Seeru – Official Trailer (Tamil) | Jiiva, Riya Suman | D. Imman

Everyone has the right to dream But your dream shouldn’t
interfere and crush my dreams My death means celebration
for whole of Tamizh Nadu Who was he? His name is Manimaran. He’s from Mayavaram He locked horns with the local MLA
there, over some cable connection Turn on the TV! Now! Very dangerous fellow, sir! He’s waiting for the right time! He is an outsider and
threatens to kill me He knows my complete details I want to know
everything about him. Hitler was ye height! Didn’t the whole world fear him? Height and weight of the
person doesn’t matter You must read the person’s mind first Not even a photo of your mother? Don’t you feel like seeing her? My brother is here, right? Help is like a mole on your back It cannot be seen When a spectator intervenes and takes
over the fight between two individual… then he’ll finish of the game very quick You can even lose a
battle to your enemy… but for even a moment do not
lose the battle with yourself Do not let your self
confidence die! Not like a friend in Facebook! A real friend is one who
put his life on the line! Title: SEERU

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