Seribu Kesempatan: A Musical Drama ft. Pastor Jimmy Oentoro (Live from IFGF Conference 2019)

🎶 Thank you, Sunshine 🎶 For your ray that I see again 🎶 A new day is dawning 🎶 Waiting for me to run 🎶 Thank you, Sunshine 🎶 For your ray that I see again 🎶 I won’t waste my time 🎶 I won’t sit and wait 🎶 Celebrating each moment in life 🎶 Moving forward without doubt 🎶 Because this is our time 🎶 Because this is our day 🎶 To dream and to love 🎶 To make a difference 🎶 Because this is our day Good morning everybody! – Good morning, Vira!
– Good morning, Mom. Let’s have breakfast! 🎶 Thank you, Sunshine 🎶 For your ray that I see again 🎶 I won’t waste my time 🎶 I won’t sit and wait 🎶 Celebrating each moment in life 🎶 Moving forward with no doubt 🎶 Because this is our time 🎶 Because this is our day 🎶 To dream and to love 🎶 To make a difference 🎶 Because it is our day Yes, just put it on the table. 🎶 Stand up
Storytelling 🎶 Giving
Sharing 🎶 Encouraging
Working 🎶 This world is ours 🎶 Because it is our time 🎶 Because it is our day 🎶 To dream and to love 🎶 To make a difference 🎶 Because it is our day – Hurry up, let’s have breakfast!
– Okay. – Morning, Vira.
– Morning, Dad Morning, Mom. Let’s sit down and pray together. Father in heaven… …thank you for this new day. All our lives… …everything in it,
I surrender to You. Let Your will be done. Bless the day… …let us be a blessing
wherever we go. In Jesus’ name.
Amen, amen… – …amen.
– Amen. 🎶 Because it is our time 🎶 Because it is our day 🎶 To dream and to love 🎶 To make a difference 🎶 Because it is our day – Vira, let’s go!
– Okay, Dad. – Don’t forget your lunch, dear.
– Oh, right. Thanks, Mom. – Bye, Mom. Love you.
– Love you too, Dad. – Love you too, Vira. Bye.
– Love you, Mom. Bye. 🎶 A new day is here
We are ready to soar 🎶 We are about to open 🎶 Get ready, hurry!
Tables and chairs in place 🎶 Let’s arrange the bowls
and chopsticks 🎶 A new day is here
We are ready to soar 🎶 We work full of hope 🎶 A cheerful heart
We are ready to work 🎶 Bakmi Nusantara
at your service 🎶 Chili? Done.
Scallions? Done. 🎶 Fried shallots? Done. 🎶 Restaurant is ready to open 🎶 Come over if you’re hungry 🎶 This is the place
Bakmi Nusantara 🎶 No MSG, tried and tested 🎶 We have all kinds of noodles 🎶 Hot steaming soup
Fried one too 🎶 Come over if you’re hungry 🎶 This is the place
Bakmi Nusantara 🎶 Try it once
You’ll be back for more 🎶 Nothing compares to it
Let’s eat together 🎶 Meatballs?
Ready! 🎶 Chicken? Ready!
Dumplings? All set! 🎶 Then let’s open! 🎶 Come over here if you’re hungry 🎶 This is the place
Bakmi Nusantara 🎶 No MSG, tried and tested 🎶 We have all kinds of noodles 🎶 Hot steaming soup
Fried one too 🎶 Come over if you’re hungry 🎶 This is the place
Bakmi Nusantara 🎶 Try it once
You’ll be back for more 🎶 Nothing compares to it
Let’s eat together Daddy, let’s eat here! Huh? Here? Oh no. Not here, Siti.
This place is cold. You’ll catch a cold. What? Catch a cold?
Dad, you’re overreacting. You’re right, Mom.
Dad’s overreacting. I’ll be fine.
Come on, Dad. Are we gonna eat that noodle again? We can’t, Ti. Dad’s right.
I’ll also catch a cold. I can’t stand the air condition. I will catch a cold after we’re done eating. Let’s not eat here. Mom is just the same.
I want to try something else. Somewhere with air conditioning
once in a while. Look, Mom. Even the picture
looks so delicious. Not this time, Siti.
The one over there is better. You can even order extra krupuk today.
Right, Dad? Yes, Ma’am.
Order as many as you like. Dad, Mom, come on! Hello, Sir! Ma’am!
Try our dishes here! We have a promotion today.
Pay one for three bowls. What? Seriously? Where is it? I don’t see any sign of promotion. – He’s lying.
