Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan – 2nd Last EP 32 || English Subtitles || – 5th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Oh God! What is the matter? Nothing, I just wanted to ask do you
want me to do something? Something? I am sure there is nothing, if there is something, let me know. Go. I am going or you will be gone
somewhere. I am going. Something. What happened? Call him again. Hello. Yes papa. Where are you? We are waiting. Don’t you have to go with
us to the function? Papa, KT’s mother and father in law have
to come, its important for me to be here. Okay. If you were not there, the daughters of
the policemen would have lived single. Papa, you and mama don’t come here. Your son will live with his in-laws, he is asking us to apply the Heena. I named you Shahrukh, how did you become someone
who lives with their in-laws. Tomorrow we have to bring the
groom’s family there, I hope the groom won’t
be there welcoming us. That will not happen, why do you worry? Mama, I think the guests are here, when you come over, I will meet you.
Bye. Bye. Hello. What happened?
He cut the call. Hold it. Come in. come in. Brother, we wanted to come
over for a long time and after seeing your daughter
we didn’t like any girl, I hope you can forget what was
in the past and agree to us and we want to marry Dildar to KT. Of course, you are right and
why will he say no, right uncle? Who asked you? Yes, she is your daughter. Okay, where is she, call her. I am here, behind the door. Come on then! Yes, child, come. Talk about the wedding. Actually papa wishes that all his
daughters get married together. We have 3 weddings tomorrow,
if you people… No, that is possible,
how can we do it so soon? Not possible. It’s a wedding. Actually we are not ready. I am ready, absolutely ready. Hey, Dildar is ready. Congrats. I am just saying this cause how will
you arrange everything so soon? It will be done, in fact,
consider it done. Yes, so brother, you want to give your daughter a lot and
you should, she is your daughter but I have a list of necessary things, you have a look and you
see what you can give. This is the list. He saw it. Thank God. Something else? Yes, a small thing is left, here. Thank you. KT,
I got this for you. It’s the same poison bottle. Its not a time to joke Dildar. Look, I am really serious,
I am not joking. KT, this… Dildar, I won’t have it,
I don’t want to die. No, you won’t die. have you gone mad?
Open this up. Nothing will happen. KT! Look KT, I got this for you,
you open it up, with love. This is specially for you. Careful. Congrats, how sweet. Careful. Careful. Hi Modi darling, what were you saying? Not right now. Not right now. For others you are MD, that means Modi Dangerous
but for me only MD, I mean my dearest. What? I am so excited. Seriously? Its made. Can I come see it right now? Wedding room, I am so excited. Fine, I will just come, immediately. Not right now, I miss you too. Okay bye, see you. Bandhara, David, Lawrence,
where the hell are you? Welcome. Welcome,
come my heaven. Come. It got completed today,
it took so long to decorate. Was it so special? So special, you will want to
see it again and again. Hello. Where are you lost? No where, I am here, show me our wedding room. Come on. Come. Its done, here you go. There is something, the way you drive you
should drive a rickshaw. I drive so badly? No. you drive well. Really good. Please hurry up. Shahrukh, you are hungry, right? Can I eat. I am hungry, then why will you eat? Yes, when two people love each other and if the first one is hungry and the second one eats, the first one’s stomach is full, this way your stomach will be full too. Okay, then you diet,
I will lose weight. SHahrukh, I am hungry. Fine eat. Please get food. What did you order? Come. Come my heaven. That’s it, this is our dream.
Did you like it? Look at this, this is my anger control tablets and this is the medication
I take for my temper, when I enter the wrestling ring. Should I get you a protein shake? No Have it, its nice. No. You sure? Look at this. This is our wrestling ring.
Its nice, right? The fan. The fan. Thai massage. Massage.
Thai massage. Did you see how good your driving is, that cripple started running. Yes. Nigar. Nigar. Will you marry me? You close your eyes. Fine, done. Okay, close your eyes and
guess what I ordered. Sounds funky. French fries. Okay, guess this. Its delicious, there is chicken, Chinese of sorts. Okay, now, you open your mouth. Oh my God. Water.
