Secrets Movie Theaters Don’t Want Us To Know About

– [Man] We all love a trip to the movies, but do you know what really goes on behind the velvet curtain? While you’re watching the new blockbuster you’re missing so much else. When the lights go down, they
hide a myriad of dark secrets that the people in
charge of movie theaters do not want you know. Luckily we’re here to expose them. Here’s our top 10. – Amazing! – [Man] Number 10. You may be sick. We go to the movies to relax, to escape from our daily
lives for a couple of hours. What we don’t go to the
movies for is to be sick. But that’s exactly what can
happen if you see a film in 3D. When we watch an immersive 3D film, your eyes send messages to
your brain that you are moving. However, your inner ear which contains fluid to sense movement, does not send these messages to your brain because you’re actually sitting still. Many people find these mixed messages between our brains, eyes and
ears make them feel nauseous. Me, I get sick having to pay
extra for those silly glasses. Lots of people have been known to faint while watching horror films. At the 2016 Toronto
International Film Festival, the premiere of cannibal-themed
horror movie Raw caused several viewers to
pass out in the aisles. One unlucky viewer hit
his head on the way down requiring medical attention. Finally, don’t make things
worse by turning up drunk. An Oregon man went to see
Rouge One after a few beers. He fell asleep and when he woke up the theater had closed for the night leaving him locked inside. He had to dial 911 to find
someone to set him free. The force wasn’t with him that night. Number nine. Audiovisual lies. I doubt you’ve ever brought
earplugs to a theater but maybe you should think about it. While the industry
standard volume for movies is 85 decibels, theaters turn their volumes
up as high as 130 decibels. The same volume a jet taking off. Experts in the US recommend
never listening to anything higher than 90. But there are no laws telling theaters not to crank up the volume. So this practice will probably continue. Now onto what you see. If your local theater advertises that they show their
movies in extreme digital, don’t be too impressed. Extreme digital is just a fancy name for a standard movie
digital projection system. Theaters use this instead of
the more high-end IMAX systems because it’s cheaper
and easier to maintain. That’s not to say IMAX is
always that great either. The standard size for an IMAX screen is 72-feet wide by 52-feet tall. But not all theaters have
the room to accommodate a screen of this size. It doesn’t stop them
saying they’re IMAX though. For example, the IMAX
screen at the AMC Empire in New York’s Times Square
is only 58-feet by 28-feet. Not much more than half the standard size. Do your research before you go to find out whether you’ll be watching
in IMAX or LIEMAX. Number eight. You won’t save money buying snack combos. Gorging yourself on snacks
is one of the best parts of going to the movies. However, you need to make sure
if you’re buying one of those snack combos at the concession stand you’re not being taken for a ride. For example, the number
four combo at this theater only saves you 12 cents over buying your hotdog, nachos
and large drink separately. Combos give the customer an illusion that they’re actually saving money. Encouraging them to buy more food than they actually want to eat. You’re actually spending
more than you would normally to get nothing more than a
nice cardboard snack holder. Next time you’re thinking of
getting a combo at the movies do some mental math first. Number seven. The staff like to have fun. When they finish selling you
some ridiculous 3D glasses or sweeping up your dropped popcorn, movie theater staff like
to let off some steam. Most of the time, theater
employees are allowed to see whatever movies they like for free. In fact, it’s encouraged
because they’ll be better at answering customer’s questions if they’ve actually seen the film. Things aren’t as fun as
they used to be however. A few years ago, after
the theaters closed, lucky employees could rig their
Playstations and Xboxes up to an available big screen
for some supersize gaming. Apparently playing Call
of Duty on a cinema screen with super surround sound
is as fun as you think. Unfortunately as movie
technology has evolved this can’t be done anymore. Spoilsports. If you know someone who works in theater maybe you can go and let
off some steam with them. Most theaters allow their
employees to give out a free tickets to their
friends every so often. Just don’t ask too many questions. Number six. Your theater isn’t clean. Theaters make their money by packing their shows full of people. As a result, they don’t
allow much time between shows to clean the auditorium. Sometimes cleaners only have a few minutes to do their thing before
the next show starts and several shows start
and end at the same time. So all they’ll do is give
the theater a simple sweep. No vacuuming, no carpet cleaning. They have to wait until
the end of the day. That’s what gives your
local theater’s carpet that sticky quality you know and love. If you want to help the poor
overworked theater cleaner you could take your trash home with you. If that’s too difficult for you, try leaving your trash on top of your seat rather than on the floor under it. It makes it easier for
the cleaners to see it. If you’re one of those people that likes to take their
baby to see the movies, please go to the bathroom
to change their diaper rather than doing it in the aisle. Theater cleaners do not
