Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan – Last Episode || English Subtitles || – 12th Jan 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Papa. Papa, did you find out? Nothing. I will not leave Mickey. Are you her father? If someone will kill her, it will be me.
I will not leave Mickey. Where were you two? I am saying something,
where were you two? Hospital. While dancing MD stepped on Mickey’s foot
so she got a fracture, I got her to the hospital, even got an Xray. I said my daughter was not like that, come on oldie, I will get you tea.
Come on. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. You are my sun. You are my sun. Go ahead Abu Bakar. I am going back,
my flight is in a while. Oh, so sad. You won’t stay for Nigar’s wedding… I mean our wedding? I don’t want Nigar to get double
minded cause of me. Its not necessary that you
get the one you love. Did you tell Nigar? Okay, you think good for Nigar, whoever gets married to
you will be lucky. You come to me. Yes, sure. I will go now. Sure, have a safe flight. Now our wedding is fixed! Anoushay. Nigar. Mickey. Anoushay. Nigar. Mickey.
Anoushay. Nigar. Mickey. Anoushay. Nigar. Mickey.
Where are you? What happened? All ok? I cannot believe that
I am getting married today. Why did you scream? Not scream,
it was the wedding alarm. You screamed and gathered us
all here cause of this? You had a fracture last night,
how is it fine? Cause you are getting married. You are too much. Uncle Abbas, hear me out… One moment, at least today call Mastan, even on the wedding day you
are talking to Abbas uncle. Be quick. Why didn’t you come to my Heena? I was busy.
You know I am a busy man. KT. Hello love, what are you doing? Hello. Yes Anoushay, all ok? Hey, don’t call me love. Why is that? Yes, all ok. at your end? Actually there is a dog in our
area everyone calls love. Yes, all is fine, I am getting a massage. Its just that this Mastan
is acting weird. MD, what happened? I have been calling her for the past hour, her number is busy. Who were you calling? Mickey. I think this phone is faulty. Anoushay, this mad MD has broken his phone, he is saying that Mickey’s phone is busy. Mickey is talking to MD. No. Mickey…maybe she is talking to papa. I had told you to fix this, get bulbs, change them. Go right now. You. Actually, the girl got fracture, Glucose took her to the hospital to get it plastered,
I said so much in my anger. I apologize. I knew my glucose couldn’t do that.
Where is he? Here, somewhere, come.
Get water for the guests. Mickey, how did you even think that, the policeman won’t take the
wrong decision for you. Everything will be fine. Glucose, who are you talking to? I was talking to Beji. This boy has learned to lie
with the policeman. Hey, look… Idiot, were you talking to me or do
you have another Beji? Beji, you are here. I thought someone should be here to
listen to your sad song, so I came. Hello, how are you Mr. Ada, all ok?
I am going that way, you come too. Hey the priest is here.
The funeral is at 4:30, fine, I will reach. I got here with difficulty, I couldn’t find the way, trash came in my way. Then the tyre burst, it cost me Rs. 1200. It will be done. All this will be taken care of
first get the wedding done. Yes, my son will get his turn last. Hey, don’t worry, I am here.
I will also be there in the next one too. The meat you gave us,
it was a little under cooked. Come on. I got a shopper today too. What are you saying? The eldest one should be married first, the priest has to leave because
he doesn’t have time, I am getting Mickey’s wedding done first. You get here. Priest start. Mr. Priest start. Mickey, daughter of Maula Buksh, you are getting married
to MD son of Ani… no not animal, Sarfaraz with some dowry,
do you accept? What do you think about him? You can live a good life without IQ, but not without love. You don’t check love, you just fall in it. She is elbowing him. Do you accept? Speak up. One minute. Glucose. Glucose? Glucose? Glucose? Give me a glass of water. Go. Where is uncle Abbas,
why has he not come yet? He must be busy in office. You call him and ask. Me… What are you doing with uncle Abbas’ phone? Why do you use all of his things,
where is your phone? Nigar, I want to tell you
something… He cannot tell you,
I will tell you. What is she saying?
What will she tell me? This Abbas is Mastan. He ended this career
and name for you. You cheated me like this? Why? I became Mastan from
Abbas just for you. You should have told me earlier. The relations that begin with a
lie are never successful. I said the same to him, but he said that you love him, she will accept him. I have a lot of respect for uncle Abbas, I respect him a lot. I cannot marry you. Come priest. Come. Yes, have a seat. There are all of these,
but for now he is here. Start please. Your father is weird, now he will say the number one
daughter will get married first, then the second one, then the third,
then the fourth. He is my father. Nigar. Nigar. Nigar, daughter of Maula Buksh, policeman, do you accept this
wedding with Abbas Khan son of Sultan khan with dowry of your worth,
do you accept? Speak up. Speak up Nigar. Why is she not speaking?
Nigar, speak up. One minute, lets go. Sir, you sit here, I will go talk to her. You deserve a promotion. She is getting married for the first time, so she got confused. My fees. I will pay your fees. This is the limit, he had fooled me. At times Mastan, at times Abbas.
I am not mad, who am I. he fooled me, Mastan, Abbas, Mastan, Abbas. Call Mastan, Abbas would pick up. I gave him so much respect,
called him uncle, don’t call me uncle. What difference does it make? Call him anything. Changing the
ID doesn’t change the man. Nigar, you are getting 2 in one package, when you want you can call him
Mastan darling or uncle Abbas. Have you gone mad KT? Its hard to handle one idiot,
you are talking about handling 2. Mickey. Mickey.
She is talking about me, not you. You should have told me this earlier, maybe he did all this to get you. Its good, everyone does this in the world, look at Ranjha, he was the Zamidar of Hazara
and became a servant for Heer. Wow, you deserve a promotion. You two can do anything for your benefit. No Nigar, you love Mastan, you just think that you will see your
father in law as your husband. Nigar, who checks the ID daily, name him whatever,
ask him to write Mastan. Yes, you two also check your men’s IDs, what if someone else shows up. Who was she talking about?
