Secret Giant Lego Movie Theater DRIVE THRU Restaurant!

– Hey guys, welcome back and you guys have loved
those restaurant videos but today we’re going to switch it up and do a movie theater. Welcome back to Kyle’s Toys and Games, lets have some fun! (bell ringing) This is how the game works. The customers will come here and order their tickets
at the ticket station then they come over here
to the snack station and they order their food and I have to go back there and I have one minute to do their order, give it to them and they get to go watch their movie. And then they come back and tell me their movie experience then they rate me one to five stars and my goal for stars today is 13 to 17. Open for business. – [Boy] What do you have here? – We have a movie theater. – A movie theater?
– Yep. – This is different. – Guess what? $5 for one ticket to one movie. – Five dollars? That’s really expensive. – Five coins, yep. – Well at least I have
quite a few coins here. I would like one ticket
to your best movie. – Okay which would be, obviously me. – You’re the movie? – Yeah, there you go, there’s your ticket. – Okay, time to go get some snacks now. – Okay, I’ll come over
to the snack station. – I would like one
hotdog with only ketchup. – Okay. – I would like one root
beer, Mike and Ikes, and then a half filled bucket of popcorn. Do you think you could do that? – Uh-huh. – Four, five, six, seven,
I think that should be it. And I’m gonna leave a little tip. – Thank you.
– There you go. – I’ll just go put this in the tip jar. Now guys, remember, I
have one minute or less to get him his food back to him and I have to remember it by heart. Start the timer. Okay, first, I remember him
saying that he wanted a hotdog. I’ll get a hotdog. I’ll get a bun too, okay. And then he asked for
only ketchup on this one. Okay, there’s his hot dog. And then he wanted a half-filled popcorn. And there you go. Oh wait, one more thing. Your root beer. – Oh my gosh, okay Kyle, I am really impressed. He got my order to the book, he got it exactly how I wanted it so I’m going to tip you one extra coin and give you five stars. – Yeah! Now you can go watch your movie, have fun, enjoy your movie, go ahead. – All right, thank you
Kyle, you’re awesome. – No problem, I wonder who’s
going to be the next customer. I don’t have much storage for all my coins I’ve been keeping, so I
have to use my hat now. Put it back on and I’m ready. Welcome to my movie theater. – This is pretty awesome. What movies are playing today? – Me.
– What? – Me. – You’re the movie? – Yeah. – Oh, okay, how much are the tickets? – Five dollars. – Five dollars, just to watch you? – Mm-hmm. – Geeze, I didn’t even bring a date. – Here, put it in here
because I have too much. – Okay, all right, so what’s the show? Are you gonna do something? – Yeah I gotta give you your ticket first. – Okay. – You gotta, clip, there you go. – Okay, so now I got my ticket to get in, is that where I get snacks? – Yes, over there you get snacks. – Okay, that sounds good. – I just have my hat ready for his money. – I think I have enough, I’ll get nachos. And then I’ve got three coins left. I’ll take the Milk Duds and what do you have to drink? – We have root beer and orange cream soda. – I’ll take a root beer. – Okay. – There you go. Man, cleaned me right out. This better be a good show. – It will. Now it is time for my dad’s order. He has a ton of things, so here we go. First, he wanted a root beer. So I’ll just give him this real fast. Here’s your root beer. – Oh, right on. – And then your Milk Duds. – Nice. – And now you want your nachos. You want some nacho cheese on that? – Whoa. (sucking noise) You got any napkins in there? – Wait. – No napkins, huh? – [Kyle] You can use this lunch bag. – Lunch bags for napkins? – For a napkin. We don’t really own napkins. – Now I look like some kind of hobo. – I gotta make your nachos real fast. Okay, so, nachos you have, nachos on the bottom, nacho
cheese, this does not open. (Kyle laughs) – Do you want some help? – Yes please. – Here you go little dude. – Customer help. – Here, hold my drink for a second. – Okay. (Kyle’s Dad grunts) – There you go. – Thank you. – Runs out on the food, oh wow. That’s the nachos, huh? – [Kyle] Uh-huh, not that impressive. (Kyle’s Dad laughs) – Let’s give it a taste. Okay, all right Kyle, mmm. – Are they good? – Am I supposed to rate
this show or the theater or the food or what? – Rate anything, really. – Out of five stars? – Uh-huh, one out of five. – I did get a paper
