Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan – EP 24 – 10th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO || Subtitle English ||

I am getting some mysterious smell
as if I am in a strange place. Yes. Madam, butterfly, I mean, who have the stone
in his liver that who came here. Keep the gun down. Greetings sir. He is greeting. Greetings. Professor Sir is here
to teach the class. madam butterfly, where are you? Just get away,
madam, I need girls. Girls, Shahrukh, Girls. 5 girls, what are you saying this? Shut up, you non-sense, person, who are you?
Just see, what kind of people are they? you are not recognizing your companion. I think you have drunk
it in the morning, I guess. Drink, shahrukh, drink. get away, this impure money,
what are you doing? What condition have you made? I think that 900 mouse are completed. Shut up. But this, I mean this
sister is not modest? Sister, modest, look I have no time for ambiance, very important guest of mine
are coming in the evening. What do you mean? I need 2 girls. His, mother, just keep silent. Just get away. Talk with manners, she is my mother. Akhter sir, aunty modest. I do not know what he is saying,
who is he? What is this all going on? get away. Mother, there is a get together in the
house of sister Qudsia. Okay. she forced me to read the Naat,
so can I go. Okay, this is good, you can go to read the Naat, go. I am so confused. There is something wrong, They are your two sons, and we have met the daughter but your third son,
saleem chaudry, where is he? Saleem chaudry, you can call him saleem thief, he just robbed me on the way, I just put him in jail and I came here. Jail. I do not know who he is. okay, so you are madam butterfly. Who do business of people
smuggling and drugs. She is the one. enough, get away everyone, on one side, no one will move, shahrukh just open your camera. Yes, video, that is important, I will upload it on You tube
and we will get famous. Keep silent. And ladies and gentlemen, you can see that in the character
of madam modest, there is a raid in the house in defense, and we have captured madam butterfly,
and she supply and business the drugs and. Mola Bux is the hero of this raid, if he will be in service,
he will get the promotion. yes, in the first time, police has done
something after retirement, clap for him. Be aware, something strange is happening and
the body is broken in the highness. Anushey, just check, madam butterfly also known
as modest woman, what was her name? Naik Parveen. Naik perveen,
see how drama queen is she? Her video is viral, you can see, she was running the business,
it was the whole mafia, I swear. She was involved in drugs. We should capture such woman
and out them in the jail, these women make the kids worst. What was her name? Naik perveen, what? Naik parveen, yes. There is one thing, thank God that your father
has picked any case, but after retirement, because of me, he should be thankful,
my sixth sense is very sharp. yes, but the remaining five senses
of yours is not sharp at all. you can test me, you can come. Look, take this, and this is coffee for you. Thank you. Shahrukh, which car you like? Car, why? My brother wants to gift me
a car in my wedding, so tell me, which car should I take? you do one thing, just take a big truck and you can paint a picture
behind that of yours, or you can take that big car in
which people takes the milk. Family car, family car will be good forher. yes, that is fine, shahrukh; you look nice today, just pray for you. Listen, I think that my wedding will never happen. I do not know about your wedding
but mine will be done for sure, have you talked to that Devdas, Lobo? yes, we should get aware of him,
I do not know in which condition he will be in. Should I call him? Do it. you can come inside, I am happy to meet you all,
sit down. yes. Did you face any problem in
searching the house? Our house is big,
you can see it from far. No, we did not face any problem. What do you do, sir? Me. brother, the thing is,
that why are you asking him, the person, who is about to get married, you can ask him, we have
everything given by God, my son have his own shop. Good. I was saying that.
Yes, I am asking that, brother, how many daughters do you have?
