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Cigarette smoking and alcohol
consumption are injurious to health. It causes cancer. Cigarette smoking and alcohol
consumption are injurious to health. It causes cancer. Vizag. People here are tensed like characters
from Hitchcock’s novels.. ..waves are furious
like Sri Sri’s novels. Nimmakayala Haridas
is the reason for it. He held knife at a young age. After that he held
sword for livelihood. To become Vizag’s
brother he held revolver. Accused Nimmakayala Haridas.. ..have committed murders,
kidnappings and rapes. It is proved with
substantial evidence. So this accused is sentenced
to life imprisonment. ACP.. You played with my
emotion for my promotion. You encountered my son
and finished my successor. I will kill your family
in front of you and.. ..make you feel the
pain that I underwent. I thought you are
a serious kind of movie. This revenge dates
back to 25 years. Our guy’s style
is different. Watch. “2×1=2, 2×2=4, 2×3=6.
2×4=8.” “Do not spoil it
by doing something.” “Life without any fun..” “ a movie without audience.” “Life without any fun..” “ a movie without audience.” “Everybody! Let us go party.” “Take selfie with everyone.” “It is a magical doll,
it brings everything.” “If you sit idle..” “..and do nothing..” “ will not give you anything.” “In the empty frame,
keep a photo looking moody..” “..make yourself look different..” “..and give a smile.” “Everybody! Let us go party.” “Take selfie with everyone.” “From school to college,
lessons come first..” “..followed by exams at the end.” “But this life,
exams are held first and..” “..then lessons are taught later.” “Standing and drinking water is better
than drinking milking after running..” “You will be left with
nothing if you con people.” “This is very bad.” “Everybody! Let us go party.” “Take selfie with everyone.” In this selfish world..
Another selfie day. Selfie Raja!
– Come out! Selfie Raja!
– Come out! Selfie Raja!
– Come out! – Good morning. Why are you showing off
like Amitabh from ‘Sarkar’ movie? Generally in every audio function
like how we shout ‘Power Star..’ ..why are you shouting
in front of my house. We are not shouting with love.
We are pleading you! – Pleading? Yes. Take selfie if you have cell.
Upload on facebook. Why did you book me? Are you a ticket from
‘book my show’ to book you? Tell me what happened. Where you went
day before yesterday? Day before yesterday..
I went to watch ‘Oopiri’ movie. You went to watch ‘Oopiri’ movie but you
uploaded selfie photos on facebook. Yes, we do it all the time. We both are there
in the photos you uploaded. What is wrong?
Husband and wife, right? Not my wife,
she is my neighbour’s wife. My wife liked your
post her husband beat me. With it, like Nagarjuna
from ‘Oopiri’ movie.. ..I am relegated
to this wheelchair. Anybody will use neighbour’s
bike but neighbour’s wife.. Oldie selfie stick!
– Next! – Selfie Raja! You did a big mistake. You are shorter than my selfie
stick. What happened to you? My grandfather fell down near Buddha’s
statue where you clicked your photo. Did he receive any injuries?
– No. He was clicked in the photo. I took leave from school saying
my grandfather passed away. But I got caught by my headmaster. Play in life but do not
play with lives. Go. My fate! What is it with midnight selfies? Midnight fun is okay but midnight
selfies are wrong? My wine shop is seized
when it was opened at night. Thrash this selfie Raja. A selfie with the people
who are coming to beat me. This is his character,
he is mad for selfies. I forgot..
He is got another crazy habit. Come, sir. Come.
– Greetings. – What is this, sir? Why have you arranged it
at the marriage venue… ..after saying it will be
a different marriage? Uncle, for variety.. ..if we keep tamarind instead
of sweets on.. ..first night then son-in-law
will get doubt. Sir is a loud mouth.
– I am like this from the age of 18. Let us go.
– Why are you crying? My mummy and daddy are fighting. Who is your father in it? Master, they are fighting
because they do not know it. Madam, make her
sit to the left side. Priest, why is it so?
– It is a tradition.. ..for girl to sit on
left and boy to the right. Not tradition but income. How is that? While writing accounts.. ..we write income on the left side
and earnings to the right side. That is why we make girl
sit on left and boy to the right. Though it is not
interesting to hear.. ..but there is some truth in it.
– But you have got nothing. Hello. – Performing
a family marriage? Not marriage, it is managing. What is it? You said
it is an arranged marriage. Yes. Bride has eloped before.
Her father and I.. ..searched her in every
place and fixed this alliance. Groom’s father suffered
losses in business… …so the father of the boy is trying
to cover it with dowry money and.. ..bride’s father is trying to
cover up his daughter’s pregnancy.. I am managing this
by managing their secrets. Should I tell you a selfie secret?
– What is it? Poor groom! He thinks girl is good. Fool does not know she is pregnant. Nobody should know this matter
except you and I. Be careful. Forget my matter,
first you be careful. You are a big mouth.
– Walls have ears.. ..but there are mikes here. That is why I am talking by coming
far away from mike. Okay, bye. This is his character. Madness for selfies and being a
big mouth, let us see what he does. Wow! 14, 15.. Hi!
– What? I did not see your father in the
marriage recently. – I did not invite. Why? – Did he invite
me for his marriage? Why will I invite
him for my marriage? Tit for tat! Idiot! Daddy! Daddy? Who are you?
– I am your son. My son?
– Happy or surprised? Doubt. – It is a disgrace to the
family if you do not impress mother. Is she already married?
– No. She will get married if you marry.
Open the browser of love.. ..and meet in the
website called marriage.. ..I will be downloaded. – Why are
you talking in software language? I came in graphics,
so this language. Oh..
– Call mummy and impress her. All the best, dad. The queue is very big. Divya! Come, Divya! You! Come and stand in line.
– Okay. Took so long for parking car?
Come and stand. Who are you? Listen to me. Why are you jumping the queue? Move! Move! Move! I was standing in
line since one hour. Will you come now and jump
the queue? You have no sense? You have no sense? What is your name?
– Cheppanu. Look brother Cheppanu. There is a
woman behind every successful man. That is why we are telling
women to stand behind. Punch? What do you
know about this girl? What do I know?
– She is a student of Arts. Is it? – Her father
is a heart patient. Is it?
– She is busy with exams. Her father has no
money to pay the bill. He told me to keep
her place in line.. ..until she finishes her exam. That is why I showed
pity and stood in the line. Is it wrong to help a person at
customer care service? – Yes, wrong. Not yours, it is ours..
hers, that fair woman.. His.. our mistake.
You give the bill.. I will steal it..
sorry, I will pay. I am there to do,
you go and stand in line. Thanks.
– Human beings should.. each other. Okay.
– Okay. Maybe this is called
love at first back. No! No! Big mouth! Maybe this
is called love at first sight. Hello. – For how long
should I wait here? Come fast. I left,
I will reach in five minutes. Hi dad! Graphic son! You? Me too.
– Who is this girl? Graphics daughter.
– Only you two.. ..or is there a battalion? It depends on your net speed. My future selfies! Mummy is coming.
Connect fast, dad. So many? Divya! Come here.
– Who is he? He is calling you like a lover.
– Not lover.. ..he is very clever. How long should I stand in line? Come and
stand in line. Come fast. – What is this? Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Brother, you stop, I will talk. I have to tell you a truth. What will he tell?
– We have a heart. This girl’s father has a small
heart. But there is a hole in it. In Apollo hospital, heart is
struggling to beat due to low battery. That is why she came here. What? Her father is in ICU and she
came to watch Mahesh Babu’s movie? She will come.. Her father and she
are Krishna’s fan. She is Mahesh Babu’s fan. She will watch this movie and then
tells the story to her father.. ..then she thinks his heart attack
problem will become less. Is it wrong to do that? Thanks.
– It is okay, Divya. By the way,
my name is not Divya, it is Swetha. Why did not you tell that day? That day you called me Divya,
I liked it. What is your name?
– Raja. Selfie Raja. Selfie Raja? By the way you.. Do not talk anything. Please. Why? Did not like my voice? No, no, not like that. If we talk everything.. itself then there would not be
anything left to talk next time. My phone is missing.
Will you give a missed call? 90100..
– 90100.. 40555.
– 40555. It is here. This is my number.
– That is my number. – I will save it. Bye.
– Bye. Yes! My movie is success! Yes! My job is also success! Let us go, brother-in-law. Brother-in-law?
Who is your brother-in-law? – You. You. Generally
when I see a person.. ..I feel like stealing
purse or chain. My God!
– Do not worry, I will not steal yours. But first time after seeing you.. ..I feel like tying
friendship band. You are my friend. As a brother-in-law, I am telling you,
my sister had given her number to you.. means she fell for you. Fell in it? Did you fall in love? I expected that
you will talk of love. Whom she is scolding? Vardhini, mistake is not yours. It is your mother’s mistake,
she did not bring you up properly. Was she scolding
the woman in serial? Aunt, have you seen ‘Kodala
Kodala Kompa Munchava’ serial? She has destroyed the house.
