infection that is taking over your body. How long have you had it? – About two or
three months maybe. – Tomorrow, I am taking
you to the doctor, and don’t you think
for one second because your father’s in jail, he will know about his
slut of a daughter. You know what, you
better not be pregnant because I ain’t taking
care of no more kids. Get out of my face. Here, take these twice a day just like the doctor told you. I want you to go upstairs
and do your homework. I don’t wanna see your face. I’ll bring you your dinner. – So Angel, are you
still, you know, sick? – No, not anymore. My mum found out. – What, why didn’t
you tell me, how? – She found the letter
I was writing to Chris and take me to the doctor. – What did they do? – It hurt and it
was so embarrassing. They did all these examinations and Deshawn, they told
me I had gonorrhea. – Gonorrhea, Angel. – I know, I mean they
gave me some pills that are supposed to clear
it up but so embarrassed. – What did Chris have
to say about all this? – Chris was acting all
mad like I gave it to him. – Are you serious? – Yeah, I was a virgin
when we hooked up but I don’t know, he told
me his brother took him to the doctor and
he went through all
these examinations too and that was really painful but, I don’t know, I just regret it. – I would too, Angel. Guess you two weren’t
ready after all. – I know, I mean
thinking you’re ready and really being ready are
two totally different things. I thought I was
ready for the sex but you know I wasn’t
ready for all this. – See, situations
like that just make me want to wait ’til I’m married. – I don’t blame you. – Right. – I’m just gonna be more
careful in the future. You know, just watch out
for those fast talkers and pretty faces. I really regret it you know. – I’m sorry. – It’s okay. – Do you mind helping
me with this problem? – Yeah, sure. Yeah, you gotta
carry the one, yeah. – So do you guys still wipe
people’s hair at your job? – Yeah why? – Well, I don’t know, I was
thinking about getting a perm, I don’t know. – [Angel] You don’t think so? – But they cost too much. – Tamara, you’re
just being cheap. But now we both got paid today and you’re already complaining
about spending too much. – We’re juniors now okay? We have to live a little. – Oh, I’ll live a little, starting with that
cutey right over there. – In the red? – Doesn’t worry about it man. – Excuse me, oh,
you can’t hear now? – [Girl in Pink] He
does have it, you know. – Man, y’all need
to get off my face ’cause I trippin’ if you
ask me where I’ve been. – Nobody’s trippin’ Tony. I just want to know what’s
up that you’re setting me up. – Gwen man, last time I
checked, I ain’t had no wife so. – [Girl In Turqouise]
You do have a girlfriend. – [Gwen] Okay, just
maybe that next time you feel like calling me, don’t. – Hey, Tony have a wife. Keep walking. It’s okay man, just tricks. – Yeah. – I bet you won’t go
say something to him. – Okay, watch. Hey, why didn’t
you call me back? – Why I not call you back? You talking to me? – Yeah, I gave you my
number the other day. Why haven’t you call yet? – I’m sorry how I remember you but you sure you got
the right person? ‘Cause I know I wouldn’t forget
a pretty face like yours. – Here’s my number again,
and this time use it. – All right. – What’s your name again? – Tony. – Tony, okay, talk to you later. – Oh my God, Angel,
that was so cool. Did you even know that guy? – No. – Okay, make sure when he calls, to get his friend’s
number for me. – Uh-uh, you gotta
get your own number. – Please. – You know that’s real
bold of you to approach a guy you didn’t even know. Most girls wouldn’t do that. – Well that just goes to show
that I’m not like most girls. I’m very mature. – Oh, for real, how
old are you anyway? – I’m 16, you? – I’m 18, just
graduated last year. – Oh cool, I can’t
wait until I graduate. – Yeah, so where
can we go hang out? – [Angel’s mum] Angel. – Hold on, I hear my mum. Madam. – [Angel’s mum] Can I
have some mary-bo-ho? Angel. – Okay. – So, what’s up? – What were you saying? – I was saying, you think
your mum will let me come up don’t ya, Angel. – Look, I don’t know but I
have a game later on this week. Maybe you and your
boy can come to see me and my girl after the game? – All right. – Okay, see you later. – Now I don’t want you
girls staying up all night. Nana’s gotta get her rest and I’m really all
tucked about, okay? – Okay. – Good night girls. And I don’t wanna
hear you up giggling all night either, understood? – Uh hmm. – Okay. – That is another
cute outfit Angel. But how did your mama let you
take that out of the store? – ‘Cause she didn’t, she
doesn’t know I bought it. – Okay well, don’t get caught. Did you call them yet? – Yeah, they’re on their way. They’re driving in a black car. – I’m so nervous. – I know. – Okay, let’s go
wait downstairs. – Okay.
