Série – Maitresse d’un homme marié – Episode 1 – VOSTFR

Every women has her own way to start her day… Anyone who gets active in the morning… It’s because they are expecting something… Whether it is pleasant… Or not..! Whoever leaves its house… Even if this person doesn’t want to have a peaceful day… Someone else wishes them that..! Because the truth is… Someone’s life… Can shift at any moment..! Here is some water… But.. Mame..? Yes..! Mame, why use a plastic water jug..? The last glass one got broken..! Mame… You mean 6 of them..? All broken..? Yes..! The issue is not about them being broken… But that you let me know when it occurs..! It’s ok, you can go..! Ok. I will be upstairs..! Noura Darling… What would you like for your breakfast..? Mini pizza or… Mama, I don’t like it..! I don’t..!!! I always forbidden you to say “I don’t like it”… It’s better you say “I have enough”..! So what do you want..? Milk..! Let me know if it’s enough… It’s ok..! It’s good..? This few..? So you think that you’ve eating..? Just because you drank milk..? Your lips… Don’t use your hand…
Wait a minute… You’ve made a mess…Just by drinking milk..! Really, you have no manners… Go up and tell auntie Mame to give you your school bag… I don’t want to go up, I want to watch cartoons.. Ooh…Wait at least for me to finish my sentence..! Do you have any idea how working is important ? No no..! I understand that you don’t know yet..! Do you see the car in front of the house… Do you know that I bought it all by myself..? It’s Daddy that bought it..! For you, it’s only your Daddy that buys everything.. Well, ok..! Here’s what we’re going to do : You’re going to come to my workplace with me Very good..! Go quickly get your bag with auntie Mame..! Go, run as fast as you can..! Ah..That’s Daddy’s girl..! At least, one thing I know is… In all the land of Senegal… If all men were like me… Peace will only be..! You know why..? I have a beautiful wife… A beautiful house… And I swim in happiness..! May God protects us..! Amen..! Cheikh.. Coffee..? Yes as usual..! Oh that’s my princess..! Come and sit on daddy ..! Do you know what is your mom’s problem ? She does not have a daddy to carry her on his lap..! Stick your tongue out… Look… She is jealous of you..! You know why..? Because she is not a princess whereas you are a princess..! It’s me who leaves y’all minding your business ! But.. Where are you going..? At my mother’s house.. I’m leaving…! Hey hey come back.. No I have to go.. I’m leaving .. I’m leaving now..! Please don’t go.. Don’t go..! Oh but you leave us alone… Who is your favorite..? No both of you.. I love you so much..! Ok, listen .. I have to go now..! Alright… Go quickly… No no no.. Wait..! What are we eating tonight..? What would you like to eat for dinner..? Honey.. What do you want to eat at dinner..? All the dishes of the world, you have cooked them for me.. Anything you cook it will do..! You, You really amaze me..! Let’s go, I’ll take you to your car… I follow you.. You’re not serious.. Go now..! Go “Al Diana” Have a good day.. Ok “Al adjana” (Paradise) I love you darling.. Me too I love you..! Amina faster please..! Hello my love..! Where is my phone.. ? Baby… Hello.. Dialika.. Yes mama.. What is going on..? Is everything ok..? It’s ok.. Everything is fine ..! It’s because you still have not arrived with the baby… It’s Astou who is not here yet… Then you are really late…! I am very late.. Now, I do not even know what to do..! Where is my naughty rival now..? She is over there eating… But look.. Mama when I arrive, I won’t be able to get off of the car.. When I am going to drop Amina… We’ll bring you baby Malick ..You’ll come get him..! That’s too easy.. My feet are hurting me with all those stairs… Please, I’m so late… Ok, Alright ..! And.. Please take off her braids.. It’s a mess, everything is undone..! Take off her braids..? Ok, I will..! And about what I told you..? Mama, listen, we’ll talk about it when I come.. Ok..? Ok, alright.. See you soon..! OK kiss..! So here, it’s empty… Hello.. But Astou are you ok..? Astou with you is either you feel sick or you have ceremonies in the village.. It always happen during the morning.. Worse, you mess up all my plans like that..? But what else do you want me to say to you..? So