She did it. Mr. Brahmam would not have been.. excited as her even
while predicting the future. You got this serial crazy
woman to the City Commissioner. Fate! Hey, granddaughter! Who is the tall guy
who clicked so many selfies? Selfie Raja. The one who gave tickets that day? He gave three tickets. You are showing
off as if he built a Taj Mahal for you. Hello buddies!
What is going on here? Discussing boys? Amazing! Zing! Zing! How did you guess it so correctly? Is it an answer to a question from
‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ Married woman discuss
jewellery and saris. Single girls think of boys. Look Swetha.
Boy’s life is like a steel plate. Girl’s life is like banana leaf. You can wash and eat from
plate any number of times. If you eat once on leaf, it is over. Actually, if we think deep,
I think grandmother is correct. There is nothing like that.
He is just a friend. I think he is a nice guy. What is your qualification? I did not like this education
system, brother-in-law. Why? Why did not you like? Will six lectures
teach six subjects? Should I study entire
subjects all alone? Brother-in-law,
there is a flaw in this system. Not flaw, there is law in front.
– Stop! Stop! You forced me to drink. –
Brother-in-law, you manage with them. What is happening here?
– Can not you see? Drunk and drive test.
See how he is shaking. If he remains steady without shaking
then government will stumble. How? – Strikes and
agitations are carried out.. ..if prices of petrol is hiked. But has anybody carried out agitation
or strike when alcohol prices are hiked. Do not do! – Yes,
that is the greatness of drunkards. Do not do! – Will you harass these
drunkards in the name of drunk and drive? Sir, you know why
a person drinks alcohol? Why? Love failure..
– Love success.. One for not getting job..
– One for getting job.. One for not getting promotion..
– One for getting promotion.. One after wife’s elopement..
– Wife is not going of town.. One for not getting married.. One for getting married. For tolerating
different emotions like this.. chewing betel leaves
to prevent the smell.. Peacefully..
by eating Bawarchi Biryani.. carrying out drunk
and drive tests.. labelling us a drunkards
and making us run around stations.. ..slapping fine in court,
telecasting on TV.. Will you play with the
innocent lives of our drunkards? Hey! Hey! Hey! Baahubali! Is he Katappa? No. You be the saviour of this city and
by leading the drunkards like us.. us from.. ..this drunk and drive. Baahubali! Hey!
– Baahubali! You will die! – Stop! Drunk and drive test is cancelled. Check the papers and leave the
vehicles. Leave them. – Baahubali! We achieved it!
Yes! Cheers! – Basmati rice! Show your papers.
– Give papers.. Whom are you asking for papers? Are you asking papers from the
person who appears on paper daily? You know who he is?
– Son of Satyamurthy? Son-in-law of Satyamurthy.
Commissioner’s son-in-law. Oh.. Got us tickets and showing
off as son-in-law of Commissioner! Nice guy. I stole the bike, that is why I
made you Commissioner’s son-in-law. Fool! Your inner voice
is being heard outside. Did you hear anything?
– Okay. Sir, Commissioner is coming in this route.
– Coming in this route? – Sir, sir.. Do not tell your uncle
about what happened here. You too do not tell him about this.
– Thanks. Come.
– Let us go, brother-in-law. Hello.. The idiot who goes around calling
himself as your father’s son-in-law.. sitting in the coffee shop. However I tell her,
she does not understand. She is stubborn! I ca not stay
with her. Get my son back to me. I carried him for nine
months and gave him birth. I want the child. – What you want?-
Leave! – He is my son! – No, my son! Sit! Sit! There is logic in her words. As per my logic, it is correct
if you both separate. – Wrong, sir. You will find reasons to separate,
but not for becoming one. Unite them if you can,
but do not separate. We know what to do and how to do.
You do your work. You take the boy.
– What will she take? I said leave.
– One minute. – Leave! Do you know everything? From ancient literatures to lives,
I know everything. How many Pandavas are there? Five. Should I tell the name?
No need. Kauravas?
– 100. Tell their names. Every person acts as a judge for
others problems. – What do you mean? Will you unite them?
Will you unite them? Do it, I will see.
Logic does not agree. You give 100. Will think after drinking coffee? Coffee poured out of machine after I
put the money. Is it mine or machine’s? Yours.
– But it came from machine. You have put the money. Coffee poured out after I
have put money in machine. – Yes. This is man’s creation. He is born when they both lived
together. This is God’s creation. Look, if you both marry again,
you will have children. But he wo not get his parents. But he wo not get his parents. So
can not you both unite for his sake? I have no right to tell but
I wanted to tell in this situation. Wife is one who knows
driving but not the route. Husband knows driving
but not the route. Both of them travelling
together is life. Do not make him an orphan
by acting in haste. Son.. Your parents are very lucky. Since they are not alive
so I know their value. Hi.
– Hi. You called up and told me to come urgently.
– Sorry to keep you waiting. The way you united that family yesterday,
your intelligence, I liked a lot. Greetings, sir. About
my promotion to Commissioner.. I will tell.
– Son-in-law is gold. You go. – Bye, sir.
– You praise. Is Commissioner your uncle? Let me take advantage by
using Commissioner’s daughter. Yes, he is forcing
me to marry his daughter. So why do not you marry?
– I can not. Why? That girl does not have
beautiful eyes like you. Oh.. – That girl does not
possess a beautiful smile like you. That girl does not have
beautiful lips like you. That girl..
– Enough, enough.. I love you. Please do not say no to my love. Hey! Please leave my hand! Priya, you are my life.
-Do not ever talk to my in life. We are just friends.
That is it. – Priya, please! Priya, please! Poor boy! She is not accepting his love in spite
of so many requests. Heartless girl. She is not heartless,
boy is brainless. He does not know how to propose.
– How to do? It is very simple. Grow a flower tree for us.. ..pluck the first flower of it.. ..give that flower and
say I love you, that is it. Any girl will accept, that is it. That is it. Where?
– Shop will get closed.. ..I have to buy a sapling. I have
to grow it and pluck its flower. Bye. “Chocolate girl! Juliet babe!” “Pulling with magnet like eyes.” “Beautiful life! Funfilled!” “It is very hot.” “It is becoming a friend of heart.” “You and I are destined
to fall in love.” “I am your Selfie Raja.” “You are my spicy Roja.” “You are my Selfie Raja.” “I am your spicy Roja.” “I love with by calling
you sweet names.” “I will give my entire
happiness to you.” “I will make you
happy from inside.” “I will set you by
flourishing you with kisses.” “Will you fill the void..” “ my life very soon?” “Will you keep me inside..” “..your heart to the left side?” “I am your Selfie Raja.” “You are my spicy Roja.” “You are my Selfie Raja.” “I am your spicy Roja.” “I am taking only one name.” “Your name is my lipstick.” “I will stay with you like that.” “You are my food and drinks.” “You are everywhere around me.” “I can not spend time without you.” “I am there all over for you.” “You surrounded me like wi-fi.” “I am your Selfie Raja.” “You are my spicy Roja.” “You are my Selfie Raja.” “I am your spicy Roja.” Well, when shall we fix the date? For what?
– For first night. What? – Sorry.
Big mouth! I mean for marriage. Maybe you need
my permission for it. Why do you like my daughter? Uncle, everyone
gets drenched in rain. But only few will feel it. Now your daughter is rain,
and I am that feel. I think comparison is not good.
Should I tell one more? Enough. – Sir..
– Leave.. You are irritating me
by chasing me everywhere. If you come again… ..forget the promotion, I will tell the
Commissioner and get you sacked. Leave! Why is he getting serious?
– Commissioner? He wants me to recommend Police
Commissioner and get him promoted. You know Commissioner? His daughter wants to marry me.
That is how well I know him. Oh, so why don not you marry? Uncle..
– Raja.. Do not stop me, Swetha.
– Sir, have you seen him anytime? He looks like a
monkey wearing shades. He and his ugly face! Sir, how will I marry
the daughter of such person? To make you understand.. is a jinx to see him during day
and destruction at night. – Sir.. Sir, we received orders
to encounter Rashid. Okay, go ahead.
– Yes, sir. Commissioner sir has
given the permission. Where is he?
– Commissioner sir! Forgive me, sir. We can apply balm if body itches. But there is no medicine
for being big mouth. In emergency situation,
my friend got committed.. ..and I continued it. All this happened
because of that fool. Wait, wait.
After drinking thumbs up.. “I will do something great today.” I will give you a tight slap! Please forgive me. Brother-in-law,
what is the position I gave.. ..and what is it that you are lying in? Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!
Brother-in-law! Get up! What is this? I made you Commissioner’s
son-in-law. Will you behave like this? He looks like a fool. Why did you fall at his feet? Sir, he is the friend I talked
about. – Yes, I am the same. What is it now?
– Listen to me! – Leave! You can not talk to anybody. You are afraid of every fool. Who are you? What do you want? Brother-in-law, he is showing his hand
and he stopped. What is this funny batch? You are roaming around
with watchmen. Who are you? Whoever you be, I do not care.
