ScoopWhoop: When Indian Fathers Screw Up | Anonymously Yours | Ep. 05

So my father had this thing for firecrackers Every year on Diwali he”ll go crazy One or two days before Diwali He had bought one of those huge firecrackers
The chocolate one Cute wrappers and all of that Apparently the shopkeeper had told him Take this sir this is great This one does a huge explosion
And all of that So he had a habit
He would come home And he’d change his clothes and wear a lungi Whenever shit would go down
Or go wrong He had this saying “oh no everything’s gone wrong” which basically means things are really bad him and one of the staff in our house they were gonna light up this bomb right in the center of our courtyard and my mum was like this is a bad idea don’t do this
Don’t do it My mother’s name is Pushpa So he was like
Pushpa stop worrying so much nothing will happen both of them lit this up in the center of our courtyard and ran away So you know that string That you light up It burned completely but the bomb didn’t explode He was like “this one’s gone” “I’ll move this and we’ll try another one” My mother was like “Don’t go near the bomb it is active” “and I have a feeling it’ll burst” “Pushpa stop worrying nothin will happen” Both of them went They had a stick in their hand They went real close And tried to flip it off And suddenly there was a loud noise Very movie like scene Both of them turned around My father had no chest hair And the staff had no eyebrows And then he turned around and in a typical fashion he said “oh no everything’s gone wrong” So, this happened long back. I must have been 16 or 17 years old. This was at a New Year’s Party. Back then, dad used to smoke. And drink as well. But I had never seen him sloshed. But I think he got excited this New Year’s eve. And downed hard liquor as well as beer. This was an office party. So, his bosses, his juniors, his colleagues and their families, Everybody was present. At first, he just started dancing. I had never seen him dance before that. My mother, my sister, and I were like “What the hell is this man doing?” After a while, the party ended. And we were supposed to drive back home. I was 16. My mother does not know how to drive. Neither does my sister. Dad sat down in the driving seat. We were confident that we’d reach home
because we lived quite close. So, dad started the car. And put the gear in reverse. And we rammed straight into a pole. The entire family went: “What are you doing?” “Will you be able to drive or not?” Dad was like: “Yeah, yeah! I’ll drive, I’ll drive” “Relax, you guys. You’re in safe hands.” Then, he almost bumped into a motorcyclist. That guy barely made it. Everyone started panicking. We had realized that
he could definitely not drive in this condition. So, mom told him that
“Don’t drive over 20 k.m.p.h.” “Take however long you want. Just get us home.” We eventually did reach home. And he went straight to the bathroom and threw up. Then he headed off to sleep. He passed out. Next morning, when he woke up, first thing he said was, “Today onwards, I won’t touch a single bottle of alcohol.” And since that day, he actually hasn’t. So I went out for a party once When I was in class eleven We used to get deadlines that time From parents “That you have to be back by 10pm no matter what” So I came back by one in the night
So my mother got angry She was like “you remain outside” “You’re not gonna come in” “Call your friends” “Go with them” “Party all night” So I had no other option left I was standing outside
Trying to figure out what to do Then my dad calls me up Then he’s like “You’re standing outside?” I said “yeah” He said “Wait for ten to fifteen minutes” “Once your mom sleeps I’ll come open the door” So then he came He opened the door And now he’s sneaking out Like he’s a teenager himself Silently
Afraid of my mom waking up Right when he was standing in front of me I see some shadow Right behind him And I was like
“Dad behind you” And he turns and right behind him is my mother standing pissed off! just staring at us You know eyes are enough So since Mom looked like that I thought she’d drag dad inside and I would be left standing outside but no
Something really weird happened She’s like
“Both of you stand outside” “Both of you get out” The both of us
For a whole hour or so were standing outside
Trying to figure out what to do Dad was like “I got caught because of you” And for two hours we just roamed around outside And then mom called and said “Both of you come back” “Go to sleep! You have school tomorrow!” This is something I’ll always remember
Because my dad is so cute He always saves me like
Always from my mother So
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