– Okay. – What’s up, this is my
homeboy Mike right here. – Hi, how you doing? – Hi, my sister Tamara. – Hi. – You guys can sit down. – All right. – You have a really nice house. – [Tamara] Thanks. – So were the directions okay? – [Tony] Oh yeah, my cousin
don’t stay too far from here. – Oh okay, cool, cool. – So what y’all trying to do? Go somewhere, get something
to eat, how’s that? – [Angel] I don’t know, I was
thinking we can watch a movie. – [Tamara] What
do you guys like? – You guys got any
comedy or horror films? – Oh I have, of course. – So what do you
guys like to see? (noise drowns voice) – [Mike] So how you girls doing? – We’re home alone, my
parents are out of town. – [Angel] Yeah. – Well, is there’s
somewhere we can go that’s a little more private? – [Mike] Could I
get some popcorn? – Yeah sure. – [Mike] Thanks. – Angel, can you help me with
the popcorn for a minute? – Yeah sure, I
will be right back. – Oh my God Angel, he
wants to be alone with you. – [Angel] I know
but I don’t want to leave you alone with Mike. I can tell he likes you
though, just give him a chance. – Okay, but enough
about me and Mike, okay. I know of a place
for you and Tony. – Where? – My basement, it’s like
another living room. It’s got a TV, couch. – Okay, yeah. Tony, come with me quick. – No popcorn? – Oh no, we’re fresh out. – Oh, okay. – How’s this for privacy? – Nice place. (smooches) You have some nice hair, and some soft lips. – Wait, do you have a condom? – Look, don’t worry
about it, I got it. Just trust me. – What about pre-cum? – I’ll feel it before it
happen, don’t worry man. Just trust me, okay. – Are you sure? – I’m sure all right. I promise, I got you man. (phone beeps) – Hello, hi this is
Angel Walker’s mum. May I speak with the
home room teacher please. Yes, I’ll hold. – The hand is
quicker than the eye. – No. – Woh, Chad that was cool. – [Student] Chad was stupid
man, what are you talking about? (fast crosstalk) – Look up, you know
that the trick, the thing that you
have in your hands. It was pretty lame. – Yeah, it’s pretty lame.
– Yeah. It was a good try though. – Just about as lame
as a boy cheerleader. – I know Hank. – Okay, I left your girlfriend. – Okay guys, guys,
classes is about to start. I need for everybody to get to
where they’re supposed to be. – I’m where I’m supposed to
be, I’m teaching class today. It’s time, my man. Hell right. Oh, um, how are you
doing today, Angel? See at least you come
back to see me right so I got this new
cell phone number that I’m gonna give it to you. – Lorenzo, please not now, okay. – You need to call me. – Not now. – You don’t know a good
thing when you see one? – Yeah, that’s why I’m leaving. – [Students] Oh. – Take a seat, everybody. – Okay, okay,
whatever, whatever. – Everybody take a seat.
– Forget you, forget you. – Take a seat everybody.
– You can’t play basketball. – This is not Ripley’s. (faint chatters) – Hello class – [Boy] Hi. – As you know this
week is health week, and I have the discreet pleasure
of welcoming Dr. Bailey. Dr. Bailey is here
today to discuss with us about sexually
transmitted diseases and the effects these
diseases can have on your life if not properly treated. So pay close attention
for I will have questions at the end of the session. Dr. Bailey, they’re all yours. – Thank you Ms. Watson. It’s a pleasure to come
and talk to your classes about such a very
important topic today. Before we begin,
I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been a practicing
physician for 12 years in the fields of
obstetrics and gynecology. This field involves taking
care of young teenage and adult women in the
areas including pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, breast and menstrual
disorders and cancer. Over the years, I’ve
seen a number of women with sexually
transmitted infections. You can see them in
all socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures. You can see greater than 20
different types that exist. It cost over $13 million
per year to treat these infections
on an annual basis. For the guys that
are in the audience, you need to pay attention
because you can get these infections as well from
exposure from a female, now. You’re seeing a picture of
a penis with a discharge. This is a person who has
been exposed to gonorrhea. As I stated before, it’s
very important for men to realize it’s very
important for you to look at the fact that
you can be exposed to sexually transmitted