– Be in a steady position once. You touched again. Why did he beat like that? He is Commissioner. Get up. – Sir..
– Take him.. Sir, will they wash me
like clothes in washing machine? No, wash him like clothes
washed by hitting the stone. Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!
Brother-in-law! Save me. Sir, sir, sir, I talked without
knowing.. Brother-in-law! – Raja.. I accept because
my daughter liked you. Bring your elders,
we will fix the date. Greetings, Baba. Baba! WhatsApp Baba! What is happening with stars? What is going in horoscope? What is coming in bad time? What is what! I tell everything. WhatsApp Baba! Thumbs up? I do not drink. WhatsApp.. I am advice not to drink it. She drinks 7 up. Not thumbs up or 7 up. WhatsApp!
WhatsApp! – She is my wife. Oh my goodness! I am talking of something and your
husband is talking of something else. Is your husband deaf? My name is Jyotilaxmi. Made for each other
like phone and Sim. Baba, ask me if you want
to ask something. She is deaf. What you came to ask me for? We selected a girl for our son.
Check both horoscopes. It is difficult for them
to stay together if married. They will get separated.
– Mix up like soda and whiskey? You will die! We too want the same.
– Oh my WhatsApp! He says their marriage
is strong like metro pillar. Why do you need umbrella now? Our family does not have any
such problem. – Sound engineer! If you stay here
for some more time.. ..I will write on papers
and sign it saying.. are responsible for my death.
– Want fees to write the horoscope? Oh my WhatsApp. Hey, my fuse is already
damaged because of your deafness. I do not want any fee from you. First
leave from here. – Do not want fees? Did you hear only this? – Hey.. He says he will not take fees.
There are good Baba’s too. Yes, they are. You go. – Bye, Baba. Do not come. – Seems to be deaf.
– Do not come again. Commissioner is getting
his daughter married. He will cry if his daughter dies. If I make his daughter cry,
he will die of heart break. Who is his son-in-law? Raja.. ..your uncle’s house is very nice. Yes, car is very small. No place to keep legs. No, it is Asian paints. Aunt and Uncle! Did not
you bring your deaf machines? Deaf machines? – Yes.
– It is insulting to bring them. You can see how good
I am at lip reading. He is my uncle, she is my aunt. My parents died in childhood
so they brought me up like parents. Oh, parents died in your childhood? Yes, next month we
too are planning to die. You too come,
we all will die together. Grandmother,
you should definitely come. What I said, and what he said. God forgot to give
ears to my uncle. He forgot his deaf machine at home. How are you tolerating
this deaf husband? You only talk. Song? How can I sing now?
I sang long back before marriage. He fell for it. I said deaf but she
is talking of song. Same to same! He shaves his beard,
she can not. That is the only difference. Hey, both are made for each other. Son, hope you are fine. Why not? He lacks nothing. He is first
in studies, sports and everything. Thank God! He saved me.
– By the way, what do you do? Police Commissioner.
– Oh, commission agent? Police Department.
– Departmental store? Police! Police!
– Security. – Police Commissioner. No, he is a tailor. We will give our marriage
clothes to brother for stitching… we can save money. I will stop giving clothes outside..
– Uncle.. Girl is very beautiful
and slim like i-phone 6S. How could you ask for dowry? Brother, he will ask for dowry.
Do not give any money in dowry. Why do you ask for dowry? Girl is beautiful.
Do not give any dowry. Do not spoil girl’s life.
Cancel this proposal. Mother, you are seeing
their shortcomings. I am seeing the goodness in them. Raja, let us complete
the formalities. How do I look in this sari? You look like ambulance
in red and white combination. I like your sense of humour. How about naughtiness. Hey, stop! Gifts.. I should blame the person who has
put gifts in this first night room. Please let us see few. Neha, my school friend. Stingy! I gifted i-pod for her
marriage, she gifted me pen drive. Gifts are souvenirs but
not to recollect and abuse. I received all gifts. Did not
your friends send you any gifts? So many have come.
Did not a single guy bring gift? It is.. my friends are very rich.
They must have booked online. Gita. There is nobody
from my friends. Like finding water in desert,
I got one. I have to use it
and elevate my image. Oh Gita. My best friend. Your friend? – Yes. Thickest,
closest, deepest and finest friend. Did not I tell? Online.. online.. Open it. – It is okay,
you only open it. – Okay. She likes me a lot. Ugh! Oh sportive girl! She understood what is needed
at this time and has sent it. You could not understand. What? Did she send letter too?
Read it. Hi Raja!
– Hi. We stayed together in summer. Together? – We did not use sweater
in winter and stayed together. Winter..
– I know your stamina. That is why I am
sending these packets. Ugh! Swetha, what is this? You said she is quite sportive. She
wrote about the sports you played. Promise, Swetha.
I do not know who she is. No, Swetha. Believe me. I am a big mouth! My foolishness! I do not have any
relationship with her. Did not you lie with traffic police saying
that you are Commissioner’s son-in-law? Did not you lie in
BSNL saying you know me? They are all lies. Big mouth!
I said it in foolishness. Swetha, I really
do not know who she is. Ask my aunt and uncle about me,
they will tell. Who? That deaf man?
– Swetha! Man lifts his hand
when he cannot an answer. Do not forget I too have hands. Arguing with you is waste. Please, Swetha.
You are thinking way too far. I am thinking of staying away from
you. – Swetha, please do not go. Relationship between
us is already broken. But still if you
want to prevent it… I will behave like
staying with a stranger. Uncle, what happened is..
– I know. Though I do not have ears to listen,
I have heart to understand. She is in angry, everything
will settle down in time. The moment I saw him, I
felt he is a six foot tall sadist. His eyes say he is a big
womaniser and lustful person. We should try to solve
the problem but not aggravate it. Look dear,
fights are common in marriage. They will settle
down by themselves. By seeing the face I can find out
who is honest and who is criminal. I feel he is a good person. I am going to US on official work.. ..take a right decision
by the time I return. Please Swetha, listen to me. I do not know who Gita is,
give me one chance. Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law, you are feeling
sad that your first night… …did not happen
after marriage, right? That is why, in ..there is an offer of 50 percent.. I booked this hottie. Come. Say hi. Hi. How smooth you are..
– I am finished! Ugh! You scoundrel! You ruined my life! Rascal! Fool! Brother-in-law, she is yours. Hell with you! You came to separate
me and my wife! Scoundrel! Come, come. You and sister made compromise? Forget compromise,
you separated us permanently. Rascal! Bringing women to my place? Swetha, listen to me. However you try to convince,
I will not get convinced. I do not know anybody
from the photos you see. Did you get photos clicked
by them and uploaded.. ..facebook without your knowledge? You know about my habit
of clicking selfies, right? Moreover I do not have any affair
with anybody as you are thinking. If you call again or try to
meet then we will break your legs. Hi.
– Hello. Happy married life, Swetha. Sorry I could not
attend your marriage. Marriage is over. What?
– Swetha.. I want to talk to you for one minute.
– I will not talk. Swetha, it is not that.. please.. Hey, why are you chasing her when
she says she does not want to talk. Who is he?
– Not a sportive friend like Gita. No shame even after
telling so many times.. Swetha! I committed a mistake by loving him.
– Who is he? Why is he chasing like that?
– Swetha, please listen to me. I will meet you later.
– Okay. Look, if you try
to talk to me again.. ..or call me then you wo not see me,
you will see my dead body. Leave my hand! Swetha! I will die without you! So die! Dad, I do not believe you
and mother will become one. Think of me as a dream hereafter.
Bye dad! God! Save me Lord! Came for sightseeing? No, I came to die. Congrats, buddy! Jump like
a rocket, you will die soon. I want to die but do not
have courage to jump. No! So what to do now?
– Why do not you come and push me? I ca not! Why?
– If you fall down.. ..I am afraid someone might
steal your purse and chain. I will give them to you. Push me! Buddy! You are rocking! Here.. Take it. Push me now. I cannot push you, Baahubali! Baahubali! Gone! My God! What if my head
was broken instead of the cell? I do not want such dangerous death. God! Save me and
give me another death. Hey! Somebody help! Who is shouting here? It is not shouting,
it is scream of death. Who are you? I am the mason of this
building in construction. I should know what
is happening here. Find out! Find out! What have you done! – Hey! Thank you, sir! Hey, what mistake you
committed for holding my legs? Leave it! Rascal! Do not ask me to
leave your legs, sir! I have three children. Three?
– Mason.. Oh my ‘leader of masons.’ Who is she? Did you see my mason
wearing ironed clothes? Just now he went down. – He looks
great like a new cement bag. Mason! Third person has come! – Mason! My mason! My mason! Anasuya! Anasuya! Anasuya! – Who is he? – Anasuya! Ana.. – Jabardast Anasuya! No, my wife Anasuya. Oh.. she went behind the mason. So my doubt is true. I will catch her red-handed… …and make her stand in front
of Jeevita in her program. I will see her.
– Hey VP. How do you know my name, sir?
– I can get it by seeing you. You should not go to that side. This side! – This side?
