Sean Gives First Rose And Causes MAJOR Drama! | The Bachelor US

So nice to meet you what’s your name
Tara Tara that’s pretty well I’m so glad you came here to see me to get to know
me but I wanted to show you that I do have a heart on my finger okay and it’s
open okay and I hope that you’ll be the guy to complete it I like that you never
know you never know crazier things have happened yes you
know what wait right here okay I am extremely nervous like what’s going
on is he about to send me home
if that’s the case I’m gonna be devastated it’s so nerve-racking Sean is what I’ve
been wanting forever but when I got out the limo he said stay
right here I’ll be right back and then he left me there I’m nervous anxious
it’s so nerve-wracking hey Chris what’s going on
I’d like to bend the rules a little bit tonight all right what’s up there’s a
girl outside Tierra she made a big impression on me
all right sweet outgoing just positive vibes
I’d like to give her a rose right now right now why not
it means she’s safe through the rose ceremony you’re sure I’m sure
okay take one go ahead man I am so ready to do this and I’m so open to the
possibility of finding my wife so I feel like if I’m just clicking with someone
and we have a connection I don’t see any point in waiting for the rose ceremony so sorry to keep you waiting so tonight
I’m gonna break the rules a little bit okay okay you just have this sweet it’s
exciting I don’t I don’t know how to describe it but you have such a good
energy and I’d like for you to stick around a little bit longer so what that
being said Tierra will you accept this rose yes I look forward to talking to you more
inside and get some given I’m excited it’s great to meet you too thank you
you’re welcome Teairra she had this energy about her
that was contagious and you can’t really put your finger on why but it’s that
magnetic personality so I give her a rose and I’m hoping that doesn’t create
any tension among the girls can you explain where this rose came from I got
a limo in I said what I needed to say to him and he said give me a moment walked
away again walked back out Wow chair walks in with
a rose and it was literally like an animal attack on the eyeballs anyway
maybe the rules have changed everyone’s like what what’s going on you can relax
the rest of the night then I know people are still coming in but yet she has
throat – thank you
so you know at the beginning of a relationship there’s always like an
awkward pause just because you don’t really know that person so I thought we
could just have that moment now and get it out of the way what do you think
let’s do it okay okay good I’m glad we got metal that
wasn’t that awkward for me absolutely I look forward to it awesome all right
goodbye how are you I am great how are you
better now don’t before I forget I’m Kerry Ann and there’s one thing I want
you to know Lissa that I did Drive 2775 miles for a shot with you so I’m really
hoping that the adventure continues with us really yeah thank you so much that’s
so flattering and it’s humbling to think that you drove all that way to meet me I
think you’re worth it me too it’s so great to meet you you too thank you like my name is Desiree Desiree even
call me des okay I actually brought some pennies so that we can make a wish on
the thumb okay okay one two all right you’re not wait to talk to you a little
bit more like you how are you thank you so nice to me it’s
nice to meet you too I’m Sara Sara I was curious is this how you always
imagined falling in love no never in a million years did I think I’d fall in
love this way this is exactly how I always I don’t know if I believe you but
I’ll go along with it believe it well hey it’s so nice to meet you and oh nice
to meet you I look forward to talking to you inside okay thank you
welcome however how are you I am great how are
you it’s a pleasure to finally meet it’s a pleasure to meet you you look
beautiful thank you and so do you stunning thank
you what’s your name Brooke Brooke yes are you ready for this loud and
crazy journey I hope so guess what what’s that you are too I’m
looking forward to it we just like Colin and I go you and me I need to talk to
the other girls too but I am so looking forward to sitting down and talking to
you I feel so good that it’s you can can we start with this can you tell me your
name Dianna’s I’m looking forward to it thank you beautiful you so much yes I
have a football and I was thinking we could run a little play I love this yeah
so I’m gonna be the quarterback uh-huh we’re gonna play center okay so we’re
gonna turn this way you’re gonna take am I going up or a
pass just wait and see okay I’m gonna snap it and then we’ll go from
right this cadence is going to go on forever I
did not want to write a play I just wasn’t married that’s a good trick
I like it good good so here you take this okay
and five more inside I’m looking forward to it thank you me too she’s fun I’m
gonna pee my pants right now Shawn did you invite these girls cause I
sure didn’t I thought tonight was just about you and I there maybe a few others
I am Christine Christine Wisconsin so nice to meet you who are you
bringing you the best from the Midwest tonight well I’m glad you’re here I’m
excited to get to know he’s so me thank you for having me you’re so welcome you
look beautiful tonight thank you thank you I’m actually eight dresses thank you
it so happens to match you’re a really close-knit Italian family we actually
own an Italian restaurant so I would love to take you home and feed you and
have you meet my family I love Italian food good but my dad did want me to send
you a message what’s up I said if you break my heart
he’s gonna break your legs great to meet you so good to meet you and I’m glad
you’re here gotta be careful with that Wow did I miss the memo is this my
wedding day now that we’ve made out what’s your name I don’t know apparently
you but I like I’m looking forward to it so you found your bride my job is done
here oh my goodness told you these girls are gonna pull out
all the stops man yeah but I you know I appreciate that she’s bringing her sense
of humor and I like that she’s she’s fun obviously all right in all seriousness
25 bachelorettes all here to meet you what do you think 25 gorgeous women and
I can’t wait to get inside and get to talk to a more you


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