You can call them, you have one daughter only? Daughter, I do not have daughter,
I have four daughters. four. you can come daughters,
these are my daughters. 1 2. Greetings. greetings. Greetings, 3 4 , greetings. She is the one, whom I am finding the proposal. yes. As per the rules of science,
can we talk first about work? You know sister from the beginning? What do you mean? I think of asking you for the safer side. No, not at all. thank God, that means, that means the
chances of getting married is strong this time, I was saying that. yes, I am doing, look brother, my son is very nice, and he is getting so many proposals. I think the remote of the son i
s in the hands of mother. No, problem, it will change. the thing is that I am very selective
in the matter of my son. I want to talk to the guy in private. What are you talking? This do not happen in us,
we belongs to the respected family, this cannot be done, it is the matter of legal and illegal,
how can you think of that? It is very bad. Girl wanted to let the boy see the house; you do not see the drama and films? It is compulsory. Yes, you are saying right,
mother I want to see the house, can we go? go and come fast
and see the house. you can come,
I will show you the house. yes, you can come. It is good that people will
investigate each other. What? I mean they will
get to know each other. You can come, please, come. yes. I am so sorry, are you hurt? No. You can come. No,
I am not hurt. Are you okay? No, nothing, just. You can come and sit, so what you do? What mother says, I do that, but when you see,
I have a shop of fabrics. okay and what you like? apart from you, I like chicken
and chocolates, I have brought it for you. No, you can make your mother eat that, have you loved any girl? The ears of my mother are very strong, if she will listen,
she will beat me with slipper, If I answer your question then, I have not liked any girl like that but, there was a girl but, he slapped me. Why is that? I have a shop of fabric, so I have a bad habit of
saying sister to everyone, so I said to her, sister I love you. Dildar. Mother. Ione minute. Where is he? Dildar, dildar, he is not here yet. You have not asked me anything;
neither had you said to me anything? The thing I need to say is that. Dildar. I. Brother, my son is number one in lac, if you find someone like him;
you will not get the boy like this. Why should we find him with lamp? You have more loads
shedding in your house? Great, your daughters are
really sharp and misbehaved too. Yes, my daughters are very intelligent
and working women too. I was saying that, Yes,
I was asking that, let me like the girl then
we will talk after that. I like her mother, I like her a lot. Son, how can you like that, when elders are talking,
youngers do not talk in between and elders do know that what is
write and what is wrong. Yes, I was saying that. yes, let him speak,
just say, what you want to say? Yes, say. I was saying that can you make the Ac low,
I am felling cold. Yes. no, brother, just leave it, your daughter must be good
but she is not compatible to my son and she is small, if she put her heals off,
she will be on the floor No, mother, she is taller than me,
not a problem. Have you seen that beautiful woman? How she rejected me? yes, that is right, how did she controlled her
son and husband. From the spirit of science, these women should get the
same daughter in law as well. Have you all seen how
she have insulted me? She insulted you? When, I have not seen it. What happened to you Nigar, he rejected KT, and this is not usual, yes if fawad khan will reject me,
that is understandable, but that fat, how dare she rejects KT? you just forget all this you just tell me,
do you want to get married with dildar, or not? He rejected me,
I will achieve him. What is the point of achieving him when
you do not want to get married with him? I am not achieving him to get married; I am achieving him to reject him. Sister, just see this please help me you all, otherwise me and shahrukh will
get old in thinking of marriage, or maybe, his family will get him
married with someone else, please you all get married, please. yes, we will do that, relax. okay Nigar, I will call you later, there is some fight going on of
my brother, just get away. Brother, who are you?
Who you want to meet? What are you saying? With whom?