Where is Abu Bakar? He had his flight this morning,
he would have left by now. Father, what is this? Our weddings stopped cause one said no. Get me married. Relax, it will be done. Chocolaty father, I cannot wait. You are getting upset again, control. Get me married. Get me married, immediately. You have no manners, sit down quietly. No Father, go get her. You are my sun. Nigar, please agree, what difference does it make.
You talk to her. Our weddings have been stopped
cause of you. Its been so long. Child get up please. Priest, sit down. Yes, I am sitting here.
I need to get all 4 married, who is it first? This Nigar. This Nigar. Nigar, daughter of policeman Maula Buksh, do you accept Abbas Khan,
son of Sultan Khan, with the right dowry, as your husband. Nigar, say something. Say something. Come on. Nigar, daughter of policeman Maula Buksh, do you accept Abbas Khan,
son of Sultan Khan, with the right dowry,
as your husband. I accept. I don’t agree. Nigar. Nigar. What happened? She left? What happened to my fees? Priest, start the wedding. Oldie, make your little genie understand, tell him I beat king kong up,
if I get upset. Mickey, daughter of policeman Maula Buksh, do you accept MD son of Sarfaraz, with the right dowry,
as your husband. No. Hey, same situation here. Hey I did my complete work,
give me my fees. Give me my fees. Come on ,lets go, how long will
we sit here like this? Shahrukh, what is all this? Nigar ran away, what else? We know that. Nothing else happened? What else can happen, a girl runs away
from the wedding every time. Your uncle is calling. Hello. Yes, actually, there are some technical
difficulties the weddings have been stopped. What? Where are you going sister?
I have found out, the food will be served soon,
eat before you go. I think running away is part of
the wedding customs, Nigar has run away Abbas, run away! I will go meet her and talk
to her to ask her what she wants. By changing your get up,
you have not just lost some years, I feel you have lost your brain too. How can such a big journalist say this? She has rejected you and left.
Why don’t you get it? Sister, she is young, she got upset, I will talk to her, meet her,
she will be convinced. If you had listened to me earlier, maybe she would have agreed, now its too late. Come from here now.
Abbas. Yes… Abbas. Yes, coming… Abu Bakar, you have reached? No, the flight is delayed, I lost my phone so couldn’t get in touch. The wedding must have been done, I thought I would congratulate you. What wedding? Nothing happened. Why? What happened? What can I tell you? Nigar ran away before the wedding, God knows where she is,
we don’t know. No one got married. What? Sorry. I am fine. I am ok. I am okay. What can I do/ When they come,
you have to handle them. I cannot handle them. You leave them, tell me, what will happen to me?
I didn’t do anything, she left suddenly. Oh wow, the wedding didn’t take place. Sister, have some patience, first the eldest daughter will get married, then the second, then third, then the youngest. No one will get married,
you will get married with me. What? I mean my daughter. Have you said what you had to? Yes. Can I speak now?
The wedding will be with my daughter. Save me from them. Save me. Please. Excuse me, the flight for
Chicago that got delayed… It departed 5 minutes back. Mama, you are standing here alone, everyone is waiting for you
at the stage. Waiting? I don’t think this wedding will happen. These games that are going on, you won’t get married here,
come on. No, the food has not been served,
what are you saying? No food will be served, maybe heads on a platter.
Come on. Come on. I will not go without getting married.
I won’t leave! you will go! Come with me. KT. KT. What is going on here?
Did you find out anything? Nothing. Nothing. I just found out that when the daughter
runs away on the wedding day, then the father dies. You are right, I can understand. I have a passenger. Yes, I am here, lets go. I said there is a passenger. Obviously, I am sitting,
how can it be empty? Come on. Move. Brother, don’t you get it, I don’t want to go anywhere. Here you go, I will give you more too,
can we go now? Yes, why not? I will go. Dear Bride, there is a passenger in the taxi. You? You? What are you doing here as a bride? I came for you, what about you? I was coming there with
the same hope. Brother, tell me,
where do you want to go? Where ever. No, I mean there must be an
address for the house. My home is with me. Ask him where he lives. Oh God, why do I get such passengers? Do you want to go?
Yes, come on lets go. KT, when will we get married? When all the couples will be completed. Abu Bakar hasn’t left, it will be him and Nigar first,
then Mickey’s, then it will be our turn can
you wait so much? All my life. Hey priest, where are you going?
You cannot go before the wedding. I am going to the funeral,
they pay me cash. I have `done many weddings, no one pays on time. Hello, yes, you took them off the ventilator, that is great news, let me know of the funeral.
It’s a good day. There is time to the funeral.
Did you get the fees? Yes. Cash? Yes, Wow, you are great,
so is your bride. Give me 1000. Quickly. You are the first groom…
Where is it? I cannot find it. Here it is. You have trouble taking out money. Its good,
what will you do with the other 1000. Where do I want it? Here only. What? The funeral is set? He left. Priest. He will come. He will marry my daughter. He will marry my daughter. He will marry my daughter. He will marry my daughter. He will marry my daughter. He will marry my daughter. I will shoot you. Who are you to shoot me? One minute. Anoushay. I will count till 5, if you people don’t put your guns
down and leave from here, I will shoot Shahrukh. Me. Why me? Go now, go from here. One, two, three, four… Shahrukh, come fast. Come on. Come before papa comes.
Come on priest, come on. You are taking me where? I accept. I accept. I accept. Stop. Where will you run away
from Maula Buksh? I will shoot each one of you. We are dead. You got scared,
start the music.


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