What should I get into, sir? No need to get into anything,
it is enough if I push you. He came by following me! Rascal! Anasuya! Did not I tell you that I will
make you fall at my feet some day? Will you not leave that mason? I cannot live if I
leave the mason. – Oh.. Is the matter so serious? Why is husband holding wife’s feet? First leave the legs. I will die if I leave. That is why I am telling
you to leave. – Hey! Stop your Jabardast comedy. Baahubali! Did not you die yet? It is an insult to my alcohol. It is my responsibility
to send you up! He is coming!
Somebody call the police. Sir, there is no
balance in my cell! When was there
balance in your cell? Mason’s cell had lot of balance. Rascal! Leave me! State or Central, power or pride.. Position or opposition.. It is only until I do not step! Once I step in, history repeats! Oh no! What has the weight increased? There is another guest appearance. What guest appearance now?
Who is he? SI Ankusham. They call
me Gabbar Singh in department. They call me Babbar
Sher in apartment. Criminals call me six pack Singham. You will land up in cemetery
if you fall down from here. – Hey! You are the reason behind all this,
right? – Yes. You are under arrest. “I wanna follow you!” Be there! “I am coming!” Anasuya! – Mason.. Dirty smell!
– What is this gas smell now? I will shoot you! Rascal! Baahubali!
– He came! – It is my responsibility.. send you up.
– What are you searching for? Hacksaw blade! Wait. – Do something, I am coming. Please I beg you! Do something. Baahubali!
– What will you do with it? I will cut this pipe.. ..with the hacksaw blade. No! Stop! Stop it! Stop! Please! Hey! Hey! SI Ankusham is telling you!
Stop it! – Please! Hey, I did not listen to Ankusham
Rajashekar. Will I listen to you? You are telling me?
Wait, not like this.. Hey.. what are you doing? You just see what I am doing.
– Stop! You too will die with
us if you cut like that. No discussion!
– Stop! Hey! Stop! Stop! Stop! Save me! Blasted Baahubali! Oh! Dear! My wife. Your Honour!
Shoot me in Nirbhaya case. Hang me in TADA case. Encounter me as Kasab’s cousin. Do something, sir. Please sir. We will do. We will do. Hey, sir is in deep frustration.
Order coffee. Boost for me.
– Look, brother. We may find a person having
no account on facebook but.. ..there would not be any person
who is not harassed by wife. Brother-in-law?
What are you doing here? I have to die urgently now.
Tell me some plan. What brother-in-law? My marriage broke down.. ..when you brought that woman. Your sister told me to die. You should die if you were
to gain sympathy from sister. Who will kill me? There is one person. – Gopichand? Alkapuri Nagaraju Nagaraju is synonymous
with illegal grabbing. Sign it. Brother-in-law, I know him.
If you occupy his land illegally.. ..then he will kill you. So now.. Come.
– Brother! Somebody occupied our land illegally.
– Who is he? Hey! Who are you?
– Tiger! Bengal tiger! Veerappan? Bin Laden? ” Tiger! Bengal tiger!” ” Tiger!” That is wild animal.
I am national animal. Go to the zoo if you are an animal. I will kill you if
you interfere with me. I too want the same. Kill me if you have guts. He is 30 metres away.. I am 25 metres away.. Anti-clock wife,
tractor in 45 degrees.. 7 footteps by him.. 6 footsteps by me.. Knife in his hand is sign theta. My head is coz theta. If my equations are
correct then my will be cut. If these calculations
were to be correct… …then he should
come at 45 degrees. Thank you, Sukumar. Stop! If you have guts
then come at 45 degrees. I know quarter and half.
What is this 45 degrees? More than quarter
and less than half. Little.. little.. Okay? – Perfect. Now start. – Hey! How come I am not dead?
How come his head is cut? How did I go wrong
with Sukumar’s calculation? Why are you watching like a movie? Come! – Kill me! He killed brother,
he is no ordinary person. Who are you?
– Sir, I am selfie Raja. Sir, I have given story, screenplay
and direction for this death. Are not you producer? You did not kill him. I killed him.
– Sir, this is cheating. Forget it! Call the press. Sir, how did it happen? Gangster Nagaraju was
creating problems each day. He was making the police run
away when they come to arrest him. That is why I came. I told him that I will
get him bank loan for livelihood. He said he will kill me. He died. Sir, this is your encounter? Wrong words!
I am a non-violent supporter. If we shoot criminals
then it is encounter. If the criminals kill
themselves by fearing us.. is Gandhi counter.
I am a Gandhian. It is duty if Vijayshanti
wears police uniform. If humanity wears police uniform.. ..its called ‘Ankusham.’ Do not you fear his gang? Had Gandhiji feared
the power of British.. Was India getting 4g? Did not understand. Get updated! Come! You? Sir,
will you not let me die in peace? Look, I would have died long back if
I wanted to die when my wife left me. What? Flashback? It was our 10th year of marriage. It was my birthday. Nobody was wishing me at home. I got angry. I came to the station. Nobody wished me over there too. I felt sad. I saw a smile at that time. Lady constable Sunanda.. Happy birthday to you, sir. Thank you, thank you very much. When she said those words,
I felt as if AR Rahman.. ..came next to me and played music. Will you come home
for candle light dinner? Come, sir. You turn off the light,
I will go and bring the candle. Okay. Candle was lit in darkness. Happy birthday to you! In that light,
my wife Suryakantham.. members and
colleagues where there. Sunanda wanted to thrill
me but I gave them shock. What happened after that, sir?
– My wife left me. Did I die?
– Sir, you do not have shame. Whatever you say,
I will not get angry. Because I got promoted
as CI because of you. I will convince your wife. Come. Sir, there is an old woman there. She is a legend. She will
become a lion if she sees us. If she is lion then I am dictator. I will trample her! No, sir. Listen to me. Nothing will happen.
– Let us go back. I am there. – No, sir. Taking risk for me is
as easy as drinking water. Call your wife. Swetha..
– Swetha.. Only we both can hear it.
Call out loud. Swetha!
– Swetha! Swetha!
– Swetha! Swetha!
– Swetha! Sw.. Brother, you said your
wife looks like a doll. She looks like grandmother. She is that dinosaur. Why did you come again? Ca not you understand when I tell you?
– You dinosaur! Stop there! Tell the matter. He is the engineer who
came to save my marriage. Is this some construction to do so? Sir, Swetha…
– You wait for a moment. Look, Swetha.
Wife deserted by husband.. ..and Wi-Fi without
password are same. Everyone wants to
get connected freely. Listen to me and get connected
to your husband immediately. Sir, you do not know,
he is a big womaniser. Swetha, wait..
– Just shut up! He looks like a bank manager.
Why do you call him a womaniser? You think I am a bank manager? I told you not to speak when
I am talking about you. – Hey.. Enough of all this.
Are you married? I got married and
also got separated. You do not have rice to eat but.. ..want to feed him biryani. No discussion with you. No, sir.
– Wait. Do not stop this angry man. Look, where is grandfather?
Grandfather.. Call grandfather..
– He is not there. Did he go out?
– He went up. How? He was nagging like you.. I gave a hard hit. He died instantly!
– Oh my God! – Stupid! Brother! Selfie Raja! Save me! Have it.. have it.. Yes! Cool! Finished.
– Brother-in-law.. There will be many reasons.. ..behind one girl’s crying.
– Yes, brother-in-law. But..For a boy to cry
only girl is the reason. There should be a reason
behind our getting angry. For wife to get angry,
husband should be there. By the way, what is your story? Coming.. one day I went home early. My wife was watching a TV serial.. ..and I got angry and
I changed the channel. What did your wife do? She changed me. Rather than women who
cry by watching serials.. ..there are many men who
cry after seeing marriage card. Wow! You are superb! Look Selfie Raja! Victims
of wives are gathered at one place. Do not delay, sing a song.
– I will play music. “Rest of the life..” “Restaurant is the house..” “Waiter is my wife..” “Romance with the wine glass..” “Life has become
empty quarter bottle.” “Wife has kicked me out.” “Life has become
empty quarter bottle.” “Wife has kicked me out.” “Paru sent me away,
bar has called me.” “Tears in eyes, beer in mouth..” “Vexed up..” “Vexed up..” “Mind is vexed up!
Illusionary world.” “Enthusiasm is lost,
life has become bore.” “Fire inside the heart.
Who will extinguish it?” “Life has become
empty quarter bottle.” “Wife has kicked me out.” “Wife has kicked me out.” “If I were the government..” “Wonderful!” “If I were the government,
round the clock bar..” “..will be opened.” “Whoever has invented alcohol..” “Whoever has invented alcohol..” “I will build a golden
temple for him.” “Alcohol is bad,
sorrow is even bad.” “It is good for us if we
remove a thorn with another thorn.” “It has become a
problem with the wife.” “Celebrations are dull.” “Crushed!” “Torn!” “My life has crashed down.” “My fate has changed upside down.” “Happiness has turned into sorrow.” “Life has become
empty quarter bottle.” “Wife has kicked me out.” “Wife and children..” “..are threat to life.” “Fights in the house..” “ the music of death.” “No sane man will
marry second time.” “He will spend his life
happily by remaining single.” “Children’s fee, wives shopping..” “House rent, provisional bills..