infections too. Next slide please. This would spread otherwise
from the penile urethra to the cervix that is
actually the cervix you would see as if
we placed a speculum in a woman’s vagina. You see the purulent discharge
coming from the cervix. This infection spreads
up until the uterus and can lead to infection
of the fallopian tube. The condition is known as
pelvic inflammatory disease. This would lead to the
possibility of a woman having problems with infertility or developing a condition
known as a ectopic pregnancy, whereby if she became pregnant
instead of the pregnancy normally implanting
inside of the uterus, it instead implants
in the fallopian tube. If left untreated, it
can be life threatening and at times fatal. Most people would
require surgery the time they get diagnosed. Next slide please. – Students, let’s give our hand. (class claps) Now as promised, you
do have a quiz on what you’ve seen and heard. – Ooh, ooh, can you get
an STD if you don’t have, you know, sex. – Now Ms. Wilson is
passing those out right now and I want them completed
by the end of class. – This is from the office,
Angel Walker is needed upstairs. – Angel, to the office please. – Angel. – Mum, what are you doing here? – What is in your bag? – It’s nothing,
just some clothes. – Give it here. You know what, I better
not ever catch you wearing anything like this again. – Mum, it’s just a skirt. – Don’t you think for one second that your teachers
will not call me and let me know how you dress. I don’t see why
you’re trying to dress like these fast tail
hoochies anyway. You attract the wrong
type of attention. – It’s just a skirt, mummy. Can’t even see anything. – Oh you better
remember what I said ’cause if I have to come
back down here one more time, oh baby, it ain’t
gonna be pretty. Now you get your butt home
right after school, okay? – I have to work tonight. – Well you’ll be waiting outside because I’ll be right
there to get you. Some menace. (coughs) – [Boss] Angel, I could
use you out here, hon. – Okay, here I come. (intriguing music) (sniffs) – Are you okay, young lady? – What, oh yeah, I’m sorry,
here it is, right here. – Are you sure, you’re okay? I asked for shampoo,
not conditioner sweetie. – I’m sorry ma’am, here it is. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Angel, are you sure
you’re okay, hon? – Yeah that you asked, I’m
not feeling so well after all. Is it okay if I go home early? – Sure, do you need a ride? – No, I’m fine thanks,
thanks Michelle. – Okay. – Thanks. – You’re welcome. So, are you sure? – Yeah, I mean I
kinda knew already. – How? – Well for one, I’m late, and
I’ve never been late before. Then throwing up everything I
eat and the test was positive. – Have you told Tony? – No, just found out, you’re
the first person I told. – What about your mum? – What, my mum would
disown me forever. She’d kill me. – But how are you
gonna hide a baby? – I’m not, I’m
getting rid of it. – You’re gonna kill it. – If I don’t, my mum
will kill the both of us so what’s the difference? – But how are you gonna
get parental consent for an abortion? You’re a minor. – Well there are local
clinics that will do it. I mean just, I just
have to do the research. – A clinic. You’re not gonna
go to a hospital? – Tamara, clinics
don’t ask questions. They just do it. – I don’t think that’s
such a good idea, you know but I’ll go with you
if you want me to. – Yeah, I’m gonna
need your support. I finally feeling that Tony
won’t be that supportive. – I’m here for you. – Hey. – Hello. – Hi how much is it? – A wash and set that’ll be $50. – Okay. There you go. Thank you.
– Thank you. You have a good one. – You too, bye-bye. – Hey Tina. – Hey. – I don’t know you are in town. – Yeah classes got
canceled this weekend so I decided to come home,
get some extra studying in. I was thinking about you so
I just decided to stop by. – Oh. – Are you sure you’re okay? You look a little pale. – No, no, yeah, I’m fine. – Look Angel, I know that
you have to get back to work but I don’t know what’s
going on with you but just know that you
can talk to me okay. I mean I know just how
tough mum can be sometimes, and she’s gone a lot but
anytime you feel the need to talk to me and
I’m here, do so, and if I’m not, just call me. – Okay, thanks. – And one more thing, I know
you have been seeing Tony. Be careful with him, Angel. Just like I told you
years back with Chris. Most boys don’t have your
best interest at heart. Now when you’re dealing
