SHAFT – Official Trailer [HD]

Hi. I’m–I’m just looking for… – Shaft?
– Mm-hmm. – Who’s asking?
– John Shaft, Jr. Your son.
– My son? Junior?
– Yeah. You know they say that cat Shaft
is a bad mother– ♪Shut your mouth.♪ Ignore him. He thinks
he’s a black James Bond. If that dude was real,
he’d think he was me. If you’re gonna pursue
this investigation, I’m gonna have to babysit your ass. Damn! Oh, looky here.
How long has it been? Hmm, never long enough. Lady Syphilis, Madam Chlamydia,
it’s lovely to meet you both. That’s Junior’s mama.
She’s a little bitter. Please tell me that you did not get
our son involved in your bullshit. What is wrong with you? She picked up a bat. You can’t beat up a woman. – Why not?
– Because she’s a woman. That’s, like, misogynistic. You’re the one being misogynistic.
I ain’t mentioned her gender. – Okay.
– I’m a equal opportunity ass whooper. – Oh!
– Damn! Oh, there’s no nonviolent people
in Harlem! ♪Who’s the black private dick ♪♪ Who’s a sex machine to all the chicks?♪ ♪Shaft♪ ♪You’re damn right.♪ Sash! – You okay?
– Yeah. Boy, back in the day,
we didn’t need guns. All we needed
was our bare knuckles. Damn! Grandpa. Oh, you can’t be too prepared. Let me get mine. Damn, you back here
having a knife fight? Oh, hell, no. I shot him. ♪You’re damn right.♪ Whassup? Yaah! Oh! – What are you doing?
– The glass didn’t break! – Get in here, JJ! Come on!
– Aah! ♪Can you dig it?


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