Senior Youth Theatre – Story of My Life

It’s about a girl who’s named Alexa. Leading up to her 18th birthday, she unravels a whole bunch of things that have been
kept from her, from her family, from her friends, from literally everyone who’s been
important to her You realize that she has a lot of backstabbers in her life. And it basically starts with how that’s affected her and how everything’s kind of just blown up in her face. “I’m 17, Dad. Stop treating me like a child!” “Mum, who is she?” “I know Robyn. A bit.” “No! I don’t know why she’d want to leave.” “Sasha, can you get Alexa a chair?” “I’m alright. Thanks.” I think it’s actually really relevant in terms of honesty, in terms of how your
actions can affect other people because it’s very easy to kind of take the easy
way out and because you think something’s gonna hurt someone’s
feelings and not say anything to them. It kind of reflects the positive and
negative reaction to secrets. It shows the positives that come out of being honest. I think when you see how it’s affected Alexa And how it kind of tore her entire family apart, taking the easy way out isn’t always the best option. “And what you did as well in that monologue, never saw you do that, and it was really really good.” “Everybody feels comfortable.” I think my favorite thing about the Acting Company is the fact that every time I do a show with
them, they push me in a different way. The first time I did show with them, I had to play a character that I had never played before in my life. The second time I had
to have an accent And this time I had to… have emotional breakdowns, essentially. Every time we do something it’s different and it’s fresh and it’s an experience that I wouldn’t get anywhere else. This is my third project that I’ve been a part of with LYT and it’s been great, and now they’re not gonna be able to get rid of me. It allows people to have the
opportunity to find themselves and find their own voice and gain confidence. And if you’re like me, you want to go into acting, Then, it allows you to have an experience and a platform to grow from, and then continue developing onwards from that point. All my life I wanted to do acting. There’s nothing more that I do enjoy than acting. Even more than sport. I just love acting. It’s my number one passion. Yeah, It helps me a lot of my problems. Doing what I want to do. I think everyone needs to experience it sometime. I like interacting with other people you
probably wouldn’t if you weren’t here. I have met a lot of friends that
I probably would’ve never made if I never came to LYT. It has taught me a lot of transferable life skills such as communication. Resilience, definitely. I’ve done CV writing with Helen. I wrote my acting CV. There’s confidence building. LYT have given me a platform to get that experience so then I can go to employers and be like: “I’ve done this this this and this…..hire me.” Basically. I think LYT is very important to spread out the word. The message to all those parents that your child needs to get into LYT. Because I think it would really help them
as they grow up And gives their qualifications a better meaning. Do you think you’ll come back next year? I’ll be back

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