with someone as old as Tony, you really need to be careful. – Okay Tina, I understand. – Angel, I know I haven’t
been perfect either but I just want you to know
that I’m here for you, okay. I’ll see you later at the house. – Bye-bye. – All right. Hey. – Hey, got your text message so. What’s the emergency? – Look, I’m not gonna
beat around the bush. I’m just gonna come
straight out and say it. – So what’s up? – I’m pregnant, Tony. – So what that gotta do with me? – What? – First of all, how you
know you’re pregnant? Second of all, why
are you telling me? – Oh no, Tony, don’t you
even try to go there. I took a pregnancy
test and I’m late. You know that you’re the only
one I’ve been messing with. – Whatever man. I know I’m not your only one. You know you’re not my only one. – What are you saying? But I don’t sleep
around like that. You’re the only guy
I’ve been with, Tony. What do you mean, I’m
not your only one? You’re sleeping
with other girls? – Look, from day one, you
approached me at the mall, and you gave it up
on the first date. I barely even see you that much. So what am I supposed to think? – Oh my God, I
don’t believe this. Look I don’t know
what you think. All I know is that I’m
pregnant and you and I both know that
you’re the father. You weren’t talking all this when you weren’t
wearing protection. Telling me you loved me. What was all that Tony, huh? – Whatever man, this is
your problem, not mine. – Look, I don’t
want the baby okay. If that’s what you’re
worried about, I mean, my mum would kill you and
probably me too if she knew. Look, I just need you to
help me pay for the abortion. That’s all I need from you. I can only have it before
I’m three months pregnant. If I wait longer it’ll cost more and the baby will feel it. I need to get this done
now before it’s too late. Are you gonna help me or what? – Look, I give you
benefit of the doubt. I’ll give you the money. But don’t expect me to go
with you to get it done ’cause I still don’t
know if it’s mine or not. So you’re on your own. – Hey Tony. What’s up man, I got your text. – Look man, mad man. – Dude, what is it? – Signs rumor, she
told me she’s pregnant. – Oh man, is it yours? – She said it is. – What are you gonna do man? I mean you’re not ready
to be a dad, are you? – No, she said she
wanna get rid of it. – Is that what you want? – I don’t want no
baby right now. I ain’t trying to be no
father, you know that man. – Yeah man, well I guess
you should have thought of that before you
did it with her. – I ain’t got time
for no lectures. I’m just gonna let her do it. – Kill it? – Yeah. – All right man, I mean
I don’t agree with you but I don’t know what I’ll
do if I was in your shoes. You want a game before we go? – No man, I don’t feel
like playing right now. – All right man. We straight? – Yeah. (books thud) – Girl, you’re in
my hall so much, I should make you hall monitor. – I’m sorry Ms. Vick, I
just dropped my things. – Angel, baby,
are you all right? – I guess not so well. – Okay, come on in. Settle down, have a seat guys. Have a seat and
settle down guys. Come on, quiet, quiet. – [Girl] Can I go
to the bathroom? – [Ms. Watson] No, you
cannot go to the bathroom. (faint chatters) Shelby Greg and Gwen,
you’re both late. – Wuah. – It is two hours detention. – Wuah, wuah. – Now settle down, settle down. – Are you okay? – She said mang,
it’s with mang-ro. – Not so smart are you mummy. – As you could see class,
this week is health week. Now I don’t think
I have to tell you what we’ll be discussing today. – What, sex? – [Class] Yeah. – Groverlay, it’s not just sex. We’re gonna talk about some
of the consequences of sex. – Ooh, ooh, like having a baby. – Yes like parenting,
good job Chad. – My sister had a baby. – Oh wow, so does it
keep you up all night? Crying and stuff? – No, she doesn’t
live at home anymore. My dad kicked her out. – Eh now that’s messed up. Where’s she staying now, yo? – Sometimes with my grandma,
sometimes with my aunt. – What happened to
her baby’s daddy? – I don’t think she knows. – Okay class, let’s
get back on track. We have a lot of material to
cover for this subject matter. – [Girl] Are we gonna
have to carry our own bag as the baby for a research? – Perhaps. (faint crosstalks) – It sounds like fun to me. – Excuse me guys. – [Boy] Yes. – I Will tell you what
you will and will not do in this class, not
the other way around. Con-ta-da. (faint crosstalks) Now today, class, we’re
gonna be watching a video on the male and female
reproductive system. – [Girl] Er, Ms.
