Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan – EP 22 – 27th OCT 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

Hello. Hello, MD, we have left the gorilla position
and in the referee position. Here talk to him. We have kidnapped the groom, he doesn’t even know that
he has been kidnapped. Yes. Yes, well done. Yes! Good! Did he scream? No, DD smacked him so bad behind head,
he fainted and is in the back seat. He has a big hand,
check if he is dead. DD, check if he is dead. Are you dead. Are you dead? No, if he was dead,
he would have told us, he is dead. Hello MD, I mean Moti Danger,
sorry Modi Danger, we are bringing him over right now. Yes we are coming. Reach. Yes, coming. Why is he not moving? Is he dead? I have a 2.5 kg hand, when I hit someone they don’t move,
they move to the next world. I think its stiff. Open the package. Hey, this is not the man,
you guys got a dummy. I told you to be careful
when picking him up. Modi Danger, I am saying,
give me another chance, I will not leave him this time. If he marries Mickey,
I will not survive. Go get him. One minute, tell me, how do I look? Thank you. Thank you. Because I know you
will say I look great. So I said thank you in advance,
saved you time. Yes, you look great,
but tell me where is Anoushe. She took Mickey to
the parlor to get ready. What if Glucose’s Beji says no
seeing him at the last moment. By the way, how is Glucose
looking as the groom. Here he is, see for yourself. Wow. Come Mr. Groom. Tell me something, is this the same dress
or have you shrinker. That one got stolen with the dummy, we got this new one. Okay. Seeing this dress makes me feel
either the dress is on rent or this groom. Now don’t give him an evil eye,
you look really good brother, don’t worry. You know, to get married I…
close this…can do anything. I can even steal the dress. Very good. One minute. Is this the same dress that
got stolen with the dummy. What is she? Leave it man,
Beji’s train is here, go from here. Let me help. No, I will do it. Give me the sweets. No, you go check that. I am hungry man. You dumb man, get behind me, hold this. He thinks that he can say anything seeing
a woman alone and she will agree. He doesn’t see me holding things,
that I should lift. Stop here. Listen. Shahrukh went to get Beji,
does he recognize her? Whether he recognizes her or not,
she will recognize him. Beji. Hello. Hello Beji. Hey you idiot, I am here,
did you send someone or not? Yes Beji, I sent Shahrukh. Oh wow, are your in-laws that rich
that they have sent Shahrukh. Ok tell me, what does Shahrukh
charge for dancing? No Beji, not that Shahrukh,
my friend Shahrukh, the picture of whom
I sent you accidentally. Damn you, send me the address,
I will come over myself. I cannot wait for so long. Send me the address immediately. Beji, don’t get upset. Bholay, should I punch him the same way like
I punched you and your teeth almost fell off. But be careful his teeth don’t break,
there is guarantee for this. You don’t worry. One minute,
tell me what I have done, why did you bring me here?
Let me go. Will you get married? Marriage? I have 5 brothers. All 5 are wrestlers. Speak up! Speak up! Say something, speak up. Will you get married? No, I will never get married. What? You won’t get married? Never! We were working hard for no reason. He is saying no to getting married. They are happy on the
thing they should be upset about and upset about
what they should be happy about? They are a mental case. I want the same thing,
why did you bring me here? I consider her my sister
and I love someone else, she is after me herself. I feel like kissing you. You gave us such a good news,
you can hit us. Hit us, friend hit us. Hit us. I won’t hit you,
just let me go from here. You don’t hit. Hello brother MD,
I have a great news for you, you come over immediately. Yes, you come over,
we will talk. Brother, this man is really good, should we order
something for him to eat? 20 rot is, 10 kg chicken,
crate of bottles and 50 kg sweets. Huh? Is it less? We will order more, you don’t worry just stay
true to what you said, don’t get married. He is not getting married. Why isn’t Shahrukh back? I don’t know
I am worried myself, he first has to get Beji
and Beji has to like Mickey. His phone is off, God knows where he is. We will find Shahrukh, but if Beji gets upset, my respect will be lost,
I won’t get it back. Beji is here. Beji is here. Where are you going? Beji won’t remove her
hand from the bell till I go, she can raise her hand on me,
but not on the bell. You wait, I will come along. Glucose. Glucose. Beji, Beji. You idiot, your mother is getting tired in traveling
in rickshaws and you are ready to get married. Beji, I am standing here. Beji. Hello aunty. Aunty, did Shahrukh
not come to pick you? Hello, Shahrukh is not
as good as Dev Anand. Hey introduce us. Beji, this is my sister in law,
Anoushe. I will go call Shahrukh. Who is this? Beji, this is Mickey,
she is your daughter in law. Oh God, I am dead. This is your problem,
the one you should make your wife, you make them your sister in law. Mickey, say hello to Beji. Hello. Tell me, why do you do this? Why do you tell her what to do
and what not to do? Idiot. Okay, so this is Mickey, Nikki, come here. Are you deaf? Come here. I will interview you her first, then I will tell you
if you will get married to her. Go from here. Don’t you hear me? Go. Go. Go. Listen, ok fine, you get full marks for the walk, if she was limp, I would have cut 10 marks. Ok Beji. You go inside,
I will come and interview you. Come on, damn it! Yes. Come on. Coming. Why are you locking the door? Shut up shameless girl. Locking the door. Tell me why Glucose selected you? He doesn’t like me. He loves me. What is the difference
between the two? For liking you need
to see the good parts, but not in love, love is blind. Love is blind? But a mother in law is not. He wants to marry you? Yes, he is after me. He would have away
if you had washed your face. Tell me what is wrong about him? He is scared. Idiot, the one who is scared cannot love. I say the same to him, but he is afraid that
the one he loves get upset. What other goods he has.