Heavy expenses..” “Not to worry about money
if there is no marriage.” “We can drink a
lot with that money.” “Marriage life is damage life.” “It kills you by
keeping you alive.” “Madness.” “Insanity.” “Life has become a waste.” “Shock is felt, nail is hit.” “Brake is applied, tract is lost.” “Life has become
empty quarter bottle.” “Wife has kicked me out.” “Life has become
empty quarter bottle.” “Wife has kicked me out.” “Wife has kicked me out.” This is disgusting! I think they are shameless. Sir! Sir! Sir.. Hey, what is the disturbance? First wear shirts, I can not see. We enjoyed a lot in the night, right?
– Yes, sir. You look like vegetarian. Do not you have shame
to do non-vegetarian things? Sir asked by himself
so I gave it blindly. Oh my Sunny Leone! I never thought I will have to
see such thing when you are there. What happened?
– What happened? He is jealous for not taking him. You too come today. Three of us will enjoy!
– No! No! I am not your type, sir.
I have my wife. Crap!
– Our wives have left us. We enjoyed a lot
in order to forget it. Drop my friend. Bye, sir. We will enjoy again tonight.
– They are not friends. Friendship! Swetha, what is this? I realized that everything
we see is not true. Forgive me.
– What happened? Krish. Before your father went to US.. ..he told us to inquire
about gift packet and photos. He is caught in that inquiry.
Tell what you did! I loved you in college days. Before I could tell you about it,
you married Raja. I thought if I could
separate you both.. ..then I will get
a chance to marry you.. I morphed Selfie
Raja’s photos and sent you. Selfie while committing suicide! Hey Selfie! Who? – Neck tightens
first when you hang. Nerves get stuck. Blood circulation will stop! Totally more pain
but death is not sure. I do not want this death. By the way, are you a doctor?
– Killer. Contract killer! Khaki! Shoot me once for fun? – Hey! I do not kill even the mosquito,
that bites me, for free. Got it, take. Take this too. Kill me without pain. I liked your excitement a lot.
For the first time in life.. ..I am seeing only you
who is asking to kill oneself. Did you take this decision
after thinking of everything? Remember very well. If you give me contract once
then there is no looking back. Super!
– Selfie! You go and sleep. Very
soon you will become dead body. Where is Khaki?
Whom will he send to kill me? Run! Run! Bhims, we got a
contract for murder. You come to Hyderabad urgently. Did you leave us and go? Brother-in-law Nagaraju! Who is there for us now? You made him cry when he was alive,
now they are crying after he died. I told him hundred
times not to use dual SIM. We did not know it
until the phone was dead. Sister, see how happy he looks as
if he is watching world cup match. What is your reaction on
Mr. Nagaraju’s death? I ca not believe that
brother Nagaraju has died. He would drink full
bottle in one shot. In spite of having 36
rape cases against him… ..he behaved normal with us. For burning buses,
for occupying illegally.. ..he was always ahead. So what I am going to
tell on this occasion is.. ..I demand the government
to name our colony.. ..after brother Nagaraju. Greetings! Greetings! Calm down. What happened now? Am I
not there instead of your husband? Am I not there if he dies? Leave the past. Tell me when brother Nagaraju’s
condolence meeting is planned. I will celebrate
it in a grand manner. If we do not garland
the photo of the person… who has put garland
on our husband’s photo.. ..then my name is not Padmakka. My name is not Sitakka. Boys! Greetings, WhatsApp Baba. WhatsApp! Have you come again? Baba, it is enough if you have
respect inside, no need to stand. I stood not due to respect. With fear. Why did you come again? Baba, marriage was performed
on the date you fixed. We called you many times
to invite you for marriage. You picked up the
phone but did not talk. Did not I talk? Hey, I shouted over the phone. I even broke five phones
because of anger on you. Do not break my head now. He is wearing a wig. First night was disturbed once. Swami, fix an auspicious date now. Next month on 9th.. – What? Today 9 o’clock.. Oh my WhatsApp.. Hey, tonight 9 o’clock
is auspicious. Let us go. Raja! Raja! What happened, Raja? That Khaki.. ..killed me in dream. Who is Khaki?
– Contract killer. Contract killer? I wanted to die at that time. Now I wish to live with you. But I am in tension
as how will Khaki come and kill me. Go out in disguise without
getting caught by the killer. Nothing will happen to you.
You are Commissioner’s son-in-law. Nothing can happen to you. Moms, what is all this? I heard and watched in movies
that big dons kiss on hands. But by seeing you directly.. ..I am feeling excited from inside. Did you feel so, Bhims? Our den is facing
loss from two years. They are kissing me
not by thinking I am Basha. When I came out for you,
they thought I ate biryani.. they are smelling the hands.
Rascals! hey, where is the pumpkin? Sir, we felt hungry so we ate it. This is our situation. Anyway, how is our kingdom? Mom, this is not called kingdom,
it is called jinx. How is Mumbai, Bhims? Moms, Mumbai is good but we are not. What is it, Bhims? How is
your bar and girlfriend in bar? Girlfriend is fine. But her uncle is a wastrel. How dare you want
to marry my niece! I am daring to
do so because of you. In which house will you
live after marrying my niece? Are you selling this
house for our marriage? No, uncle. We will stay
together after marriage. I will keep your girl in
flowers and take care of her. Do you have money to buy flowers? Why do we need
money to buy flowers? There are many flowers in our neighbour’s
house, we can pluck them for free. I do not want a boy who
looks at plants for flowers and.. ..also looks at buffaloes.. ..if she asks for milk. He should bring everything.. ..she asks for instantly. Got it. I should take
this money from box and.. ..leave your niece, right? I will neither leave this or this. Why is it so light? I do not care whether you
commit murder or work as labour.. ..if you bring money
full of that box.. ..I will get my
niece married to you. Uncle!
– Go inside! Uncle!
– What? We are already inside.
– So you go out. That is my situation. I have got a solution
to fill your solution. How is it, Moms?
– Insurance! – Insurance? Hello, sir. My name is Anand Swamy Arvind Swamy
Vijay Krishna Pilley Solomon Fish, sir. Insurance agent, sir. Sir, we have a very good policy. Two policies, sir. Okay, sir. Sir, one is accidental
death policy.. is natural death policy. Sir, accidental death policy, pay
one thousand, ten thousand, sir. Sir, natural death policy sir.. lakh, sir. You die, sir. Your
family happy, sir. Two crores, sir. But death is very important, sir. Natural death very important.
– Stop your nuisance! Get out! Who is he, Moms?
– Insurance agent. I asked him for my insurance money. He
said they will be given after I die. That is why I said to
stay here till he dies. We pay insurance
as long as we are alive. Some other person
will enjoy after we die. Will any sane person pay insurance? No smart person will buy.
But a sharp guy will pay. See this. When did you click my photo, Moms? That is not your photo,
his name is Raja. He looks exactly like you. So how will you kill him, Moms?
– Not in a simple way. First I will take insurance
in your name for two crores.. ..and then I will kill him.. ..and then I will convince the
insurance company that you died.. ..and thereby claim the two crores. We
both will share fifty fifty after that. Moms! Whom will you give
the remaining 1,99,99,900 rupees? To you. Hello? What is the land
price in Amaravati now? Our boss.. Moms, why should we delay further.. ..when there is such a good chance.
Let us kill him. But there is another
stupid cause with this clause. What is it? If we were
to get the insurance amount.. Yes. – His death should be natural. So what should I do now, Moms? Change your getup urgently. Same to same. Very good. We need a snake now. Snake? We should go
to old city for it? – Okay. Watching without sound. Dying with this sound! Reduce the sound.
– Who are you? Looks like pipe covered in burqa. My name is Alqaida. Her friend?
– Yes.. Her friend. – No. Her friend. Nowadays
girls are becoming taller… …by trying to
get size zero figure. Have you seen?
Your uncle did not recognize me. How will Khaki recognises me? Come fast. Shahrukh Khan,
Salman Khan and Amir Khan. She is going to become mother. You know where Cobra
Katraj lives here? You know where Kumari 21 F lives? Kumari 21 F? How will I know where she stays? How will I know where he stays? Sorry. You have Katraj’s number so why do
you call others. Call him directly. I should have balance to call him. How will I have balance
when boss does not have? You will get balance
if you recharge it. Ten rupees.
– Take ten. ‘Available balance
is not sufficient..’ ‘Available balance
is not sufficient..’ Hello. Hey, how are you talking
on phone when there is no balance? Why do we need balance
for incoming call? The boy has fooled you. Hey, you are so small!
Will you cheat a tall man like me.. giving a dummy card? I will see you!
– What can you do to me? My mother is Begum Bengal Tiger. She will rip you
apart if she comes. Hey! My Moms is Delhi’s don. I will call my mother.