– It’s true. The promotion just started today. We haven’t got the chance
to get it printed yet. What promotion?
Is there such promotion? I haven’t heard any announcement like it
this morning. There’s no such thing.
Adi’s making it up. He is, isn’t he?
Or maybe we missed something? We do have promotion sometimes,
but never heard of paying one for three. Exactly. That kind of promotion
won’t benefit us. Only hurt us. Come, Sir! Ma’am!
Please. No, Sir. Thank you. Thank you, we were just passing through,
right, Mom? There’s a 50% discount for one bowl.
Including ice tea. Huh? Seriously?
Are you in charge here? If you’re lying, I won’t pay at all! (laugh) It’s true, Ma’am. Why would I lie?
Yes, it’s rarely happens… …but that’s the promotion for today
and it will ends in an hour. Am I right? Yes, Sir, Ma’am.
It’s very rare. Seriously. Very rare. True. I can’t even remember
the last time we had such big promotion. See? Am I right? – Thank God.
– Thank God. Come, Ti.
It’s definitely your blessing. – Come, Sir, Ma’am.
– A blessing for a good kid, right, Dad? Tarjo, Marni, please prepare their seats
and table. – Yes, Sir!
– Yes, Sir! Please prepare three special large noodles
and three sweet ice tea. – But, Sir…
– Just do it. I’ll take care of it. Yes, Sir. – Three special noodles!
– Make them large! Tarjo, Marni,
what’s with all the yelling? – Hi, Jen.
– Nothing, really. Here’s the thing… Oh, it’s totally fine, isn’t it?
You know how Adi is. Yes, but we’ve never
had such a generous promotion. I didn’t mean to yell about it. You know.
The usual morning shock. (laughing) Marni, come here. Please give them this. Tell them
it’s been paid by the previous guest. – But, Ma’am…
– It’s okay. Just tell them that. Uh, yes, Ma’am. – Honey…
– What did you say? – Marni…
– What is it? I know it’s hard.
You won’t be able to do it. Just allow me. Aww, so sweet. My goodness!
Mom, we just ate for free. Seriously, Dad? How come? – You probably heard it wrong.
– I didn’t. – The man said someone has paid for it. Who was it, Sir?
Didn’t you have the wrong table? It’s true, Ma’am. The guy that paid for it
was sitting over there, – But now he has gone.
– My goodness. My goodness. May God repay him
for all his goodness. True, Mom. Amen. Whoever his name is,
may God return the favor. Right, Dad. Thank you
very much, Sir, Ma’am. You’re welcome, Sir, Ma’am. Thank you very much, Sir, Ma’am. You’re welcome, little girl. It was Adi and Jenny
who paid for the meal. But they thanked us, sincerely. I am touched. (laughing nervously) Me too. Guys, gather round! Let’s begin. Shalom! Good evening, everybody. – Shalom.
– Good evening. Okay, thank you, guys
for coming today. I’m in charge today, so let’s start sharing. How’s your week, guys?
How’s life? Anybody wants to start? – I have something.
– Please, Citra. I want to share.
This week hasn’t been easy for me. I’ve just been transferred to a branch office
in Sunter these last three months. My new boss is a man,
and he has such a short temper! He’d have a fit everyday. When he lost it… …if he could flip a table, maybe he would. And his secretary said that when his Mom called,
oh dear, he was speaking so rude. But if it was his pastor or a friend
from iCare, oh dear. He was completely different, like an angel.
He would speak so gentle. As if he just swallowed a cloth softener. But anyway, it’s none of my business. Hey, wait a minute.
You speak too fast. How can you speak without breathing?
Nobody here understand. – Try talk slowly.
– Shhh. What are you saying?
I’m in middle of something here. – You are a chatterbox.
– Then… …here’s what’s more confusing. Three days ago, he asked me to forge
a sales invoice. I have to return all the data
by next week to the headquarter… …and I don’t know what to do.
It’s not the right thing to do, is it? And by the way-anyway-busway,
he’s dating the sales manager… …which also a guy. – Huh? Seriously?
– Seriously! Can you imagine? That’s why I’m confused.
Should I just quit? But I like my job and position very much.
