Sexual slavery issue on silver screen 위안부극영화 ′소리굽쇠′

Japan’s sexual enslavement of Korean women
during wartime has been an issue for years,… as Tokyo refuses to fully acknowledge its
role in the atrocities that were carried out. Along the way, many individuals have taken
up the issue as a source of artistic inspiration. Our Yim Yoonhee joins us with the newest addition. That’s right. Many artists have created various
paintings, statues, and such some of which I’ve brought in to the studio in the past,…
and with these creations, artists are attempting to bring awareness to the issue, as well as
create an opportunity for victims to heal. Well, among these tributes are also movies,
and today marks the opening of a very special movie that shares the story of one victim.
Take a look. Gwi-im spent most of her life in China.
Now she’s an old woman, but she’s hiding a dark secret in her past,… a secret about
how she was taken from her home in Korea and ended up in a foreign country all by herself.
Gwi-im was a sex slave, taken by Japanese soldiers during the war,… and she flashes
back to her treacherous journey in the movie “Tuning Fork.” “The issue of the sex slave grandmas is something
everyone should know about, so this movie was created upon profound meaning.” Gwi-im is played by actress Lee Ok-hee, and
her younger counterpart played by Lee Yool. And though it’s been decades since the end
of the war, Gwi-im is still stuck in China. She’s desperate to get back to Korea, and
the pain of her past is driving both her and her granddaughter, played by actress Jo Ahn,
to the limits. “In order to prevent such a tragic aspect
of Korea’s history from repeating itself, I thought about how I have to portray this
so people will never forget.” The sexual slavery of Korean women by Japanese
soldiers during the war has been a prominent issue in society,… appearing in books, on
the silver screen, and all over the internet. Even short animated movies like “Herstory,”
which tells of one grandmother’s encounter with sexual slavery,…brings the issue to
awareness. It’s movies like these and “Tuning Fork” that
shed light on a dark past,… in hopes of healing the former victims, and also to make
sure it never happens again. That last piece was an animation, and although
animations are usually meant for children, I would think this one would maybe be for
adults. Right. It’s only around 11 minutes long, but
there are some graphic visuals as well. But it’s really important,… as uncomfortable
as something like this can be, it’s important to acknowledge it.
There have even been cartoon exhibitions featuring works that contain content on Japan’s sexual
slavery of women,… and while you may think cartoons are for children, they were very
powerful images that brought awareness to the issue.
In fact, they’re showing “The Flower that Doesn’t Wilt” exhibition until the 11th of
November at the Yeongju Culture and Arts Center. And I’ve heard that you’ve been to this exhibition
before. Tell us more about it. It’s an exhibition with cartoon works created
by some of Korea’s most well known cartoon artists.
And the exhibition has made it’s way around the country,… even around the world.
It’s even been shown at the Angouleme International Comics Festival.
14 different artists have teamed for this exhibition narrating the story for these victims.
And the show has plans to go abroad once again to continue to spread awareness. Thank you for that report. You’re welcome.

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