Watson, can I leave? I have a weak stomach, sorry. – Sarah, you’ll be just fine. Ms. Wilson, can you
get the light please? You can also start the video. – Dang. – [Class] Ewww, urgh. – I can’t watch this,
clip’s all original. – Okay students,
that’s it for today. – Oh thank God. – Now Ms. Wilson has
a homework handed out. I want you to complete
on that video. (class chatters) – [Ms. Wilson] And please put
your names on these, guys. – See you later, mummy. – No, you will not
share, there you go. – Angel, are you okay? I’ve never seen you
like this before. – It’s nothing. – Honey, it’s not just nothing. Would you like to talk about it? Why are you crying? – It’s just the video. – Sweetheart, what about the
video made you this upset? Angel, are you pregnant? Sweetie, sweetie, have you
talk to anyone about this? Angel. – Stacy girl, did you hear? – Girl, you already know
when Ada called me up before the news even dropped. But let me tell you about Tony. He makes me sick,
lying, talking about some they have broke up. Knowing good and well
that she was pregnant while he was all
smiling in my face but you know what,
it’s gonna be our like are we don’t have to mind
’cause I don’t need him and then all of us going
out having sex, he knew. He know he was with all the
other girls at the same time. I mean, he could have had AIDS. I feel so stupid. I got tested. I was praying the results
come back negative. I mean, what about my baby? I’m okay, it’s
gonna be all right. Just better believe,
next time I see Angel, I will let her know,
she ain’t the only one. She’s over there,
I’m gonna go ask her. Bet you won win. So is it true? – Is what true? – That Tony got you pregnant. – Who told you that, and
how do you know Tony? – It’s around the whole school, and I see Tony up
here all the time playing ball at the school. But don’t change the
subject, is it true? – Why are you on my business? – ‘Cause I’m
pregnant by him too. – What? Thought you are only
a friend to him. – He told me I broke up. – Yeah, we broke up when
I told him I was pregnant. Does he know? – Yeah, but the last
time that I was pregnant, we broke up too. – You aborted? – Of course, aren’t you? – I’m (mumbles) if
I have this baby. – An abortion huh. Well, my family doesn’t
believe in those. My mama told me, if I’m grown
enough to lay down with a boy, then I’m grown enough
to keep my baby. – I’m only 16, you
gotta be what, 14? – And I’ll be 15
when the baby’s born. I just gotta do what I gotta do. – What about school? Or college, do you
even have a job? – You act like you’re
not in the same situation as me, whatever. Right now, I’m just worried
about me and my baby. And why you worried
about what I gotta do? At least I’m responsible enough
to handle my own business. – Hey wait. Where do you stand? – What do you think? I’m 14, pregnant,
no job, no man, and on top of that Tony
has other girls around the school pregnant too. – He was sleeping with other
girls at the school too. – You know, to be older
than me, you’re dumb. – Well, you can’t be
that much smarter, we’re on the same boat. – Whatever but yeah, he’s
been with other girls too. I guess all our babies are
gonna be brothers and sisters. Well except for you since
you’re getting rid of it. Guess you better careful who
we sleep with now on, huh. (piano music) – This your first time? It’s my third. You alone? That’s the best way. My mum isn’t interested in
walking all the way down. She only came with me last time because she had to
get it done too. It doesn’t even
really hurt anymore but since it’s your first time, just close your eyes and pretend
like you’re somewhere else. That’s what I used to do,
pretend you’re somewhere else. – Angel Walker. – [Tamara] Did you see it? – [Angel] What? – [Tamara] The baby. – Oh, no. I mean I was in so much pain, I don’t even remember
when it came out. If I didn’t know any better,
it’d really just same like it was a lot of pain
but nothing came out. – Well, you’re only
two months’ pregnant. So the baby is a
small fetus then. – Yeah I guess. – What are did they do to you? – They made me pee in a cup
to see if I was pregnant. Then they put me on a table
and just pull the baby out with this huge vacuum thing. – Oh my God, you were awake? – Yes, no anesthesia. – You felt all that? – Everything. What time is it? – 10 a.m., why? – Just wanted to know
how much time I have before I need to go back home. You sure your parents
won’t be there until later? – Yes, I’m sure. Even if they did
get off work early, they live two hours away. So you just go home
and rest and relax. I’m gonna go back to school
after I get you settle in. I don’t want them to get
suspicious with both of us out. – Yeah, I wouldn’t want
my mum to have intuition. – You did sign in at home
class this morning, didn’t you? – Yeah, I signed in right
