SDCC ‘Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie’ Sneak Peek | The Legend of Arnold | Nick

[GASP] Surprise! Arnold! Arnold! Arnold! Arnold! This is incredible. Everyone’s here. You better have
a seat, Arnold. Why? What’s going on? Lights. The legend of Arnold will be
passed down from kid generation to generation and onward. And Gerald is the keeper of all
legends that tell of all tales. Take it away, Gerald. We call him Arnold. Friend to all, force for
decency, doer of good. He’s the most dependable,
trusty, true blue friend I can imagine. Help you in a second? No questions asked. I know plenty of
others feel the same. Let’s hear from some people
who Arnold has helped. I would have
never left my stoop. And now look at me, sitting on
the biggest stoop in the city. And it’s all because of Arnold. Now I can harass people from
my stoop and from off my stoop. [LAUGHTER] Anyway,
guy’s got a great heart. He helped me get over myself. Now I’m tolerant, gracious,
and self-effacing. Oh, and humble. I’ll get a copy of this, right? Arnold put me back together
with my old partner, Don, and remade my career. I get applause from fans, but
Arnold’s the real star, baby. Arnold helped me escape the
cage of my old rooftop habitat. Now I’m as free as a bird. Merci, Arnold. Arnold listened
to me and treated me just like another friend. He’s, you know, pure of heart. I’ll never forget that, Arnold. I can inaudibly say
that the over-esteemed Arnold put the coach back
into coach Wittenberg. I was a one-dimensional
bully until Arnold showed me my sensitive side. Arnold? Never heard of him. Arnold almost killed me. But then saved my life,
got me a new fish, kept me from going bad. Thanks, Arnold. What a pal. [LAUGHTER] I’m OK. Pure of heart. That’s Arnold. And that’s why he deserves to
win the trip to San Lorenzo. Because he’s done
so much for others. He’s a humanitarian,
just like his parents and the Helpers for Humanity. Monkey man! Hey, Arnold. You’re a bold kid. And a true hero.

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