Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi – Takenaka Hanbei Drama Route Playthrough [PS4 Pro]

We’re getting close to Komaki Nagakute… To solidify the Toyotomi regime…
Ieyasu-kun’s power is still essential…! I know I’m the only one who feels this way in the
current Toyotomi… And I’m also the only one who is capable of
bringing him back. Good… Looks like Mitsunari-kun is not following me…
It wasn’t easy telling him not to come with me… His attachment to Ieyasu-kun might end up as his weakness someday… I suppose I need to do something about that as well.. Hmph… How troublesome.
It’s almost as if I’m babysitting… Ugg! Please… Don’t betray me now, after all this time!
I just need a little more… Just a little more will do…! Give me… more time…! I’m here to take you back, Ieyasu-kun…
You’re an important member for Toyotomi’s future! I’m afraid you must leave, Sir Hanbei.
I don’t plan on going back to Toyotomi. I thought so… That’s why I came here to
persuade you personally. Sir Hanbei… What is it that you’re up to?
Are you trying to gain some time? Stalling… huh…
I’m afraid I don’t have that much time to spare. Honda Tadakatsu…Normally I would have come up with a plan to avoid you but I can’t persuade Ieyasu-kun that way. I’m going to throw my heart and soul to you…
If you’re capable of understanding any of that… Then I would like you to cooperate. Don’t listen to him, Tadakatsu! It’s a trap! Ieyasu-kun… I’m aware that you were troubled… And even now, you still haven’t fully denied the importance of power. Apparently you thought you were weak but that is a huge misunderstanding. As a skilled leader you’re capable of winning the hearts and minds of the people… You even surpassed Mitsunari-kun in those areas.
For a younger member, I was surprised by your talents. Even now Mitsunari-kun still thinks of you… If you’re going to carry on with that bond, you need to at least talk to him one more time. Why? Why are you doing this, for me…? Sir Hanbei… This isn’t like you, you’re too assertive.
It’s as if you’re in a hurry, or…… Could it be!? That’s right…. There’s no time left for me. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay by Hideyoshi’s side. If you’re planning on joining Toyotomi….
I wouldn’t mind forgiving Ieyasu-kun’s betrayal. Sir Hanbei, you… Are you telling me you risked your life just to come all the way over here…? Yes.. I forced my useless body to come here.
Thanks to it I’m sure it shrunk my life even shorter. So you’re serious…!
You’re seriously telling me to go back to Toyotomi… Do you finally understand? But, Mitsunari… There’s no way he’ll ever forgive me… You seem to be misunderstanding Mitsunari-kun as well. Don’t let his outer stubbornness fool you so much. Are you saying…. That Mitsunari and I still have a bond we could tie back together? That is what I’d like to believe, at least. I’m sure Mitsunari-kun believes that on the inside…
The rest is up to you. A fatal illness… Did you not think that after I found out about your health, I would use that
against Toyotomi to make an attack? You? Attack mourning Toyotomi? When you’re the one who speaks so much of bond…? Even after hearing about your illness, I still might not help you…. You were aware of this outcome
yet you still risked it all. I know you need some time to think… But, please come back. If anything, please do so while I’m still around. Sigh …Now, whatever happens from here will be all up to Ieyasu-kun. Lord Hanbei…! The conversation from earlier, is it true that you are ill!? We must provide a palanquin for you right away! Travelling by horse cannot be good for your health… Please, take care of yourself! Hah.. I’m thankful to have subordinates like you guys. Thank you, but I don’t need a palanquin… Yes, actually… Instead of a palanquin,
may I ask you a favor? Yes sir! Anything you want! I want you guys to listen to my one last selfish wish… To Mitsunari-kun’s…
We’re going to attack the Sawayama Castle. Lord Hanbei? I thought you had left for Ieyasu’s…? Now, I hope you are prepared, Mitsunari-kun.
