Shakespeare’s Globe 360 – Schools & Teachers

I think the students have really enjoyed
working with Shakespeare’s Globe 360 today. I think it’s given them the opportunity to go right into
the heart of the Globe and experience it from the different angles: from the audience’s point of view, from the actors’ point of view, also from backstage. Some of our students asolutely loved seeing the way that the Globe was structured. I love the way like you can feel as if you’re actually walking around it and as if you’re in the Globe Theatre. My favourite bit would probably be you first open up the app and then it reveals like the frame, and it starts to break bring down the structure of everything. So it comes one by one, so you’re able to see how maybe it was built and the inside structure as well as the outside, which I really like. I mean from a Drama Teacher point of view, just the fact that they can really just visually see the stating. So often we talk about staging, but it’s quite hard for them sometimes to imagine it. So with this app, we literally are in the heart of the theatre. Looking at it from different viewpoints so they can actually become the actors. And that’ll really help when they’re actually trying to stage their pieces. You feel as if you’re actually in the Globe, looking around, walking around. Yeah, I found that really cool. It’s just really nice. It tells you everything you want to know. What’s lovely about Shakespeare Globe 360 is
that they can actually take control of the learning, they can go at their own pace and they’re very much about students learning from it as well. So rather than the teacher always having to be the giver of information For us, when we’re exploring Shakespeare plays we like to think about the text and also the broader, theatrical context. So that’s I think the beauty of the app. I think that’ll be really beneficial when we’re working and playing with the language as well. I mean the great thing as well is as a school we are lacking. We are able to take students to the
Globe, but obviously we can’t take everybody. So this actually will bring the Globe into the school in a really nice way. So everybody gets the opportunity to
actually play with it and get a feel for what the unique sort of space it’s like. It’s like it’s your own personal tour.

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