You cannot go inside; our boss abbas is very strict. you do not know me? Who are you? Whoever you are, just go on side, do not rush here, abbas sir is about to come, if he will come, you will lose your job with me,
he is strict person, you get it? Are you mad? see Farah, he is asking me that if I am mad, if we know
that he is mad, we will never tell him. Brother, get aside,
Abbas headache is here or not? No, he is not here, you can go. Thank God. Why are you looking her, go from here? His name is Abbas headache? People do call him Abbas sir, but abbas headache came
out of their mouth, yes, now you can go from here,
do not rush here, he is about to come, he is a meter, yes, you are against my job,
go, okay I was saying that. Okay, No, I cannot believe this, okay, really? What happened? Why are you saying okay? Tell us? tell us? What happened? I got to know that why glucose have gone
from the same train on the same day? Why she have taken it, say? Why she have taken. Your father was about to married
with the sister of glucose and you r father ran away on the day
of Henna on the first day. Such a big crime, there should be a case of father. Exactly. From the spirit of science,
father is a Shafqat cheema. yes. You mean the sister of glucose curses us? That is why our marriages are
broken on the day of wedlock. you are saying right. One minute, but father ran away on
this night of henna. You do not do any function before the
wedlock that is why he do not run before that, he ran away on the day of wedlock. I will never forgive father ever, Wow mickey, this is the natural reaction by heart. Please you all do the marriage together, so that the curse will be finished
and we both will get married. And see, I was thinking that I have done the sin and it was whose fault? It was the fault of your fat father, be aware, it is my fault,
all the fault is mine, it was my fault. Why are you looking me like this? What is the matter? Because the breaking news of today
is that father, you run very fast. I always run fast,
that is why I got the Job in police. yes, so that if the police will compete, you will be the first person to run. They are talking about you running there, like running from home, running from Job, running from here and there and
you will run in the night of Henna. What rubbish are you talking? Great, my would be brother in law, to see the appreciation of yours, I have to know that the
culprit is engaged in this. Jailer, you have a blame that you ran away and leave the sister of
glucose in the night of marriage and this is a shock not only for a woman but for a us sister as well, why have you done this,
just ask, father tell me? Father tell me, Just ask them?
Keep silent you all, please, I will let you know, it was the night of Henna, I just got the message that
Sabeeha wants to meet me, sabeeha, your mother, When I reach there, I got to know that she left the house, I was getting arrange marriage
with the sister of glucose, sabeeha was my love, I have to select one of them two and if I would have sabeeha back, her family would have killed her, I have to select any one of two, I have selected love. Great father, you are a second hand prince. But tell me one thing, when the turn of ranjha’s daughter comes, why they become so strict? You just keep silent, if my daughter
would not have like you, I would have beat you like I would have
not allowed you to enter in this alley. Yes. Thank you so much, you have saved glucose to be our brother. Now, anyone have any complains? I have. Any one asked you,
just shut your beak, Now, anyone have any complains? Tell me? father, because of you,
I cannot get married and now you are asking me
that I have no complains, you do not watch television, if you will watch television, you should know
that we all are not getting married because of you, you are being cursed by the sister of glucose. Where is he going? The respect that I have gained in decades, the name that I have made, you just vanished it in one go, guard do not let you go in, What is the use of that name and respect, in which there will be a respect and name but I will not be there. You talk. Rascal, I have worked so hard to make a
building which name was Abbas khan. Honorable abbas khan sir, work is not only anything, you are alive a lot, now just stop being alive and do a fun. I do not want to be the entertainment of
anyone else, for my entertainment, that is why, with me,
only my work is left. Okay, and life? and work is life, I do not have any other option. We do have an option, you can do 50 50 for the work. I do not want to be distributed, this is not possible. It can be possible, we both will live, and we have to do that,
my friend. Anushey, anushey, I am worried. Why? How much time is left in our lives,
including nights. Be patient shahrukh, some miracle will take place for sure. No, miracle will happen in our life,
you have me, is this less than a miracle? and when you have me in your life,
