Shakespeare On Love by Shmoop

We speak Student! shakespeare on love Romeo oh Romeo, wherefor art thou uh
Romeo a Ia Shmoop. Ah! love everyone has a
favorite love story and some of the greatest love stories of
all time were written by Shakespeare there’s Romeo and Juliet which was all
about true love and death there’s a Othello which was also about love and jealousy
and death lots of death mixed in with
love here huh so while Shakespeare did write a lot of love
stories, his love stories were not simple formulaic rom coms, instead they were messy
complicated and the Grim Reaper sometimes made a
guest appearance Hey guys! How’s it going? One of shakespeare’s favorite things to
do in his love stories was to take characters who absolutely loathe each
other at the beginning at the play and throw
them together until hey they get hitched For example in taming of the Shrew Petruchio of screws with the
mind of headstrong stubborn Katharina until she turns into a loving and
obedient bride Wow shakespeare you’re sick man. I’m not
sick It’s just written that way. Another trick the
playwright liked to employ was to have someone fall in love with completely
different person halfway through the play take Phebe the character in As You Like It the poor girl is in love with Ganymede
whose actually Rosalind in disguise as a guy by the end of the
play however Phoebe has forgotten all about her crush on a cross-dressing
Rosalind she marries the shepherd Silvius and they spend the rest of their lives
happily herding sheep together or take The Comedy of Errors in which a
pair of twins both named Antipholus accidentally end up switching places without realizing it the Antipholus
who everyone thinks is married to Adriana falls for and Adriana’s sister Luciana who was
seriously concerned that a man she thinks is her brother-in-law is attracted to her. Got all that? Yea, we thought so So perhaps what Shakespeare was
actually trying to do was tell us something important about love in his
plays namely that people in love tend to act
foolishly I love you Shmoopy Whoopy Cakes
I Wub you to my Sappy Wappy We’ve all sent text messages to a love
interest that we immediately regretted mom it just goes to show that people in
love today still act very much like people who are in
love during Shakespeare’s time people have been are and always will be fools for love

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