Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan – EP 27 || English Subtitles || – 1st Dec 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

Did you confirm that Glucose
is not home? Yes, I did. I am coming, Hello. Madam Uzma… Wow, first you didn’t send one, now you have sent two.
We had asked for one, so we will only pay for one. Yes. Uzma madam… I told you it is her home, if you don’t believe me,
I can get the papers. Come inside. Come quick. Come on. Look at this, this is the main switch. This? Why are you
showing us this? Huh? Then what did we call you for? To play chess? Check it fast. Hey, there is no phase since morning,
no work has been done, its hot, we have so much to do,
fix it fast. All this is not working, fix it.
We are worried. Come on. Hey, who are you people?
Why are you coming inside? I had to pay your debt, so I came to settle the score. Actually the policeman has been
in police for a long time so he said settle the score or
else he came to apologize. Who are you people? Where did you
come from? Go from here. Peno. I..I…I am Maula Bukhsh, I want to apologize to you. After 27 years, you came to apologize? That night I stayed like a bride and
you went with someone else. My father died of that shock. Actually the policeman
should have died because his daughter sat on
the floor and you left her. I will not go from here till you
forgive me or I will sit outside. I have 4 daughters and they don’t get married, it gets stopped.
They say its your curse because I left you on the wedding day. Please take back your curse. God forbid, I pray that no one’s daughter
sees this day. Okay policeman, the curse has changed into a prayer,
lets go. Thank you so much.
Thank you madam Uzma. Thank you. No need for any formality, we have already got electricity shot. Thank you. Lets go. Actually the policeman
should have died, since his daughter sat on the
floor and you left her. I have 4 daughters and
they don’t get married, it gets stopped.
They say its your curse because I left you
on the wedding day. Shahrukh. What happened? We found out about papa. Congrats. Although I have never known
that old man till date. Shahrukh, he is my father. You know what I was thinking? I will call Glucose’s Beji and ask her if she agrees or not. If not, then we will get Mickey
and MT married. Yes, go ahead. Glucose, how are you?
Any good news? Is this a maternity home that I give
you the good news? Okay, leave it, stop this joking.
Mickey really misses you. Man, I really miss Mickey too but Beji has told me not to come to Karachi, how can I leave Beji
and marry Mickey? Oh I see, so you will get married there.
Best of luck, get lost. The day I forget your love. That day should be the last of my life. These eyes should go blind the day they see the dream
of someone else. Come on. Come on. What happened? That’s Haseena, Dildar’s mother. What is this cow doing here? She’s keeping an eye on her son,
that you don’t come and meet him. You do one thing, ask Dildar to come to
a nearby restaurant, so that we can talk alone. Yes. Okay boss. Don’t wear this cap and
act like a show piece, get me water, I am reciting the Quran,
my throat is dry, can’t you hear me? This is the limit. Sister, come here,
I will show you a new collection, we have Turkish lawn too,
the color is great, come I will show it to you.
Don’t be shy, come here. Don’t act like a pathan. Yes, do you want to see the
new summer collection? Volume two? Original or replica? Show me summer volume 2 collection. We don’t have it. Show me Turkish lawn. We don’t have that either. There it is. Sister, I will not give you
the wrong advice, this material is all fake, that shop across the
road has great stuff, don’t waste your time.
Okay. Thank you. Mama, my stomach hurts, I will just come. Fine, I will take you to the doctor.
No, I will come soon. Come fast. Sister, should I show you
Turkish lawn? A1 Leave it, that boy told me
all the material here is fake, the shop across has best quality,
I will get it from there. KT, I swear I didn’t get late on purpose, see, I also got you flowers,
two roses. Dildar I was waiting for so long, you took so long. I told you I am sorry,
I didn’t do it on purpose, you know its not hard to get
away from mama. Okay, take it. Tell me, are the customers important or me? Customers? What?I mean, why would the
customers be important, you are. Dildar, your mama doesn’t let us meet, how will she let us get married? I feel in this situation brother Shahrukh
and Anoushay will get old. Huh? But how are they
connected to our wedding. Dildar, there is a connection.
A deep connection. Hey, great. Bring it here. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. KT, see I ordered everything you like, eat. On one condition.. What You will feed me with
your own hands. Me? Yes, you. KT, I would feed you but KT,
I feel shy. Dildar, for a while become shameless. I am closing my eyes,
you feed me with your hands. Dildar, feed me now. Is this enough or should I feed you more? And you went to the washroom,
you had a stomach ache. Listen to me, there are a lot of people here so speak slowly.
