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Hello, I am Sanjeev Mehta, I am a professional writer and last 17-18 years I do writing for televisions and films. For television, I have some programs which you might have watched Movers and Shakers, Boogey-Boogey, some events of Film-Fare Awards, Pole Khole and except these for non-fiction, in 2009 for Tedi Baat I got the award of best writing in non-fiction category. In fiction Bajate Raho for Eros International, I worked in screenplay and at present there are some projects on them I am working. This is the area of art, here the traveling goes continuous, there is no end, only you have to keep walking, you have to keep on. So, the work of writing is complex, full of challenges, and itself satisfying, it feels very good when you create something that goes to people, you feel good that the thing you create goes to people. the biggest question to new writers is that Sanjeev Ji, who is professional writer, what is professional writer? See, being a writer, professional writer is the thing of respect. It has great security. Everybody is writer, who wants to write, write anything, but the professional writer is that writes for particular commercial producer, for television. Writer is like, I will say in joke that if someone writes a love letter to somebody, he will say himself a writer that brother I have made written a love letter to the boy of Chajju Lal, so I am a writer but this is not like this. Writer is that who the streams of art, like television, theatre, radio field, those who write in these, charge professionally, they are called professional writers. So, professional writer itself is big position, one standard. what is the difference between a normal writer and professional writer? see, in normal writing there is nothing nothing so much special in it, in it a man can write whatever he wants to write. For this, he gets payment or not, nothing makes a difference. Now commercial writing, we cover everything in commercial writing for ad films, for radio or for films, for this there is particular method, there is particular format according to that you have to write, that is also the demand of it. Like for an example, I take television or films. Televisions have different place and it has a different fiction and films have different. See, when to tell a story to someone mostly you tell it just like a story telling but when we talk about films, then you have to play with the complete visuals. You have to send your story to viewers with the help of visuals. It has to be written with visuals that this will be the first scene, horse comes, man climb down, man after climbing down bought grains, he take grains, and that has the treatment of complete visuals, and the writer has to write in his script, from where the dialogues come, who says what, and that scene where it ended. So, all these things, okay, a professional writer handles this beautifully and delivers producer what is the requirement of the script. if a writer wants to work then what are the requirements of a writer’s association for him? See, if you are serious for your writing career then it is very good to registered in a writer’s association. And very, I will advise that it protects the interest of writers and it has many benefits that a writer gets, to professional writers. That tomorrow you work somewhere and you did not get your money at time, or a dispute happens that somebody took your story, stolen, if you are not a member of writer association, whom you will tell, what will you say who took my story, but if you are a member of writers association and any injustice happens to you, you can go and complaint in that body, proceeding can happen, and you will have benefit from that So, these are benefits of writers association. What are the opportunities for a writer in present times? earlier there were limitations, but now there is tremendous scope for writers. Means, even people of Hollywood say that our writer is super star, although this situation is not in Bollywood, but we are moving forward in that direction where, a star, a producer getting realization that writer is the main aspect, because when foundation will be weak, how a building can be made. So, according to me, golden period of writers has started, television, radio, films, theatre, you means, now web series, so many superb things are coming, basically, this visual media present is the game of thoughts. And you only send thoughts to ordinary viewers, and to execute thoughts, from thoughts to straight showing hardcopy to persons all this work done by a writer is the main work. For writers means have indefinite scope. For a new writer, what things would you say are very important for an upcoming writer that they should take care of what to do and what not to do? What are do’s and don’ts? the most important thing is that, I would like to say for writers is that thing little being practical. Although for writers, it is said that they are imaginary people and live in imaginations only and there is no relation of them with reality. But according me it is nothing like that, writers have solid relations with reality. What is happening in other’s life, keep open your eyes here and there and it is okay, you, your imagination is its own place, your imagination helps. It is important for you to see and hear the other things that help you in writing. Like for example, on net you can read good-good scripts, the films that are your favorite why they got hit? what was so special about them? you can download and see them whole. There are many sites from where you can download all our classic movies , you can watch them, so from them you will learn a lot and you rest is your creativity that is in its place but it is important to learn continuously. Means, it is said that when we do writing we use sub conscious mind and in sub conscious, material will only be there when you see, hear, read a lot. Because when you sit for writing, the things that are recorded in you sub conscious mind help in writing. That is why, be awake, we alert and be vigilant, because plenty of things we get from this world only. In order to learn, nowadays the atmosphere is superbly made and we are very thankful to the net. Our net like said is our biggest teacher. Here we can learn plenty of things and learn very easily. You do not have to go here and there, in your convenience and in your time frame whenever means you want to learn. Our video courses are on net, you watch them carefully; understand because learning is very essential. And to learn it makes no difference that you go to school or school comes to your home. That is why, learning is very essential and keep learning and whatever the opportunity get, no matter sitting at home you see and try to understand our video courses and all our special persons do talk and make you understand, you will get the tips definitely and wish you all the best. Do well, great.


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