– Go away. James, by seeing his force,
I think his mother’s force.. is better..
– Moms, why do you fear? Sit. Sit.. Hey! Who do you think he is? Come! Hit! So many problems for being a girl? Khaki! Khaki! Hey, he has brought
his mother Bengal Tiger. Khaki! Brother, if she is Bengal
Tiger then you are Lion 123. This is old city, they will crush
you like spices if they catch us. Let us go! Let us go! – Run! Khaki! Khaki! Hey, how does she know our name? Moms! Moms!
Should I go and ask her name? Rascal! Rascal! Rascal! – Sorry. – Hey.. Today this hand
bag should be filled Why is he calling this as hand bag? What?
– I will try to fill it, sir. Good. Why is she running like that? Hey! Stop! Stop My God! Hey.. Generally men chase
women but here.. woman is chasing
two men. – Sir.. Are you a policeman? Why are you talking here when
they are committing a crime there? We need collection, not chasing. Sir, she is not female,
she is male. I think he is a terrorist,
he is wearing burqa. Brainless fellow! One is not a terrorist if
they wear burqa and grows beard. Terrorist throw bombs and kill. This is also the same. Leave this bag. – Collection bag! Sir, this is the proof
to say he is terrorist. Bomb! Oh no! – Run! See how fast she is running. Sir, it is male, not female. Let us catch her. – Come. I think he understand english too. Where is he? Come aside, sir. He is a terrorist. All of us will die if
he carries a bomb. Hey.. I will catch her with
this injection and.. ..bag promotion. – Let us see. Tell me. Are you Taliban
or Lashkar-e-Toiba? ISIS or ICIC or KFC? HDFC or Indian overseas? They are the banks’ names. You will get encountered if you throw
counter while I am interrogating. Out!
-Sorry. Because of people like you.. ..wives of Bollywood heroes
are planning to leave the country. If we say Bajrangi Bhaijaan,
you say Taliban force. I will put an end to your jihad. Tell me. Who are all behind you? Doing comedy with CI Ankusham? I know very well how
to make you confess the truth. This electricity is produced
at Kondapalli power plant. If I give shock with it.. ..your father in Syria, grandfather
in Taliban and aunt in Pakistan.. ..will shake. Come on! Him? Our station will get
disgraced if anybody sees. You proceed, I can not watch. Like a beauty parlour
in every street.. ..why do I catch you in every case. Sir, you only should help me. Wait. Who do you want? Cobra Katraj. What do you want?- I want snake. Not snake, call him as Babu. Babu? – What Baba? Babu. Come, Mr. Khaki. See this. Babu with Sridevi. Babu with Superstar Rajinikanth. Babu with Mahesh Babu. Babu with Venkatesh Babu. Baby with Mega star Chiranjeevi. He is there from the time of
‘Punnami Nagu.’ Is your Babu old? Babu was a child artist
at that time. Khaki! What are these set properties?
– Not set properties. 100 days scenes.
Four Nandu awards. 3 Santosham awards.
2 Filmfare awards. One SSIF.. what is that? – AIFA. Not only that,
American University.. ..conferred Doctorate..
– Stop it! Stop your boasting and
tell me where you Babu is. Follow me carefully. There are small snakes on floor,
do not step on them. You look like a camel in desert.
Mr. Khaki, it is you. Babu’s name is Sheshu. Born in Penugonda. Lives at Manikonda.
Mother’s name is Anaconda. Father’s name Bellamkonda? Do not say like that. Babu.. Babu.. For how long will you
watch movie like that? What is the time?
You should eat snacks. Nowadays you are not
maintaining any time sense. Hey you!
– Sir.. – Give snacks to Babu. Take it.
– Will snake drink alcohol? I asked whether
Babu drinks alcohol. Do not care for what he says.
He said something in flow. It sat in my hands.. You are a hero from both states. Rum before acting naughty.. Beer when in sorrow.. Gin after coming from gym.. Whisky when tried..
vodka when hugging.. Even after drinking full bottle.. Hood.. hood.. Hood..
– Tell me. When do you want Babu’s dates? Two days.
Tomorrow and day after tomorrow. Sorry. Babu is going to
TANA celebrations as Chief Guest. What? Fans irritating you with selfies?
I will manage. Okay. Babu does not like to attend TANA. He says to give the dates to you.
– Yes, thank you, Babu. Thank you. You go and wait outside. I will wash Babu and come. Okay.
– Hey fool! Wonderful! Selfie in Sardar getup.. Harbhajan Singh pose. Who is it now? Hello?
– Hello, Selfie Raja Marriage Bureau? Tell me. Sir, I told you long back
to find a good proposal for me. I will find.
– Sir, it is not like that.. My grandmother will die if you do not
find a good proposal in one hour. What is this link?
– It is like that only, sir. Sir, I shared my
address on WhatsApp. Bring photos there.
– Okay, I will come. “Wonderful!
Wonderful! Wonderful man!” Hey! Are you a Singh? Should I sing if you tell me?
I will not sing. I did not ask that. I am asking whether you
are Singh from ‘Singh is King.’ That was Akshay Kumar and.. ..I am Selfie Raja. You? Why are you in this getup? You want answer or girl? I want girl. Brother, why did not you come yet.
He came. I came one hour back,
waiting in backyard. See down. Why did not you come up? Hey, I told you to
call me after he comes. I have sent you
message on WhatsApp. Our chat application. Is it the time to eat
snacks? He has grown old but not his brain. Brother, it is difficult
to tell you now, you come. Where you went after I told
you that I will show the girl? For this.. – Okay.. What kind of girl you want? I want a moon like girl. You mean one who comes at
night and leaves in the morning? Is there such facility? Hey, throwing punches at me? I will kick you. – Sorry, sir. Hey! Where? For this.
– Can not you bear some time for me? Is there phenyl in the house?
– No. No that side, this side. You went to this side. That is ladies toilet. Please.
– Will he change or changes other.. Come. Come behind. Two crores. “Inner feelings are
getting unleashed.” “This cunning youth..” Where is the chorus coming
from when I am singing? No! Snake! He died! He died! Two crores insurance! Two crores insurance!
– Moms.. What about one crore ninety lakhs..
– Take it. Let us go and collect
the dead body. Come. Sheshu Babu! Where are you? Moms, he escaped. Yes. He seems to have escaped. Sheshu is frozen like
watching telugu movie. Katraj boasted a lot. It showed its hood but.. ..I think it is waste. Right? – Yes, Moms. Moms.. – Sheshu Babu.. Pack up! Pack up, Sheshu Babu. Why is not it moving? – What? Sheshu Babu! Sheshu Babu!
Have you passed away? Sheshu Babu! Calm down! Will the snake
come back to life if you cry? First see what should be done. What do you think
of our Sheshu Babu? You gave ‘Narasimha’ to Rajinikath. You gave ‘Murari’ to Mahesh Babu. You proved to be more handsome
than Nagarjuna in ‘Soggadu’ movie. You jumped from 500 foot tall building
with Jackie Chan in Hollywood. You did not die them.. – Oh.. You run under the
train in some movie. You did not die at that time. Now big celebrities are coming. What should I tell them,
Sheshu Babu? Tell me, Sheshu Babu.
What should I tell? Hey scoundrels! What you showed
and killed our Babu? We did not show anything.
He only showed us stars. You will not tell like this. Bring. Move. Sister, he knows who
killed brother-in-law. Tell! You must be thinking I am civil
engineer because I came in civil dress. Police! CI Ankusham! I will remove your skin! Rascals! Sitakka! Padmakka! What is your show off? – Hey.. Who killed our husband? Ouch! Hey, who killed him? Tell me. Stab him with the knife.. ..he will tell immediately. Madam.. ..when two women
live like sisters.. ..for drinking water
from same river.. ..we drink alcohol
from the same wine shop.. why ca not we live
like husband and wife. No! I will tell where he is. Go out! Useless life! On one hand I am dying
with Khaki’s tension and.. this dog is also chasing me. Why is the right leg shaking? Phone? I think it is in vibration. Hello. – How are you, son-in-law? Dog in front, crow behind.. ..between these two.. ..I am shaking in Sheikh’s getup. Son-in-law,
this is not the time to do comedy. What is with him? I am telling seriously
but he is taking it as comedy. He is trying to kill all of us. All of you be careful. He should be killing
only me, right? Not just one.. ..he warned to destroy me and.. entire family. You do not take any tension. I will call your folks and.. ..tell them to be careful. First you be careful. Why should I be careful? I do not belong to your family. Raja, you are my
son and son-in-law. So he will target only you. Be careful. What is this fitting? One gives money and jewellery
for their daughter’s marriage.. ..but he is giving
vengeance and enmity. Mr. Ankusham. Hello, Mr. Ankusham.. I have an important
news to tell you. The news that I am going
to tell is more important than it. Sir, is your wife back? You need comedy even during climax? Anyway, it is dangerous
to me if my wife returns. This news is dangerous for you too. Nagaraju’s wives
are very dangerous. I am unable to tolerate
their thrashing and.. ..told your name Sir, leave it.