like finding a fully-loaded baby diaper under the seats
after the latest Disney film. Number five. You might see some
previews that shock you. One of the most annoying things
about visiting the theater is when you turn up at the time shown online or on the ticket but the movie doesn’t start
until half-an-hour later. This is done on purpose so the
theaters can sell you snacks and make money from
showing you advertising. More about that later. Theaters also like to
use this time to show you movie previews letting you know what’s on tempting you to come back. The previews are supposed to match the movie that you’re seeing. So if you’re seeing a Disney movie, the previews will show you similar stuff. However, in 2016 viewers
in a California theater patiently waiting to see Finding Dory, were unfortunately
confronted with previews for R-rated Seth Rogen
comedy Sausage Party. Complete with rude jokes and swearing. You think that’s bad? In 2013 in Florida, families
waiting to see Frozen were treated to a preview for the sexually-explicit
thriller Nymphomaniac. The theater manager’s
face was frozen in horror. Number four. Popcorn is expensive. We’ve already established that
movie snacks are expensive. But did you know that like-for-like, movie popcorn costs more
than the finest filet steak? Multiplying out the cost of a small bag, a kilo of popcorn at a Cineworld
in the UK cost 65 pounds. A kilo of dry aged wing rib of prime aberdeen angus beef, 57 pounds. Unfortunately, you literally
can’t help buying it because it smells so darn good. Popcorn makers use artificial
smells like coconut oil and canola oil to create
that heavenly aroma. Popcorn tastes good even
if it’s not as fresh as you might think. Popcorn stays fresh for about two days but it’s not unheard of for
theaters to make a large batch and make it last a week. The thing is, selling snacks
is one of the only ways theaters can make money these days. For the first one or two months that a theater shows a movie, all the revenue from ticket sales goes straight to the movie studio. Theaters only start to make
money when a movie has been on for more than three months. If we we’re paying over
the odds for our popcorn the theaters might not be able to survive. Number three. You’ll be shown lots of ads. As we mentioned before, another
way theaters can make money is to show you ads before the movie. That’s probably why the time
theaters spend showing you has gotten longer and
longer over the years. The time between
switching on the projector and actually showing the movie
is about half-an-hour now and audiences are getting angry about it. However, the revenue movie
advertising increases about 10% every year. So don’t expect it to stop anytime soon. On average, a 30-second movie theater ad cost 1,345 pounds per screen per month. No wonder theaters like to
pack in as many as possible. If you don’t want to see ads,
there is a way around it. The start time published
online may not be accurate but the end time always is. If you can find out the end
time and the length of the movie you can do some math and
work out what time to arrive. Good luck. Number two. Get the best seat in the house. Not all seats in the
theater are created equal. When auditoriums are being
designed and maintained the audio technicians
usually sit in the seat two-thirds of the way back bang in the center when they’re
calibrating the equipment. If you can bag that seat you’ll be assured of the optimism movie-going experience. If you like the sound a bit softer though you can sit towards the wall. Incidentally, once you’ve bagged
the best seat in the house and placed your large overpriced
soda in your cup-holder, consider for a second what
people did before 1981. That was the year the
cup-holder was invented. Did they place their
soda between their legs freezing their thighs to the bone? Or did they place their
drinks on the floor leaving themselves open to spillages? It’s a dilemma and no mistake. Before I reveal the number one
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on some amazing knowledge that could have filled your brain. Now let’s get back to it. Number one. You’ll be subject to subliminal selling. We know that theaters need to sell you as many snacks as they can. But you also need to know that they’ll stop at nothing to do it. Like a shopping mall or supermarket, a movie theater is designed to extract as much money out of you as possible. They’re set up so you can’t
get to the movie auditorium without passing the concession stand. If you’ve got kids with you,
they’re bound to see the images of their favorite movie characters
on the buckets of popcorn artfully displayed all
around the building. During the extra long advert section, bumpers before the movie tell you when there’s just enough time to nip to the lobby for a treat. Perhaps the sneakiest subliminal method is that some theaters have special vents leading into the auditorium. They hook these vents up to the exhaust of the popcorn machines pumping chemically-enhanced heavenly popcorn vapor
into the auditorium. The audience can feel
themselves getting hungrier just sitting there. Who in their right mind
could resist buying a bucket of popcorn after that? Have you noticed any of
these movie theater tricks? Do you know any hacks to get around them? Or maybe you’ve played
Xbox in a movie theater. Either way, leave us a
comment to let me know down in the comment section down below. Thanks for watching. (soft electronic beat)


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