after Ms. Watson’s class. Can you believe she talked
about teen pregnancy today? – Crazy isn’t it but
don’t worry about it. You just rest at my house, okay. It’s all gonna be okay. – Okay. – Dynamite ready, hit it. – [Cheerleaders] We got the
spirit, we got the yell. We got the team
cat, fight, fight. Dynamite, Dynamite,
all right, Dynamite. We got the spirit,
we got the yell. We got the team
cat, fight, fight. Dynamite, Dynamite,
all right, Dynamite. – All right, good jobs you
guys but Tamara remember to go up at the end, keep
your arm straight up. – Angel, Angel,
how are you doing? Are you okay? Hey what’s up are you all right? You know, now you’re
with us today. – She can’t. – Look Morin, mind
your own business. – I will mind our own business if the men still will mind hers. – I was just gonna get Charlie. – Good idea. – Just Gwen, nobody
stole your man, okay. Y’all were broken
up the day I met him and if you want him
back, be my guest. – Take him. – Shut up. – Angel, did you
really get rid of it? – Was it just like the slides? – Does your mother know? – But do you know, that
makes you a murderer? – And a nasty trick. – Shamia, nobody likes you. (cheerleaders shouting
at each other) – See you later. – All right. What’s it about you
throwing up in there? – Yeah, I feel horrible. This baby got my body feeling
like I am hit by a truck. – Everything hurts huh. – Yes, my hip, my back,
my feet, everything. So did you end up
getting rid of yours? – Yeah, Tony is totally
out of my life man. I’m so glad I don’t have to
deal with him or his baby. – Lucky you. My whole life has changed
in just a couple of weeks. I can’t do anything anymore. I can’t cheer, I can’t dance. I can’t even shop for me. I have to save my money
to buy baby stuff. – Without Tony being
around, it’s just gonna be another baby without a father. – Tell me about it. My father don’t
help my mum either. Guess it’s a generational curse. – Well maybe you should
have done what I did. ‘Cause I’m not trying to be
somebody’s struggling baby mama. – No, my baby shouldn’t
have to die just because I don’t want to take care
of my responsibilities? I’m gonna be his mother. I will take care of my baby
by myself if I have to. You know what, I don’t see
how you sleep at night. – I sleep just fine,
thank you very much and trust me, it was
the right thing to do. – Hey honey. – Hey. – You look a little
pale, are you okay? – Yeah, I just have cramps. – I’ll go get my heating pad
so you can put on your tummy and make you feel better okay? – Okay. – You sure you’re okay? – It’s nothing, I just,
you know cramps hurts One of those days. – Okay, I’ll go
get my heating pad. (Angel groans) Angel, I’m home,
I forgot my lunch. Are you getting ready for work? Angel, I hope you’re
getting ready for work. It’s almost after 12 o’clock. Angel. Angel. Angel, open up the door. – I’m bleeding. – What do you mean
you’re bleeding. Angel, open up the
door right now. I bleed a lot, think
I am hemorrhaging. – What do you know
about hemorrhaging? Angel, open up this
door right now. – Mum, can you call someone? Really. – Oh my God. (phone beeps) Hello, 911, my daughter
is locked in the bathroom, and she’s bleeding a lot. She said she’s hemorrhaging. No, she’s not talking. Can you just please send
someone over right away. Yes that is our address. – Hello Angel, I’m Dr. Joel. I’ll be taking
care of you today. Can you tell me the
reason for your visit? – I’m bleeding. – She said she was
hemorrhaging out. – Okay, let me evaluate you. I’m gonna press down your
belly at certain spaces. (Angel groans) – Okay, let me
lift your feet up. I need you to slide
down so I’m working. – Angel, are you pregnant? – I have an abortion. – Ms. Walker, were you
aware of the abortion? – No, I was not aware
of the abortion. – Okay. Nurse, I’m gonna
need an ultrasound, quantitative HCG, a CVC. I’m also gonna need type
and cross protru-ganist, and to monitor her vital
signs every 15 minutes. Let me know if anything changes. Since she’s so sick, please have radiologists come
directly, okay? – All right, doctor. – Thank you. – I’ve scanned Angel,
there wasn’t any evidence of an intrauterine
pregnancy but it appears to be an ectopic on the left
side in the hemoperitoneum. – Okay. – Ms. Walker, Angel’s
ultrasound shows that she has a pregnancy
in her fallopian tube and her belly filled with blood. She’s gonna need surgery now. – Hi, I’m Dr. Michaels. Dr. Joel made me aware
of your condition. I don’t want to
alarm you but we need to consider you for
surgery right away. I need you to ore-state. Ma’am I have some
paperwork for you. – And ma’am in those
papers, excuse me doctor, in those papers,
there’s some forms you give me your consent to
put your doctor to sleep. I’ll be using a
general anesthesia. – No, I don’t want you
to put her to sleep. – Ma’am. – I said no. – Ma’am, please Ms.