that’s how you inform me about your trip…? What else do you want me to say.. Have a good trip..! What..? Astou, you forget that the month has just finished.. Where will i take that from..? OK, it’s fine..! I’ll see if I get something… I’ll send it to you… Astou.. I’m already late.. It’s ok..! Amina get up please..! When we will come down, we will look for something to eat..! Where is your bag..? Amina where is your bag..? It’s upstairs..! It’s ok don’t cry… This guys is still sleeping ? Mama.. Diagne..! Amina.. Take your bag..! Faster..! Please do not cry my sweetheart it’s ok… Sorry.. Sorry.. Come on..! It’s ok.. It’s over..! I’m sorry..! Amina faster..! Racky… Why are you running away like a thief..? What is it..? What day is it today..? Mama, we’re 2nd of the month ..! 2nd of the month.. You do not have any bills to pay for this house..? The real estate agent puts pressure on me without counting the other creditors..! You owe him arrears..! Mother.. You forget that I just started this new job..! Wait until the 10th by then, I will receive my salary..! I spend my time waiting…! Okay, pray for me.. I will go now..! I will not pray for you.. You were running away like a thief..! If you wanted a prayer, you would have not try to sneak out..! See you..! Hey..! Come back, what about the death I told you about ? All you want is for me to spend my time repeating myself..? Have this You think that’s enough for the transport and the grief gift ? Mother, that’s even above my means..! So I’m the one that wants the impossible.. Me, I want the impossible..?! See you..! Hey hey.. Come back here..! Did you look at yourself in the mirror before going out..? Did you check yourself well..? You can not get a weave, put some make up, make yourself look beautiful..? And put heels on.. So that people can enjoy you a little..? Mother, there is nothing wrong with what I have worn… Because I’m going to work on a construction site .. See you tonight..! And because of that you do not get dressed..? You do not meet people when you go to work..? You better find yourself something to eat there… In this house.. There is absolutely nothing to eat..! Nothing..! Come on, it’s over my sweetheart..! Go go go.. Here you go… Do not cry honey .. It’s over..! Shush.. It’s ok my sweetheart ..! Amina get off the car..! Get off and take the baby’s bag..! Amina get off..! Take the baby’s bag..! Come on my sweetheart, it’s over..! Come on.. It’s ok.. It’s over..! It’s over..! No sorry.. It’s over..! Give me that… Come on, quickly ..! Hello… Hello my love… Me too I miss you..! I miss you too much..! No..Well, I do not have too much work..! No no.. I do not have too much work..! If I will like to join you at home for some fun..? Is it a question or an invitation..? You know very well that’s all it takes to make me dream..! No, do not come and get me…! Let me manage that and I’ll be on my way..! Ok.. Wait for me at home..! I love you too…! Where are you..? Come over to the Shop with Noura ..! Hello.. Hello..! How are you..? You are very noisy huh..! You are 1st wives, I would say..? 1st..?? We are team 2nd wives..! Myself, I hold the husband of another.. And I take him on Cloud 9..Just that..! But you, why are you stealing the husbands of others..? Listen to this.. But auntie, which team do you belong to? You too, can’t you see it..? Me.. I am the first lady, queen of my home..! Oh yes.. That’s really good..! So Madam, do you have a rival..? Rival..? Your mouth huh..! Really “Soub hanala”.. Husband of mine… Hello… Hello Mansour… Thank you very much Mansour..! You’re welcome..! You wanted to know.. Here is the proof..! But aunty, who sent you these pretty flowers..? My “Al diana” ..! Oh really mama, you’re swiming in happiness..! See that..? Me really, I’m a fan of yours..! If all 1st wives were like you… It would be awesome..! But no one heard me or what..? Oh Lord… I am in pain..! I am screaming but nobody hears me..! I am in pain..! The Baye Pathé file.. Where did you put it..? What’s wrong..? Nothing..! Nothing and you make so many faces..? Ndeye it’s my stomach that is hurting me..! Your stomach is hurting you..? Mareme, you really amaze me..! Every day you have a new disease..! Today your belly is hurting you.. Tomorrow you will tell me it’s your