Water. Water. Water, please. Thank you. The guests are coming and
you are sitting here. All the work will be done. Cheap lovers are like you, they set the stage only. A man can do anything in love, he can die like Romeo. You have no courage. I have courage that is why…
No, you have no courage. I have courage,
that is why I am standing here. You have courage? If you have courage, runaway with me. What? What happened? Why are you worried?
You didn’t get papa? I gave him six tablets of headache,
then he slept. Good, lets go. What good? Your uncle was ready, he was bringing his daughter,
I stopped him with difficulty. Good he didn’t come or he would
have created a scene here too. Your aunt, she was ready
to bring her daughter. I was so tensed, I came with difficulty. Why do you think of her now? Come on. God bless, you have married your daughters smartly. What? No problem, her mind
and her urdu is weak. Uncle you look really
handsome like a hero. I don’t look like a hero right now, I used to look like a hero when I would go on a raid.
In my young time, the whole area used to see. Okay. Hello. Hello. Once, do you remember that robber. Yes. I faced him. Come on. Come. Hey, welcome. Welcome.
You look good. How are you? I am fine. Hey, hello. Hello.
Where is uncle Abbas? Ask him. He must be busy in the office. Office today? I will call him right now. Go fast and change your
get up or your secret will be out. Speak slowly, someone will hear you. I cannot connect with his number. Okay, then lets go.
You people come inside. You…Yes. Son, be quick, the guests are coming. Son if you distribute the sweets,
people will get it. What are you looking at me, the chandelier doesn’t
have 4 bulbs light up, I will cut your payment. Tell the people from
the wedding hall. Welcome. You are here too old man. Policeman, be careful, I am the father of the groom and you are the bride’s. Come big man. Come on father. The hero and villain love the heroine, but one is called hero, the other villain, why? Cause of their intention. Cheap lovers are just like you, they set the wedding stage only. If you have the courage, then runaway with me. The ring. You put it on. Hey, hello. Hello. Hey, I told you the wedding is tomorrow. I was going to a funeral,
I saw the gathering and the food, I could smell it, the rice, the kebabs,
you got a lot cooked for the guests. I came along with the shoppers, I think 4 would be enough. I think I will take the
food from here, we have guests over at home. Yes why not.
You must have spent a lot. Yes, I spent a lot, specially when 10
people come along with one and then we get people
who just want food, then I will have to spend. These people have really bothered me. I am sick of them too,
I want to shoot them. Ramzan. The priest is here, make him food. I mean get some good meat for him and add it in the shopper and
you will also take rice? My meat? What did the policeman say, okay, I don’t care who it belongs to. Come on. Why? Lets runaway. Have you gone mad, its your heena today. Thank God, its not my wedding.
If you delay further, I will get married. Come on now. you know Mickey, Beji says that the hero and villain both want the heroine, its their action that makes
them hero and villain. Then go sit in her lap, when you grow then fall in love. When you don’t have the courage to do anything,
why do you claim to love me? Stop it. Stop it. Mickey has run away with Glucose.
Mickey stop, Mickey hear me out. Mickey,
where are you going? Mickey, hear me out.
Where are you going? If you are my partner, then you come with me, or get lost. Mickey one minute. Mickey, you cannot leave like this, you are getting married tomorrow. its up to me where I go, who are you to stop me? Tell me. Who are you? Tomorrow you are getting married. When you don’t have the
courage to do anything, why do you claim to love me? Mickey. Where did Mickey go? I want her right now. Let me call Glucose. Wait, let me do it. We will get married, right? Yes. His phone is off. Let me call Mickey. I will not leave them, let me get my hands on them. She is not picking up. What sort of people are
getting married into? No sister, Nigar is not like that, the one that ran away is not good. Hey this is not the solution of the problem,
she insulted her parents and left. Come on, I am telling you, lets go. I will call her. It will happen. Mickey…Where do you want to go? I will tell you, you drive. They are nice people sister.
