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The Secureteam10 dashcam video is not letting Tyler Glockner realize what he is doing wrong. He must speak of being very lucky that he hasn’t killed a child. I mean, he had a total blackout according to his statement video. That he put on private. He is not behaving on the internet that he cares what he did. the contrary. Hoaxing is one thing but something like that goes too far for me. I’m going to show you what can happen to you if you drive under the influence. I recorded the following video on camera on May 28, 2017. The drunk driver risked my life because he missed me at a hair’s distance. But even worse he rammed a car with a baby in the backseat. Here’s the video. Here’s the video. Hello, welcome, I am Van Peters and this is Lions Ground. The alpha channel with a Dutch mentality very open and straightforward, that investigates, expose, sues and defends. Click the red subscribe button, the bell icon and make sure you have the notifications activated. Then you will receive a real Lions Ground video every Friday. Tyler Glockner of the UFO YouTube channel Secureteam10 is heavily intimidated by us, the lions’ family Lions Ground and you can be proud of that. In 28 days we have grown from 0 to 461 strong family members and that is nothing compared to the Insomnia army of more than 2 million. But while he goes down we go up. Despite being so small, Glockner responded on social network yesterday to our dashcam video with another hoax to ridicule us, Lions Ground, and invalidate the value of the dashcam arrest video. Note, he did not respond generally to what he normally does. No, he addressed us, Lions Ground. A person who has nothing to hide is cool about this. Tyler Glockner reacts hysterically. Don’t you find Tyler Glockner behaving very nervously? Did you see him in the dashcam video? One moment he made a little dance. Especially for you, Joe Cocker. In a video of a few weeks ago, I explain how Secureteam10 and some of his fans practice cointelpro to discredit information and the publisher. If you haven’t seen that yet, I advise you to see it before you watch this video. The link is in the video description. The word truth is used as a marketing campaign but in reality, Secureteam10 lies non-stop and the lies are praised by his followers as the truth. For example, Tyler says on Twitter that the dashcam video is boring and that he has been honest. But if you have paid attention to what he said in his explanatory video that is now on private, you catch him lying multiple times. His statements is out of context with the dashcam video. The problem with lying is you have to remember them. Former journalist mister Marrella answered on Twitter: “Credibility. In a field like this, the only thing you can have is Credibility. Once you lie, it’s gone and can never really come back. ST10 keeps getting this life lesson wrong … after 2 minutes of thought … I feel like @lionsground is probably telling the truth. ok … it didn’t take that long. #credibility #youaintgotnone” He published a series of images on the official Twitter account of Secureteam10. This would be a series of screenshots of an email in which I would beg Tyler Glockner for money. But the problem is this never happened but something else happened and I’m going to show you exclusively on Lions Ground. I have already shared it with all the debunkers He wants to play that dirty game? Oh, he will get it. It is not the first time he has faked screenshots. Do you remember Angry Truthseeker? Do you remember Ken the Astronomer in which he interviews himself? Do you remember the NSA whistleblower? He produces evidence to make his story. That has nothing to do with research, we call this hoaxing. We know by now everything that originates from Secureteam10 is unreliable. I challenged Tyler Glockner I challenged Tyler Glockner to stream live to go face to face. A person wrongly accused of things has this flame inside to defend himself, like me. Instead of accepting the challenge and being able to show the world live that I am begging for his money, he responds with the following tweet. “Nah, You won’t get any live videos or publicity from me. I’m going to continue working with my 2 million strong fan base and sit here and laugh at your dying channel. Don’t forget to pay your rent you bum !: D First of all, I don’t rent. Wait, wait, He finds his reputation less important than inviting Lions Ground on his live stream because we will get too much publicity? But he spends a hours on Twitter talking about Lions Ground? am I crazy or do you understand his logic? Another lie: Lions Ground dying? Maybe the drugs is still in his system because the statistics on Social Blades indicate that his channel is dying. Secureteam10 goes down when Lions Ground is going up. This is the moment to put your fist on the screen Do it, put your fist on the screen Right now … #FISTBUMP Do you know why he rejected to go live? He can’t hoax when he’s live. Then Mr. Glockner blocked me on Twitter so that he can post stupid things on Twitter. The selfmade screenshots. This would be about emails that I would have sent to him asking him for money. I have learned Secureteam10’s tweets has been deleted from Twitter for some reason. That’s typical Tyler isn’t? He publish a hoax, got exposed and deletes it like nothing ever happened. TheOutThereChannel Debunks: “I re-read that email again @lionsground and he said it was sent to him last year. That’s BS cos it’s dated 6/2018 which is 1.5 years ago .. and way before removed content on him. Which happened 2019 another mistake faking by Tyler again like being logged in by angrytruthseeker Almost correct, I did not removed debunked about Secureteam10 but I removed all UFO related debunks because I focused on entertainment (people’s choice). Let’s find out if we can verify the debunk? Date, June 20, 2018. The request $600 for 6 months in exchange for deletion of my debunk videos. Ok cool, I am cheap apparently. The statistics show that I deleted my channel at the end of May 2019. Here you conclude that the screenshot is fake because it doesn’t match. Anyway, it’s not a surprise we are used to this hoaxer. Why I deleted my channel is perfectly explained in the video “Why Did Lions Ground Left YouTube?” Link is in the description. In short, everything is a lie but the nice thing about this the hoax backfired and creates even more doubts about his credibility and there’s no much credibility left. Someone on Twitter asked him if he used Patreon money to buy people off? Then we catch Tyler again on a lie that TheOutThereChannel has seen that he is buying people off: “Actually no. Any money I used to help someone out came from my own adsense money earnings and had nothing to do with patreon so get your facts straight.” So he admits he does this kind of practice and he lies. I’m now gonna tell you a secret Tyler Don’t Want You To Know! Under a fake account, he became a member of my Patreon page. I found the name Tyler D. a bit suspicious, but there are more Tylers on earth. He has spent $450 on Patreon on Lions Ground using the money of his supporters also called Patrons. How do I know the money originates from Patreon and not from Adsense? Patreon income goes to PayPal. Adsense does not support PayPal but goes directly to your bank account. So conclusion, he sucked my *** with the money of his fans. Later he sends me a message: “I’m not sure if you know who I am but I am Tyler or Secureteam10, I love your channel”. With this, he hopes that I will treat him VIP, but that never happened. He continued to donate until 2019. So, hoaxer confirmed. Then you will ask yourself, why do you accept his money? Then I say why not. It’s a big **** you to all his brain dead fans. That’s the purpose of Patreon. Eventually, it’s his responsibility not mine. If you don’t like that there are thousands of channels available for you. Good luck finding an honest channel. Attention, what Tyler has done is called Doxing. He published contact information. Regardless the emails are fake my real email address was published online without my consent. Patreon removes pages for that reason. There are already people on Twitter who have reported him, including me. Help me, be a lions report his Patreon page for Doxing. Open the video description for information how to report him. For Lions Ground Exclusive visit


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