Please pray for me, what should I do? Hmm. That’s tough. Yes, it’s also tough to follow your story. (all laughing) Well, you just pray for it first, Cit. Ask God to show you the best way to do. But the thing is, you need to do
what is right before God. Remember, we are not to judge other people
on the basis of what we see physically. There’s a lot of things we probably don’t know. Maybe actually your boss is testing
your integrity, don’t you think? That’s right. Maybe he is testing me. Wow, this is bad. Well, we don’t know. But for sure, we can’t judge people. God died for people like him too. Maybe God wants to use you
as a witness for your boss. Yes, maybe you’re right. Oh well, everyone pray for me, please. May God gives me a big heart
and wisdom so I can talk to my boss. So I can make the right decision too. Yes, be patient, Cit. Oh, I see, now we’re starting to understand
what you’re saying. Oh, Tin. Yes, we also need
to be patient with you. (all laughing) Okay, who else wants to share? I do. But actually
I’d like to ask a question. Adi, few days ago you gave
a fake promotion to the family on the street. You even paid for it.
May I ask… …why you and Jenny did something
like that? Aren’t you afraid of losing money? Well, actually… …I didn’t come from a well-off family,
with plenty of businesses and everything. I was just a street seller. I’m sharing my life story not to ask
for sympathy, or to be proud of myself. But I just want to show you
how God has been really good to me. I am just an orphan with nothing
when I started. Now I have Jenny, Vira,
a home, culinary business. Well, I can’t stop thanking God
for all of these. That’s why, if the blessings God gave me
could help others… …I will surely give. Because what God gave me
is more than enough. Wow, both of you are the best. We are amazed to witness people like you.
So, remember, all of you. We are blessed to be a blessing for others,
isn’t it right? – That’s right.
– True! – No, it’s all God’s blessings.
– So… We all here have learned
of our own dreams. Jenny and I dream of Bakmi Nusantara
having branches all over Indonesia. Citra wants to expand her career
to go international. Does Gilang still want to be
a professional singer? Of course, I do. (all laughing)
(phone ringing) Well, Christine wants to have her own boutique. Michael, to be a youtuber. And you, Jo. What’s your dream? My dream is simple.
I just want to build a house. – Build a house?
– Yes. Build a house with Marni. What are you saying, Tarjo?
You’re really annoying. It’s embarassing. Tarjo, Marni, don’t take it to heart.
I’m sorry if we all went out of line. We all love you. (laughing)
It’s okay. We are happy to be cared for. (laughing) – Right, honey?
– Don’t you honey me! (all laughing) Hello, guys!
I am bringing a new friend! – Hello!
– Hello! – Hello, I’m Deni.
– Tarjo. – Deni.
– Marni. – Deni.
– Hello. Citra. – Hello. Deni. – Hi. Christine.
– Hello, Christine. I’m Deni. – Michael.
– Deni. This is Jenny.
The wife of our iCare leader. – Hello, Jenny. I’m Deni.
– Hello, Deni. I’m Jenny, this is my husband. Dad, over here. Huh? Forgive me, maybe later. Please, sit down, Den. Yes, thank you. Guys, I’m sorry. Jenny and I forgot an important schedule. – You guys can just continue.
– Huh? Dad, what schedule? Don’t you remember, Mom?
We had a promise with Vira. – I’m very sorry. We can’t join you today.
– Huh? Uh… (stammers)
Yes, Adi. That’s okay. – Drive safe.
– Bye. Okay. Let’s go home, Mom. Uh, Lang. – I think I have to go too.
– You too? – Why, Den?
– Sorry, I also have this sudden thing. I’ll join next time. – Yeah, yeah, but why…
– Just let me know. – Bye, everyone. Thank you.
– Yeah, yeah. Bye. That’s strange.
What did I do wrong today? Adi! Adi! Dad! Dad, what’s wrong with you? Adi! – Adi!
– Dad, enough! I’m warning you. Don’t ever show up on my face! Stay away from my family
and my community, understand? Dad, please tell me what’s wrong? Dad! What’s wrong with you? Who’s that man? Dad, Mom. Why are you back so soon? What’s wrong, Dad? Mom? What’s with all the noise? Oh, it’s nothing, dear. On the street before this,
we met a man that we don’t know. I think he wanted
to do something bad. Who was it, Mom? We don’t know, dear. It’s okay. – Have you done your homework?
– I have, Dad. Smart girl. Alright. Now go to sleep,
so you’ll stay fresh tomorrow. Come. I’ll walk you to your room. Dad, please tell me. What’s really going on? Stop it, Mom. This can wait tomorrow.
I’m tired. Forgive me, Mom. I really don’t know how to explain
all of this to you. I don’t know where to start. But I do have to tell you everything. Just do as you wish. Actually the man that came earlier… …is my step brother. What? Yes. This is something I don’t share
to anyone anymore. Including you. Not because I don’t trust you, but… …because I have buried all my past. I don’t want to acknowledge him
as my step brother anymore. I don’t even want to admit
to ever knew him before. I don’t want anything to do with that man. What are you saying?