I can no longer obey Hideyoshi…! Wha-! Preposterous! Hanbei-sama is…. leaving Toyotomi!? …That is impossible! This is just a nightmare..! A never-ending sleep! Wise man… Of all the plans, this is what you came up with. For the most part I can guess your intentions, but surely this is quite the keen move. Otani-kun, knowing you I believe your assumptions
are right. Gyōbu-san, I’ll go ahead and jump in for now! Lord Mitsunari… I don’t think he can do anything at the moment. Well, hold on. If you take a part in this now you will only get entangled. Retreat, Sakon-kun…! I don’t have any time to deal with you right now! It looks like you’re here for a reason but that doesn’t mean a thing to me! I told myself I’ll protect Lord Mitsunari no matter what!
It doesn’t matter who the hell do you think you are! Your sentiment towards Mitsunari-kun, huh… I wonder which is stronger; Your feelings or Mitsunari’s feelings for Hideyoshi? Truthfully does it even matter? I am me, Lord Mitsunari is Lord Mitsunari… And you are you. How healthy… Fine, you shall keep on growing just like that. So that someday you can succeed Mitsunari-kun. I don’t get it… Did you..really betray us!? Those eyes… They don’t look fake. Oh I don’t know, what do you think…? If he becomes too noisy I’ll ask him to leave.
It can’t be good for your health either. I..think I’m starting to get all of this.
Lord Hanbei… Aren’t you a little too cool? Your words are too unique,
I can’t understand what you’re saying. As the members of Toyotomi, we must keep power on our left side. Please understand that importance. Leave it to me… I’m sure everything will be alright somehow. Looks like you haven’t told Mitsunari-kun…
Thank you for that, Otani-kun. Don’t you think there’s a limit to such drastic treatments? However, knowing the amount of time you have left,
I can’t say I don’t understand your decision. I plan on telling him directly as well but… Mitsunari-kun’s weakest point is his lack of emotional stability. I’m listening. If anything… I wish for him to possess a heart that allows him to make the best decisions even at the worst of times. To expect that from Mitsunari… I’m afraid that will only worsen his condition, however… Why not. I will not get in your way You sure are harsh though. Are you talking about the way I criticize you?
Ha, glad to hear you cared. You’re going to be the only strategist from now on. It’s going to be harsh no matter what… Please accept that. Otani-kun… You are Mitsunari-kun’s right side…
I’m leaving the rest to you. Yes, understood. Leave it to me. Mitsunari-kun! How long are you going to stay befuddled like that! Can you really protect Hideyoshi in that state? Lord…Hanbei! …Hanbei…! Takenaka… Hanbeeee! How dare you Hanbei…! After Ieyasu… No! You are worse than Ieyasu! A great criminal who dishonored Lord Hideyoshi’s heart!! Deduction point, one… If you can’t even figure out this simple situation, I can only imagine what will happen to you from now on… You let your emotions affect you too easily…
Please fix that bad habit of yours soon. What…did you say!? You’re too dangerous to stay by Hideyoshi’s left side. The more wrong decisions you make the faster your army will rust away. Which might result in Hideyoshi’s danger. Isn’t that right…!? That…is…! With my fault Lord Hideyoshi.. will… Open your eyes! Don’t be such a baby…! *coughing*
You are… one of the core members of Toyotomi! Aah….aah! Lord Hanbei…! Ggh… I will train you, and grant you the permission! Ishida Mitsunari, become the sharpest left hand there ever was! Lord…Hanbei..! UAAAAAAAH!! Lord Hanbei…! Lord Hanbei…! What have I done…. Hideyoshi-sama’s closest friend… with my own hands I…! It’s all right… I didn’t have much time left after all… If I were capable of guiding a path for
Hideyoshi’s left hand…. I’m leaving Hideyoshi to you… If it’s you… I know you will be able to support Hideyoshi… Besides… You also have both your right hand and left hand…. I know… everything will… be just fine… What do you mean by th… Lord Hanbei? LORD HANBEIIIII! Let’s go Mitsunari, my left hand. Yes sir! Lord Hanbei… I will always….. For Toyotomi!


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