What is best about Glucose? Glucose has good qualities? I don’t know. He is so simple that
he has never added a code till today and no one has blocked him. He has never talked
using a handsfree, he talks in front of everyone and he is so simple that
he hasn’t used Google Maps till today. Okay. Idiot, you want to marry him
due to these qualities? No, I don’t want to
marry him cause of this. Tell me, what did you see? What is the reason you
want to marry him? Tell me. The first quality is that
he doesn’t see my bad qualities, the second quality is
I can trust him blindly. I was checking your IQ. My IQ? You can spend a
good life without IQ, you cannot live without love. You don’t check love, you just love. Shut up, Love. you were seeing Beji’s IQ. Quiet. Quiet. Who is this? This is Mickey’s father,
Inspector Maula Bash. What? Come on, move. This wedding cannot happen. Beji, what are you saying? We cannot get into a
relation with such a man. Beji, one minute, we found the priest with difficulty,
lets get married and then go. Shut up! I said you cannot
get married here. Then lets go to the wedding hall
and get married. Idiot, you cannot marry
the child of a man like this. What do you mean aunt?
What is man like this? Ask your father. Papa, what is she saying? Poor Mickey has
gone deaf out of shock. I will tell her papa is a man
‘like this’ this is what Beji is saying. The policeman you said
whether you get married or not, you will make the payment,
so make the payment. Let the wedding happen first. To hell with it,
tell me the name of the father. You come here,
I will tell you what the name is. Are you beating me? I will if you don’t stop. You said I will get my fees,
give me my fees, I will not come to the home
where you get beaten. One minute, Beji, can I say I am sorry to Mickey. Yes. Come here. You. Beji, what are you doing?
What are you doing? What happened? You said whether the wedding happens or not,
you will pay me. Come with me. Beji. What are you doing?
Listen to me. Pick it all up and move. Beji, listen to me. Move you. Hey don’t stop, eat,
you have to eat all this food. You have made us happy,
we will make you happy. That’s it brother, I cannot eat more,
let me go from here, I swear I cannot think of marrying her,
I will never marry her, she is like my sister. We are caring for you cause of this. No thank you. This means you are
still upset with us. When you eat,
we will know you are not upset with us. I will have the rest of
the food next time. I swear, she is like my sister, I will call her sister. You just let me go from here, you know what, when I go from here,
I will call her sister. Can I go? Listen, can you two come out? Speak up. Who is this woman? I don’t know, lets go and see. Come on then. Brother MD. Brother MD, why the veil? She puts a veil in
front of her brothers. So that the policeman
doesn’t know I kidnapped him. Who have you guys brought?
Get him out, send him away. Brother, come. Leave. Who did you guys bring? He is the one your specified. Idiot, you had to get
the one with the over hairstyle. No problem, we will bring the barber
to cut his hair. You got the wrong man. Brother MD, the one marrying your
lover will be a wrong man. He too has agreed
that he will not marry her, she is like a mother. Man, he would be getting married, I was so happy before coming here. We shouldn’t have
let you come here. Oh man, my life is ruined,
who will share my sorrows? Its not an issue, give me some time
we will arrange something. Get lost from here. Damn it! Think what papa did Glucose Beji. Did papa do the encounter
of Glucose’s father? As per science, is Beji papa’s first wife? This means Glucose is my brother? NO! Its also possible that Beji and
papa studied in the same school and papa got more
marks then her. That’s why. What is it that
papa is not telling us. I am sure its something
he cannot tell us. Now we will have to find out, lets find a movie DVD, I am sure it’s a story from there. Stop talking about movies, think about us. Someone tell me,
should I change or wait? There is something in this house, no one can get married here. History is repeating itself. Its on repeat. I think Glucose came back. Its brother Shahrukh. Shahrukh. Oh God, where is everyone? Did Beji come? What happened to you?