That girl was to be impressed, so don’t hit me. I don’t care, I won’t leave you. Stop. Come Sarfraz. Everyone, papa, the famous policeman who
was being searched for has been found, if you helped us look for him,
thank you very much. He has come back with an unknown man, from an unknown location, from an unknown
mission using an unknown route to get home. You were saying he is coming
with Mickey’s last proposal’s father? He is here. The neighbors couldn’t do anything,
but ruin my children’s tongue. Papa, you forgot your phone. Yes. One hundred missed calls. According to science its
one call made a 100 times. Girls say hello to your uncle. Hello uncle. Hello. Hello. Hello. Saying hello was an excuse,
you actually wanted them to call me uncle. I have grown old this time but next time
I will only grow old when the policeman turns 100. Ok daughters, you come over to our place for sure. Yes, we will come when
aunty is not home. She is fine now,
she doesn’t get angry now, that is why she loses all
her wrestling matches. Its good that the genie of the
bottle stays in the bottle. Okay, then do come. Yes. Mickey says we will surely come. Okay policeman, I will go now. Come I will drop you,
what if you come back. How dare you meet that girl? Yes, how dare you meet that girl? I have not had the courage. Mama, what is wrong? I am a boy,
I should have permission to meet girls. I will marry KT, that’s it. Did you hear that?
Did you hear what he said? Yes, he said that I will only
marry KT and that is it. I have decided, if he gets married it will be my decision. Why is it your decision? I will marry you to
Pinky Shahzadi. Understand? Fine if you want that then I will not
get married all my life! I won’t! Yes fine, keep the meeting for tomorrow,
I will come. Did you talk to Nigar? Yes, I did, she said she is busy to get the wedding dress, so I should do that important
discussion tomorrow. Then the breaking news came
and I got busy there. First you decide, do you want to be Mastan
or Abbas Khan? I don’t know, I just know I want to marry Nigar. This is cheating Nigar,
its possible she likes Abbas Khan’s get up. No, she likes Mastan, I became what
she wanted me to be like. This is not cheating. If not with her,
this is cheating with Abbas Khan. I will sacrifice Abbas Khan in her love. First you decide whether your
sacrifice will get accepted or not? The sacrifice is the one that is
accepted or its just suicide. Please sister Khatoon. Wow, when its time to expose
anyone’s life its your duty, when its your life, its please sister Khatoon. Today you will have to decide, tell her the truth. Hey, hello. Mastan called me here,
you are here. Nigar, if you had to meet uncle,
why did you bring me along? It would have been better that I stayed
home and watched TV. You said Mastan would be here. He has to come, but I want to talk
to Nigar about something important. You please call Mastan. I don’t like it. Yes, I will just call him. Nigar, why did you call uncle?
You had to call Mastan. I called Mastan and how do you have Mastan’s phone? Why don’t you say something? You hear less in this age, let me try,
maybe he will hear me out. Uncle, why don’t you say something? You look upset, is Mastan fine? Yes, he is fine. If he is fine, then
you can get as upset as you want. Nigar, come here. Sit here.
Look, the thing is, I am Abbas and I am Mastan. What joke is this? Actually… Oh damn, this is an issue. Damned old man online, you did such a big fraud to get me, how did you even think that I
will accept such a big fraud? Nigar, I really love you. You call the consipiracy to get me love? You have done wrong with me and now I never want to see your face. Nigar… I will call you back. I think I have seen you somewhere. I feel the same way. I am sure you must have. You know we wanted to
meet you for so long, but out damned boss
doesn’t let us go. He is so boring that even if you
keep a plastic flower in his room, it will die. Ok, I am so boring?
He is so boring. More than that, you know what
we call him? Abbas headache. She is right. I would say if you meet him, you will get a headache in
5 minutes. 5 minutes? 5 seconds I would say. Really? So what channel do you
work in Shahrukh? We? TV News. Shahrukh is with me. Yes, Abbas Khan heads that. Yes, you know him? Yes, he is my uncle. I didn’t even know,
these people work there too. He is a great, hard working and ideal. Absolutely. You know if you sit with him, you wont want to move,
he is so great. Yes, because of that man, there is respect in journalism. Very good, such a nice boss. Bring him someday. Yes, I will. You wanted to say something? Actually, I have to tell you
people a big truth…Hello. Stop the car. Stop the car. Stop. Stop the car. You violate the signal, do you have no shame. Come on, give me the car papers. Sir…Sir, the picture on the card, and the man in the car is different. I feel the car is stolen. You did this the last time too, you had too much.