Barking dogs do not bite. Not you.. Anyway, why did
you tell them my name? This is injustice! I did not tell wantonly. They held a knife on my neck.. ..I do not know from
which door I told your name. So I turned the
tsunami against you. Whether you escape from it.. ..or swim in it, it is your wish. Bye, Raja. In this getup, dogs.. ..Khaki if I remove it.. ..on one hand Nagaraju’s wives.. ..on another hand it is Haridas.. ..what is all this? Govinda! Govinda! Run! It is better to hide here. Where he went? No! He escaped again. He is running away! – Let us go. I think he sells
adulterated petrol in Dubai. Wells dried up there.. he seems to be
selling utensils here. I will not spare you! You killed our both masters.. ..for no reason. Whom did I kill? You gave me a snake that
acted in movies long back. I knew it is…of no use. Do not tell me all that. Will you first
pay the money or not? What should I pay? Do what you can do. Hail snake! Rascal! Katraju! Lost your hangover? Did you give me anesthesia and.. ..shoot any dirty movie
after making me nude? You said to do what we can do. What did you do? I removed your kidney. Hey, I am still unmarried. Sir.. Kidney is here.. So can I marry? You can marry happily. Snake plan has failed. What to do now? I am not getting any idea. Not getting idea? Brain is paining,
you wait, I will think. Did you get any idea? Let us do something.
We both will think together. Snake plan has failed. What to do now? However I think.. Idea? – Bell. Surprise! You? Where is the pony? I changed the look
to change the luck. How come you are here suddenly? Should not I come? I wanted to see you. So I came. Did you miss me so much?
– Very much. What about my uncle’s target? I found another target.. reach that target. What is that target? I got. I am dying in this getup. God is playing Candycrush
and Temple Run with me. Do not know from which
side gun is coming from.. From which side is
the knife coming from.. I am dying in tension. What? – You said tension.. I want to give a bumper offer,
brother-in-law. “Silk lungi, flowers shirt.” “Wearing shades
and winking at you..” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you!” “Silk sari, imported scent..” “Flowers in bun,
came to meet you..” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you!” “Your waist is too slim..
your curves are beautiful.” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you!” “Give betel leaves,
set the bed and count the stars..” “Get ready for it..” “Everything is set for you.” “There will be no
talks after I come..” “I will come prepared..” “I will fulfil all your desires..” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you!” “See my entire beauty,
strike everywhere you want.” “I will create chaos in dark.” “Come, O naughty. Fun lies here.” “I will not control myself.” “I will give you everything.” “Bumper offer for you!” “Bumper offer for you.” “Bumper offer for you.” Oh.. Oh! What Moms? You went in Singham style.. ..and coming in Gangnam
style while coming. He asked me money
for snake’s death. I said I will not give and
told him to do whatever he can do. He removed the kidney. Wait, I will be back. Oh.. Moms, did you go inside and.. kidney related exercises? No. I checked whether he removed.. ..something else along with kidney. Is it necessary to kill
Raja by taking so much risk? I lost my kidney.. ..because of Raja. There is no question
of leaving him. I swear on my lost kidney.. The comedy that happens
somewhere in nature.. decided by a comedian
coming from some place. Do not know what is in store for me. Hi. Who are you calling me like that? Thank God! Getup is successful. I am Selfie Raja. Raja? Brother-in-law.. You are Raja.
What is this ‘Nannaku Prematho?’ With the fear of Khaki.. Stop it. How can you fear Khaki? There is a reason
if you are afraid of dog Brother-in-law, a small setup.. ..I will be back
in five minutes. Wait. Did you see him anywhere? I did not see. – Okay. Brother,
he is telling he did not see.. ..without even seeing the photo. Is he right?
– What he said? You did not see anything.
– What I said? You said he did not see.
– Both are same. Both are same. Rascal! Come! I escaped from the jail.. kill him and his family. Do not spare anybody. I will not spare anybody.
I will not spare! Hey, are you talking
on phone or directly? You look like a masseur
to Michael Jackson. Do not you have phone manners? What are you feeling so proud for? For having my uncle behind me. Who is your uncle? Commissioner!
– Is Commissioner your uncle? Yes. Is he your uncle? I think he is Haridas’ man? No. – But you said
your uncle is Commissioner. My uncle is Municipal Commissioner. Sorry. Please move..
brother-in-law. – Brother-in-law.. My work is finished, I have come. I am caught. Why is he carrying
your family photo? Shh!
– What is it? You know who he is? Him? Why do you talk
without giving respect? You think he is the son-in-law
of Municipality Commissioner? No. He is the son-in-law
of Police Commissioner. Rascal! Finished!
– Do not you understand? He is the same guy. He has put me in trouble. Do not you still understand? Brother-in-law,
because of your beard.. ..he is not recognizing you. Remove it. Yes. To my brother-in-law, with love. “I wanna follow..” “I wanna follow..” Who are they?
– You follow me! “Follow!”
– Catch! Catch! Who are they chasing you,
brother-in-law? My uncle’s enemies. They are out to kill
everyone from my family. Why did you stop?
– I am not your family member. They do not know that.
– I will tell. You die as you want. I am not that family. Ask my father if you want. Who is your father? Ask my mother about it. She showed me three
people recently. I am so confused. Thrash him!
– Hey! Leave me! Hey! Catch him! Fools! They beat me but
I stole all the purses. I think they left. You are caught. Moms, why did you bring
me to this local bar? If we come to local bar, we
will get local ideas to kill him. I have a doubt.
How come he looks exactly like me? Hey, someone from
your seven generations.. ..had committed somewhere. Their commitment
is useful to us now. In seven generations? Who could it be?
I want to see him once. Do not search the seven
generations now. First drink. Drink. He is here. Let me found.. Search! – Sister, it is him! He killed brother-in-law! Eat! Rascals! Eat! Enjoy! You killed our Nagaraju? Who is Nagaraju? Cobra Katraj’s snake
died because of us. It is the same. Hey, not Nagaraju. We only killed his son too.
Do whatever you want. Nagaraju should see his death. Take it out! What will you take out? Boys! Ready? Ready boss! – One! Two! Three! Moms! – Bhims! I thought Nagaraju is snake. Who is he looking like guerrilla? When did we kill him? We are ready. So we escape! Why do you catch me? Catch! Hey! Stop! Stop! Boys! Go! See where they are. They are coming. He came! Catch! Hey! Are you trying for Olympics?
Stop! Stop! Moms, they are coming.
– This way! Here..
– Okay. Where are they? Why do you beat?
– Come, sister. They left. Moms, energy is finished.
Let us drink coconut water. Okay. I think we will die before.. ..killing Raja. Make a hole to this coconut. He is there! Kill him! My God! He thinks I am Raja. Let us go, Moms.
– Come. What is this tension?
We planned to kill him.. ..but they are coming to kill us. Not only for us, Raja seems
to have given murder contract.. others too. There! Stop! Stop! Over there! Come! Moms! – Bhims! Trapped between the
devil and deep sea. I found my pit, you find yours, go. Come! Come! Come. – Coming, coming. Be there. Come, come. – Coming. Come! Sister, they escaped, let us go. Where? I should catch him today. Come.
– Come. What will you catch? He is there, catch him. Hey! Stop! Come! Move! Come! Selfie with the dead body?
They are worse than me. Hey, stop the nuisance,
and lift the dead body. Did you see.. good he is? He came even without
our carrying him. Lift.. lift.. Khaki. What boss? Khaki, do not kill me. I am not a bad man
to kill the dead snake. You shut up! How come dead body is talking? No! Hey, they are taking the pyre. Where are you taking
it when the dead body is here? Recce? Recce? Crap! This is dead body. Who told you that is the dead body? Are we fools to believe
if anybody tell us? Dead body has told us.
– Yes. I told. Govinda! Dead body.. talking.
Mr. Khaki, stop! Stop! How does it know my name? Is it because of the colour? It is a devil, it will know. Hell with the life! I became greedy for insurance money
and now being chased by a dead body. He looks exactly like me. Who are you?
Why you pulled me inside? Raja.. ..why are you in tension like Vijay
Mallya who returned from abroad? Look, I am not Steve Waugh. I am Mark Waugh. What did I tell you due
to which you are praising me? I think you are deaf. You are listening with eyes. It is all your love. Forget love! Who are you and where
are you taking me? Why are you scolding me like that? Do not know how we nurtured
you for being an orphan.. ..but you are treating
us like your own parents. Forgive us if we
committed any mistake. It is not that.. I..
– Do not talk more. Everyone felt happy
because of you but.. ..nobody is feeling sad. For a good person like you.. ..God will never
do any harm to you. He will not do any harm. I think Raja is innocent. Oh.. Swamy! See that he is caught soon. Swamy..
– Who is he? Swamy! Swamy!
