SDSU School of Theatre, Television, and Film presents: The Full Monty

“What I want that’s easy, I want to understand. How I got to be a loser and I used to be a man.” My name is Tug Watson. I’m a first year graduate student here in MFA Musical Theatre program at State. Playing Jerry Lekowski in The Full Monty. “I’m going no where wandering the streets of Buffalo. Cause it’s a slow town!” My name is Stephen Brotebeck. I’m an assistant professor in the MFA Musical Theatre Program here at San Diego State. And I’m the director and choreographer of The Full Monty. It’s a show that has a ton of heart. It’s a show that is relatable to every person and you get all the best things in musicals as well. There’s great music, there’s some great choreography and so many surprises. It’s kind of really about the underdog coming out on top. And I think everybody can relate to the show in that way. The men of Buffalo have lost their jobs from working in a steel mill. And it follows these six guys as they try to come up with different ways to make money in order to help support their families and help themselves get back on track. So one of the characters, Jerry Lekowski, the character I play, he gets an idea to strip for one night. He gathers a bunch of other guys who worked in the mill. To do this one night only strip event and I’m not giving anything else away. “You fake, you spin, you drive and then you’re in the paint. You pump, you jump, and you’re up there, you’re up there.” And what’s great about The Full Monty, is that it has it’s roots in San Diego. All eyes are on this city, like if a show is produced at a relatively high profile theater here, there’s immediate buzz that it’s going to transfer right to Broadway. San Diego is a breeding ground for Broadway musicals and this is one, The Full Monty that started at the Old Globe in 1999-2000 and then, then went to Broadway. And now we’re bringing it back to San Diego, which is really exciting. On campus, we have a really energetic and enthusiastic student body here. What’s great about San Diego State is, in addition to an amazing MFA Musical Theatre program, we have an extremely excellent and awesome MFA in design. The arts are alive on campus and they should be alive. We’re doing such a great job on campus of of allowing the community to express themselves through art and I think that’s really important. “I love this man, I love that man! We are open from April 21 to April 30. So, we run two weekends. Friday through Sunday the first weekend and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday the second weekend. “Let’s get ready to rumble!” (Music)

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