School Play Drama

When it was freshman year my friend told me
that she would go in the drama club and I was so too. So I was so happy and then I heard
a rumor that this girl was telling me, “Hey do you know that Jacob’s joining drama club for Romeo and
Juliet parts.” I wanted to scream at that girl and be like, “Oh my god really oh my gosh,” but I didn’t
because it’s embarrassing. My friend Evan was like, “You’ve got to get the part you’re just perfect at it.
Plus, you really know how to work it.” My friend Maria was like, “Yeah I totally agree with Evan.”
So we practiced days and days and days. My mom would even say, “I’ll get your costume ready
honey!” And I was embarrassed and all but I was so happy and the girls stopped me from going
to drama class and she’s like, “Stop it right there. I am going to audition as well,” and that
girl I hated so much. She was the meanest in school and her name was Deanna. I was like, “Nuh-uh
girl, you ain’t not doing this.” I just wanted to choke her but I didn’t because I was gonna get expelled. Anyway, she was the first one to audition. I like I hope she doesn’t make it and then
did she just we were happy we screamed for the clap for her. When I went the, judges did the
same thing but they one of them almost cried. I was just like oh ho look at the part done.
They were like, “We will announce the winners tomorrow in the chart.” So I went to look
and of course Jacob, my crush, got the part. My heart was kind of like bah bah bah bah
bah bah boom boom boom boom. I was just like okay I better get the part. My friend says,
“Darn it,” and I’m like, “Is it about me?” And she was like, “No I just got a tree.” what I saw the Juliette part I got it I wanted to scream. And I wanted to kiss my crush already. My enemy Deanna she looked at me in a rage. I just wanted to tell her, “ha ha!” When it was time for play,
I got prettied up and put lipstick. What this girl Deanna did she switched my dress from to red to blue. I told my friend, “What?” And she was like “Don’t worry I’ve got a red dress.” So I wore that red dress and Deanna was so mad when she saw me in that red dress is you. So she was like “UGH!” So I went and lay down for the kissing part to begin. Then, when Jacob came I was blushing like really bright.
I was so nervous. He leaned in and kissed. Everybody threw roses and everything and I was so happy I screamed, “Yes!” After the play he’s like, “Do you want to be my girlfriend so we can go
date?” I said, “Yes!” And I was happy. I was, I was crying of joy and now I’m dating him right
now and we are so happy together.


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