Sci-Fi Short Film “Interlude” presented by DUST

Come to check up on me again? Something like that I’ll fill out your forms. Take your boxes and leave us alone. Bloody social services Your just child snatchers in cheap suits Until you can find a doctor who can dedicate more than 24 hours a day to her recovery she’s staying right here with her dad I know this is all for her Every waking moment is for her My daughter hates it when I smoke Look I’m sure she’ll understand And what would you know? I just think we need to talk I’ve got work to do Why do you keep coming here? I’ll keep coming until you… I won’t let you take her away from me I know A year she’s been lying there in that bed Do you know what’s that like? At this time people turn to God I just ask what would Tesla do? Do you even know who Tesla is? Yea my, my dad was a science snob This machine…if you’ll just listen I am listening This machine can allow me to create a dreamscape A new conscious plane between the two realities an interlude But in order to access the new conscious plane The two subjects need to have a shared emotional frequency Like two pianists reading from the same score Yes, it’s a lovely analogy but… If only I could just align them. I’ve tried everything Her clothes, her favorite…toys Her favorite stories. The only thing that works is this For some reason this means something But what does it mean? If I could just get inside her head and.. and tell her that.. That she’s not alone Tell her that… I’m with you every day Tell her that… I love you Just stay with me Dad Manage to get any further this time? Nope Same memory Same ending You were holding his hand pretty tight back there I woke up Dad Now it’s your turn See you again tomorrow? and the day after that you


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