– Who are you? Laxmi Narasimha Swamy! For this devotee.. came from
Yadagirigutta to Punjagutta. My life is blessed, Lord! Hey, are you drunk? You saw my face and
asked whether I am drunk. It is not a simple thing. You are indeed God! Hey, I am not God! God is talking to me. Am I a drunkard…not
to believe it? I am drunkard Ramesh. Katappa! Katappa! So you are.. I am your Baahubali. Baahubali! Tell me why Katappa killed you. Again? I am unable to tolerate. I feel very proud of you. A new member is
entering our family. Congrats, grandson. Thanks, grandmother. Take.. – Congrats. Be careful, boys. We should kidnap Raja.. any cost today.. ..and do suicide. It is not suicide, it is murder. It is the same, we should murder him
without even postman’s knowledge. Did you get injured in childhood? No. Why? It is not postman,
it is post-mortem. It is the same. Post-mortem. Anyway, we should make
it look like natural death and.. ..usurp the two crores.
– Yes. When will you pay insurance for me? After murdering you. Thanks, boss.
– Welcome. Hey, turn the house into dark. So we should call Kamal Haasan. Who is he?
– You got injured for sure. Let us go, boys. Moms! Moms? Bhims? Bhims. Did I hit you? Bhims.. sorry, I have hit you. Bhims.. Who are they? Swetha! Hi.
– Who are you? Who am I? Ask Mumbai beach. Ask the sand in beach. Why should we go so far for it now? Tell me who you are. Stop jokes, Bhims. Bhims?
– I am Raja. Selfie Raja. Oh, I am Bond. James Bond. Stop talking rubbish
and tell the matter. Look, the Bhims you
think is different from me. Though we are not twins.. ..we look similar like twin towers. Just now Haridas’ henchmen
are taking away Bhims. Haridas?
– Yes. He called me here
for dance program. Dance program? “I am born in Amalpauram.” “I grew up in America.” “I came to my village recently.” “Boys are chasing me badly here.” “My grandmother said..” “..I was beautiful
when I was born.” “While growing up..” “ mother said I was hot.” “At the age of 16,
I had a voluptuous figure.” “I remained a gorgeous figure.” “With beautiful curves..” “..with people ogling at them..” “I was the cynosure of all eyes.” By the way, what is that beauty? “Figure..” “Measurements of my house..” “Measurements of the
roads and surroundings..” “Measurements.. Measurements..” “Measurements.. Measurements..” “Measurements.. Measurements..” “Measurements.. Measurements..” “I like it when it is packed.” “There is no fun
in keeping it long.” “You drag few things for comfort.” “Do not worry, this is common.” “Everything is lost..” “Everything has changed..” “If future were to be good..” “..these changes are needed.” “Measurements have
changed at all places” Which measurements
she is talking about? “The measurements in front
of my employer’s house..” “The measurements
of my boss’ compound..” “Measurements of my
landlord’s threshold..” “Measurements of
the surroundings..” “Measurements.. Measurements..” “Measurements.. Measurements..” “Measurements.. Measurements..” “Measurements.. Measurements..” Sunny Leone! Do not make
me crazy with your liplock. Is there any link between your
colour and your dreams? Rascal! Bhims. – Moms. Why did you go to
Selfie Raja’s house? My going there is not important.. Who has brought us here,
is important. Moms, bald guy will bodyguards,
so he is the main villain. Let us pretend to sleep. Hey, you think this
is den or deluxe lodge? Playing games with me? Call your father. Hey, why do you talk
to women when I am here? Talk to me directly if you want. Call Commissioner. I was waiting for this phone
since long. Will you sell it? Sell? – Call Commissioner. China phone costs 50,000?
I will give 5,000. What am I talking
and what you are talking? You look like a wild animal.
Ca not you speak? I said I will give 5,000
because it looks like iphone. Okay, I will give 500 extra.
Give it. What is it with him?
– Sell it, boss. He too says the price is high. I will shoot you! Will you sell this too?
For Deepavali? I think there is no reel. I will really shoot you. I think you are dumb from outside, you
are dumb inside too. No reel inside. Please! Do not do anything to uncle. I will call.. Okay. Daddy.. Hey Commissioner.. Do not do anything to my family.
I am coming. Come, come. Leave! Do not do anything
to my daughter! Leave. How can you think I
will forget my enmity of.. ..10 years in 10 seconds
if you request me? But I am not going
to kill your daughter. Your son-in-law.. Why did you point gun at me saying
you will shoot his son-in-law? I am not his son-in-law. Son-in-law, will you fear
death and deny being my son-in-law? I will take care, do not fear.
– What will you do? Not from there.. You will realize it if
gun is pointed point blank. Are you such coward? It is not that, listen..
– Stop! I will shoot you! Samba! Hey! Who are you? Gabbar Singh! Sardar Gabbar Singh! Are you both hello brothers? No. Different brothers. I am Commissioner’s son-in-law. Leave that innocent guy. No, I am Commissioner’s son-in-law. Leave him. Bhims.. – Moms.. We are trying to kill him
but he is trying to save us. I do not care who it is. Matrix shot! Ouch! Back is broken? I will finish you both! So whom should I kill? Who are these twin horses? Not twin horses but race horses. One of them killed my husband! Hey! You kill one of them.. ..and I will kill another. Hey! Thanks, Raja. Hide. Money. Mr. Khaki! You? Mr. Khaki! – Why are you requesting
him? – Cancel that contract. I want to live. I gave the contract to him.
– Feared him all the while? Where is it? Leave! Hey! Kill him! Katappa! Baahubali! Katappa Returns! Now tell me.
Will you kill me or have drinks? Go ahead! Bald! Why should so many people
kill each other for one cell phone? Not yours or mine.. ..give it to me.
– If you talk of cell phone again.. ..I will kill. He suffers from nerves weakness,
use homeopathy. I will give 15,000.
I will bring, give it. Sell it, boss. Where are they? Sell it, boss. Hey! I will shoot you!
– Hey! What?
– Come here. Fix it rate. Hey! Who are you? I will not tell, brother.
– Kill him! Hey! You must be thinking I
am a fool for wearing red shirt. Mass! Mass! Total mass! Hey! – Hey! Whether you use money or men.. ..whether you make recommendations or
bring goons from outside, your wish. There is sunlight with sun,
darkness with moon, if I come.. Your death will come! Hey! Was the recent
thrashing now enough? I am feeling excited from inside. Let us fight, come. You are telling everyone’s
dialogues like mixed juice. Who are you? I will not tell, brother.
– So move aside! Hey! – Hey.. Who knows where to fall down.. greater than who
knows where to get up. Now sisters’.. not miss brother-in-law. They do not need us now. Let us go. Thanks, brother.
Brother, one selfie. Selfie now? Oh! If people drinking water from
same river can live as sisters.. We drink alcohol in the same shop.. not we live like wife
and husband. – Oh my darling! Why should not we be so?
Let us go and have fun! Do we need auspicious time for it? Why are they fighting? She has 3G and 4G too. What? For me? What will they do? God gave lot of beauty
to Aishwarya Rai and me. I will hide. – Hey! Hey! Not 30,000 he said
he will give for 15,000. She is a deaf woman and
that bald guy is a big fool. Oh! Sir.. Well done my boy.
I promote you as DSP. Sir.. Raja.. Sorry, sir. Do not arrest me. I am DSP. DSP, at least now tell me.. ..your name. I will not tell, brother. Who is he? – Sell it, boss. Hey! You! – Brother,
I will not tell even if you sell. Let us see, brother. I will say
prayers daily in the jail from now. Not for my well-being
but for you to stay alive. I will come out and
kill you and your family. Will you not change the dialogues?
Same dialogue in first scene and.. ..also in climax. Change the performance. Hey, go inside and lead a
peaceful life at least at this age. Take him away. – I will not leave. They too will not leave. Go. Suspicion between wife and
husband will lead to many problems. If it arises once
it is difficult to leave. See that such suspicions
do not arise between you again. Sorry, uncle. – Sorry, daddy. Had you said sorry
in the first half.. kidney would
have been with me only. Come on! What is he saying?
– Seems to be a joke. Laugh. Nonsense.. Hey! You said you
will go to Shirdi today? Lies? – I do not
tell lies in my life. Yes. Correct. Hello. I am going
to Vijayawada by bus. Okay. – You said you
do not tell lies in your life. I tell lies over the phone. Sorry, my mistake. Nobody should see.. – Slowly.. Slowly.. Sir.. A big fight is taking place here. Do you need this at this moment?
– Sir, it is good here. Be for some time. Thanks. Everyone will see there,
nobody will see here. You too come, nobody will see here. Okay. Turn on the AC. We cannot turn on AC
unless we kill someone. At least turn on the fan. Here is the wind you want. Oh, if you sell this wind to Usha company
then you would have got one lakh rupees.. You should find the people.. ..who killed your father
and grandfather and.. ..kill them by biting. Sharpen your fangs to
kill your enemies. Got it? Thanks, Babu. Thanks. Yes. It is them. Bite them on face. Bhims! – Moms! – Babu! Babu.. Babu.. Babu.. Babu, you too have left me? Hey, you petty thieves! Generally snakes will seek revenge. Why are you seeking
revenge from my snakes?


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