Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan – EP 23 – 3rd Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

We will surely get our
termination letter today. Be quiet, he will hear you. Bring 3 cups of tea. Sit, why are you standing? He will give us a farewell along
with the termination letter. Sit down please, sit down. You two tell me, what does a girl see in a boy for love? Shahrukh. Sir, honestly, there is nothing like that,
we are just colleagues. Anoushe. Sir, it won’t happen again. No, I want to make a package
by the name of ‘today’s girl’, I need your thoughts for it. What do you think? What sort of guys do
girls from today choose, that is the package. Sir, looks, status, understanding,
that’s how easy love is. So how much weightage
would you give looks? Sir, that’s point number one and
in today’s time people fall in love with looks first. Then why do you need to be young?
What is its relation with love? Being young, that’s necessary in love. Actually sir, love has nowadays been
limited to youngsters. Ok, tell me something,
if someone loves an elderly, then? If someone loves someone old, then you can easily tell
that she is fooling them. Sir, try to understand
that love is not for him, but in fact for his bank balance. So this means, no youth, no love. So its true that mosquitos and
girls don’t come after white hair. No sir, you get white hair at the age of 25, that doesn’t mean
that you have grown old, we need to keep our looks young. Sir, you see, Humayun Saeed, he must be your age, but no girl calls him uncle,
they probably will call you. Absolutely, I mean, if you don’t mind, if you take yourself to a young look,
only if you don’t mind.. I remembered something amazing, I need to head out for a meeting. You please have tea,
don’t go without having it. Thank you sir. Sir. What are you doing? Sir, whose termination letter is that? I was joking, no termination. Really? Move out of the way. Thank you sir. Get 3 cups of tea. What are you doing here?
Get 3 cups of tea. 2 cups! 2 cups. No sugar. We got saved. Yeah. Beji. Yeah? Beji. Let me work. Hear me out. Stop this stupid wish from your heart, was she the only girl in
the world to marry? Come, I am making bread, have food. I am not hungry, I don’t want to have food, I have lost everything. Oh God, your things got stolen
and you didn’t even tell me? Beji, its an idiom. Why can I not marry Mickey? What should I tell you? I can’t tell you everything. Beji, tell me something. Take me in your flashback, let me know what happened,
why did you stop my wedding? You don’t always get answers
for all your questions. Don’t sit sad like this all the time. Go to my room,
I have DVDs of sad songs, listen to them, you will feel better. Go. Papa, here you go. Yeah, sit down. The people coming with a proposal, are they Shahrukh’s acquaintance are they
any better or cheap like the first ones? Papa, investigate yourself. I think I have ignored him
and not done any investigation. I have not touched 2 things in my life. Yes, one your pocket
and second a thief. What do you mean? Meaning you never put a bribe in your pocket
and never put a thief in jail. Right? Shahrukh, what are you saying? Papa used to teach
the worst of their kind a lesson. Lesson at their home. Look at him, I cannot tolerate
this man for 5 minutes, how will you tolerate him all your life. Did he go to get a gun? You know he won’t shoot you. Not cause you like me, but cause he is a miser
and won’t want to waste a bullet. I can hear a cat, where is it? Cat… Hey come over,
did you have a problem finding the home. No, not at all. Okay, Anoushe. Anoushe. Hello. Anoushe,
this is madam Naik Parveen. Sister, Naik Parveen. Hey boys, come inside. Wherer are you? Come. These 3 are my boys,
1, 2 and 3, yeah. This is my daughter, Bano. We came for the proposal. Hello. Hey, why are you standing there,
come inside. Come. Why are you standing on the door? Come, please, welcome. You too come, sit here. Thank you. Sit. Okay. I will call the inspector. Inspector? Madam, why is he calling the police? The police is coming,
is my veil fine? No, its not a raid,
my father is a retired policeman. Okay. Hello. Sit please. Sit. Sit. God bless. So these 3 are your sons. Yes, these 3 are mine. I am the daughter. Yes. Well done. Did your husband not come? I am unmarried. I have not been married, where would I get a husband from? If you didn’t get married, these children,
where did they come from? These children? They are mine. Sister Naik Parveen, you are not married, then these kids? Actually my husband died before time. Really sorry, may be go to heaven. Amen. No, don’t be so sad,
I don’t lack anything, I have three young sons. God bless. Can I ask you something? How long ago did your husband die? How long ago? I think around 20 years. 20 years? How old are your sons? Yes, Saleem Chaudry, tell them your age. Tell them. Don’t think I don’t know his age,
I want him to tell you himself. Come on tell them. 20 years. No 22 years. Son, Kaleem Butt, Kaleem Butt, tell them your age son. 18 years. My math is weak, but if your husband died 20 years ago, how can your son be 18? When my husband died,
he was really small. Saleem Malik! Is he deaf? No, he is not deaf, actually nowadays no parents call