Walker, listen to me. I can assure you that
I will do my best to ensure that your
daughter’s comfortable and pain-free during
the procedure. Please just try to stay calm. – How could I be so
stupid and selfish. My baby is in there
slipping away. – Sis, don’t beat yourself up. Your reaction is no different
than any other parent that finds out her
child is pregnant. – Anne, my baby
is in there dying. She needs me. I’m not here worrying
about how much time I’m missing from work. Oh my God, I just
remembered what I told her before I left her room. – What, what did you say? – I said I wondered how life
would be if she wasn’t in it. – Oh God, don’t
worry, everything is
gonna be all right. Don’t worry, look,
here comes the doctor. – Ms. Walker, how you doing? Dr. Michaels. – Is she all right? – Yes, your daughter
did quite well. You can come see
her if you’d like. Let me make you aware,
we were unable to perform the surgery with a laparoscope. She’s had very extensive
bleeding in her belly. We had to make a large
incision across the abdomen. Although the procedure
went quite well, in the next 24 hours
are very critical. We had to remove her
left fallopian tube as she’s had some heavy bleeding so we had to give her
a blood transfusion with two units of blood
to replace all the blood that she’s lost. – A blood transfusion. – Yes, she’s lost
a lot of blood. – Just wait baby, just wait. Just wait baby, just wait. Just calm down, just calm down. – I already are, I already are. Just want to see
what’s going on here. – Please, not here. – What, if not here, where? – She’s going through
a rough time right now and we need to support
her so please calm down. – Look, calm, oh girl, I just
want to know where the boy is. (fast crosstalk) – What is she
talking about JoJo? – The boy that caused all this, you know the boy that
got Angel pregnant and made her have an abortion. That boy, that boy. – What are the boy is
it, what are the boy? That, where’s the boy,
where his mama at? Where anybody in
his family’s at? – They’re not here, and I don’t think
they’ll be coming either. By the way, no one
made Angel do anything she didn’t want to do. – What?
– That’s does not he has nothing to say
about this situation. Okay, don’t even worry about it. Can we see the girl? Will you let us
go up and see her? Can we go to her? – The girls are
worried to death. We promised them
we would call them as soon as we saw Angel. As soon as we saw her.
– Okay, okay, let’s go in and see what’s going on, and try to be civilized. – Come on baby.
– Civilized, civilized? – Hey honey. – Hey mum. – I told you I’ll be here
by your side, didn’t I? – Here you go sweetie. You can start off with this
softened liquid food first then we’ll let you
eat some solids. – Thank you. – How are you feeling baby? – Tired. – But you’re very strong,
you’ve been through a lot. Look over there, you
got some presents, and your sister drove
all the way from college to come and see you. She’ll be here later, okay. – Okay, did you call Tamara? – Yes, she should
be here later too. – Okay. – Sweetie, I brought
you something, and I made this
blanket for you too. – Angel, look, your
Auntie Bebe’s here. – Hi. – [Angel] Hi, how you doing? – How are you up to, baby girl? – I’m okay. – How’s the patient? – Oh he’s fine, his
vitals were 120 over 80. He’s ready for surgery. – Okay. – Oh Pete. – That sound right? – Yeah. – I know, I know your
mind is elsewhere. I saw that 16-year-old
now holding on for life. – Diagnosed the fifth
ectopic pregnancy I’ve had in this month. – I know, I know, I’ve had
three this month, so far. You know I lost that
last one, right? – You did? – Yeah, yeah it seems as
though her tubes were ruptured. That was before she
got in the hospital. – You know we almost
lost this one. – Am I good? Wow, seems like she has
some angels with her. – I guess so, no. At least what she’s
got, she’s more careful. This nothing to be
playing with, at all. – No, it’s Russian roulette. – Pretty much. – Look, I’ve got a 13-year-old
about to give birth. – Yeah. – I gotta to talk to you later. – Good luck there. – All right buddy,
you too, good luck. – [Angel’s mum] Mum, pass me
that, she’s about to throw up and page the nurse. – Call the doctor, she’s
throwing up gastrogas, hurry. – It’s okay. – Nurse give me the
gastro tube and K-Y jelly, and some water ready for me. Hang on sweetie. – [Angel’s mum] He gonna make
you feel better, it’s okay. It’s okay. – All right sweetie,
this will feel a little uncomfortable
going down but I need you to swallow it, this is going down, all right? Good, just a little
uncomfortable. – I’m gonna go to the
restroom, I’ll be right back. – Hey. – Hey. Hi sweetie. – Hey. – Hi sweetie. I came as soon as your
mum told me what happened. I’m sorry. – She’s going to be okay. She is very happy to
see you, all right. Don’t you cry. – I brought you some movies that can watch as
you get better. Excuse me. – I’ll go get her mum. You stay here with Angel. – Okay. – Tamara, Tamara honey, wait. – What? – Calm down, everything’s
gonna be all right. – No, it won’t. It’s all my fault
that my best friend is lying in there, half-dead. – First off, Angel isn’t
half-dead, all right. She’s just having