I was saying…One second. Uncle, can I give you a suggestion,
really good. Get us three married and
we will marry them later. Yes. Great, right? This is right. Who asked for your
suggestion? Be quiet. Get us 3 married! Come on, you got us insulted. Come. Mickey! Come on son, lets go. Wait. I had a feeling, how can everything happen so smoothly. You know all our stories have a twist,
this too has a twist, you will see. This is not a story, this is a dance, twist after twist, a new story starts after the first one. Father, I want my Mickey at any cost.
Pray father pray. You will find her, don’t worry. I don’t know about them, but you will have a love marriage, if not here, then there. There? Anoushay. What was the need to say that?
She got upset and left. My family will come here tomorrow,
you bring them. No, I mean, I will be here today, I will come tomorrow
then we will get the family. Let me convince Anoushay. Anoushay. Damn it. KT. KT. Dildar. Stop me. I don’t want to go. Dildar. Dildar. Dildar. Dildar. Come fast, move it. Are you mad?
What are you doing? I will go to KT. Dildar. have you gone mad, come from here.
You are making fun of us. Dildar. Dildar. Mickey, you cannot run from home. For your kind information, I ran away. Mickey, I came to get you back. I won’t go, if you want to come with me then fine. Why are you looking at in the mirror? Cant you see forward and drive. Tell me where do you want to go? Mickey, I cannot go home alone, I will take you with me. Everyone is thinking I ran away with you. People think, let them,. Look, you be quiet and drive, don’t look back. If papa finds out
that we are coming back, he will shoot us both. No matter what,
we will have to go back Mickey. Yes, you would want to go back so
that its proved that you are a hero. Brother, take a U-turn. No, take a right. Do you know the way? No. Then what right? I don’t care, take a right. You take a left. I told you to take a right. What do I do? I told you to take a left. Right. He will take a right. What is this stubbornness,
please take a left. I told you take a right. What happened? Its cause of you the car broke down, God knows where I will go right now. Look Mickey, maybe this is a sign, maybe God wants that you don’t run. No, God just wants that
I don’t run away with you, with a coward like you. Who is asking you to run? Come on, lets go back. Come on, the taxi broke down. Brother, the taxi is fine, I stopped it myself. Why did you stop it? First decide, you want to go home or run
away I will stand outside. Where did they run away to? They run to the station in movies. This new generation, this 4G generation,
it doesn’t work on your movies. What happened my son? Father, I am really stressed, I am taking medication for it. Marukh. Shahrukh, where is your friend? Your friends are equally loafers like you. If I get my hands on him, he will get killed. With hands? I mean gun. Policeman, why did our daughter run? Father. Father. Father. If you had taught her to drive,
she would have driven, not run away. Look, wait. Look there. Where? I think its them. Stop on the side. I will go see this Glucose.
No, its someone else. I will go see. I don’t think its them. Where did he go? You took my bride. What are you doing? Glucose, you will run away with
my bride, Mickey. Who Glucose? Who Mickey? You were running away.
You didn’t ask and started hitting me. Get lost. Sorry sister. Fatso, you can hit anyone? Sit Bandana. Father, this was not them. Okay, you should have hit them more. So, what did you decide? Look, the family with so many scandals, how can you afford it and that girl calls you Abbas uncle. Punishing Nigar for her
sister is wrong. and is this not wrong that you change
your get up and go in front of her. I don’t know, I will marry Nigar even if I have
to stay Mastan for the rest of my life. Look, don’t try to be Edward Huston, who left his kingdom for love. Your word has worth in journalism and how can you commit this suicide? If she leaves you after finding
out the truth, then? No sister, the things have progressed.
Stop being mistaken Abbas Uncle. You don’t call me uncle. Yes? Will Dildar come back?
He won’t come back. Okay. Fine, I will tell her. Will Dildar come back?
He won’t come back. Will Dildar come back?
He won’t come back. I spoke to uncle,
they didn’t find them. Why not? Was there distortion?
You, Nigar, you do one thing, you call uncle Abbas, tell him to run a news of their disappearance.
Quickly. Quickly. She is not lost,
she ran away by her will. This news will get the
family a bad name.


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