head… After tomorrow it will be your foot that will be hurting you ..! Mareme be a little bit serious please ..! I swear I have a tummy ache..! Oh no..! But no, you have to stop doing this..! Dialika .. Come and see this one, she says she’s sick..! Again..! But what does she have now..? What’s going on my baby..? It’s my stomach ache that started again..! Again..? Dialika, I want you to take this girl and bring her home..! But I did not come with my car today..! Then take her keys and you bring her back home..! Where is your bag..? Hold on.. It’s ok, you’ve got everything huh..? Yes… Ok, come on.. Lean on me..! Take heart Easy..! Take your time..! It hurts that much..? I swear it hurts..! You should go see a real doctor..! For me, as soon as it hurts, I buy pills at the pharmacy..! You like the ease too much Be strong.. Take heart..! Listen… Look.. Go gently, it’s gonna be ok..! Lean on me… It hurts so bad..! Easy..! Good.. Once we get down… I’ll get your car and I’ll meet you in front Diali wait..! Let me take a taxi, it’s better..! Why..? Are you sure..? You forgot that we have to give the “Taï Tech” file to the Boss And, this is the report that will allow us to have a promotion..! Listen.. Anyway, I already made the presentation… Let’s go.. Let’s give it to him and then I’ll go home..! Are you sure it’s that urgent..? Yes of course..! Our two careers depend on it..! And besides, we both need that money..! Especially you..! You’ve made a point huh..! But well.. Let’s do one thing… I will give him the file and I will tell him that you were not well..! But first I’ll bring you back home..! Diali… Do you think that you can bring me and then come back in time..? Listen… Let me go home alone.. I’m fine..! It is true that it’s risky Don’t worry about me..! Call the elevator for me..! Let me know once you get home okay ? Don’t worry about me.. As soon as I get there.. I’ll text you but please… Make sure this file is approved..! Ok..? Alright..! Go… Go.. Take care of yourself huh.. Ok..! Let me know..! Yes Yes..! Kiss..! Hello… Diali.. Hello yeah..! I told you to stop waking me up at 7am.. What’s up?? What 7am..? It is past noon Birame..! But Diali why didn’t you wake me up..? Wake you up..? I dare not do such..! Tell me… What..? Can you please, warm up the food in the fridge for you mom ? Astou stopped working for us this morning without warning me..! Hey Diali.. My mother does not eat warmed up leftovers ! Find your way but do not miss lunch time over here..! It’s ok..! I will order, when the deliveryman comes, you pay for it..! Don’t give my number to the deliveryman to come and ask me for the money.. Diali, I don’t have singe penny..! It’s ok.. It’s ok Birame.. I’ll handle that..! That reminds me, when you empty the fuel of my car… At least let me know, so that I can… Hello… Hello… For dinner, I’ll go get half a chicken at the fast food..! With some French fries.. That’s what they will have.. I am tired of this..! Daddy… Daddy… Daddy… Daddy… Noura stop it.. What are you doing here..? I want to see my daddy..! Your daddy is not here.. He’s here..! Look, it’s closed..! He is in there.. He does not come home at this time..! He is here.. Noura go to the sitting room..! Noura go to the sitting room..! Oh my God..! Baby, what the heck ? Did you eat eggs and beans at yesterday’s dinner or what..? It smells really bad here..! It stinks so bad ! You wanna know what stinks really bad Cheikh ? Your daughter Noura is at the door.. That’s what stinks..! No impossible..! She’s already gone with her mother..! You told me there was nobody..! But there wasn’t..! Hey.. Listen.. Get me out of here..! Don’t get me in trouble..! Listen.. Listen.. Okay..! I’ll sort this out You’re pissing me off with your “I’ll sort this out”..! I’ve had enough ! I knew that this wasn’t going to end well..! Oh my God.. What will I become..? What will they say about me..? Hey God.. Hey God, I beg you… I swear down if you take me out of this situation… I will never sleep again with someone else’s husband I will change.. I will leave people’s husbands alone If Lalla sees you… Listen to me carefully.. Find an excuse..! I do not know you..! Hey.. Cheikh..? Follow me without making a single noise..!


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