their parents with their real name, I call him beggar. Beggar! Tell your age boy. I am the eldest out of the three… Hey! I am the eldest. I am the eldest. I am the eldest. I am the eldest brother. I am the eldest, I am 22. Man, I am eldest. Mama, tell them. Get up. This one is the eldest. You people sit. Can I ask you something? One son is Butt,
the other is Malik and one is Chaudary. What was your husband? What should I tell you, my husband was in police so
he used to become what the DIG’s caste was. Butt he became a butt, with Chaurdary,
he became Chaudry… With Malik he became Malik. What police station
was your dead husband? Mama was in the station more than him. He used to get so many
transfers that I had to go. What do your children do? This son of mine is a professor abroad. Okay. He is abroad. What do you do? Both them have a business abroad. Import and export. Okay, so you too are abroad. Although you should be in jail. You know all 3 boys are good. On this momentous occasion
let me dance like the electricity. She means that
we often have electric failure, so she is calling is dancing like electricity. Electricity comes and goes,
so who ever calls her over at night, she goes there. We don’t have electricity all night. Mom, if he is single,
talk to him about me. Be quiet. Ok, call your daughters,
let me see them. Call them, also arrange some food,
serve the guests. Anoushe. Yes, I will call them. Its great to meet you
Madam Naik Parveen. Come. Wow, God bless, they are you so pretty, what is your name girl? Nigar. Nigar, you are so pretty and
look how you have dressed up. Wow. Hello. Hello. Wow, you are so pretty,
small years. Wow, look at her hair. Mr. Inspector,
I really like your daughters. Mr. Inspector,
I mean lets talk of the wedding. Yes, sister Parveen… Mr. Inspector,
I want to marry my sons to 3 sisters, I promised this to
my husband when I died. Yes. Not when you died,
when your husband died. Be quiet. Yes, that was the promise that
I will marry them to 3 sisters and I will not let you
sell a single penny, butterfly will make all the expenses. Butterfly? Butterfly? Who butterfly? I remember,
see how butterflies fly away, they are so pretty, I want to imprison them in my room
and not let them go anywhere. I will not let you spend a single penny, I will do everything. Okay. Fine. Sister Naik Parveen,
you are really funny. Really? Thank you. Look sister Naik Parveen, Mickey and Nigar will get married, we can only talk about KT right now. Okay, leave all that, lets settle this. You have to give us a big cheque. My policeman she means
give something to the mother. Yes, I mean that. Yes. Look, right now,
I will investigate with the police stations, I mean, I need some time to think,
then I will answer you properly. Hello sweet girl. Hello, uncle you gave me a missed call. Is everything ok? Don’t call me an uncle.
What is happening? Nothing uncle, I mean sorry. Nothing sir. The same daily drama, we get a proposal daily, first Mickey’s proposal got canceled,
now we got a proposal for KT, although the boys were fine,
but they rejected us. What is a good boy? A good boy is one, who is good and a boy. Okay. You know, In our home, everyone has to get
married this week, if you don’t send your
nephew this week, he will miss the final. Actually Nigar my nephew… He is here, right.
So lets meet over for lunch. Wait… Anoushe what should we do? Glucose ran away, I don’t know where Nigar is,
and we have no proposal for KT. Thank you so much for telling me Shahrukh,
I didn’t know it. You know that aunt, Naik Parveen, I think if she marries her
3 sons to our 3 girls, then we can get married. Shahrukh, I tried from my end,
now you talk to my sisters. I will. Where are you going? Washroom. Surprising, you don’t sit with me for 2 minutes. What did you do Abbas? You cut off the hair of 45 years. Are you jealous old man? Look at me. I am 25 year old Abbas Khan. You like? What do you have? I have respect and a name,
the prime minister wants to meet me, what do you have? I have a mother,
I mean, I have love. I too have loved my work,
what is your status? No one outside
the house knows you. A person can live without recognition,
but not without love Mr. Judge. I will leave. Wait, don’t step out, or you will be zero. No one will like you like this. But Nigar likes me. How can you take the crown of
the media king off your head for a girl? I have already done that. B.O.L. B.O.L? Meaning? Budha Online! What? God bless. Hello aunty. Hello, how did you come? Aunty, there is a good news for you and me. My father in law is ready
to marry his 3 daughters. God bless. What is your interest
in your sister’s in law? The thing is that I really love Anoushe, I want to marry her, I have even distributed
the cards for the reception. The issue is that there is a condition
that the policeman has set, that his 3 daughters need to get married. Okay, so this is a good news. Madam Butterfly’s all 3 children will get married
and the fourth son is you. Who is madam Butterfly? Butterfly? I mean,
I fly like a butterfly in this wind. Ok tell me, your sisters in laws have
their passports ready, right? Passport? Pass… Ok, if they don’t have them, we will get them made,
