Second Chance Theatre: Jon Bovi Q&A

[ Cheers and applause ] Welcome back to “Late Night,”
everybody. To conclude tonight’s episode, we will be having
an in-depth discussion of this evening’s sketch,
Jon Bovi. For those of you at home,
please feel free to watch the full version of our chat on the “Late Night”
YouTube channel. I want to start because Fred, you have performed
with Jon Bovi. Thundergong! is a charity,
a friend of yours, and you guys started
in Kansas City? -That’s right, yeah.
Me and my buddy Billy, we help provide prosthetic legs and arms to people
that don’t have the means by which to get them themselves, and we raise a bunch of money and Kansas City comes out
and supports them. And, yeah,
Fred’s been out there. Will and I did this. We auctioned off any song,
and the highest bidder, we would then write a Jon Bovi
song right there on the stage. We had seven minutes
to write the song. The band had seven minutes
to learn it. First year,
we got “Purple Rain.” And Will and I are on the floor
sprawled out there trying to start doing
the lyrics, Googling the lyrics
and going through our process. And then Fred just
very casually, very gently walks over
and just goes, [Whispers] “Yellow Snow.” [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] And usually he’s a real
son of a bitch about stuff and he hates to see people
succeed, but that night… [ Laughter ] -For charity, I feel like that
brings out the best in you. -Different place for it, yeah. -Do you guys want to try one?
Is it unfair to ask for one now? -For free?
-Yeah. Of course. Anybody want to yell out a song? [ Audience shouting ]
What’s that? -“Toxic,” Britney Spears.
-Yeah, Britney! [ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ] -I don’t know the lyrics, but
I just know it would be like… -Wait, um… -♪ Your hate is… ♪ ♪ Safe for children ♪ [ Laughter ] Safe to breathe,
it’s starting to — -Yeah. And I feel like we’d
be wearing mostly zippers with, like, a little piece
of leather up the front. -Yeah. I’m gonna grab my iPad
and maybe Google some lyrics while we do this. -There you go.
That’s the way to do it. -Anybody else want to try one?
Yes, sir. [ Audience shouting ]
What? -“Born to Run.”
-“Born to Run.” -Oh, snap. ♪ Baby, you were dead ♪
-Wait. ♪ Baby, you died to walk ♪ [ Laughter ] -Gentlemen like them, old man. Old man, you were dying
to walk ♪ -Yep. It helps knowing
the original lyrics. That’s where I come up short. -Here we go. There we go.
-Oh, yeah. Here we go. -Okay, um, uh… -Getting mustache in my teeth.
-Take it off. I’m getting this wig
in my teeth, too. -Taking it off. -So, how would you do ♪ The highway’s jammed
with broken heroes ♪ ♪ On a last chance power drive ♪ How would you do that? -♪ The old dusted road
is loose with fixed villains ♪ ♪ On a first chance weakness
walk ♪ [ Laughter ] -♪ Nobody’s in on the walk
this morning ♪ ♪ But there is a place
right to be found ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ Alone ♪ -McDonald’s?
-Oh, McDonald’s. -Yep.
-Wait, McDonald’s for Wendy’s? -Yeah, that’s the opposite. Anyone else want to
throw one out? Yes, ma’am. -“Don’t Stop Believing.”
-“Don’t Stop Believing.” -♪ Do start for not believing ♪ ♪ Do start not believing ♪ ♪ Let go of that intuition ♪ [ Laughter ] -Yeah, or that cognition. -♪ Avenue darks ♪ -Wait. -♪ Amoebas, oh, oh, oh ♪ -Wait, amoeba is the opposite
of people? -People. Yeah. -No.
-Yes, over there. -“Party in the U.S.A.” -Oh, party in the — Yeah.
Is that L-M-A? -No, that’s Miley. That’s Miley Cyrus, or
Hannah Montana as we call her. -Oh, my gosh. -You know I’m
a freakin’ old man. -Yeah, Journey was far more in
the wheelhouse. Yes? -“Ex-Factor,” Lauryn Hill. -Uh, I don’t think we’re
going to get there. Yeah. -Who let in the (bleep) guy
from pitchfork? -“All I Want For Christmas,”
Mariah Carey. -Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Okay. ♪ No, I want five… ♪ Uh…
-♪ Hanukkah ♪ -♪ Hanukkah ♪ Is — Wait, what’s the opposite
of a female sheep? -A ram.
-A ram. -Yeah.
-Yeah. ♪ No, I want five Hanukkah
is ram ♪ [ Laughter and applause ] -That’s all right.
-That’s a hit. -Um, guys, that was amazing. Fred, looking at that, do you admit that the show made a terrible mistake
that night? -I do actually. I mean, I think we could have
all done it together maybe. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] Like a “We Are the World”
kind of thing? -Oh, my God. “We Are the World.” Like a very low-rent charity
that the only acts they could get are Garth and Kat
and Jon Bovi. [ Laughter ] -Wait a minute.
What about “We Are the World”? -Oh, yeah. Okay.
Great. Here we go. ♪ There goes a place
when we heed ♪ ♪ An uncertain… ♪ -♪ Text ♪ -♪ And the moon splits apart
alone as to ♪ ♪ We are — There are ♪ -♪ Amoebas living ♪ ♪ Living ♪
-That’s the thing. Once you establish a mythology,
you have to keep it throughout the rest of the songs. -It’s always the word for sure
is five-Speed Stick. -Right. This was one of the
first things as an update anchor was frustrating to me
that the opposite of sure was Speed Stick.
-Yeah. -Yes.
-Yeah. -And that’s probably
because you lost touch. Do you even know how much
deodorant costs anymore, Seth? [ Laughter ] -This is your arugula moment. By the way, I want to bring
something up because I don’t think we ever on air got to ever
say what our actual names are. -Oh, yeah. I think we’ll try
to lower third them tonight. -Oh, really?
-Oh, nice. -Because that was
the only time we saw it, right, is in the lower third
when you came out? -You’d only see Jon Bovi, but,
I mean, our individual — -Right, yeah.
A lot of thought went into this. Because when you write a sketch, you want to get the characters’
names right. -Yeah, because you never know.
You might stumble into a Pat. -Yeah, right.
-It’s Pat. Or a Mango. -that people are going to shout
at you for years. -So you got to be careful
with the name. Because you don’t want to have
something yelled at you you don’t want to hear.
-Yeah, right? You’re just bouncing up against
being an icon. What was your character’s name? -I can’t remember who’s who, but I’m pretty sure
I’m Girth Evans. -Yeah. Girth Evans, right. And then my name
was Dick Thickness. [ Laughter ] -I don’t know — I don’t know… I don’t know how
we’re going to top that. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up
Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen! Garth! Thickness! Evans! [ Cheers and applause ] -More from Girth.
-Girth and Kat!


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