What have you done to yourself? That fatso, Komal, her brothers kidnapped me, they beat me up, they stopped
when I said she was my sister. I asked them to forgive me. I swear, can I tell you, did you get married without me? The fatso. The wedding didn’t happen. What? Papa and Glucose Beji had a scene. Scene? I think old love story. Glucose’s Beji did a scene that she cannot get
the wedding done in such a home. She made such a scene
that I cannot tell you. Oh God, how did the policeman react? Nigar told me to bring
my nephew to the wedding, where do I arrange one from? If I don’t go,
Nigar will get upset. Beji. Hey, you scared me. Beji, I got your ticket. You got my ticket? Where is your ticket? I told you,
you cannot work in this city. Beji, what are you saying?
You passed Mickey in the interview. You don’t bother me. Glucose. Where are you man?
What is happening? I don’t know man, I don’t get it, Beji is taking me. where is she taking you? If you leave,
how will I get married? Mickey is not picking my phone,
ask her to pick up, talk to me once. Mickey, he wants to talk. She says she has a headache. I have a stomachache. She has a stomach
ache not a headache. Nothing hurts, I don’t want to talk to him,
he left me, that coward. Did you hear that? She says she doesn’t
want to talk to you. Tell him I don’t want to
talk to him nor see his face. Glucose,
Mickey doesn’t want to talk to you, if you want to talk
to her come here. You don’t see his face,
close your eyes and talk. Mickey doesn’t want to talk to her,
in fact none of us want to talk. Did you hear that Glucose? Now tell me. Man, what can I do? Its not my fault. Beji lost it, what can I do. I will fix you, did you get your ticket? Losing it! Give it to me, come on pick up your things. Come on walk. Move it. Come on. Come on walk. Your shirt is black
oh girl with good flowers, whether you go abroad… Man, where did you get me? The music fixes a hurt soul. This is our low budget Ataullah. Come on sing. Your shirt is black,
girl with beautiful flowers. Shut up! We are sad here and
you are singing happy songs. You are happy on our sadness. Sing sad songs poor Ataullah. Fine, here I go, the one love divorces,
his whole life is mourning. Why do I feel that
Mickey is there in his sad song. Pick up your phone. Oh yes, you keep this going. Hello. Yes. What did papa do to Glucose Beji? What? Why should I tell you? You will steal my story, make your own. She is papa fast love. Sister, why do you want
to make Glucose your brother? Where is everyone? Listen, no one will talk to papa, act busy. Did everyone have breakfast? I am asking something,
did you people have breakfast? Nigar, as per science
I am asking you something. First thing is that
we don’t want to have breakfast, secondly we don’t
want to listen to you. The night you left her, Glucose’s Beji
didn’t have breakfast. How do you know? Because that woman did the same. The night Sultan Suleman
made Haram his wife… Is this papa’s story or
the drama Mera Sultan? The story could be the same. You are saying one thing,
I am asking another. Papa, is your case like titanic. No. I am sure its from the movie, Darpan, Nayar Sultan, Shamim Ansari. The music was great. Yes! Saheli! That was the movie. If someone says another
thing about this issue, I will shoot myself. What movie was this in which
the hero shot himself? Papa, you were the hero, right? Not the villain. Papa is cute. But we need to find out
what the scene is. Policeman, is everything ok? What happened? You don’t say a word,
nor does Glucose say. What is the matter? I am the one to blame
for Uzma and Mickey, what do I do? How do I make them understand. There is another daughter, its not right, first 3 aren’t getting married,
how will the 4th one be married? Not fair. Uzma is Glucose’s mother. Not wanting to but I hurt her. Although I didn’t have
any such intention. Mr. Policeman you are really that. When did this happen? Its an old story, life didn’t give me a chance to fix it. Come on, its never too late, you tell me what I can do for you. You? You do one thing for me. The cell of this watch are weak. Listen to me. What? You tell me. What? Did Glucose tell you himself that
his Beji had an affair with papa. Not Beji, Uzma. Uzma? Who is Uzma? When Beji was young,
she was Uzma. What is she now? I befriended someone who didn’t care, so it didn’t last long. Oh hey, it broke just like that. Why is she acting weird? His wrestler brothers are weird, they picked me up, beat me and told me
not to marry Komal, I said who would
want to marry her. If her brothers don’t want,
why is she forcing you? Why is she after you. Yes, she got engaged,
that is why she is so sad. Hey… If my sisters in law
don’t get married in a bit, I will be on the road
singing the same songs. You will see. The wish comes to my tongue,
like a dream. May my life be like a guiding light. Sir, sorry sir. What are you doing? Sorry sir. I have kept you here to work,
you have wishes on your tongue? What is wrong with you Komal? What is happening inside? You sit. What is happening inside? Anoushe… What is the work
that is only done here, go to your station and work. What is the problem? Yes Shahrukh, go. Komal. Komal. Yes sir. What are you doing? Sorry sir. You make a termination letter.
One termination letter. Sorry sir. Move out of the way. Sorry! Listen, you two in my room, right now. Right now. Yes sir. You sing so bad, you will get us caught. I have bad luck. Quiet. Actually the problem with
Sir Abbas is that he is single himself, so he cannot see
two people together. Yes. What is our fault man? He can get married,
we have not stopped him. I haven’t been married yet!


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