nothing to worry about. I will tell you. Wait, there is a call. Excuse me. Yes, Mr. SHO, I am upset with you, I won’t talk to you. You have not come for so long,
I am waiting for you. Yes, come in the evening. Yes, you haven’t come for so long,
you didn’t take me out, you didn’t take me shopping or for dinner. You will come? I will wait for you. Do come. Bye. Yes. Uncle where are you? Put down the phone, I am coming. Okay. Excuse me. Sorry…I… What is this nonsense? Sorry, I got late. Go from here. No, I am Abbas Khan. So uncle Abbas sent you. I… Okay, you are his nephew. Where is uncle Abbas,
why didn’t he come? I am Abbas… Let me ask him. He really praises you. He is really cute, I really respect what he says after my father
and he too treats me like a daughter. Lets order something. First let uncle Abbas come, then? I will just come from the washroom. Hello. Hello Nigar, the MD called from the office, I will have to go, there is an important
meeting with the PO. Is Mastan there, you enjoy with him. Actually, Mr. Abbas was called by the MD, so he left. He left just like that,
at least he could have shown his face? It was an issue with the getup. I mean, time. I hope you are not
getting bored with me. No, not at all. Should we order? What do you do? Same as Mr. Abbas. So you mean you are from Media. How long are you here for? Till you want me to. Don’t tell Mr. Abbas. Why are you calling him Mr. Abbas? You are his nephew,
why don’t you call him uncle? He doesn’t like me calling him uncle. You are absolutely right there. When I call him uncle,
he tells me not to call him uncle. Yes, that is it. Waiter. What happened to you? Why the long face? Mickey, KT, Nigar, they are all getting
married together to that woman’s children. So, what happened? I don’t look happy
cause I am not happy. Why not? Its time to be happy,
you are worried. Look, papa agrees, my sisters agree… My heart doesn’t agree. Your heart doesn’t agree? To marry me? Yes, no man, the people who love are selfish, even if something bad
is happening to someone, they think of themselves. Yes, what is wrong in that Shahrukh? Those who love fight
with their own and others. Anoushe, I think something is wrong, there is an issue, I don’t like the environment of
the home of aunty Naik Parveen, I cannot let my sisters in law
get married in this home. Shahrukh, you have become like this because
you spend a lot of time with papa. There is something, papa investigates like no other, do one thing, take papa along, if there is something wrong,
papa will find out. You do one thing, call Naik Parveen, tell her we are coming, I will go call papa. No, I want to go there suddenly, as a surprise. Okay, leave that, tell me,
how did you like Mastan? Okay, fine. Oh God,
where did the policeman come from. Stop. I will call you in a bit. Hey prince, you know you cannot use
a phone while driving, it’s a crime. You can get into an accident,
someone can die, you can die. Come on show me the papers,
I will give you a fine. Tinted glasses are a crime,
give me your license. Hey Mr. Abbas, hello, sir you go. What are you thinking brother? Welcome. Welcome. This is Billa’s kingdom, but consider it your own. You are really pretty. Okay, wait here, we will first pick this and then this, then we will go. Yes, Mr. Chuadary, you say weird things. Wait. Tell me, has the payment been made? Yes, I was saying that
you are really unfaithful, I kept on waiting for you
and you didn’t come. I wore a sari for you,
but you didn’t come. Madam Butterfly, madam butterfly. Wait. What happened? What? What you say? You are acting like
a policeman is coming. Madam, the policeman. Now policemen will come
to madam Butterfly’s home? That policeman has come here and Shahrukh and
his daughter are coming along. Everyone change their get up soon. He is right. Yes, go. Listen to me, they shouldn’t doubt anything. Go now, run. Uncle, this is the home
of sister Naik Parveen. Are you sure? Yes, 100%,
why are they not opening up? Its so long Shahrukh,
we should have called and come. The cars are all here, no one is opening, I am sure something is wrong. Yes uncle, all type of cars are there,
there is something wrong. One minute. Sister Naik Parveen, sister Naik Parveen. Sister Naik Parveen, sister Naik Parveen, open the door. Hey, what is this? What is all this? There is some issue. There is a weird smell. There is a weird smell, God knows what it is. There she is. Hello. Hello. Hello. Apologies for the delay,
I was praying for your health. Thank God you are fine. I pray in the morning,
so I was praying for your health. Wow. We were at the door of your home,
a lot of boys and girls came out, they looked doubtful. What should I tell you,
we cannot change them, there is a cheap woman
who lives next door, I have talked to her a lot of time
to come to the religion, learn, or you will go to hell, she didn’t listen to me, what should I do God. What sort of people are they. Now did you see,
the police came over to their home. Mama. Come son, this is my only Son Saleem. Only? Sister Naik Parveen you
said you had 3 sons. Yes, I have 3 children,
and they are my only children. I can smell something fishy,
feels like I am at a crime site. Madam butterfly, tell me,
who has the courage to come to our area.


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