Where did he come from? Actually, when I was a child… My parents always wanted another child… …but they couldn’t. That’s why they wanted
to adopt a child. A sibling for me. That was the first time
I met Deni. After his adoption was approved… …our family lived happily
due to his presence. However… …everything changed since Deni found out
that he was actually adopted. He became rebellious
towards my Dad and Mom. He often skipped school… …involved in school fights. But Mom and Dad always forgave him… …and keep advising him patiently. I tried to advise him too… …but Deni fought against me. His problem had gotten worse
when he was in college. He was involved in drugs
and got himself arrested. My parents spent their whole savings. They even sold the house
just to bail him out of prison. Deni’s graduation ceremony
was the last straw. After his graduation picture… …he asked us to join him
for dinner to celebrate… …but I refused to come. What I didn’t know… …that would be the last time
I saw my parents alive. (tires screeching) (car crash) We had given him plenty
of chances to turn his life around… …but look at what he did! I vowed from that moment onwards… …to never see him again. I refuse to forgive him. Never ever. I strive to stay alive. That was when I started selling noodles. Ever since… …I never wanted to see Deni anymore. That’s why I was shocked and suddenly
my emotions from the past… …were bursting out. Dad… So… …am I wrong if I can’t forgive him? I know it was a very long time ago. But because of him… …I became an orphan. Because of him… …my past is ruined! Yes. All the stories you heard are true. If only I could turn back time… …it should’ve been me who died. Actually, that time… Actually I just wanted to die. But… when I was about to jump… …suddenly I remembered… Deni… …when you’re losing hope,
you have to remember… …that God never abandon you. Anyone can hate you… …but your Mom and I… …especially God Himself… …will always have you back,
and always love you. No matter what condition you’re in. That one held me back from suicide. After I was released from prison… …from rehab,
I lived as a beggar. But after a while… …I found some courage
to come back home. The house was foreclosed. I tried to find Adi… …but never found Him ever since. I decided to start a new life
in the place where I came from. Yes. In this orphanage… …where I was adopted. Slowly, I felt peace. Started to know God… …reading His Word. I’m doing the best I can
to help the children here. I’m trying to teach them
what’s good and what’s right. I only wish for one thing… …that Adi may forgive me. That he may accept me back. – Hi, Dad.
– Hi, Mom. Where have you been? You’re home late. I went to see someone. Who? – Deni.
– What? – Don’t get mad. I can explain.
– What do you mean? 🎶 Every new day 🎶 is an opportunity 🎶 Every passing night 🎶 is also an opportunity 🎶 I close my eyes 🎶 Reminisce on the past 🎶 I realize there’s no turning back time 🎶 A scratched heart 🎶 is surely wounded 🎶 Leaving a memory 🎶 That will never fades 🎶 Getting through the night 🎶 Living through the day 🎶 I realize there’s no turning back time 🎶 His love 🎶 Strengthen your body 🎶 Strengthen your soul 🎶 Believe in Him 🎶 I don’t think I’m able 🎶 To forget the past 🎶 My memory won’t fade 🎶 He took it all from me 🎶 Ruined my past 🎶 What was beautiful is gone Dad… …I’m not trying to teach you. I know you know what to do. Yes, I know. But my heart hurts.