The man was the same. Sir, I saw it myself,
you can see for yourself too. I am not kid. Knock. Abbas Khan. Sir, hello. Sorry sir. You can go. Damn it, don’t have so much. Sir, I have seen it with my own eyes. We have other work too. Actually…
Leave it, you spoiled it all. Hello sweetheart. Oh! Shahrukh, what did you do?
You broke the glass. You know why the glass broke? Why? Whoever you leave,
will get broken. Shahrukh, don’t try to be so romantic, now pick up the pieces. The glass is broken, what is this? Oh God, what did you do? Shahrukh you move here,
you will hurt yourself. Now you will say sir Abbas doesn’t
like it when glasses get broken. Yes. Thank God nothing
happened to Shahrukh. Komal. Abbas sir is always in my head, I can hear him all the time. You heard him just now too, right? Yes, but how does she know? That. Why do you sit here? You have a
work station why don’t you sit here, you are always around here,
somewhere. Come to my room, immediately. Now go, get this cleaned. Yes madam, any more orders? Make a termination letter, immediately. I have mine made already. For the whole of news night team, they aired swearing.
I don’t want this type of rating. The light is not good, nor content,
I want this team fired. Make their termination
letter immediately. For all of them. No, lets give them an award. Oh, I got the award samples. Komal, make the termination letters, we won’t give them an awards. Make their termination letters. Did you say something? Komal out! Who got out? Komal, go do your work.
You are giving me a headache. Sir, should I get you tea?
From the Pathan hotel. Komal, I will hit you, go from here. Okay. Okay. She’s not leaving. Idiot. If the policeman finds out
about my termination, he will cancel the wedding. Yeah, I had told the news anchor, what should we do? Idea. Mastan is Abbas’s nephew, lets call him. He can help us. Good idea. I have his number. Hello, yes Abbas speaking. Dildar. Dildar. Yes mama. Where are you? Come here. Coming. Yes, go ahead, what is it? I have fixed your wedding
with princess Pinky, the engagement is next week. Pinky? Mama have you seen her color? People call her Pinky for no reason. The color should be like KT. The color which suits all prints. Don’t you dare mention
that cat face girl again. I will cut your tongue. Okay, listen, you get me
married to KT again, I swear I will not take her name again. Will you call her sister? No, I won’t call her sister, I will call her sweetheart, darling. Do you see him? Talk to him,
he is driving me mad. You be quiet.
I said this to Dildar. Okay, leave papa. You tell me, if you have a girl like KT,
then tell me, show me. Should I? Yes, show me. I will just show you. Not the shoe. Did she look like KT?
You have made me mad. Cat face! Hello. She got divorced? Damn these women who
don’t respect their husbands, God has given the order that we can prostate to
husbands after him. Damn it. I will not take the responsibility. I don’t know. Goodbye. Yes? Sir, terminating Anoushay was fine, but terminating Shahrukh won’t work, the office will get empty.
Are you really firing everyone? No Komal, I was joking. Sir, now I get it. You go and add names and dates, I have to fire them today.
Go now, stupid! Here is your termination letter
and this is your termination letter. I think I should butter her. What if she will talk to the old man. Komal, I was thinking that I won’t be able to focus
on any other TV channel, cause you won’t be there. Look, sir Abbas listens to you, you talk to him, Anoushay is a set designer, she has nothing to do with
the content of the show. The actual fault is that
of the set designer, the associate producer is innocent. Talk to Sir abbas, tell him its not our fault.
He listens to you. Really? He listens to me? Yes baby, go for me, talk to him. He will never ignore you. Shahrukh, I can do anything for you.
Anything. What is this? Why does she hate me so much?
And you, you were calling her baby? Why do you want to marry me, marry Komal. Now I will be
insecure of Komal. Go marry her. No marry her. God forbid. What is wrong Anoushay? Weird, now I have to be insecure of Komal.
You are my real baby. Asad! Just pray that we don’t get terminated.

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