a few complications and with time,
she’ll pull through. – No. – These things
take time, sweetie. – You don’t know what happened. – Look, I know enough. Angel just had an
abortion that went wrong, it happens all the time. – No, it’s all my fault. If I had just let
her keep the baby, none of this would
have happened. – Girls, girls can I talk to
you for a second in my office? – Come on. – I overheard your conversation. If I’m not mistaken,
you’re talking about Angel Walker right? – [Tina and Tamara] Yeah. – Okay, both of you
kinda have a sense of what’s going on with Angel but
that’s not the whole story. Neither of you are at fault. – I am, I knew she was pregnant, and I just let her do it anyway. I should’ve taken
her to a hospital. I should’ve said
something or told someone. – No sweetie, Angel
has what’s called PID. – [Tina] What’s that, I’ve
not heard of that before. – Basically, PID is pelvic
inflammatory disease. It can cause damage to
your reproductive organs. It’s usually from a
STD that wasn’t cured or if you’ve had it for
a long period of time without getting treated. – Well, what type of STD? – The usual suspects in this is usually gonorrhea or Chlamydia. – Angel told me she had
gonorrhea when she was younger. – Yeah, that was
several years ago but it probably wasn’t
treated in time enough, and it caused her to have PID which can cause infertility
and blocking fallopian tube. – [Tina] Oh my God. – Now ladies, this is
confidential information that I’m sharing with you here. The only reason I’m
telling you this is because a lot of young
women need to know, okay. – [Tamara] Okay. – Angel’s fallopian
tube was blocked so that when she
became pregnant, the fetus was in her fallopian
tube instead of her uterus and that caused it to rupture. – Well then, what did they
take out at the clinic? – I’m not sure, but
it wasn’t a fetus. We did that yesterday along
with her fallopian tube. Angel needed to
talk to her parents. Basically, her trying to do this caused her many consequences. – I just wished she
would have told mum or at least told me. – Need to, that’s
why we had to do the emergency surgery on Angel. There’s been cases
where women have died due to this procedure but if I could drive
home anything with you, it’s to get tested and
need to get treated. Let’s go see how Angel
doing, all right? Hey ladies, how you doing today? – [Angel] Hi. – Let me see how
you doing today. – Hey mum, can I talk
to you for a second? – I’ll be right back. – Looks good, how’s your
stomach feeling today? – Okay. – You’re okay? – Is there something
wrong, Tina? – Maybe you should
be telling me that. – What are you talking about? – Don’t play games ma. Why don’t you think
Angel came to you about all of this before
it got so far. – Because she is hardheaded. You know that. I told Angel, no guys, no sex. I was constantly
driving it in her head, every single chance I got. Don’t do this, don’t do that. And you see what happened,
she’s still messed up anyway. Tina, I am tired. I don’t know what else to do. – That’s just it, ma. You need to lighten up. You’re barely home and when
you are, you don’t listen. No wonder Angel didn’t tell you. You’re too busy saying, “Don’t
do this and don’t do that.” You never took the
time to talk to her about making good decisions. Look ma, I’m not
trying to say that you’re a bad mother or anything
like that but it’s just that if you didn’t learn
from all of my mistakes, we’ve got to make sure
that we communicate so that this will
be Angel’s last one. – You’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry, okay, come here. I’m so sorry. I’ll remember it now. (piano music) – Ms. Walker, Ms. Walker. – All of this is my fault. Everything that’s happened
to Angel is my fault. – Ms. Walker, now’s the
time that you need to be the strongest that
you’ve ever been. For you and for Angel. Looking into the past right now is not gonna help this
situation get any better. – When she needed me, I
know I wasn’t there for her. I almost killed my baby. – Ms. Walker, Angel needs
you now more than ever. You have a second chance
to be there for her. A second chance you were given when she made it
through that surgery. So are you gonna sit here
and dwell in the past that cannot be changed or are you gonna learn
from your mistakes, and make use of
your second chance. – Hi baby. – Hey mum. – You doing okay? – Yeah, yeah. Look mum, I just
wanna apologize for everything that’s happened. I promise this will never– – Angel stop, I don’t
want you apologizing for anything, okay. It was my fault. I’m your mother, your parent. – But mum, dad isn’t here
and I know that sometimes– – Angel stop it. From now on, I will not
treat you like a little girl. I will respect you and listen
to everything you have to say without jumping to
conclusions, okay. You are a beautiful smart woman, and I’m gonna start
treating you like that. Look, you are my Angel, and I don’t want there
to be any secrets kept between us okay? Can you do that for me? Okay. Right, God has changed me, okay. He has given me a second chance. Can you give your
mummy a second chance? – Sure. – Come here, I love you. – I love you too. (Angel sobbing) (slow music)


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