It is broken. Yes, Dad, I understand. But… 🎶 His love 🎶 Strengthen your body 🎶 Strengthen your soul 🎶 Believe in Him 🎶 I don’t think I’m able 🎶 To forget the past 🎶 My memory won’t fade 🎶 Let it stay in the past 🎶 He took it all from me
🎶 His love is able 🎶 Ruined my past
🎶 Rebuild the broken 🎶 What was beautiful is gone
🎶 It is even more beautiful 🎶 I know love can shine
🎶 He will shine 🎶 The light in my heart 🎶 That can light up 🎶 Over all
🎶 Over all 🎶 Your heart will be widen 🎶 As wide as the horizon 🎶 As deep as the ocean
As high as the blue sky 🎶 Give unto him 🎶 A thousand chances 🎶 Until the end of your life 🎶 Give unto him 🎶 A thousand chances 🎶 Until the end of your life 🎶 Until the end of your life Yes. God has prepared His promises
of Yes and Amen… …giving us opportunity after opportunity. We simply have to trust
in His wonderful promises… …which enables us to be leaders
who carry these promises… …in every opportunity in our lives. A musical drama that is inspired
from Luke 15. A story that we’ve heard often… …about the prodigal son. But actually, if we think of it… …who is actually the lost son? The youngest? As the lost son… …he asked his Dad for property… …while his Dad was still alive… …then left the house. Or the other one, the oldest? He was serving faithfully at home… …but didn’t understand
the heart of his father. Two stories about the lost sons. But tonight I’d like to invite all of you… …to see the life of these two people. At home… …but lost. Lost at home. A story of two sons
which the point is… …probably showing two characters of people… …or two personalities. Or even two kinds of Christianity… …that often we see in our lives. The story is very important… …that Jesus Himself… …telling the story. It is said
in the book of Luke 15 verse 11… “Then Jesus said…” Jesus was telling an amazing story… …about these two sons as a prototype
that is highly admired by people. The youngest… …or the oldest? A story that we can meditate together… These two. Brothers… …but facing different challenges. For the youngest… …said to his father… …”I am asking
for my share of property now.” “My share, Dad.” Can you imagine?
His father was still alive… …yet he was asking for inheritance. Something we’ve never heard of. Actually in the Hebrew culture back then… …when a father died,
his property was divided… …two-third for the oldest,
one-third for the youngest. But the youngest was smart.
He wanted more than that. That’s why he… …crushed his father’s heart. “I want my rights now.” “I want my share now,”
so he could get half of the inheritance. But what got me speechless was… …his father didn’t question him. The father shared his inheritance
to the youngest. What happened to the youngest? He sold… …everything he had. Then he left his father’s house. Sold everything, and the Bible said
he went to the furthest country. The furthest country
and wasted his fortune recklessly. Life of glamour.
Wasted his fortune. Lived as he pleased. Until one day… …there was a severe famine
in the country. The Bible said that the youngest
was starting to ran out… …even becoming poor eventually. Poor. Then the Bible said he worked
to take care of pigs… …consumed the pods of the pigs,
and it was written in the Bible… …the words of Jesus Himself,
that he was starving. He was starving. Hungry. Then he started to ponder of home. In such distance he pondered,
“Oh, my home.” My home is where intimacy happens. Home is a place of acceptance. I remember, home is where
I am accepted as I am. Home is full of celebration. A place of celebration. The youngest starting to ponder
of this home. He thought, “I want to go back home. “Yes, I am not worthy.” “I am not worthy.” He started to think,
“I want to go back to my father’s house. “It’s okay if I am not accepted as a son. “It’s okay to be his servant. “Let me just be his servant.” The mindset of the youngest
was to earn back… …that he may serve
and repay his father. But you and I heard it… …probably in Sunday School… …that it is not the father’s heart. Your goodness, your giving… …what you do in the ministry… …cannot repay your life in heaven. For salvation is the work of heaven. The work of Jesus Christ. A thousand percent for humankind. The father didn’t care. He said to his servants,
“Go and get the finest robe!” The youngest that left
has returned. “Put the finest robe on him!” It is also written,
“I want him to wear a ring.” Then they put a ring on him. Then they gave him sandals.
He was given his dignity back. His father’s heart is wonderful,
he said to his servants… …”Get me a fat calf.” Then they killed it, and he said,
“Let’s feast! “Let’s celebrate! “For my son was dead… “…and now he’s alive! “He was lost
and has been found. “Let the party begins!” Let the party begins. Because we realized that
one soul matters to God. One soul matters to God in our lives. The story was supposed to end there. The story was supposed to be
a happy ending, wasn’t it? For the lost son has returned,
and then the party begun. The sound was totally different… …because there was an amazing salvation. The praise was totally different.
It was high praises. Because the lost son has returned. The son was dead, and now alive. There was supposed to be
a reconciliation in the house. But the story… …didn’t end here. We often think the prodigal son
was the youngest. Think about it. Because Jesus quoted it clearly. Episode two began… …about the oldest son. He was working… …got back from the field… …back from the field… You read it on Luke 15… …he heard a different sound at home. The eldest son asked the servants… …”What’s going on?” The servants said,
“Master… “…your youngest brother has returned. “He returned home safely.” The oldest one supposed to be amazed,
wasn’t he? But the story disturbed me personally… …because the Bible said
that the oldest got upset. Really upset. And he didn’t want to enter the house. He didn’t want to go home.