bag for a napkin though so I’m gonna have to give
you four out of five. – Okay, that’s okay, I still have nine. I have nine, I need four
more to reach my goal. – Yeah, good job. I like this, this is really cool. – Thank you. – Thanks Kyle. – I wonder who’s going
to be my next customer, my mom or my brother Luke? – Oh sweet. – Okay, five coins for one ticket. – One ticket to what movie? – Me. – Okay, one, two– – Wait, put it in the
hat, put it in the hat. – Four, five. – Put it in the hat. – There you go, that’s five coins. – Thank you and then we’ll go, oh yeah, I gotta give you your ticket. Which I have to, there you go. – Nice, sweet, got my ticket. So what’s over here? Snacks! – And then over here are the snacks. – Nice, let’s see, I’ll get a hotdog with ketchup and mustard and an orange cream soda. We’ll do caramel corn and I’ll do some Reese’s Pieces. – Okay. – Four, five, six,
where’d my other coin go? I think I gave you one too many coins. – That’s okay. – Okay, all right. – It’s okay, it’s okay. – See if you get my order right dude. – Okay, here we go. Okay, first he wanted Reese’s Pieces, there are those first. – Thank you. – And then you wanted orange cream soda. No one has bought these, we’re still full on stock. – I love orange cream sodas. – Okay, now you wanted a hotdog and some caramel corn. Wait, how much do you
want it to be filled up, the popcorn full? – Just half way. – Half way? – Fill it halfway. – Okay. – Nice little popcorn you’ve got here. (popcorn shaking) – Yep, that’s half right there. Your popcorn and now time for your hotdog. I’m not gonna make the
same mistake as last time. I’m going to get the bun out first. Okay then the ketchup,
it’ll get it started, okay. And then, okay. – Everything right. – Yes. – I’m giving you five total stars. – Wait, nine, that’s fourteen. Yes! – All right dude I’m
gonna go enjoy my movie. Thank you for all the
snacks, see you again. – We still have one customer left. We still have a chance to get 17 stars. Welcome to my movie theater. – Whoa, this is nice. Okay, so what’s the movie
that we’re watching? – Me, just me. – Is that the only movie, me? – No, it’s just me. – Oh it’s like Kyle’s Toys and Games? – Yes. – Wow. – Uh-huh. – That’s cool, okay, okay, okay, I want a ticket. – It’s five coins. – Oh yeah, oh yeah, here we go. I got gold coins, five, boom. – Okay. – Ticket. – Ticket, let me grab that. – Oh yeah, if Kyle ever
makes you in a movie, I’ll be buying another ticket. – It’s kind of like the train, a train, where they have to clip– – Choo-choo. – Choo-choo. – Okay Kyle, snack bar. – Snack bar, okay we have
drinks and snacks and candy. – Oh man, you have all my favorite snacks. Okay, I will have the SweeTARTS, I’ll have an orange cream
soda, no root beer, root beer, and I’ll have half caramel
corn, half regular popcorn. – Ooh, okay. – So yeah, so that’s my total order. Okay so I had a drink and I had a candy and I had a popcorn. – Wait, that’s two because
you had the caramel corn too. – Oh, oh, there you go. – Thank you. – All right, thank you. – I will be back with your way is done. – Sounds great. – Here we go. – I purposely did a
really complicated order to see if he could get it right. – Okay, first, I know you
ordered your SweeTARTS. – Thank you. – And you had your root beer. – Root beer, oh yeah, this
is gonna be delicious. – And then you ordered half caramel corn. Do you want the caramel corn
on the top or the bottom? – The top. – Okay. – For sure. – Okay, half popcorn on the top. – So far, so good. – Okay and then half
caramel corn on the top. It’s a little bit clogged. – That’s what I’m most
excited about, whoa. – Okay, here I’ll top off, it off with a little
bit more, there you go. Just so you have a better experience and you don’t run out of popcorn as fast. – Oh yeah, mmm, that is
like my favorite snack. Kyle, I have to give
you five stars right now because you have delivered
all of my favorite snacks. – Oh guys, I just got 18 out of 17 stars. – What? – I reached over my goal. – Yes, good job, your customer service is
getting better and better. I’ll say that. – Thank you. Oh, wait a minute, I got 19 stars. Two over my goal, yeah, woo-hoo. That’s it for this video. If you guys like this one, you’re definitely going
to like these other ones because I picked them just for you and I’ll see you guys next time, bye.

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