what is that? Leave it shahrukh, look; I hope that everyone will get married n
few days and then we will get married. Just tell me truly. Where is everyone? Congratulation,
I have decided to get married. You have already done this, when you
have heard about the wedding for the first time, this was a joke, you do not have to laugh on that, I have decided to get married with Dildar and just see that 50%
Marriage I have done. 50% marriage you have done. Why? How come? I agreed on getting marriage, this is 50% and when dildar will get agreed, It will be whole 100%. think, you forget, that her
mother has rejected you. So, what happened, her mother rejected me but I have not rejected Dildar and I have planned everything
that how will I get married with him. How? in Dildar fabrics, where dildar is, I will make him dildar there and then I will get married with him and then you will get married too, you tell me that will you
both wants to get married? yes, obviously, Okay then what I am saying,
just does that way. When 4 was about to out, light has been gone, when light came the
match has been over, Greetings sir. Do not let anyone entered
inside without checking, you know that Abbas khan
is a meter person. yes, sir, I mean no sir. Greetings Abbas sir. Abbas sir, or abbas headache. Sir, no sir. Come on time, otherwise,
guard knows that abbas is a mental person. yes, sir, no sir, I think he is mental. No sir. I as well. Nigar, old man is online;
he wants to chat with you. You must have written that. Why have I written? He is calling. look. I am not in mood, get lost, greetings. hello sweet girl, how are you? Anushey, Kt call anushey, tell him Bol is here. What is mitti saying, BOL, BOL. BOL, means speak,
I have told you that BOL. Sir, you have called. yes, I am busy,
you can come later. Okay, sir can I come at 3? You can ask me at 3 when
will you have to come, if I will free, I will talk to you,
now leave, get out. Wow uncle, you are so strict,
who were they? do not call me uncle; they are the worthless employees
of my channel. Okay, KT call anushey,
the old man is online. What? nothing uncle, uncle I am angry with you, you have met your nephew
with nigar, but not all of us, Why do you want to meet him,
he is so dumb, he asked you and came here
that what I like in food and he was showing off as if he
is near to me in the mind. uncle, you did not told me that
what he is thinking about Nigar? he was saying that she is a good girl,
good girl. Okay, that means, he do not like me, tell me he have his
personal number? Why are you asking that? Because, if he would have his own phone,
he would have called, I think that he is
using you phone only. uncle, so I can call him. Right now, he must be sleeping, what is the use? We will wake him up, what is the big deal in that. okay then you can call mastan, in the meanwhile I will go and get
done with the meeting. Okay bye. you always snatch my phone,
he hung up. Okay, bye. I am thanking that I have
only 3 sister in laws, if there will be 7 8 , we will spend our whole life, in marrying them, in fact ,
we will be gone. I am sick and tired of these guests, so many guests in these days; house has been converted to laundry. What happened? People are thinking that we are just giving the excuse of wedding and make the house as guesthouse, shahrukh, I am thinking that I say to your
father that just talk to the jailer, that he will get married
his one daughter, the remaining will also be done, but in 4 days, 4 girls cannot get married. You are saying right, I need to talk to anushey. What will she do? she will talk to her father. she will talk, but that jailer is not less than
the aunt is, he is the curved thing. why do you give so
much difficult relatives, every marriage have a problem? Why mastan is not picking up the phone, he must be sleeping. yes, and I have so much bad memory,
uncle told me, if the boy is sleeping, he should get up at once, I do not understand mastan at all, hello, I am nigar, why were you not attending the call? It will take time to be mastan. What do you mean? I Mean, I am joking. So, what is going on? Nothing, just an urgent
work in the office. Okay, the work in the office, abbas uncle was saying that
you were sleeping and uncle do not lie, tell me where are you? You cannot say uncle, I mean, you cannot tell
abbas uncle an uncle, I am at home. Okay, leave everything
and on the camera. We will on the camera, that is fine,
just office. Camera on, camera on, look, from the spirit of science
you have to on the camera, so now just on the camera. from the spirit of science,
we will on the camera, hello how are you? hello, are you still sleeping, she is my sister. You are mickey. Abbas uncle told you. And she is. KT. Yes, he put mask on the face,
she is busy now. Someone is here,
I will see, one minute. Sir, I wanted to ask that when
should we call baig sir? Baig sir, yes, just says 3 tomorrow. Okay sir,


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