Sea of Shadows Official Trailer | National Geographic

(dramatic music) – I have visual on their ship. This is organized crime. – Mexico Narco traffickers call totoaba the cocaine of the sea. The fishing of the totoaba
by Chinese traffickers and Mexican cartels is
killing the vaquita. The vaquita is getting extinct. – There were a hundred
and then there were 60, and now there’s fewer than 30. Come on, sweetie. Come on, mama. – [Man In Black] To stop
the killing of the vaquita, we have to take down those traffickers. The whole thing stinks. It is corruption all the way. Who is… – [Woman] There are some
really bad guys here. They don’t wanna see us succeed. (placid music) – [Man In Black] If we
don’t save the vaquita, we will lose the most
beautiful places of the planet. I keep thinking about the moment when only one vaquita
will be left in the wild. – [Man In Blue] This is a war against the extinction of a species. – [Woman] We have to hold onto the hope that it’s gonna work. – [Man] The poachers are unacceptable. They’ll take any means necessary. – Clock’s ticking. – [Man] We will fight
for every single life. We won’t stop. (mysterious music) (water lapping)


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