He knew. He was there and he didn’t want
to enter the house. He was upset. The amazing heart of a father. It is written in the Bible… …just like when he saw the youngest son… …the father came out of the house. He saw his eldest son
outside of the house… … and said, “Come in. “Your brother has returned.” He should be rejoicing… …to see the salvation. We should be rejoicing
to see restoration after restoration. But the oldest son disturbed me
for some time. It is written clearly in the Bible… …he ripped his father’s heart,
saying, “Father… “…I have been loyal to you. “I have been serving you. “I have never disobeyed you. “But you have never given me a young goat
so that I might celebrate with my friends. “You never did that for me.” I can imagine the expression of the oldest son,
looking at his father… …and suddenly his words changed. He said, “This son of yours…” He didn’t say, “My brother”. He said, “This son of yours… ” …has left this house. “Your son has wasted his money,
living with prostitutes… “…partying recklessly. “But what did you do?
You welcomed him easily.” The oldest didn’t enter the house. He was gone. The oldest son was gone. After thirty years, let’s ponder a story. I think… …the lost one was not only the youngest. Both are lost. One was lost in the world… …the other one was lost at home. Both are lost. Both are lost. When you read it in Luke 15… …both the oldest and the youngest
desired the blessing… …but not the father. They just wanted the thing… …but both didn’t want the father. Both were looking for approval
and acceptance. That’s what we are trying to do often. I will do the best I know
so that I can get approval… …and acceptance. So that I may get approval
and acceptance in life. That’s what we often do in this life. The way we serve… …the way we do something,
we just want to be recognized. To receive acceptance, that… …often you and I expect. Tonight let’s ponder together. Maybe some of us… …including me… …were once the youngest son. I was lost. Forty years ago I was lost. I never thought my life
could turn out this way. Of five of my best friends,
three has passed away… …in young age.
Drugs. Died of fighting. Probably I was supposed to be dead as well
fourty years ago. I was dead. But somebody, my good friend
named Hari… …faithfully he said,
“Jimmy… “…one day you will know
the heart of the Father.” Guys, my headmaster didn’t believe
Jimmy Oentoro could repent. My church councils didn’t believe
Jimmy Oentoro could repent. A few months ago, I sent my staff
to Semarang… …asking for my diploma,
because I didn’t know if I had one. The headmaster asked my staff
by the time they met. “Isn’t it true Jimmy Oentoro
became a pastor?” That was… …my headmaster when I was
a student. He was about to faint. How did Jimmy repent? I was kicked out of school. I was lost… …but thank God. God found me. Maybe some of us had similar
experience like the youngest son. Like the youngest one. My prayer tonight… …for thirty years following Jesus Christ… …for years serving in the ministry… …we act like seniors… …and eventually
we become like the oldest son. What we do is judging people at church. Criticize. Upset. Jealousy. Bitterness. Disturbed by the sound of worship. “I don’t like the praises.” At home… …but lost. No more passion. Don’t let it happen
after three decades. We used to be the youngest son… …but at home, we’re the oldest son. Can’t rejoice, can’t clap our hands… …to see souls got saved
in the midst of us. Can’t rejoice to see faces
that are different from us. Can’t accept a difference in the way
people worship like we used to. What we do is judging, sitting down… …seeing the work of God
from different perspective. I don’t know how you’re doing
right now. Don’t let yourself be the oldest son. Religion… …but no relationship. At home, yet homeless. Full of judgement. Seribu Kesempatan… …is the heartbeat of heaven. A Thousand Chances
is the heartbeat of heaven. It is the heart of the Heavenly Father. Tonight, let’s leave the question
for a while… …of whether we are the youngest… …or the oldest. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, actually. But tonight, let’s ponder… …and understand the heart of the Father. The heart of a father. The oldest one never came back. Jesus didn’t continue the parable. What does it mean? Should we leave him be? I don’t think so. A thousand chances. A thousand chances that… …the Heavenly Father gave
to you and me… …that tonight we can be restored. Our first love
can be burned up as much. The Father said, “Son! “Daughter! “I will always be with you. “All I have… “…is yours. “I will always be with you. “All I have… “…is yours.” The sound of heaven. Every new day is an opportunity. Every passing night is an opportunity. Time cannot turn back. But the Heavenly Father said,
“Give unto him, you and me… …a thousand chances… …to the end of our lives. That is the love of our Father. It is written in the book
of 2 Corinthians 1 verse 20. For all the promises of God
in Christ are “Yes”. So through Him we say “Amen”… …to the glory of God. All the promises of God… …are Yes in Christ Jesus. So that you and me,
we all can say “Amen”… …for the glory of God.


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