Sesame Street: Grover’s Chicken Castle | Waiter Grover

PAPA BEAR: Ah, chicken
fingers. BABY BEAR: Chickens don’t
have fingers. MR. JOHNSON: Oh boy, a
chicken restaurant. Just when I’m in the mood
for some fried chicken. GROVER: I’ll be right there! Oh, hello there. MR. JOHNSON: Oh, no,
it’s you again. Welcome to Chicken Castle. And what may I get for
you today, sir? MR. JOHNSON: OK, look. I’ll make it very simple. I’d like some fried chicken. GROVER: Ah. An excellent choice, sir. Predictable, but excellent. Now, what size would you like? We have the bag, the
box, or the bucket. MR. JOHNSON: I’m pretty hungry,
so I’ll take a bucket. GROVER: A bucket. Yes, sir. One bucket it is. I will get you your
bucket right away. MR. JOHNSON: I hope he knows
what he’s doing. GROVER: Here you are. One bucket, sir. MR. JOHNSON: Wait a minute. This bucket’s empty! GROVER: Empty, sir? MR. JOHNSON: Yes, look. It’s empty. There’s nothing in it. GROVER: Uh-huh. Is that a problem? MR. JOHNSON: Why, yes
it’s a problem. I don’t want an empty bucket. I want a bucket of chicken. A full bucket. GROVER: Oh, a full bucket. You want a full bucket. MR. JOHNSON: Full bucket. GROVER: Yeah, I have
one question. MR. JOHNSON: Yes, what? GROVER: What is this
word, full? MR. JOHNSON: You don’t
know what full means? GROVER: No, I was not
here on that day. MR. JOHNSON: Aw. All right, look. If something is full– GROVER: Yeah. MR. JOHNSON: That means there’s so much in it already– GROVER: Yeah. MR. JOHNSON: That you can’t
fit anything else in. GROVER: Yeah. MR. JOHNSON: You see? It’s full. You need to fill this bucket! GROVER: Oh. Now I see. I need to fill the bucket. MR. JOHNSON: Oh, now he sees. GROVER: Yes, we’ll
do that for you. Here at Chicken Castle, the
customer’s always king. So I will fill up this bucket
for you right now. MR. JOHNSON: Oh, thank
you very much. The things I put up with. Hey, wait a minute! What are you doing? Stop! GROVER: OK, sir. The bucket is now full. You could not fit anything else
in here if you tried. Would you like something to
drink with this, sir? MR. JOHNSON: Uh– gah. GROVER: Sir? Sir? Sir? Where’d he go? Sir?

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