Sesame Street: Mysterious Theatre – Toast

VINCENT: Good evening, and
welcome to Mysterious Theater. I am your host, Vincent
Twice, Vincent Twice. Today we bring you the case
of the missing toast. As our story begins, we find
Sherlock Hemlock, world’s greatest detective, and his
trusty companion Watson, in the home of Lady Agatha, looking
for some missing food. SHERLOCK: Come, Watson. There, there, now. Just calm down, Lady
Agatha, and tell us exactly what happened. AGATHA: I was getting ready to
have breakfast, you see, and I put my toast in my little
toast rack, here, like I always do. And then I went to
get some tea. And when I came back,
my toast was gone! SHERLOCK: Did you hear
that, Watson? Her toast was gone! AGATHA: Yes. But that’s not all. At lunchtime I was getting
ready to eat a roast. So I put my roast on the table,
and went to get some mint jelly. But when I came back, my
roast was gone, too! SHERLOCK: Hm. Missing toast, missing roast. Hm, yes. We must find some
clues, Watson. AGATHA: Oh, but we already
have some. SHERLOCK: Eh? AGATHA: Don’t you see? Toast and roast rhyme. That means they sound alike. SHERLOCK: So– what? AGATHA: So, I believe what we
have here is a rhyme crime. SHERLOCK: A rhyme crime. Do you mean to tell me that
whoever took your missing food is someone who rhymes with
toast and roast? AGATHA: Exactly. SHERLOCK: Let go
of me, Watson! We must think! Now, let’s see. What else rhymes with
toast and roast? By George, I’ve got it. Yes. Ghost. That rhymes with toast
and roast. We must spread out
and find a ghost. Aha! Ah! A ghost! I’ve got you now, you ghost! AGATHA: Oh, let go, you fool! I’m no ghost! I’m Lady Agatha. SHERLOCK: Oh, Lady Agatha. I do beg your pardon. VINCENT: Let go of
me, you mutt. You’re tearing my
Savile Row suit. SHERLOCK: Watson, what
are you doing? That– that’s not a ghost. I told you to look
for a ghost. This is Vincent Twice
Vincent Twice! He is our host! Don’t you understand? Our host! Egad. Host rhymes with ghost! AGATHA: Yes. And our host has my toast
and my roast. SHERLOCK: Aha! Another mystery solved by
Sherlock Hemlock, the world’s greatest Yeah, and his trusty
companion, Watson, of course. AGATHA: What, sir, are you
doing with my food? VINCENT: Well, I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten lunch. And I walked across the
stage and saw this delicious-looking food. AGATHA: Well, it’s my
delicious food. Now give it back! VINCENT: No. And so ends another episode
of Mysterious Theater. This is your host, Vincent Twice
Vincent Twice, saying, until next time, until
next time. If there is a next time. SHERLOCK: Shame on you, sir. I don’t suppose there’s enough
for three there? VINCENT: No. SHERLOCK: Too bad. Watson, come back here! Don’t beg!


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